Log:20100310 - Bad Day To Pick A Pocket


Starbucks - Sears Tower - Jackson Street

America's Favorite Coffeehouse, or so it claims. Stepping inside, one finds a series of pristine booths and tables for the customers, an octagonal island on the far wall hosting the coffee, snacks and various offerings of this popular chain. The employees are neatly garbed and bearing polite smiles. The clientele tend toward yuppydom.


RL Date

Thursday, June 11, 2009

IC Date

Wednesday, March tenth 2010. 05:56 pm

The sun is down. The last quarter moon isn't up. <50.0% full and fading>

The tide is low and slack.

The sky is grey-black, without moon or stars. The air is cold and wet, and there is little wind. Snow flurries fall from the east. It is easier to feel the flakes landing than it is to see them in the darkness. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about 9.75" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Thirty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, Three Centigrade.


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The ashen-haired teen looks up and over at the tall woman, as she sits down at the table next to his. Zack grins, "You know, if I certainly hope that you didn't run off last night because of me. I certainly thought I had showered."

Marcus's nostrils flare as Bert passes by him. But the counter is now his, and he steps up to place his order. "Tall, Black, a little cinnamon," he tells the barista while digging a few bills out of his coat pocket.

Bert has just sit down at a table that is next to the one where Zack is sitting and already they've engaged in conversation. "na, had a fare wanting a ride." she smiles at him. "That's my job, driving people." she takes the lid off the coffee then sniffs at it with something like inner joy flashing over her face. "damn, that smells good."

The sun is down, which means Eleanor is up. Sort of. She looks pretty groggy as she makes her way into her second home, seemingly led by the wafting smell of coffee. She gets in line dressed in a dark grey suit and pale blouse beneath a navy peacoat and waits her turn.

The oors to the establishment part, and in steps a rather large man with dark features, standing at six foot four he towers over most others, and while not quite /huge/ he is definately /big/. With body of a marble statue, his alabaster flesh is hidden beneath dark modern clothing, as Justin scans the crowd appraisingly before going to take a seat off to the side.

Zachary chuckles slightly at Bert, "Yeah, I know. Liz told me that you had a call." The youth's sterling eyes glance up as more people begin to come in. There is a mildly amused look as Eleanor comes in looking less than awake. He offers a slight wave to the detective. His eyes also fall onto the large man that comes in afterwards.

Bert looks toward the flow of people that had entered after her. "Hey, luck of the draw. I'm just ahead of the crowd." she looks at Marcus again then as Eleanor shows up she nods but the huge man that enters then stalks directly to a table has drawn her gaze to him and she watches him untill he sits.

Marcus gets his coffee from the barrista and immediately removes the lid from the cup after passing over his money. He steps away, inhaling the steam rising up from the cup, and moves towards a chair. Without really asking, he flops down at Bert's table so he can face her and Zachary. A lazy wave is offered.

Eleanor pulls a battered leather wallet from her coat pocket and digs some money out for her impending caffeine. As the line thins and she reaches the counter, she grunts something at the barista which the woman seems to have already been anticipating. "Triple shot venti," is called to the line as the blonde steps aside to the pick up area of the counter. Zachary's wave has her prying an eye open a little and sending a small smile and wave back to the youth.

Justin quietly draws his arms out of his jacket and allows it to fall over the back of his chair, leaning forward and running his hands through his hair. The massive undead takes a moment to just drink in the scent of the coffee, that strong pugnant odor that serves to mask so much…

Zachary assumes that the man is a friend of the cabby's and goes back to what he was doing before. He memo pad sized notebook and a pencil. After flipping through a few dozen pages, he sets it down, reviewing it, before playing an imaginary piano against the edge of the table. The youth occassionally stops to make a notation on the paper. As he does so, he chews on his lower lip just slightly.

Bert thinks that Marcus is a friend of Zach's and nods at him when he sits. "good night for coffee, isn't it." she begins the first foray into small talk with someone she doesn't know.

Marcus sips from his disposable mug of coffee. "Si," he remarks to Bert. "Hope I'm not interrupting, Chica. I hate drinking coffee alone," he adds on, extending the explanation to Zachary as well.

Once her coffee is safely in hand, Eleanor makes her way over to Zachary's table, catching sight of the cabbie and giving Bert a smile as well and the man at her table a polite nod. "Mister Evans, is it all right if I sit with you?" she asks Zach. "I feel silly taking up a table all by myself." She glances at his notebook curiously. "What are you working on?"

Justin keeps quietly to himself, he is not a social creature an really dosn't feign being so as he drums his fingers along the back of his sku. Those topaz orbs gazing dow at the table as he simply sits there, a moving statue to those seeking solace. Peace. Quiet. If only for a moment.

Zachary looks up, closing the notebook, which was covered in music notations, "Oh, nothing." He offers a bit of a smile, gesturing to one of the empty chairs, "Please, help yourself." With a bit of a shrug, "I'm sure that the employees appreciate having less to clean up." The pale youth glances at the source of the soft drumming and the man looming by himself.

Bert smiles at Marcus "not at all, company is good." her words are rapid with a clear Texas accent, she glances up as Eleanor joins the little group to, nodding in a friendly way to the female police officer. She looks back at Marcus. "how long have you been in Chicago?" <Speaking in Spanish>

Marcus keeps his coffee curled in his hands, watching those around him with a darting of his ruddy eyes. "I was born here, Chica. But you.. You still smell new. Joining the plague?" <Speaking in Spanish>

Eleanor slides into a seat and she looks at her coffee like someone wishing she could just hook it up to an IV and get it more directly into her system. "Thank you," she says quietly to Zachary, before she follows his gaze towards the lone man. Her gaze never lifts past his chin, but she seems to take his measure for a long moment otherwise. The conversation at the next table doesn't go unnoticed but she doesn't comment on it. "So do you write music?" she asks the teen.

Justinquietly lifts his head up as his hands fall to rest upon the table for a moment befor he brings his left hand up to rub his eye, muttering to himself, "<..a couple of words in Creole..>" Those topaz orbs turning to take in the motley crew of individuals seated off to the side,

Zachary shrugs slightly, as his hand subconsciously lays onto of the already closed notepad, "Not really… I was just doodling." No, he never claimed to be a good liar. Taking a sip of his coffee, he looks over at the bedraggled detective. "Um, long day fighting crime?"

Bert smiles more warmly now. "I thought you felt familar. yea I will do that just need to find out who to go to. You will help me with that, yes?" her voice has lowered and she leans closer over the small table. "I've not been here long. My Father was transfered to a nursing home here two weeks ago. I was lucky to find a job so quickly." <Speaking in Spanish>

Marcus makes a thoughtful mmm at whatever it is that Bert says. "Si. Shouldn't go long without saying hi to the bossman, right? You got a number? Something I can give him to contact you, chica?" Another drink of his coffee is taken, and shifty, rudy eyes looking around the room again. Justin is given a once-over. <Speaking in Spanish>

"Doodling? You play air piano every time I see you," Eleanor quips to the boy in a gentle tone. "I think you've got the music in you. Which is a good thing; no need to hide it." His question has her shaking her head a little as she sips her coffee. "Not yet. I work overnights. I've only been awake for," she lifts an arm and tugs the cuff of her coat up to get a look at her watch, "40 minutes. My partner can't work during the day so I get to be a creature of the night for all intents and purposes." She keeps tabs on the big guy out of the corner of her eye.

Justin rises up, dusting himself off, he's not a social butterfl, and this is not his scene.. Rolling his shoulders and picking his teeth he casually turns to look out the window as a man bumps into him. A moment later there is a chain connecting to the man who is wlking off's pockets and Justin's statuesque form… A chain that when it pulls tight causes the man to turn around and look down taking notice. A Look akin to a deer in headlights upon the man's face as he realizes he's been caught stealing Justin's wallet..

Bert searches her pockets with the vile-green/yellow/orange of her hawaiian shirt flopping open to flash the bright royal blue of her t-shirt. "here." and she slides a card across the table to Marcus with the /Busy Bee/ logo on one side and her name and cab number under the company's number on the other. "Call me."

Marcus takes the card from Bert and even glances down at it before sliding the thing into his pocket. "Will do, Chica." With a wary eye cast towards Justin and the would-be thief, Marcus starts to slip to his feet. "Enjoy the evening." Seems he's about to retreat.

Zachary curls his fingers slightly, "I didn't really realize." He cocks his head as Eleanor's words sink in. He nods slightly, about to say something as he notices the commotion with Justin. He looks up and says to the cop, "That something you need to deal with?"

Eleanor's eyes move to the situation with vampire and pickpocket and she sighs, pulling out her badge and shrugging out of her coat to make it easier to get to her gun. To Zachary she mutters, "I haven't even had my goddamn coffee yet." She rises and heads that way. "It looks like you've misplaced your hands, sir," she notes to the would-be thief, holding up her badge.

Bert holds her hand out toward Marcus. "I'm Roberta, Bert to my friends." her focus is on Marcus though the action around Justin seems to pull at her attention.

Justin calmly turns and picks up the chair he just vacated as the man fumbles with the wallet to get it off the chain before simply releasing it as the woman approaches. TUrning about he runs towards the exit as just calmly picks up the chair with one hand and moves patiently after. His wallet, brightly neon green colored with "Gir" in bright purple on one side and a small robot on the other dangling freely. Ya sre, superhuman reflexes would end the chase quick but for some reason or another the vampire has decided against the whole "I' the Flash.." routine.

As the man takes off for the exit, the thin teen, trying to be a helpful citizen, moves in his way. Of course, the man's mass and momentum plows into Zack, sending both of them tumbling across the floor, tangled up slightly in each other's limbs.

The detective calls back to Bert, "Left coat pocket, hit speed dial 1. Tell them the location, that Detective Wickham is on site, attempted pickpocketing of a vampire who is brandishing a chair and pursuing suspect after the attempted theft failed." Eleanor draws her Glock out as she does this, and she levels it at Justin. "Stand down sir! Put the chair down and we'll talk about what happened here. Your wallet is right here. He didn't get away with it, and you can give us a description to track him down and arrest him." Zach being run down has her marking where he is peripherally, but she can't pull her attention from the undead brandishing a chair as a weapon.

Marcus had just left right before the braw-hoohoo had started and Bert stands up when Zack goes running by. "what the hell." and she is right behind Zack when he falls. She reaches into the writhing mess of pickpocket and boy, grabs the back of the shirt of the pickpocket and hawls him to his feet then holds out her other hand to Zack. "It's ok boy, me and you got him."

Justin looks casualy towards the piles of bodies then down toward his chair before gazing back at Eleanor. He gauges risk versus reward, knowing that if he chose to he could still likely get what he desires.. Wordlessly the chair is set back down before he then turns towards the pile of bodies and cracks his knuckles, staring at the pickpocket.

Zachary more than happily accepts the hand of the tall woman. He groans slightly, "Just once, could you say 'I'm on the brute squad'." He reaches up rubbing the back of his head, which bounced off the floor when he hit. He blinks a few times before leaning against the nearby table for support.

Eleanor lets out the breath she'd been holding, and she lowers her weapon, though not her state of alertness. "Thank you," she notes to Justin. She doesn't holster her weapon, however, as she shifts it to aim at the pickpocket while she moves back to her coat and draws out a couple of plain black zip ties. "You picked a really bad day to try and swipe a wallet," she points out to the man dangling in Bert's grasp. "My name is Detective Eleanor Wickham of the Chicago Police Department," she informs him with her badge now clipped to her suit jacket. "You have a Constitutional right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to legal counsel. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be appointed for you by the court. If you choose, you may have a lawyer present during questioning. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"

After Zach stands, Bert slids that free hand around the wigging pickpocket and for a moment it looks as if she is hugging him from behind and by the time the Detective starts her speach, Bert has a half Nelson on the man and making him face the Dect while she tells him his rights.

Justin quietly rolls the chain of his wallet in as he shakes his head from side to side. Watching the pickpocket and the others as he speaks finally, "I'm not pressing charges. Nor will I be giving a statement." He eyes the pickpocket, waiting to see if the man will confess of his own accord or want to be back out on the streets.. Those strong massive hands clasping before him.

Zachary is leaning against a table, near where Bert is holding an unnamed pickpocket. Eleanor is reading the man his rights, as Justin, whose pockets were picked, leers at the poor man. The pale teen straightens his shirt, in an attempt to hide the numerous bite marks that adorn his neckline. Meanwhile the poor barista is in an absolute fit of hysteria.

"Mister Evans, if you'd be so kind as to get the phone in my left coat pocket and use speed dial one to call in to the station? Tell them Detective Wickham has made an arrest at the Starbucks in the Sears Tower, and that she needs a black and white to come collect him. Tell them it's an attempted pickpocketing." When the thief acknowledges he understands his rights, she exchanges a grateful look with Bert before "cuffing" the perp with the zip ties. "Thanks for your help, Miss Stone. Much appreciated." She calls back to Justin. "That is your choice, sir. But as an officer of the law witnessed him committing a crime, it's not required for you to do so as the state can press charges. However, please note that you could be subpoenaed as a witness if the case goes to trial."

Justin shrugs his shoulders not seeming to care about the subpeona. He simply remains where he is, staring at the other man with his hands clasped, not even offering a flicker of the eyes towards the kid with the fang marks encircling his neck. Standing there perfectly stoic as he stares down at the criminal who thrashes about even more, attempting to escape from the strange woman's hold as he screams at the top of his lungs, "Rape! This woman's attempting to rape me!"

Zachary moves over to Eleanor's coat, as he searches the pocket for the phone. He pushes and holds the button down. "Yes, this is Detective Wickham's phone. She just made an arrest at the Starbucks in the Sears Tower and she needs a black and white here. She said to tell you that it is an attempted pickpocketing." He looks over at the detective, "They said someone's on their way." He sets the officer's cellphone on the table next to her coffee and decides to step back just a little bit.

Bert's hold on the pickpocket is released one hand at a time while the dect secures him for arrest. She nods at Eleanor and says pleasntly. "my pleasure ma'am." Now that she is free she turns to Zach, "say are you ok." she starts to touch his shoulder when a sudden annoying beeping fills the air. Bert rolls her eyes as she pulls her cell from her pocket and looks at the message window. "well, that's all folks.. haha. got to run, I'm needed at City Hall." Her rush to the door is halted though by the unwarented screams of the pickpocket. "what the hell is that all about?"

"She's doing nothing of the sort," Eleanor says with a sigh. "Miss Stone, can you help me escort this gentleman down the hall to the Tower's security station on your way out? I can wait for the uniformed officers there." She wants him out of direct line of sight of the vampire. She steps between the thief and the undead just to ensure there is no eye contact between them because she's not stupid. "I'll be back shortly, sir," she notes to Justin, "If you'd be so kind as to give me your name, so I can note that you declined to press charges or make a statement in my report."

Zachary rubs his head a little more, "Yeah, I'm okay." As the beeper goes off, the kid smiles, "No rest for the weary, I guess." He watches the amazonian cabby escort the pickpocket to security.

Eleanor gives Zachary a small smile. "Thank you, Mister Evans. If you can give my things to the barista, she'll hold them for me til I get back." Then she leads the thief out with Bert to get him secured and packed off to the station for booking.

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