Log:20091227 - Armed With Intent


The Basement: Club - Grand Street: East

Descend the stairway into a cacophony of multicolored lights and rythmic music, a world of pure entertainment in its many forms. Almost anything goes as people flood the bar in search of drink, dance the night away, relax in a seat for loud conversation amongst peers and strangers alike, or perhaps even attempt to seduce a possible lover.

Immediately to the right of the black metal stairwell, several couches of many rich colors and leathers are arranged in a secluded manner, the circle of these sharing their organic pattern with the curvy bar that lies further to the right. With built-in containers that resemble huge lava lamps and matching wall decorations, the bar snakes about the far wall. A few tables are spaced around this area along with the couches and separated from the large dance floor by a waist-high black railing; bartenders serve these two sections with almost any drink imaginable. A raised stage takes up the opposite corner, hosting wet t-shirt contests, amateur performers, live bands or DJ in their absence, and many other shows of entertainment.

Bouncers patrol with an immensely tolerable eye, and the attitude of its patrons matches the plush crimson walls, dark polished furniture, stone tiled floors, and mixture of flashing and black lights.


RL Date

Thursday, April 23, 2009

IC Date

It's Sunday, December twenty-seventh 2009. 09:35 pm

The sun is down. The waxing gibbous moon is up. <76.7% full and growing>

The tide is high and slack.

A cold wind blows from the north, driving charcoal clouds before it and blotting out the stars in isolated patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere the stars shine brightly. There is about 8.75" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Twenty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, Negative three Centigrade.


Alejandro takes Ashley's arm and holds it lightly over her head as he spins her once then twice before they begin to truly dance. His hips moving in time with the music as his free hand comes up to rest upon her hip. A broad smile upon his features as his cerulean eyes gaze into her own. The club alive with activity about them.

Amber laughs up at Dorian. "come on and sit with us you ol' Grouch. I'll buy you a beer. After a beer things will look better." she pushes a chair out with her foot and gives him a cheeky grin.

Dorian shrugs to Wintercoat. "Ah, you know, Bunnydozer…. Fair to middlin." he grins slightly at that as he leans against the bar, heavily enough to take the weight off his leg. He watches his bosslady and her man dance a moment and snorts, seeming to find that amusing before looking to Amber. "Noooo. After a beer things looks slightly ok.. after the WHISKY things look better." he says, pulling himself onto a stool and hanging his cane on the banister of the bar. "So whats shakin?"

Ashley darts her gaze away from Dorian to focus on her dance partner. She's caught by surprise by the spins, but recovers quickly before stepping in closer. The drink is mostly forgotten for a little bit.

Alejandro lightly rolls his hips in tandem with her own as the two of them move amongst the writhing masses that make up the dance floor. His hand upon her hip guiding her lightly as the other releases hold of her arm in order to pass up and caress her cheek.

There is a lot of wincing as Eleanor Wickham comes down the stairs into the club. The noise and the lights seem to assault her on a visceral level, if the creases in her brow and the squinting of her eyes are any indication. She has a short black trench coat on over a silver satin blouse and a pair of black slacks with low-heeled boots beneath them. It's more feminine than she usually looks, but she still isn't wearing much in the way of makeup and her hair has been left down to its own devices. She hovers near the entrance and peers through the crowd with a frown as if searching for someone.

Wintercoat watches the 'dancing' a bit, tapping a foot and trying to find the flow… Clearly he is not used to this sort of music at all. After a bit, and a few sips of his drink, he stands and starts giving it a shot.

Amber blinks in surprise when Rex stands up and apparently starts to dance. "oh wow, there’s hope for the rest of us." she claps her hands and calls out encouragement for the Rabbit.

Dorian sighs and gets up.. and limps over to Amber's table, grumbling as he slumps into a seat. "Yeah yeah yeah…" he looks over at the Dancing Rabbit and shakes his head. "Well way to go, Jumping Jack Hare. Swing that cottontail!"

Ashley keeps an eye to the people she came in with, moving in time to the music. She looks back to Alejandro with a fond smile. "You know, I'm missing something," she says in amusement. "Oh yes, drinks."

Eleanor's scan of the masses from the safety of the entrance doesn't seem to yield any results. She sighs and girds herself for a launch through the sea of people. When it starts, it's not pretty. She tries to squeak by people without having to actually touch them, but in a place like this it’s futile. She dodges and turns and jukes her little heart out but regardless she still slams shoulders into backs and steps on more than a few toes on her way to the bar. When she finally reaches it she clings to it like it's a life preserver in an ocean of grope-y humanity. "Red wine, please," she requests of a bartender before she begins standing on tiptoe to try to get another look around from the new vantage point.

Alejandro chuckles and nods his head as they slow and start to move off the dance floor towards the drinks. It is at this point the Alex notices Eleanor and her rather out of place apparel.. I mean she's not that out of place but.. Well he knows Eleanor and.. well ya.

Wintercoat grins and starts getting into it a bit. He's no MC Hammer, but he's better then Erkle.. ;),. He does seem to be getting the feel of it as he goes, and does seem to enjoy it. His moves are a bit, well, different.. But it seems to work well for him. "Heh, this is rather fun, more so then the dancing in the courts…"

Perhaps Brian Hadley has come out to find a drink, such as it would be. He finds himself somewhere to sit back at a table flanking the dance floor and puts out the proverbial line, a tendril of cold energy for those that can feel it, to test the waters. This was so much easier when he could swing by McDonalds.

Amber seems about to get up when her beer and BLT is brought in. She smiles at the sandwich and mutters to anyone nearby. "man, I've got to start remembering to eat." she picks up the sandwich and starts making her way through it, with swallows of beer in between."

Well, it's kind of hard not to spot a giant bunny shaking his groove thang on the dance floor. Eleanor's eyes widen at the sight of Wintercoat boogying down. "You have got to be kidding m-," she mutters under her breath. But her train of thought gets derailed when the tendril of cold energy reaches her. She forces herself not to turn immediately, instead trying her best not to. She waits for the bartender to bring her wine and uses that as an excuse to look for the source of the sensation. She blinks when she spies Hadley. With a shake of her head she heads his way with her wineglass in hand. "I don't know which one of us I thought was least likely to wind up in this place," she notes as she stands by his table with a faint smile.

"Hello again," Ash throws her voice high enough to be heard over the music to address the departing Eleanor. She looks over to Alex, and smiles. Well, that is until she does the great dance of vibrating phones in the wrong pocket.

Dorian crosses his arms and watches amber dig into /her/ food and /her/ beer… And seems to find that he has neither (especially the latter). "Well. thanks for that WONDERFUL beer." he says, dryly, then whistles LOUDLY.. high enough to get over the music, and waves over the nearest waiter. "Shaftsbury Cream Ale. And a Reuben and onion rings." he tells them.

Alejandro stares at Eleanor, and watches her, then does a double take as he spots Hadley as well.. His right hand coming up to rub the back of his head as he re-accesses the room, did he step into the Twilight Zone?

Amber looks up at Dorian then says, after she swallows, calling out to the waiter, "Put it on my tab." she gives Dorian a sweet, really sweet, smile and holds out the half of her sandwich that she had already bitten into. "want a bite?"

The other officer is probably the last person that Hadley expected to see here, too, and he looks genuinely surprised when Eleanor ends up beside his table. Whatever hold he has on that energy quickly, and somewhat unsuccessfully, tries to suck it back and he gropes for something to say. "Uh," he begins lamely, only to finish with, "There are 'people' here sometimes." The look he offers, ashamed, is a little more meaningful than what he says. "You want to join me?" he asks, gesturing to the chair across from him.

Wintercoat dances, seeming to be enjoying him self. He's not getting too wild, but is getting into it as a few folks laugh and offer encouragement.

Dorian eyes Amber, arms still crossed, and furrows his brow. "gee, could I take a bite of something you have already eaten? Really? Please oh please?" he snorts and takes the sandwich out of her hand. "But if you insist." he takes a bit and chews, handing it back… "Mmmm.. I can taste the snouts they pass of as bacon!" he mumbles. "Though.. not bad snouts…" he looks at the Rabbit dancing and has to swallow or else choke.

Ashley's voice has Eleanor turning her head again, and she lifts a hand in greeting to the young woman. Hadley's question has her looking back at him in surprise. "I'm waiting for someone actually, and I wouldn't want to chase off any of your prospective 'people', if you—," her phone goes off in her pocket. It's the default ringtone it came with and she pulls it out to answer it. "Beth? Where are you? I'm already at the Basement." She holds a finger up to Hadley to indicate she needs a second, then sticks said finger firmly in her other ear so she can hear above all the racket. "What? Is she ok?" she narrows her eyes in concern and turns a bit as if putting her back to one speaker can somehow ward off the music. "The flu? No, I feel fine. But if I'm barfing up my shoes on New Years I'll know who to blame." She makes a face. "Give Maddie my love and tell her I'll be by tomorrow with a 'get well' present. Love you too. Bye." She grimaces. "I guess I can sit with you after all. My niece has the flu so my sister won't be joining me."

Amber starts laughing, "oh, hell." and drops the small bit of sandwich on the table. "oh, crap." it's just that Dorian affects her that way. She tries to hold back the continuing giggles while she's cleaning up the fallen apart sandwich and nearly falls off her chair.

Ashley slips a step or two away from her companion, addressing the recent phone call. She offers a smile and small wave for Alex to go and join his 'friends', that being Eleanor and Hadley, for that is the direction she waves him to and returns to the phone call. "I need to bolt, dear. You go have fun," she offers and seems to step away to angle for the door. A small wave offered back to Eleanor.

Dorian rolls his eyes and would say something about her reaction.. if his drink hadn't just arrived. He thanks the tender and takes the bottle, already opens, and has a nice long swig of it before smacking his lips. "Now /that/ is beer." he grunts. "Beer is good."

Alex just sits up and scratches the back of his head as Ashley starts towards the door. He doesn't look as though he intends to join Hadley or Eleanor rather his gaze turns towards the others present and then down to his beer which he picks up and starts to nurse upon.

"Oh," Hadley replies, not looking particularly disappointed but neither is he happy. He glances at Eleanor's pocket when her phone rings and, as instructed, he doesn't interrupt. He even tries not to listen in on the conversation, focusing elsewhere, perhaps the heady beating of hearts on the dance floor. When the conversation wraps up, Brian returns his attention to Eleanor and he, oddly, smiles when he says, "I'm sorry your plans didn't work out. But I'd welcome the company. You don't… come here often, do you?" His question is as fishing as his power was. If she does, he'll need to make sure not to make this a regular haunt.

Amber gives Dorian another grin as she pushes back her chair. "sure Rex." she calls out as she stands. She heads for where he is dancing and with hips swaying, feet moving to the tempo of the music she tries to match him in dancing style.

Wintercoat motions Amber to join him in the 'dance'. "This is fun, care to give it a try?" He doesn't seem to be even a little embarrassed to be shaking his fluffy grove thing to this new music.

Isabel smiles as she walks into the club. She takes a moment to look around a little to see who is about, and if anything interesting is going on tonight.

Dorian just watches all the dancing going on, sipping his beer. He looks at his cane.. his brace.. And scowls faintly, more at himself then anything else.

Eleanor smiles at the departing Ashley, then actually recognizes the man with her. Her smile goes somewhere surprised once more as she waves a little at the rookie. Out of the side of her mouth she mumbles at Hadley, "Was there a raid planned and no one bothered to tell me? Or is this just a major cop hangout?" She sips her red wine and grimaces at what passes for wine in most bars. The stuff you could pay $4 a bottle for at WalMart instead of $4 a glass here. Hadley's question seems to amuse her as she settles at his table. "Me? I've never been here. I wouldn't normally be here, but my sister has a six year old and she desperately needed a girls’ night out. The best laid plans and all that…"

Wintercoat grins to Amber as she joins in the dance. One certainly can't fault his leg work, or his enthusiasm for shaking his tail, shown all the more by having a real tail back there to shake. He blinks and hops up a moment, quickly looking back as apparently some one goosed that fluffy tail. The person in question is easy to spot as they seem a bit surprised that it seems to be a real one, and not a costume. Rex chuckles a bit and gets back to the dancing.

Amber laughs at the goosing of the fluffy tail and almost goes into hyperdrive as she dances around Rex. Hair swinging, hips swaying and feet moving at a blur.

Dorian 's food arrives, so he seems to focus his attention on that.. The Reuben, thick with corned beef and sauerkraut, steamed, on rye.. and those awesome onion rings. With the thick beer it is a perfect meal to put meat on someone’s bones.. though it seems to have little of that effect on Dorian even through he seems to be scarfing it down.

Isabel smiles as she continues to look around as she slowly makes her way over towards the bar, and takes a seat. She orders herself a beer, as she glances around a little.

Hadley glances in the direction of Eleanor's surprise, curious, and he frowns at who he finds. "I don't think so," he says, turning his attention back to Eleanor and away from the noob cop. Brian smiles at the mention of a child. "Is it the daughter that's sick?" he asks, glancing at the wine briefly. "I never really came here before." The sentence isn't entirely complete, but he doesn't add onto it.

Wintercoat grins as Amber sets the pace to match, and he does his best to keep up with the human. Al the moment it's looking like the human is in the lead, but the bunny is certainly making an effort as he tries bringing in a little Irish step dancing into the mix…

Alejandro sits quietly at the bar by himself, nursing upon his beer as his left hand comes up and passes through his hair. It’s a bit harsh to just suddenly be dumped for a phone call. But Hey he rolls with the punches and just takes another drink of his beer, becoming a bit more introspective than the norm for him.

"Yes. Maddie is apparently puking in Technicolor and now Beth is coming down with it. Which means I'll probably have it just in time for New Years." Eleanor chuckles and settles back in her seat, crossing her legs. She even has a little bit of eyeliner on. She almost looks like a girl. She glances around curiously. "So do you think there's any of those, ah, 'people' here tonight?" There may be, but it's other people who catch her attention. More specifically the one who tweaked Wintercoat's tail, and the guys he's talking with. Her eyes narrow sharply and she sets a hand on Hadley's knee. Not to flirt, but to surreptitiously get his attention without losing sight of her marks.

Oh, the hell of cells when you are having fun. Ambers churrps and she stops dancing and moves away as she pulls it from her pocket, "what, you need what by when?" after a few more moments of listening she looks as if she is going to throw the cell at the wall but finally puts it back into her pocket. "thanks for the dance Rex. Thanks." she waves around and heads for the stairs.

Wintercoat settles down in his dance, then nods and smiles to Amber. "Ok, it was nice meeting you, and dancing."

Dorian blinks as Amber scoots by, without a word or even a glance and leaving… him with the bill it seems since she didn't settle her bartab. He blinks and looks down at his food.. and suddenly growls and pushes it away and starts looking for his wallet.

Isabel sips on her beer as she relaxes at the bar, just enjoying the nice day out, even though she is alone at the moment. She smiles as she glances around the room.

Cherish moves inside with an awkward slowness. It's the mark of sore muscles, one might guess. Still, she descends down the stairway and into the thick crowd that is filling the club. A glance at the couches, she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and seems to ponder them briefly before moving instead to the bar. The miracle powers of alcohol to kill pain must be indulged and she takes a seat at the curvy bar. "Seven and seven, please." To the bartender. Legs cross and she smoothes the hem of her shirt down, tucking it over a bare strip of flesh between jean and top.

Wintercoat makes his way back to the table and tilts his head as Dorian looks less then joyful this eve. "What bothers you? You seem rather displeased about something."

There is the low sound of a ruckus at the door where the bouncer is. A loud voice follows with the words. "get back here your not allowed in there." then at the top of the stairs a small dark gothy looking girl appears. She glances back then darts down the steps to push at anyone that's in her way. "HE'S HERE, I KNOW HE IS." reaching the bottom of the steps she yells. "DERRICK COME OUT HERE YOU NO GOOD DEATH WORM!!" and she lifts one hand as she runs through the dance floor, waving a knife.

Hadley frowns at the description of Maddie's state for a moment but then he smiles, a little abashed and looks away, toward the dance floor where some of those 'people' linger. His gaze shifts back to Eleanor when she touches him, first her hand, then her face, arching one of his own brows in question before that attention is pulled away from her and to the running elsewhere. "The hell," he says, moving to stand up and get a better view of the commotion on the dance floor.

Dorian flips through the bills in his wallet, not looking happy in the slightest as the rabbit sits down. "Oh no. I am just fine. I mean, I have have Noooooo problem with people insisting they get me a drink and dinner.. and then bailing on me without even paying her half. Nope.. None at all." he waves down the waitress. "Love.. Listen up cause I am just gonna say this once. /THIS/ covers the food and the beers for me and the chick.." he drops the money in her hand. "THIS.. This is a tip, something miraculous which you will probably never see from me in your lifetime. And THIS!" he drops a few MORE bills in his hand.. "This is for you to spit in her next meal or drink." he then looks over at the little goth girl and rolls his eyes. "Oh look. The entertainment is beginning! Joy and rapture."

Having just come down the stairs and having taken a seat not too far away, it's not hard for Cherish to hear the bellowing of the petite goth girl. More importantly, it's not hard to see her battle with the bouncers, failed and her knife waving antics as she runs through the dance floor. Squeezing into her seat, looking as if she just might leap over the bar if need be to find sanctuary on the other side, "Watch out!"

Isabel glances over towards the woman who comes running in with a knife. She smiles slightly as she remembers the comment about all the police being here tonight, "Someone going to stop her?"

Turning to answer Wintercoat, Alex is just about to respond when the woman with the knife enters. Stepping away from the bar and moving towards her, Alex offers a smile and says, "Woah.. hey there… what's wrong beautiful?" Moving close though staying just out of lunge distance from the knife."

Rachel seems to see nothing of her side views, as if she had tunnel vision and when someone steps in front of her and blocks what she thought was the back of her prey she growls. "get away!!!" and starts swinging the knife again, this time in a slashing side to side movement as she moves forward. "out out of my way"

Wintercoat blinks to Dorian’s words "Oh dear, I'm sure she didn’t mean to do any such things. Something seemed to be.." He trails off and looks over, both ears turning to the commotion then dropping back. "Danger, something bad, hid…" Hard to say if he's advising Dorian, or just voicing his thoughts…"

The man frowns and tries to move around Eleanor, though he stops and looks over at the door as something seems to be happening there.

Stepping back as the woman takes a step forward, Alex holds his hands out to his side, "Come on.. Calm down.. I'm sure you don't want to do this beautiful… Who's Derrick?" Doing his best to defuse the situation Alex never takes his eyes off the irate woman with the knife.

Cherish isn't in the line of fire, so although still a little tweaked with fight she doesn't make any sudden moves. Really, she just…watches, her eyes wide. It's akin to watching one of those 'world's craziest' on those reality shows at this point. One foot however is still on the ground, as if readying to make a quick dart for the neatest point of safety.

Handle knife girl. Easy enough instructions so long as other people stay out of her way. Which is unlikely. "Sure," is all Hadley says before he moves away and onto the dance floor, following in Alex's wake. He's quick, if not exactly graceful, and soon he's there near the crazy knife girl and reaching to grab for her wildly flailing, knife-wielding hand. A glance is spared the younger cop, but only a very brief one. "Woman, wielding knives in public like this is generally considered a nono."

When the man tries to bypass her, Eleanor 'clumsily' dumps her whole glass of wine on him. "Oh, I'm SO sorry! I'm all thumbs tonight. Damn, you'd better go to the bathroom and wash that out before it stains!" She does her best to look apologetic, which isn't convincing either as she hands him her card which clearly notes her as being a police detective. "You can send me the drycleaning bill." Hoping that will be enough to dissuade him from whatever he'd been planning, she turns to keep an eye on knife girl and the people trying to calm her down.

Then man steps back as he gets 'wined' looking to the mess, then the knife waving person… He doesn't head for the bathroom, but rather decides outside is where he wants to be as he joins the folks heading for the door. He doesn't even take the time to voice any choice words.

Dorian watches the whole drama with some faint amusement. He reaches down and grips his cane, twirling it as he lean back in his seat and whistling. "See? better then cable! Though I think cable is cheaper then what I spent tonight." he tells winter. "And don't.. don't go making excuses for other people. And don't worry. I am sure Gothtober fest over there is harmless. I mean, look at her. The bitch is grade a wannabe psycho. bet she'll be texting this to all her friends in the morning."

Isabel moves back as she sips her beer, staying very far away from the crazy looking people. Her hand slides down as she gets her phone out however, as starts dialing.

Rachel seems to be in the throes of hysteria and words don't seem to reach her. She continues to scream and at this point she is almost babbling and spewing hate at the man she is looking for. "No. out out leave." her hand goes back to stab and she is suddenly struggling to get free of Hadley's hand that has wrapped around her arm, his fingers unrelenting of her tugs.

Cherish, despite that fright that comes from her, hears Dorian and can't help the words that just sort of fly out. "Probably twitter it as soon as she gets out of jail." She mutters, looking towards the pair that seem to have the situation just about under control. No need to panic it seems, she fumbles for her own cell phone, and points it towards goth girl, clicking on the video feature to capture it all live.

Wintercoat moves to Dorian's side and starts trying to help the man stand and move away. "This is bad, danger. Should go now." Clearly his grasp of the language suffers a touch with the fear… "Can carry you, or fix your leg. She hunts you, should flee, quickly." And he does seem to be trying to move Dorian to do just that.

Dorian sighs. "Well I think the three little pigs have everything in control. No wolves blowing the house down yet." he states to Wintercoat dry. Still twirling the cane with the good hand, he uses the bad one that shakes slightly, hooking a finger around the neck and tipping it intro his mouth. he chugs the beer and slams it down and barks for another.. and barks again if he needs to get the waitresses attention before leaning way back, looking at the woman behind him from a near upside down view. "Twitter? is that some new euphemism for masturbating I haven't heard of yet?" he asks sarcastically, before sitting straight and looking at Winter. "What? Dude, you can't fix it.. not unless you wanna be too zonked to leave and have me writhing in pain for three straight days for just an hour relief. And she ain't coming after me. She's after Dork.. sorry.. Derrick, whoever the fuck HE is…"

Still doing his best to calmly defuse the woman, he never the less moves forward as Hadley does, attempting to relieve the woman of the knife as he says, "Come on darlin' he's not really worth going to jail for is he? Just let go of the knife and it'll all work out.." Offering his best winning smile he can muster, "You really don't want this to escalate do you?"

Isabel is talking on the phone, off to the side near the bar. For the people who can hear, she is saying something about a crazy woman, before giving the address of the club.

Cherish pushes hair from her eyes, keeping one hand with her cell phone outstretched to the chaos. To get a good view of course, "Mental masturbation, because we all know that everyone connected to a computer, with a moments worth of free time, cares when someone sneezes on the other side of the world." She mutters, answering Dorian, sort of. What she's really waiting for, is to see if a case of police brutality takes place. Maybe some news people will want her meager footage.

Wintercoat blinks and takes a moment to listen closer and think on what he heard. "Not you? Still, not safe here, and I am not like the other. Shaping does not tire me, nor would it hurt you" He does stop trying to move Dorian though as he watches the crazy woman with the knife, one ear starting to come up to listen better, though the whites of his eyes still showing.

Rachel continues to struggle in her attempts to free herself from Hadley, she shakes her head at him while she mutters "gonna cut his balls off and throw them out the window to fry in the sun." strangely enough, she has not tried to cut the man that's holding her, just pulling and tugging at her arm to get away from him.

With the offending woman in his grasp, Hadley squeezes her wrist just this side of breaking to make her drop the knife and perhaps pull her out of her hysteria. He's not quite as gentle as Alex. "Snap out of it, girl," he says, glancing at Alejandro to take the knife if it falls, which he's sure he will. "Why don't you tell her her rights, kid," he suggests to the rookie, himself acting as the holder person. "We've got assault, brandishing, public endangerment. I'm sure we can hold you for a bit," he says, speaking to Rachel again.

Eleanor keeps one eye on the man as he leaves, and then she moves to back up Hadley and Alejandro. Her hand draws a plastic zip tie from her coat pocket and she passes it to Brian to use to secure her. "I believe the appropriate charge in this case is ‘armed with intent’, along with ‘public endangerment’ and ‘possession of a weapon’," she elaborates for the pair as she watches calmly.

"Oi, listen Bucky O'hare.." Dorian tells Wintercoat dryly, "I've been through a half dozen full out prison riots. I am sure Elvira's mentally challenged little sister doesn't compare. I mean, look at her. Probably got stiffed, literally if not figuratively, by some bloodsucker by sound of it. And quit it with the fixing thing. It really pisses me off. I've TRIED it already." he looks waaaay back at Cherish and raises (or lowers, depending on their POV) his brows. "So.. It's a computer thing? Something you do on the interwebynabob? That’s.. well.. pathetic."

Rachel screams when the pain hits, the knife falls and she drops to her knees trying to grab at it with her other hand. As of yet there are not tears just that grim determination to kill this Derrick that she had been screaming for earlier.

Isabel hangs up her phone and then puts it away. She takes a sip of her beer as she watches the scene. "I would suggest if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail, you may want to stop making threats and go quietly with them."

"Indeed." From Cherish, as she seems to whole heartedly agree. "I'm a book person myself." She mutters, the words not really meant for public consumption as she straightens in her chair some to get a better view of the girl as she tries to scramble with her free hand for the knife. "Some cuffs, would probably be helpful." Helpful insight from the peanut gallery.

Wintercoat flinches at the scream, but looks to Dorian and back to the woman, calming a bit as most of the folks around him don't seem to be worried. "Sorry.. Just, don't want you hurt. And knives hurt, a lot. Her mind is bent and I thought she was after you…"

The knife is caught midair with the flash and style of a youth akin to wielding one. Taking it in hand it is slipped seamlessly into the denim jacket he wears before he turns and disappears into the crowd. crouching slightly as he pulls his beanie over his head.

Eleanor moves so that Rachel can see her, snapping her fingers in her face to get her attention. "My name is Detective Eleanor Wickham of the Chicago Police Department," she informs her, flashing her badge as she does so. "You have a Constitutional right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to legal counsel. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you by the court. If you choose, you may have a lawyer present during questioning. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"

Dorian sighs and looks down(up) at Wintercoat. "Yes.. They bloody well do. Thanks for sharing that pearl of wisdom, Trix." he then shakes his head. "Sorry.. you're right they hurt.. Been stabbed. Even shot. But I am in no danger and neither are you. Chicago's finest bacon is taking the heat." back to cherish he shrugs. "Books are fine. I like books. And they don't need cuffs. They need get one of those tazers that everyone says are quite the rage. Though that could be just what I want. haven't seen anyone hit with fifty thousand volts yet and I is probably entertaining as fuck."

"Oh, no you don't," Hadley says, reaching for Rachel's other arm after he takes the offering from Eleanor to 'cuff' Rachel with the plastic zip tie. "That works," he says to Eleanor offhandedly. "I hear sirens," he says, "We should get her out of here and let someone else take statements," because that's apparently not Hadley's favorite thing to do.

Cherish notices Alejandro, her eyes narrowing briefly. She's not entirely sure the youth is a cop so for a second or two his eyes track him with obvious suspicion. A small purse of her lips, she moves to snap her phone shut when the sound of sirens begins to pierce the air. "Not very entertaining. Muscles usually seize, they twitch a little, then fall over. Unless they are on something…" Another brush of hair to push back errant hair. "Then it gets a little more entertaining." She murmurs, the phone tucked away into the pocket of her jeans.

Rachel screams when the knife is suddenly snatched away from the floor and again when Hadley pulls her other arm behind her. "noooooooo. please.." now the tears come as the -cuffs- are applied. Her head hangs and her body is near limp with her not even attempting to stand at all and just hangs and if the large man wasn't holding her she would be laying on the floor.

Alejandro, a cop? Pfft, he's out with the silver knife! Or at least doing his best to hide amongst the crowd and not be noticed, maybe he's the infamous Derrick?

Wintercoat looks to Dorian and Cherish, calming down a bit more as it shows with his ears raising and his eyes not being as wide. "So calm… How can you do that? You didn't flinch, or try to hide or anything. How can you stay so, calm?" He does seem a bit amazed, though why he finds this more amazing then what the police are doing is any one's guess.

Eleanor nods to Hadley at his suggestion, then she straightens. "All right people, it's over. Go back to your drinks and dancing and clear the way." She uses the badge and a glare steely enough to cow most people in a drunken stupor as she works at making a path open for Brian to bring Rachel out of the bar.

Isabel frowns slightly as she watches the woman, as she drinks her beer. "That is a real shame. She really seemed to have lost it. I wonder what it was that happened."

Dorian bahs. "I should have guessed it wouldn't be as interesting as it sounded." he grumps, sinking into his chair more deeply, hanging the cane on the arm and grabbing the beer from the passing waitress and dropping enough for it and some change for a tip. He looks over at Wintercoat and sighs. "Dude.. there wasn't anything I could do… Besides, it was more funny then anything else. Ten to one she's some jilted common underage street whore whose crack turned out to be baking soda mixed with aspirin. No biggie. besides, I've seen worse."

"Seen a lot." That's her reply to Wintercoat, leaving a tip on the bar even tho her drink never make it to her. She's got something else on her mind. Sliding with a small wince from her seat, she moves into the crowd. The kid to snatched the knife seems to have her attention and she's making her way closer to him. Tailing him, but not getting…too close, at least for the moment.

Hadley follows in the path that Eleanor makes for them, Rachel's limp form nearly carried by the man rather than the guiding he would do in more normal circumstances. He does a pretty decent job of keeping curious others from closing in behind him. There's just something a little creepy about the guy.

Rachel seems to be really out of it now, she doesn't even moan or groan when Hadley sorta drags her out.

Eleanor grumbles as she starts up the stairs, "My sister didn't show, I didn't get more than two sips of my wine before I had to dump it on a guy, and we arrested someone. This is the worst girls’ night out ever!" Stompy stompy stomp.

Wintercoat says, "I have seen worse as well, but that does not make this any less. And there are many things you could have done, but you didn't. You knew you were safe." He fixes his fur a bit. "I envy you in that. There are few places or times in my life I feel as safe as you seemed to feel even with some one waving a knife."

Alejandro is at the back corner of the bar waiting, watching, making sure the cops are gone before he leaves the safety of the crowd. He's fishing through his pockets and pulling out an orange prescription bottle as his head shakes from side to side.

Dorian watches Cherish waltz into the crowd, quiet for a moment as his eyes focus on her rear.. and he is grinning. Then Winter's words jolt him out of the asspreciation club and he looks at his large eared friend. "Don't envy me, man. It's not a good thing, sometimes."

"I can buy you a bottle of cheap wine if it will make you feel better, Wickham," Hadley says, deadpan, as he follows Miss Stompy up the stairs and to the door until the car's there so they don't have to wait in the cold.

Cherish approaches, coming close and settling to a stop there at the back corner where Alejandro is opening up his script bottle. A sideways glance at him, looking to the bottle to see if she can get a look at the label before she lowers her voice and speaks very softly, to keep it low beneath the murmur of the crowd and the whining cry of the sirens that might still be filling the air. "You know, I think the cops might want that, for evidence or something." Hands are tucked into her pocket and she shrugs a little, seeming not to care really either way if he turns it in or not.

<Scene change>

Chicago Police Department: Containment Cells - Michigan Street: South

A low and squat grey building, the containment cells are tucked in behind the police offices proper. A narrow suspended hallway connects it to the offices, so detainees can be led in and out during inclement weather.

Inside it is just as dull as the outside, fake-granite tiled floors along the halls, the walls medical green and headache grey. Larger holding cells are in front, mostly for hookers and drunks. Midway along the building are the mid-sized holding cells, able to contain between two and four individuals for a week or more. In the back are the single occupancy cells, reserved for the more violent or preternatural detainees or for those under police protection.

Eleanor waits for processing to finish up on the girl and pulls out her iPhone, punching in some numbers. There's a click on the other end, as Alejandro picks up his phone. Into her phone, Eleanor says, "Be sure to bring the package you're carrying in for processing ASAP. No need to respond." She hangs up her.

Detective Sergeant Brian Hadley doesn't want to be here. He might be a little cranky about the whole processing thing but everyone seems more or less willing to let the man take off again when he notes that he hasn't eaten yet. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.

Rachel is very very silent, no questions asked her receive any answer what so ever.

Eleanor looks to Hadley and jerks her head towards the door. "Get out of here. She's going to need some time to get her senses back before she'll be able to answer questions. And I'll need to process some of the evidence tonight." She tells the guards to put the girl in a solo cell, and get someone down for a psyche evaluation. Questioning gets put on hold.

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