Log:20110209 - It Wasn't The Waffles


Der Luftwaffle Haus - Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

Old world Bavarian dining in a New world fast-food theme, Der Luftwaffle Haus bears 'unripe tomato' orange tones and faux wood-paneling along the furniture and walls, the floor underfoot a small square tile of a vaguely yellow hue. A row of small round tables, unable to seat more than two or three at a time, run along the window that overlooks Lake Michigan. Outside, the light of a cruelly cold dawn breaks in the southeast. The sky is clear and the southeast wind blasts snow across the landscape in gusts. Living breath fogs in the frigid air. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop.

In the center of the room and along the door-side wall are booths that can accommodate six comfortably and eight if they're all good friends, the latter slightly more private than the former. A long self-serve dessert sauce and ice cream "bar" takes up a wall right-angle to the counter where the actual orders are placed. French toast, crepes, pancakes, waffles, and most all thicker pastries that started off flat and ended up flat are served here, fresh and piping hot. Other than the namesake, the menu also offers eggs, sausages, and at least a half dozen types of pop as well as hot cider, coffee, tea, milk (eggnog available in late autumn and winter).


RL Date

Thursday, January 21, 2010

IC Date

It's Wednesday, February ninth 2011. 9:03 pm

A cold wind blows from the southeast, driving charcoal clouds before it and blotting out the stars in isolated patches overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere the stars shine brightly. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about 45.75" of snow on the ground. The average temperature is around Twenty-seven degrees Fahrenheit, Negative three Centigrade.


It's not exactly Nero's normal hangout, and the young man looks slightly nervous. He wasn't up for meeting the officers at the station though, so when they suggested it he was glad to accept. At the moment he sits in one of the corner booths, his jacket hanging over the corner of it an a large coffee before him. Each time someone enters the door he looks up with haunted eyes, only to return his gaze to the full mug in his hands when it isn't an obvious cop.

Der Luftwaffle Haus is someplace Eleanor and Hadley are very familiar with. There have been long discussions over greasy eggs and coffee here. Well, Eleanor had the food and drink, Hadley just glared a lot. The blonde detective is first through the door of the cramped diner and it doesn't take her long to match Nero with the photograph of him on file. She tips her head towards his booth to tell Hadley their destination, and heads that way. She stops at the end of the table. "Mister Scarcella? I'm Detective Eleanor Wickham and this is my partner, Detective Brian Hadley. Thank you for meeting with us. May we?" With the last she gestures to the booth seat across from him.

Hadley follows his partner into the diner and her subtle gesture toward where Nero sits waiting for them. His face remains without expression as they go to him and introductions are made. There's a nod and an intense sort of sizing up kind of look from him that looks rather natural in the lines of his face.

Nero looks up as the pair approach him, and those dark eyes study both for a few long moments as Eleanor speaks. Slowly, he nods his head, and his gaze goes back to his coffee. "It's been a long week. Too many questions." He bites his lip lightly, and swallows emptily. "I don't know what else I can tell you."

As Eleanor slides into the seat across from Nero, her psychic senses ripple over the man. It's not something she actually has control over; she simply grazes other auras with her own as a matter of existence. It nearly drove her mad when it first started, until her mother helped her cope. She sets down a file folder on the tabletop and beckons the waitress over. "Just black coffee for myself please." She then looks back to Nero with the 'good cop' smile on her face. "I've been assigned to this case, Mr. Scarcella, but I wasn't the detective at the scene who took notes about it. This is just for my benefit, to ensure that there is no loss of information from the witnesses, to the page, to my eyes."

Hadley waves off an order of his own even though he's here often enough that most of the staff know he doesn't ever order anything. Not anymore, at least. His own energy doesn't really do much exploring but it's definitely there. He's watching the other man with an intense sort of neutrality, not entirely the bad cop to her good at the moment but he easily could be.

"That's what you said on the phone, but I don't know what else I can help you with." The young man looks up, and his eyes move between the two slightly. With his nervousness his power crackles lightly, contained within himself, but by no means hidden… or apparently under control. "It's still so clear; I can't close my eyes without seeing her."

Eleanor's gloves are pulled off and set aside so she can open the file folder. A few gory, stark photographs of Alejandra Ramos' decapitated body are visible to the man across from her as she rifles through the papers beneath them, ostensibly to find the right page. Hadley may look like he's playing the bad cop, but Eleanor is definitely good at a more subtle method herself. "Just need you to answer a few questions so I can confirm the facts. Here we go. Sorry, so many pages on this case. It says here you came across the body in Hyde Park at about 6 AM and called in the discovery to 911?" She doesn't obscure the photographs from Nero, although she puts an elbow on the table and props her head against her fist to shield the waitress from being able to see them on her return with the detective's beverage.

Hadley can't help it. He kind of always looks like the bad cop and he probably did even before he died. And apparently he's here more to listen and watch than to offer much of his own to the review verbally.

Dark eyes flicker to the pages, and Nero swallows heavily as they remain there. Even when Eleanor asks her questions, his gaze stays locked on them and he swallows again. A hand lifts and he slides it through his hair nervously before nodding. "Sorta? I… I saw it. In here." His palm rubs against his temple as he speaks, his voice soft and nervous. "I was hoping it hadn't happened… or was a long time ago… but…" His words trail off, eyes unwavering as he looks at the pictures in her folder.

Forest walks into the restaurant from outside, a cool gust of wind coming in behind him, at his side is a young man whom he seems to be speaking to, "Never tried this place before but it's pretty hard to screw up waffles isn't it?" He stops just inside the door to look around the room before picking one of the booths to sit at.

A pen is pulled out of her inside jacket pocket as Eleanor idly jots down some confirmation notes in the margin of the copy of the original report. "Understood. And then Mister Rob Adder arrived on the scene followed shortly by Sergeant Emerald Lee, Miss Erin Altice, and Miss Luna Bruja?" She looks up at Nero and adds, "These are the only individuals who saw the body before detectives arrived, correct?"

Zack, the young man walking in with Forest, nods, "Neither have I actually. I have thought about it, but just never got here." He slides into the seat immediately across from Forest. "I don't know.. never underestimate the ability of someone to screw up."
Forest chuckles softly, "Very true, it could be much worse, I could be cooking them." He grins a bit though it fades quickly as he picks up a menu and starts to look through the selection.

Hadley pretty much just keeps sitting there, glancing at the photos briefly but keeping most of his attention on the man sitting with them.

Nero is about to respond to Eleanor when a shiver runs down his spine. He shudders lightly and glances around, gaze settling briefly on the pair that had just entered, particularly the taller man. His head shakes almost imperceptibly and quickly returns to his coffee cup. A few slow breaths are taken to try to regain control as he swallows, then looks back to the officers before him. "I… I think so? Aren't they all cops? I thought they were…"

Eleanor jots down a bit more on the page as she listens to Nero's words. "Sergeant Lee is. The others are not." She glances over at Forest and Zack briefly, knowing the latter, but she gives him a tiny little negative shake of her head to indicate he shouldn't approach. Her badge is on her coat, so it's obvious whatever she's doing is 'official business' of some kind. She looks back to Nero. "And it has recently come to my attention that you told Miss Bruja after she escorted you home, that a shifter was the leader of this group that attacked Miss Ramos. Can you tell me what you saw that made you believe he was the leader, and that he was a shifter?"

Preternatural hearing can be a pain sometimes, but tonight nearby words seem to catch his attention. He turns his head to the nearby table and those sitting at it, something completely different about the man's attitude and he seems almost ready to stand up but he doesn't, yet. Instead Forest turns his gaze to Zack, a frown upon his lips before he turns back to listening to the conversation.

As Zack glances as the menu, he sees Eleanor's signal, which he responds with an equally discreet nod of acknowledgement. Though his attention being brought to her, also brings his attention to the conversation that is going on. He looks back over to Forest. "Everything okay? Do we need to go maybe somewhere else?"

Nero's gaze is lost for a few seconds as his eyes flicker back to the pictures, and he swallows again. "He was like the ocean. His words made them ebb and flow… there was a sense of power… of need. You could see the others eyes as he gave it to them." His words are soft, and he's still obviously nervous as he continues. "He was hot… burning. Not bright like the moon. She's so bright…" His troubled eyes look back up to Eleanor for a second and he swallows. "Can… can you cover those? Please? I see them enough in my head… I still feel her on my hand."

"Hmmm," Eleanor murmurs as she continues to write the near gibberish from Nero's mouth on the report margins. She turns the crime scene photos over and gives a sigh as she looks to Hadley with knitted brows and a pursing of her lips. It would outwardly look like frustration but, with their year of being partners, he should be used to her signal that she's about to say something on purpose in an effort to provoke a reaction from the person they're interviewing. "Well I guess that wrecks the idea that it was done by Humans First. That group would never, ever taint itself by letting them be controlled and manipulated by some half-animal. That would make them pets to something they despise and they are too proud for that." She looks back to Nero then. "Aren't they, Mister Scarcella? You do have a past history with that fine organization, don't you?"

The waitress shows up to Forest and Zack's table and his attention is taken from the conversation for a short time while he orders, "Umm… I'll take the German waffles with blueberries and cream, also four eggs sunny side up, bacon, sausage, ham, hashbrowns…. Hrm… coffee and orange juice as well." He then looks over to Zack to see what he's going to order.

Zack looks up at the waitress, "Um.. The waffles and blueberries sound good. I'll have that and a large Dr. Pepper." He can't help but turn and stare at the trio across the room. He chews on his lower lip and nods, "Yeah, that'll be it." He looks at Forest, trying to distract himself and possibly the other man, "What do you think about maybe going to see a movie after we eat?"

Nero exhales as the pictures are flipped, his eyes moving to watch her hand until they are all hidden from view. When Eleanor mentions Human First, the young man's eyes snap back to her quickly. "I… don't know. I don't know the hot one." He shakes his head lightly. "Maybe they don't know? Or maybe they believe him?" Nero shrugs his shoulders briefly. "They… they aren't wrong you know… they are dangerous. Can't be controlled. I don't agree with how they do it… but you wouldn't let a stray tiger walk through the city would you?"

"A stray tiger has never been anything but a tiger, Mr. Scarcella," Eleanor says bluntly. "A shifter is a human first, and they don't stop being human just because an infection makes them something more as well." Ah, there's the Eleanor most people know. "By your logic, and that of Humans First, we should just execute all criminals, no matter their crime, because once they are a criminal, they are nothing but, ever again. Mind you, that would probably deter a lot more shoplifting, but the paperwork would be awful." Her words might be light, but the look in her eyes is not. "What relationship do you have with Miss Bruja?" The question is tacked on, out of place, as if hoping its sudden incongruence with the conversation might prompt an unthinking response.
Having fallen into that quiet sort of stillness he's getting better at, Hadley snorts abruptly. The vampire smiles at Nero, fangs visible for a moment. He looks like he might say something but after a glance at Eleanor he refrains and settles back into a slightly more amused sort of neutral.

His attention is definitely caught now, the talk of shifters draws Forest's attention and he looks like he might rise to his feet and move over there to have some words with Nero, only Zack's presence keeps him from doing so and he talks to the blonde, though he doesn't seem to let his attention sway from the others, "Yes, a movie would be good. Do you know what's playing?

Nero opens his mouth a few times during Eleanor’s comments, as if trying to get the words out to refute what she's saying. They never quite make it out though before he closes his lips tightly for a second. He is about to answer when Hadley snorts, eyes moving to the other just in time to see the fangs. Brown eyes go wide, and the young man goes white, almost instantly, and starts to shake as he scrambles to free himself from the booth. One hand claws at his chest, reaching for the crucifix beneath his shirt. "Get away… go away… the fangs… he's… cold… leave me alone… "

Zack's attention is somewhat fixed on the two, but what teenager is drawn to a cop in action? He shrugs as he looks over at Forest, "I don't know… something funny.. there has to be something funny playing.. Or maybe some senseless superhero movie." About that time the waitress brings the pair their food. She piles the near obscene amount of food in front of Forest.

"Calm down, Mr. Scarcella. This is an officer of the law, regardless of the fact that he is no longer among the living, and pulling out that cross, if that's what you're reaching for, is a violation of several laws. Assaulting a police officer is not something you want tacked onto your record, is it?" Eleanor states in the calmest voice she can manage. She gives Hadley a jerk of her head to indicate it's time to leave. "Thank you for your cooperation in confirming the report from the crime scene. We'll leave you to your evening." She rises, and gathers her things, her coffee untouched. "Please don't leave town, however," she states, with the tone of voice that indicates that would not have good results.

Forest looks at the pile of food that's set before him and lets out a sigh, muttering to himself, "Did I really order all of this?" He looks over to Zack and chuckles, though still his attention is partly on the others. "A comedy would be good, we'll have to see what's playing when we get to the theatre."

Careful to move at human-like speeds, Hadley gets to his feet and he's looking away from Nero. He turns to head for the door, letting Eleanor take care of the young man while he puts some distance between himself and Nero. He doesn't actually go anywhere yet, though. Not until his partner and Nero part ways.

Zack chuckles, "Yes, you did. I think it was your subconscious stomach talking, but considering you didn't really eat earlier, even though you made me eat." He nods slightly, "Yeah, I bet we'll find something good."

Nero doesn't appear to hear Eleanor's words, his eyes focused in terror on the vampire before him. His head is shaking forcibly and tight words escape his throat. "The fangs… I've watched them… " Lips are thin as his back is hard against the wall. "You killed him… every night I see… the blood… the pain… You took him from me…" His words are rambling, and even as Hadley walks away he keeps his gaze fixed on him carefully.

Eleanor is careful not to touch Nero, because although she can sense he's a psychic, she can't tell what flavor and with a touch clairvoyant the situation would only escalate if they made contact. Her hands are carefully open at her sides moving slightly up and down in the universal symbol people use to calm others down. "Mr. Scarcella. Look at me. LOOK. AT. ME." She puts every ounce of police command into her voice as she steps between Hadley and Nero to break his line of sight.

The food is forgotten and Forest is once again alert on the trio nearby, his beast practically prickling to come out. He moves to stand up in front of the booth he's sitting at, a protective manner about him as he stands by Zack's side, not moving towards the possible conflict, but wanting to be ready just in case.

Zack reaches up and puts a hand on Forest. "It's okay, just relax." His silvery blue eyes watching Eleanor closely and the man she's talking to. He chews on his lower lip nervously not sure of what is exactly going on.

It would probably be best if Hadley stepped outside entirely and away from Nero's view but the vampire seems hesitant to leave his partner with the other man in the wake of such a reaction to himself. He doesn't seem to take any sort of offense to the reaction, though. He does his best to subdue that cold energy he's still trying to get a good grasp on.

Nero's wild eyes stare at, or perhaps better seen as through Eleanor as she moves between him and the vampire. Shaking fingers clutch tightly at the cross beneath his shirt, either unable or unwilling to pull it free with her words. "He… Can't trust him… so cold… so cold." His shaking gets worse, and the man's mouth keeps trying to fore words. "So much blood… always so much…" His knees seem to buckle, and Nero falls to the ground, both hands hitting the floor hard.

And in walks April and then suddenly stopping at the sight as well as the things she senses. Spence is right behind her and she reaches out for his hand as her eyes grow wide as she moves to one side and she seems to be about to leave when she latches on to the knowledge that Forest is there. This keeps her in place and with another look at the group of three, she quickly makes her way to her brother with Spence in tow behind her.

"NERO. Look at my aura, not his. Look at it. Read it. It's like yours. Just like yours. Focus on it. Pick out the heat and the colors and figure them out. Focus. Calm yourself. Rein it in." The detective's words are a soothing mantra, careful to use the man's first name. It's how Eleanor's mother used to bring her out of her own psychic overloads when she was younger. Her eyes never leave the half-crazed man, though her head is partly turned to keep an ear out for where Hadley is, and where Zack and the other man are. In her head she visualizes the diner, where the known factors are located, and where the door is. She hangs onto the image so she can act if she's forced to. She doesn't move to help Nero up, or touch him in any way, not until she can get his crazed state under control.

Spence swaggers in casually along with April, sniffing at the waffley aroma in the air enthusiastically. When he's mostly through the threshold his nostrils behold something else present: other preternaturals, and high anxieties. It catches him so off guard that he stops and closes his eyes abruptly (they're turning sunflower yellow and back under his eyelids), holding up his hands a little in defense of the atmosphere, it seems. "Caw, that was a blow." he says as he opens his eyes slowly. He looks to April then "Your brother's in 'ere? Whe—" and he is suddenly pulled, or rather guided away by her as his feet autonomously take him in her direction anyhow. As he draws closer to the nexus of the supernatural field he notices a few familiar faces present, pointedly Eleanor’s intense expression among them.

Forest reaches his hand out to April when she approaches, pulling her to stand just a little behind and to the side of him, his attention completely on Nero and Eleanor. He seems to stand at the ready in case there is a problem, but he also seems to be a bit undecided on if he should do anything or not.

Zack looks up from his seat behind Forest, smiling just slightly at April and Spence. The small blond looks rather tired and his eyes still show some of the red tell-tale signs that he was crying not all that long ago. He also seems to be very worried about Forest.

Hadley is standing near the door still and he glances at the shifter and his companion when they come inside. His own agitation is held carefully, though not perfectly, in check. If he thought he could say something without drawing too much attention from Nero, he probably would. But at the moment he's really trying to be nondescript and un-vampirey.

Nero kneels on the floor, shaking as he stares at it, his breathing hard. Those that are sensitive in the room feel a wave of energy surge from the young man, and as it does his fingers tighten, nails dragging across the cheap tile. "Hot… hot… hot… cold… bright… all around… too many…" His words are mumbled, his head pulls up with an almost animalistic look, and he takes in all of those around him as he shakes his head again. "Safe… not safe… not safe…"

Noting Forest’s location amidst the group, Spence hangs back at once and makes sure April is able to make it to her brother safely. He himself parks a slight distance away, making sure that he has an ample view and that he is not crowding Eleanor during her handling of the situation, or the prone individual raving on the floor. Okay, at first he does try to keep from laughing at Nero’s fit, but only until he realizes that the man really is being serious. He takes inventory of all the people present, and when timing allows, gives familiar individuals a curt and sympathetic nod.

"I'm going to need for everyone in here to step outside for a few moments, if you could be so kind," Eleanor announces, holding her badge up behind her to show it to the patrons and staff. "Hads, radio for an ambulance and tell them they will need to prep for someone in possible psychic shock." She steps closer to Nero but still out of touch range, simply putting herself between him and the others so they can depart and reduce the level of preternatural energy in the room.

April goes where Forest guides her too, letting go of Spence’s hand in case she might hinder him if trouble starts. Then she peers between the two men while she slides an arm around Zack's shoulder, a bit of comfort for him as much as for herself.

The staff doesn’t need to be told twice. They bolt out the door and into the cold without hesitation, more than happy to get the hell out of dodge.

Forest watches the young man on the floor, concern glinting his eyes for a brief moment but he seems more concerned with the safety of those about him. He nods to Eleanor's words and steps forward just a little as he tries to usher Zack and April and Spence towards the door, trying to keep himself between the danger and those with him.

Hadley hesitates for a moment then turns for the door, already pulling out his phone to make the requested call and probably let people know what's up.

Zack slides out of the booth, putting his arm around April's waist. He is willing to leave, more than happy to, actually. He does, however, wait to actually step out the door until Forest is willing and able to leave himself.

A vision splits Nero's skull in his state, and his head turns sharply to Forest, focusing on his head for a moment. His vision seems almost clear, but his face is split between amazement and fear as his mouth opens. "The cat hurts…" With that, Nero's hands give out beneath him, and he collapses to the floor, eyes losing their focus but remaining open.

Spence hardly needs much encouragement himself, and begins his quiet trek to the door along with the rest of the crew. Out of concern and genuine sympathy, Spence leans in a bit to just within Eleanor’s earshot, offering "Take care, officer Elly." quickly and quietly before clearing the general area. He does look back once before he reaches the exit, taking note of Hadley and quickly theorizing from his quick use and banter on the cellphone must be the dude Eleanor was addressing. After him, he steps out into the winter night, making sure that April, Zack and Forest aren't far behind.

Her ears perked to the departures of the patrons, Eleanor maintains her stance between the door and Nero like her feet are rooted to the floor. "Everyone out! NOW!" she bellows, now that he's down and can't hurt them before they can get through the door. She moves to pull her Glock and points it at the floor as she finally risks contact to crouch beside the man and press her fingers to the side of his neck, in search of his carotid artery and pulse. "How long have you been tweaked, Nero?" she mutters under her breath, abandoning her earlier formality with the man. She's not sure they call it that here, but it’s what her mother always called a psychic who wasn't fully in control of their power, like Eleanor herself hadn't been at first.

April moves as Forest moves, keeping a hold on Zack and a hand out toward Spence while they move along as a group to the door as the police officer had requested.

His attention is caught when Nero seems to stare at him, the words the man speaks striking to Forest's heart a bit and once the man is out he turns to usher everyone out the door as quickly as he can.

Eleanor shrugs out of both her wool coat and her suit jacket. "Hadley!" she calls. "He's in shock." She catches herself and reiterates "acute stress response," since it's been updated since everything used to be 'shock'. "Throw me your coat." It's not like he needs one anyway. She lays her peacoat on the floor and rolls Nero onto it carefully, then balls up her suit jacket and puts it under his feet to raise them slightly. If Hadley complies, she lays the vampire's coat over the man, to keep him warm until paramedics can arrive. Then she sits her ass down on the end of the nearest booth seat, with her gun pointed loosely at the floor, and waits in a half slump.

Laying on the floor there is little movement from Nero, his skin pale, diaphoretic and clammy as the officer touches him for his pulse. What she finds is weak and thready, but still present as his heart races. He doesn't respond as Eleanor repositions him, his breath shallow and uneven, his eyes open, but with REM-sleep like jerkiness.

Since he's just outside, Hadley can hear her just fine and he comes back in to offer the coat that is more to conceal his weapon rig and blend in than anything else. He doesn't leave again just now, eyeing the man with a frown and likely a little fascinated by the way his heart and pulse work against each other. "Don't know if brass will like this," he murmurs more to himself than to Eleanor.

Scene Change

Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore

Located on Lake Michigan, just East of Chicago's Downtown, Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916. Originally designed as both a shipping and recreational facility, the Pier also served as a military training site during two world wars, a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the temporary home for a once-fledgling University of Illinois Chicago campus.

As the Pier fell into disuse during much of the 1970s and 1980s, the State of Illinois and Chicago embarked on a joint plan whereby, in 1989, ownership of the Pier was transferred to the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the same body which oversees Chicago's McCormick Place. The Authority moved swiftly to redesign Navy Pier into one of the countries most unique recreation and exposition facilities.

Navy Pier now showcases a unique collection of restaurants and shops in addition to unequaled recreational and exhibition facilities — in a setting like no other.

The sky is cloudless and brilliant blue. The southeast wind is icy, blowing snow across the landscape in swirling white gusts. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about forty-five and one half inches of snow on the ground.

Eleanor eventually emerges after EMTs come in with a gurney and come out with Nero strapped to it. They load him into an ambulance and the weary detective and her partner stay behind to answer questions from the black and white patrol car that comes for the call.

April has waved to Spence then puts her free arm around Forest, as she tries to give him comfort the way he had given to her so many times. She watches the man getting loaded into the EMT truck as Eleanor approaches them.

Zack, Forest, and April are standing together outside the restaurant. The young blond puts his hand on Forest's chest, trying to calm him down. He lets his beast out just enough to brush against Forest and April. "So much for a nice, quiet dinner, huh?" He assumes that April intentionally ignored his question.

Forest wraps his arm around April's waist and leans his head down on hers, letting out a soft sigh, seeming to take comfort in the presence of his sister and Zack. He moves one hand up to rest on top Zack's hand where it rests on his chest. "You still feel up to seeing a movie Zack? I don't think I'm very hungry anymore." He looks to April and adds, "You could come with us Sis." He watches as the young man is put in the ambulance, eyeing the limp form.

April hugs them both, one of those an arm around each guy then rubs her cheek to Zacks then a cheek to Forests. "no, I' don't think I want to do a movie. It's really tempting, but I should get a few things done."

Eleanor approaches the small group of shifters and gives a small nod of greeting to them. "Zack, good to see you. Wish it was under better circumstances. Sorry about the disturbance to everyone's evening." She looks from one to the next to the next. "If the three of you could be good enough to answer the uniformed officer's questions honestly about what you saw in there, I'd appreciate it." She gives a glance over her shoulder to where the diner’s staff is currently talking to them, ensuring they're out of earshot, before lowering her voice. "I need for all of you to do something for me though. There's a group in town, possible locals but we aren't sure yet. At least a dozen. They're responsible for the death of a woman in Hyde Park. It was bad. Really, really bad. She was a shifter, she was drugged, she was tortured, she was raped repeatedly, and she was murdered with silver. We have evidence from two sources that a rogue shifter was part of this group, as well as possibly a psychic or magic user. We're doing everything we can here, but our leads are weak. So please spread the word to the shifter community. Tell them not to go out at night anywhere secluded. Tell them to keep their noses alert for any unfamiliar shifters in the city, especially of the lupine strain. Can you do this for me?" She looks sincerely worried, either about the safety of the shifter citizens or about what trouble she could get in for breaking investigative silence to warn them.

As he listens to the words the officer speaks, Forest's beast seems to grow agitated again and he has to work hard to control himself and keep his temper in check. Normally a calm and collected man, this is unusual for him. Even though his words are heated, he keeps his voice low, "That woman was one of ours! I want to know who killed her and why…. Whoever did it will stand trial for what they did to Jandra."

April blinks and dropping her hands she pulls back from Forest and Zack. "Wah… what!" she shakes her head. "no… no no no." her hand goes to her mouth and she looks at Eleanor then at Forest and Zack as her anger builds. "why didn't someone tell me. Why didn't you call when she was missing." tears fill her eyes and she lowers her head and begins to sob.

Zack smiles softly at Forest, "Only if you still want to.. I'm good with whatever." As Eleanor walks up to the trio, he smiles, "Hey, it's been a long time." The young man does not look like the hollow husk of a boy any longer, but despite his mildly depressed mood, there is a lot more life pouring from him. As Forest starts to lose it, Zack pushes his beast out again, "Eleanor will do everything she can. I'm sure she won't stop until whoever did this is caught." As April starts to lose it, he looks up to Forest to try to console his sister.

"I understand your anger, but taking matters into your own hands will only serve to reinforce the beliefs of the perpetrators that you are dangerous and not abiding by the law," Eleanor says in quiet, but sincere tones to Forest. She glances at the sobbing girl but this isn't her place to bestow comfort. "Don't give them any more victories." She lets out a long breath, as if she'd been holding it since sometime way back in that diner when Nero flipped out. "I'm sorry for your loss, and I promise I will do whatever it takes to see justice done."

Forest turns to April when she starts to freak out and tries to pull her into his arms, saying, "I didn't know it was her until just now when I heard her name. Jandra had gone back to Mexico and I didn't even know she was back in town."

April can't seem to get the air to talk, it all goes to the sobs that's wracking her body. Not since she lost her mother had she cried this way and at some point she moves closer to Forest and Zack, leaning on her brother and reaching for Zack’s hand.

Zack hates seeing those that he loves so upset and takes her hand. He looks at Eleanor, "Thank you for the warning… and maybe we can get together and talk and catch up on things, Eleanor. I'll talk to the officer." He moves to April's side, putting his head on her shoulder.

"Sure thing Zack. I'll leave you to your grief. And thank you for talking to the officers; it'll go a long way to making sure I'm not put on desk duty for an investigation into why Mr. Scarcella went into psychic shock." Eleanor leaves it at that, and the exhausted detective trudges through the snow to her hybrid SUV and climbs into the driver's seat. Hadley's already in there filling out paperwork.

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