Log:20100125 - LaCroix Statement - Eamonn


Church of Eternal Life: Office Room - North Avenue: East

The office is nice-sized, but bare, sparse. It is neither poorly decorated nor completely spartan, but simply the space of a person who needs not display material wealth to communicate her importance. Dark grey carpeting contrasts with light, off-white walls unadorned but for two silver crosses that hang to either side of a shelf at the back wall, one upon which rests three elaborate antique feather-quills, the room's only nonreligious decoration.

Two comfortable chairs, overstuffed and upholstered in soft fabric, sit in front of the severe cherrywood desk. Unlike most modern desks, this one houses no visible computer, simply a phone, a pad to write upon, and a silver pen-case with an elegant rose-thorn border engraved into the soft, shining metal. A well-worn, well-thumbed Bible with bookmark ribbons making upward of a dozen places, notes and papers pushed between the pages in a dozen more, sits at hand in a place of honor on the desk, where it can be referred to at a moment's notice.


RL Date

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IC Date

Monday, January twenty-fifth 2010. 06:10 pm

The sun is down. The waxing gibbous moon is up. <63.3% full and growing>

The tide is low and slack.

Dawn's light is grey. A thin layer of translucent cloud obscures the sun, showing only a bright patch in the sky. The air is cold and slightly damp. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about 22" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit, Negative six Centigrade.


Eamonn sits behind a large desk, papers are neatly stacked here and there to show his orderly nature, while he scratches at a piece of paper with a pen. Otherwise the room is quiet and devoid of the normal background noise found in most offices. A plain white shirt adorns his form and likely a pair of matching dress trousers, that are hidden behind the desk.

Rowan has come with Hadley and Eleanor to the Church. Rowan has taken off her pentagram before coming into the church, but keeps it close in her pocket. Letting her messenger bag sling across her torso, she has free arm movement to extend her hand when they are lead into the office. She tilts her head a bit. She tilts her head a bit. "Mr. McGregor?" She asks her Irish Accent softened. "I'm Lt. Rowan Mac Douglas, tis with me Det. Wickham anna Sgt. Hadley. We've come to take yer statement about the message ya left."

Detective Sergeant Brian Hadley is dressed like a plain clothes cop. He follows Lieutenant Mac Douglas and Detective Wickham into the office and he eyes the man at the desk, staying back for the women to have free choice between the two seats before the desk. Since Rowan introduces them, Hadley only nods to the other man and glances around the office.

"Be there in a sec!" Eleanor calls to the others. She's busily de-crossing herself outside.

Eamonn is prompt to look up from his paperwork, pushing it aside when he notes the approach of individuals from the doorway. An easy smile graces his lips and he is prompted to rise to his feet, "Eamonn," he offers in return to the question and inclines his head towards Rowan. "A pleasure to meet you.." he says in a formal, but welcoming tone and shifts his attention to include the other individuals. "Thank you all for coming, I did save the voice mail that I received from one of the employees here that notified me of Jessy's intent." He softly shakes his head and gestures towards the pair of empty chairs that sit nearby, "Please sit. And I can have another chair brought in if needed." he offers.

Rowan smiles gently as she nods her head softly. "Please, tat would be most kind of you." She says before moving to sit down and pull out what seems to be a mini laptop. She adjusts her bag to be a small desk for herself. "You dunna mind me typin' it out and all? Easier on ta hands." She says gesturing to her gloved covered hands. She moves to boot it up the laptop and does a few clicks here and there. "Oh ye did? Excellent, you don't mind us havin' a copy do ye?" She asks before moving to finish setting up.

Eleanor finally enters last, in a tailored black suit with a pale blue blouse beneath. She nods to Eamonn and takes a seat, drawing a digital recorder out of her bag and setting it on his desk. "Do we have your permission to record this, sir, for proper transcription into the case file?" she asks.

"That's really not necessary," Hadley assures both Eamonn and Rowan, looking perfectly content to remain standing. He stands a little off to the side, energy tense though the rest of him attempts to look relaxed. He more or less leaves the ladies to start things off, remaining quiet and still where he stands.

Eamonn steps around the side of the desk and slips a small folding chair out that was leaning there, offering a belated nod towards Rowan. "No trouble at all, and it'd be impolite of me to make someone stand." He offers towards Hadley. Once the chair is settled near the front of the desk, Eamonn walks back to sink into his own chair. "Not at all." He says and shrugs his shoulders, his hands come down to lay atop of his desk and smiles. "No, not at all…" he says to Rowan first and then nods Eleanor, "Feel free." He says in a rich baritone with a silken edge. One hand dips down as he fishes around in the pocket of his pants and pulls out a small black cell phone. "Do you want to hear it now or do you want my statement first?" Grey eyes shift expectantly between the detectives.

Rowan nods her head as she sets her fingers down to the keyboard. "Your statement first if please Mr. Eamonn. I think ta would be best." She says as she nods her head gently.

Hadley nods his head to the other man in something like gratitude, forced or not, and moves to take the seat, settling himself and crossing an ankle over his knee so he looks comfortable and relaxed.

The recorder is clicked on before Eleanor says clearly into it, Statement MCGREGOR-E-20100125 attached to Incident LACROIX-J-20100122. Please state your name, date of birth, address, and place of business for the record, sir." Then she settles back into her seat, pulling out a small legal pad and pen to take her own notes. She seems to be deferring to Rowan to lead the statement.

The man behind the desk leans forward and says clearly, "Eamonn, Religious Educator at the Church of Eternal Life and currently my abode is in flux, so this is the best location to contact me." Then Eamonn clears his throat and smiles faintly, "I received a voicemail from one of the Church Employees, Lane, she works in the Library. She informed me that Jessy was going to try to kill me because Lane went underwent a transformation. Namely she is a vampire now." He explains in a crisp tone and inclines his head. "To this point I have not heard from Lane since the call, though I know that Jessy was living at her apartment for a period of time." He appears perplexed and perhaps worried over that fact.

Rowan's fingers go clicky clack as she listens and types. She nods her head a bit as she looks up to Eamonn. Her brow is arched for a moment. "Ah, and what happens to be the connection between Ms. Lane and yourself to provoke such a threat from this Mr. Jessy?" She asks generally to understand why someone's transformation would provoke such a response.

Hands clasped in his lap, the only thing that suggests Hadley isn't perfectly at ease is his energy. He doesn't speak up to add any of his own clarifications to the statement so far and simply listens, watching Eamonn intently.

Eleanor takes some notes on her legal pad, jotting down Lane's name and a few details about the female vampire housing Jessy but now being out of touch. The detective frowns at that, adding a note to try to contact Lane in the margin of her page. She glances over at Hadley briefly to see if he caught that the girl is incommunicado as well.

Eamonn appears to wait patiently for the next question, one hand drifts up to brush his loose locks back behind one ear and smiles. "I was the one that brought her over, I assist in such matters along with others in the Church. I think the young man thinks that I 'killed' Lane, so I am guessing that is the reason for his reaction. Though in truth…" he begins and chuckles, "I wouldn't go into the spiritual aspects of things." Idly, the grey-eyed man brushes his fingertips over the edge of the desk, "I did stop over at Lane's abode, but there was no answer. In case it might help, I know her address. Domestici del Fuoco, Apartment 303 down in Little Italy." His gaze shifts over the trio of officers and inhales softly, "I think the boy is misunderstood…I even tried to get him a job as a mechanic."

"Do you have any idea where Lane might be?" Hadley speaks up again finally; voice cool and even, even though his face hardens a little around the edges and his gaze lowers slightly.

"Have you ever met Mister LaCroix in person, sir?" Eleanor asks the vampire, "Or communicated to him directly via the telephone or email or the like?" She takes down Lane's address in her notes. "And from what you know of him, or perhaps what Lane has told you, was he always aggressive towards you or others, or was it isolated to Lane's decision to be turned? Did he have an issue with vampires in general?" She looks up, but her eyes don't ever make it to Eamonn's. They consistently land near his mouth.

Eamonn purses his lips together and pauses his caressing fingertips on the edge of the desk, after a moment of consideration he replies, "I am not sure to be honest, I need to double check with staff to ensure that I just didn't miss her." A small furrow crosses his brow, "LaCroix, I am guessing is Jessy. If so, yes, I've met him a few times while at the Basement. That is where I tried to put him in contact with a mechanic garage so he might get a job." He gives a small nod of his head and then shakes towards Eleanor, "No, he was never aggressive towards me before this incident. And I am not sure he knew of my nature at that time." The lines fade from his brow as whatever he was focusing on has passed. "As for communication, no…I don't think he has a phone and I only meet him in person."

Hadley seems content enough with the response to his own query and he doesn't ask anything else for now, considering what's already been said. Finally, almost absently, he asks, "Do you think Mister LaCroix is actually a threat to yourself, Mister McGregor?"

Eleanor nods her head crisply, making more notes on her legal pad. "And if you can recall, sir, how long after Lane's turning did Mister LaCroix make the threat against you?" she asks. She digs several mug shots of blond haired young men, one of whom is Jessy, from her bag and lays them on the desk in front of Eamonn. "And can you identify him from this set of photos?

A few moments pass as Eamonn weighs Hadley's question, "I am not certain, I have no way to gauge him to be honest. I think everyone could be a threat given the proper situation." He holds his hands palm up and shrugs, "I didn't think he'd ever want to harm me, though." He adds in a quiet murmur and lays his hands back down on the desk. Eamonn licks his lips and turns his attention to Eleanor, "I'd say it was nearly a month, but Lane was quite disoriented after the turning, as most are." Back arching a little, he leans forward to look over the pictures and takes his time to scan them all over. Finally he points a finger down to the one that is Jessy and taps it lightly, "That is him."

Hadley falls silent after that and he glances in Eleanor's direction, jaw tightening, before he just looks at the desk and his gaze stays round about there.

Eleanor collects the photos and states into the recorder, "Let the record note that the witness has identified Jessy LaCroix from a group of photos, as the person who made threats against him." The photos are placed back into her bag. "The threat did not come directly from Jessy, but via Lane? Can we hear it, sir?"

Rowan types as she listens to the other questions being brought up. In listening to the responses she continues to record what is said. She looks over to Hadley and then to Eleanor, she pauses to type something else down before looking to Eamonn. She holds a question or two until after Eleanor has answered and they have heard the tape.

Hadley maintains his silence and keeps his eyes on the desk. He does the brooding cop thing well, whether he means to or not.

Eamonn rests comfortable in his chair, apparently not overly concerned outwardly about his welfare. "Yes, it came via Lane through a voice mail and certainly." Carefully he flips open his cell-phone and taps a few buttons, then the sound of a woman's voice comes from the speaker phone for all to hear. "It is brief, but to the point,” he says after he closed the phone.

"Eamonn, it's Lane. Jessy is going to try and kill you because you turned me. I love you. Becareful, and I will see you soon."

Eleanor sits back in her seat as the voice mail ends, her brow arching at the declaration of love. She makes a few more notes but lets Rowan resume leading the questions.

The vampire detective's energy wavers but he still says nothing and his gaze still stays where he fixed it on the desk. Hadley doesn't trust himself to say anything else at the moment.

Rowan continues to type as she listens to the voice mail message and nods her head. "Did you happen to be involved with Ms. Lane?" She asks while stopping her typing for a moment. Giving her gloved fingers a break before resuming.

If Eamonn picks up anything from Hadley, it isn't apparent, the man behind the desk remains quiet unless asked questions and outwardly polite. Eyes shift towards Eleanor for a moment, when no question is forthcoming they move to Rowan. "Involved to the point that I brought her over through the channels of the Church, then yes. Much time has to be spent with the fledglings to ensure everything goes smoothly." He says in a smooth voice and adds a faint upwards turn to his thin lips as if smiling.

"We'll keep this statement on file, in case Mister LaCroix actually does attempt to do you harm, sir. But we really need to contact Lane in the meantime," Eleanor points out. "Her ability to attest to his general demeanor might be necessary in the case currently pending against him." That is if one of the people he bit turn into werefoxes at the next full moon. "We are trying to establish whether or not he was someone subject to stress shifts, quick to anger and violently aggressive. In your experience with him, albeit brief, you don't seem to believe he was any of those things, am I correct?"

Rowan falls quiet as Eleanor asks, she tilts her head waiting for the response. Her finger posed reading to type.

Eamonn swivels in his chair as he adjusts his posture and nods to Eleanor's statements, "Understood and yes, I figure the next step was to contact Lane." He sounds understanding there isn't a quick fix to the matter. Faintly he cants his head to the left, "I can understand there are difficult times for those that harbour the beast, but I did not realize, Jessy was infected." Lightly he shakes his head and belatedly replies to her last question, "He was a quiet and shy young man, I never saw him make trouble to be honest."

"Thank you, sir. We'll make note of that in his case file. Do you feel as if you need additional protection from Mister LaCroix? If so, we can get a squad car assigned to park outside of your residence and the church as protection," Eleanor offers.

Rowan listens as she moves her fingers against the keyboard. She continues to record what's said as she watches those in the room. She does pause to hear Eamonn's answer.

Eamonn smiles politely and rolls back in his chair, "Thank you Detectives and no thank you, that wouldn't be needed. I am sure there are others that need the protection of the police more than I." Gracefully he moves to his feet and inclines his head, "Do feel free to contact me in the future, should the Chicago Police Department need my services." His gaze is cast to include the trio of them as he leans forward to rest his hands on the desk.

Eleanor turns off the recorder and she packs it away before rising. "Thank you, sir." She jerks her head towards Hadley and heads out with her bag towards the car to see about sending a squad car to Lane's address to see if she's there.

Rowan continues to type the last bit that is said watching Eleanor and Hadley leave. She shrugs before saving the document and powering down the laptop.

Hadley rises, glancing at Eamonn once more before following Eleanor out.

"Anytime, Detectives." Eamonn replies in a flowing voice and remains attentive as they depart, "It was a pleasure." He calls after them as they gather up and head out the door to the long hallway that leads to the lobby.

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