Log:20100903 - River finds a Home


Apt. 201 - The Basement - Grand Street: East
This apartment is one of those studio rooms. One wall is taken up with nothing but windows that give a view out over the city and let light in all through the day. While a line of dark drapes can cover the windows, they are regularly left open to the sky. To one side of this bank of windows, a small bathroom space is walled off and the other side has a kitchenette area set apart by a simple bar with two stools by it. The rest of the room is open space, with standing screens and throw rugs helping separate it into areas. One of them, done in bright reds and warm colors has a couch and some beanbag chairs. Another in darker blues and cooler accents has a dark wood dresser and a collapsible bed. The screens here are set to block the light from the windows at all times. a fair portion of the room is still bare, with room to add more stuff as the owner gathers i



Forest is sitting at the kitchen table, a piece of wood in his hands over which he slowly works a knife over, carving at the sides of the wood with careful precision. There is some country music playing on the radio and he's tapping his foot against the floor.

Talen carries himself out of the bedroom. His crutches hitting against the ground. He plops down on the couch and smiles over to Forest. "Hey hon."

Forest looks over when he hears the crutches on the floor, "Hey Talen. You hungry?" He puts the wood and knife down then moves over to lean down and press his lips to the top of your head.

Talen nods his head and chuckles. "That I am." He leans back against the couch. "I could eat a whole cow!" He states idly.

Forest chuckles and ruffles your hair, "I can believe that." He grins and gives you a wink, "Shall we go downstairs to eat? Or is there something else you would prefer?"

Talen shrugs slowly. "I don't want to go down the stairs. I'm tired." He grumps quietly. "Make me food, biotch!" He jokes while he snaps his fingers and points to the kitchen.

Forest arches an eyebrow at you, then shrugs his shoulders, "If you really want to eat my cooking." He winks down at you, "I was going to offer to carry you down the stairs, but I'll see if I can fix up some good ole fried chicken or something."

Talen nods his head. "About time you started cookin…" He chuckles. He stands up and winces as he walks painfully towards the kitchen. "So… first… did you thaw any chicken?"

Forest opens the fridge and looks through it, frowning a bit. He shakes his head, "You have to thaw it first?" He looks to you and chuckles, "I miss Ma's home cooking." He gives you a smile before looking back into the fridge again.

Talen blinks. "Oh god!" He twacks the man. "No cooking from you!" He pushes him away from the fridge. "Need to thaw chicken…" He grumps. He pulls out some greens and puts them on the counter. He stops and turns. "You… wanted me to cook so you said that… didn't you!?"

Forest chuckles and shakes his head. He reaches a hand out to rest on your shoulder, "No lover, was just teasing you." He gestures to the chair, "Go sit down, fried chicken is the one thing I am actually good at making.

Talen lifts a brow and nods his head slowly. "Oh…okay." He grumps quietly. He walks over to the couch and plops down heavily.

Forest chuckles softly as he goes about the work of frying up some chicken. Heating oil up in a pan, soaking the chicken in milk before rolling it in flour and throwing it in the pan. The smell rises in the air deliciously. When it's done he puts it on a plate then goes about making some ham fried rice in the same pan. When he's finished he makes up two plates and brings them over, handing you one as he sits down beside you.

Talen smiles and eats the chicken. "Tank ou." He chews and enjoys the whole plate. Once its basically licked clean and put on the table he starts picking at what Forest hasn't touched yet. Hungry little blond.

Forest chuckles as he just hands you his plate and lets you finish it off, "Anything else I can get for you?"

Talen smiles and finishes off Forests plate. He sits back. "I was thinking about… adopting." He states. "The SPCA has some good pups that need homes and.. Maybe we could find another member of our family."

Forest blinks at you and chuckles, "You want to get a dog?" He puts his arm along the back of the couch, his hand resting on your shoulder, "Would a dog even want to be around us?"

Talen nods his head. "Yeah. Pup's just want love too!" He exclaims. "I saw this little shih zu puppy and she was SO cute! She curled right up to me and snuggled me. Her owners just dropped her off cause they couldn't sell her cause she was a runt. They are going to put her down!"

Forest rises to his feet, picking up the plates and taking them to the sink to wash off while he thinks about it, "Don't you think a cat would be better for us?" He puts the dishes on the little wooden drying rack, "I'm not even sure the apartment will allow us to keep a pet."

Talen nods his head. "It does. I asked. A small pet." He turns his eyes to Forest. "What about the puppy? We are just going to let her die?" His eyes water a little. His hands go to his chest. "She is so cute! And if she grows up around us she will know how to react to us, right?

Forest turns to look at you, drying off his hands. The look in your eyes causes him to chuckle, "Of course I don't want to let them put her down Tal, I just want to make sure no one tries to eat her when they come to visit."

Talen shakes his head. "They wont! She will be our baby! She won't grow big enough! Smaller then a bunny so even me in shifty form wouldn't think she is prey! And she is skittish so she hides." He nods. He stands up and waddles over to Forest. "Pretty please?"

Forest chuckles and wraps his arms around your waist, lifting you off the floor a little as he presses his lips to yours, "Alright, we'll go down and see if she's still there."

Talen nods his head and wraps his arms around his lover. "Thank you!" He smiles. "Let me get pants on! I can't wait for you to meet her!" He turns and limps towards the bedroom.

Forest just chuckles as he watches you and moves to grab his wallet and keys.

Talen gets his pants on and grabs his crutches. He smiles at Forest. "You're going to be a papa!" He smiles and carries himself to the stairs. "To the pardmobile!" He points.

Forest shakes his head a bit and moves to open the door, leading the way out to the truck, opening the passenger door and helping you in if you wish it.

Talen does take the help and gets into the truck. He turns shining eyes to Forest. "I am so excited! She is gunna love you!" He claps his hands together.

Forest climbs into the truck on his side and puts it in gear, "Which way sailor?" He starts to pull out into the street, "Have you ever had to take care of a pet before?"

Talen nods his head and smiles. "Yes I have! First to the pet store. Gotta pick up training mats so she doesn't piddle on the floor. And food and a collar! Toys too!" He smiles. "I trained my mom's puppy…though that was a Rotti."

Forest heads to the pet store, pulling into the parking lot, "I prefer bigger dogs myself, we had a few collies when I was growing up." He hops out of the truck and comes to help you out, offering his hand to support your weight.

Talen takes your hand and get out of the truck. He smiles and leaves the one crutch in the car while he holds your hand with the other. He walks into the store and gets a little cart. He picks up puppy training pads and the best puppy food possible and he goes over to the collars. "I want you to pick the collar and leash." He nods.

Forest follows along behind you, letting you pick everything out, chuckling when he starts to look at the collars, "It's a female you said?" He taps his chin with his fingertip as he thinks, "Pink?" but he wrinkles his nose.

Talen nods his head quickly and smiles. "A girl." He motions with his hand something very small. "This big…so kitty collars first cause I don't think they make dog collars small enough."

Forest moves to look over the collars, picking up a little red and white one. He gives it a jiggle and laughs, "Look, it's got a little bell on it." He looks over to you, "Have you thought of a name for her?"

Talen shakes his head. "I think we both should choose a name." He grins at the bells. "That would help us find her if she got stuck somewhere." He walks over and runs his hand over your arm.

Forest smiles down at you, "Do you like this color or maybe the blue one? I havn't seen her yet so not sure…." He seems to actually be getting a little excited about the idea now.

Talen grins. "Well its up to you! Do you want to just buy this stuff…go get her and then come back when you know what would suit her? She is like… greyish and looks like a baby ewok!"

Forest chuckles, "An ewok? I'm not sure I can handle an ewok running around the place." He winks at you and ruffles your hair, "Let's get the red one, I think it'll work good with grey." He adds the collar to the basket, "What about toys?"

Talen smiles. "Well…" He picks up one of the largest bones there. "This here is … three times her size…" He chuckles. "What do you think? I don't want a squeaky toy cause those get badly annoying. How about…" He pulls up this really long dog looking plushy toy that smells like treats. "How about this?" He grins.

Forest wrinkles his nose, able to smell it easily with his sensitive nose, "If that's what dogs like the smell of, I'm damned glad I'm not a wolf." He laughs and nods, gesturing to the cart. "I think a smaller bone for her to chew on would be good though.

Talen nods his head and picks up the smallest bone they have…which is probably the same size as she is. He puts that in the cart with a little doggy bed and some pillows. A few balls. Treats and smiles. "I think…we got everything."

Forest nods, "Alright, let's get out of here and go pick her up then." He heads to the cashregister and let's the girl ring it all up, paying for it all before you have a chance to say otherwise.

Talen glares and grins. "Thanks but…I could have totally got it." He chuckles. He limps to the truck and loads all the stuff in it before hoping back in it. He claps his hands. "I'm so excited for you to meet her!"

Forest shrugs his shoulders at you and says, "Consider it a birthday present…. since I don't know when yours is." He reaches a hand out to ruffle your hair, happy to see you so excited over something.

Talen chuckles. "Its October 28th! 1991. 56 days away!" He flails. "Then I will so be 19!" He nods his head. He purrs at the ruffle and grins. "You'll be a great dad to a mini dog."

Forest chuckles softly as he drives to the place, pulling into the parking lot, "Now, you're sure of this? Taking in a pet is a big commitment."

Talen nods his head. "Yeah." He smiles and hops out of the car. "I am ready to do this with you." He grins and holds the man's hand tightly. "Are you ready to meet her?"

Forest wraps his fingers around your hand, seeming a little surprised at the gesture. He smiles and nods, "Lead the way Tal."

Talen smile and walks back into the SPCA. He smiles at the lady. "Oh you're back!" Tal nods quickly. "Can I see her?" His voice quiet. The lady nods and directs them into a back room. She reaches into a little play pen and pulls out a little dust bunny with eyes. The little Shih zu is tiny and obviously a runt. The pup looks over to Tal and opens her mouth. No sound comes out. He walks over and pets her softly with his fingers. "Hey girl…" He whispers. "We want to give you a home…are you okay with that?"

Forest stands back as he lets you go see the puppy first, smiling a bit as he watches, though he seems a little uncertain about the tiny thing.

Talen takes the little puppy and puts her to his chest. His eyes turn very soft and he pets her. He walks over to Forest and shows her. "Isn't she beautiful?" His voice very quiet.

Forest smiles and reaches his hand out to lightly rub the pup behind the ears, watching your face as you hold her, "Yes, just like a little princess, isnt' she?"

Talen nods his head slowly and grins. The puppy pushes her little head up into Forest's hands loving the rub. "Yeah…our little princess…"

Forest moves to stand closer to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you close while he rubs thee pup's head, leaning down to press his lips to the top of yours, "What do we have to do to adopt her?"

Talen grins and holds her to his chest. "Really? You like her?" He kisses your lips back and purrs. "We just sign the paper saying we will take care of her and donate 20 dollars."

Forest smiles and nods, "Alright, let's do that and take her home." He looks to the woman that led us in here, giving her a nod.

The woman nods and smiles. "You will be amazing owners." She walks over and picks up a starters kit and pulls out a paper for them to sign. "What's her name so we can register her for you?" Tal follows Forest and stays close to his side. He still watches the pup that is currently sucking on his pinky.

Forest looks down to Tal, rubbing the smaller man's back a little, watching him being so tender with the pup, "What do you think Tal? Got a name for her?"

Talen grins. "I want to name her Aw…" He chuckles. He lifts his eyes. "How about you name her Papa." He leans his head against the man's shoulder and watches the pup.

Forest blinks a little when you call him Papa and shakes his head, "You were trying to say something Tal… only thing I can think of is Princess."

Talen shakes his head. "Princess will give her the disposition to be snotty…" He chuckles. "How about… River? We would have a Forest, a River and a Talon." He smiles. "Do you like it?"

Forest chuckles and nods, "Yes, we can name her River…" He shakes his head in amusement as he holds out his hands, "What do you think little River? Can I hold you?"

The pup lifts her head and opens her mouth happily. Little pink tongue sticking out. Tal lifts his hands and puts her in Forest's hands. He watches like a careful mother. His hands on Forest's bicep.

Forest smiles as he takes the pup carefully into his arms, "Damn you're a cute thing aren't you River." He grins and rubs his nose against the puppies wet one, only to get a good lick on his own nose in return.

Talen squees a little and goes over to sign both their names on the paper and he donates the twenty dollars. He takes the starter pack and limps back to Forest. "Okay papa… Lets take her home." His eyes shining at the man beside him.

Forest carries River in his arms gently as he heads out to the truck, letting you use your crutches. He helps you in then hands her over to you, "Hold her carefully Tal, dogs can get very rambunctious in moving vehicles."

Talen nods his head and does up his seat belt. Everything is secured and he lifts her head so she can see her first car ride. He holds her belly and lets her little paws dangle. As the truck starts moving…her little legs start running. She doesn't move from Tal's hands though…just running in place.

Forest starts the drive back to the apartment, chuckling at her, "You know, we're going to have to buy a camera now. We're going to want to keep pictures of her cuteness."

Talen nods and chuckles. "Yeah! Make a little album of River." He turns a bright smile to Forest. "We have a little one to take care of now…" He watches as she runs with the wind! nowhere… but she sure enjoys it.

Forest laughs and nods, pulling into the apartment. He hops out and comes around to help you out, then grabs the bags out of the back before heading upstairs.

Talen smiles and carefully holds the pup as they make it up to the apartment. Her running has become a trot as she 'walks' up the stairs. He follows Forest and smiles towards him as he finally gets into the apartment. He sits down on the floor and puts River on the couch. "This is your new home." He nods.

Forest chuckles as he sets the bags down on the kitchen table, turning to watch River jump off the couch and dash around the room, starting to squat in a corner. He rushes over to pick her up, "Oh no you don't…"

Talen chuckles and puts one of the training pads in the corner. "Put her down now." He smiles. He walks back over to the bag and pulls out some toys and all they stuff the daddies got for her. "She needs training… Want her to be an outside pee pup or a bathroom pad pup?"

Forest sets her down on the pad and watches as she walks in circles, sniffing at it. "Well, I'm not big on the idea of her going inside, but it's not exactly convenient for us to have to take her outside all the time either." He frowns a bit in thought.

Talen smiles. "Let me train her then. She will learn to go on those or outside. That way when we are here she can go outside but if we leave for long periods…like the full moon… she can go on that." He nods his head.

Forest blinks a bit and looks at you, "Oh damn… Tal, I didn't even think of what we'll do with her on full moons." He shakes his head as he looks down at the pup, "We can't take her with us but we can't leave her here alone for days at atime like that…"

Talen chuckles. "Already thought of that!" He nods his head. "Rachel can take care of her. So could Edi and Alex and Zack and Ayden!" He chuckles. "And Keme would love her too." He grins.

Forest frowns a little in thought, "Alright, I suppose that would be ok. If they like dogs." He yawns a bit and heads over to sit on the couch, stretching his legs out.

Talen nods and chuckles. "She will be alright." He watches her piddle on the mat before she starts walking towards Forest. She doesn't make it though as she falls forward tiredly and goes to sleep. Tal aws quietly and walks up to her. He picks her up and walks over to Forest, putting River on his lap. "We will be okay."

Forest chuckles softly, petting the sleepy pup as you settle her on his lap. he reaches out his arm and pats the couch beside him, wanting you to sit with him. "She's adorable Tal…" his voice is low and soft so as not to wake her up.

Talen sits down and leans against Forest. "Yes… She really is…Perfect." He sighs happily. "River will be so happy with us." He nods his head and smiles. He wraps his arms around you and purrs.

Forest wraps his arm around your shoulders and lightly runs his fingers through your hair, "I'm glad you thought of this Tal, it'll be nice having her around I think."

The rest of the night is spent at home. River finds her spot between the two men in bed. Who said dogs sleep outside never met this one.

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