Log:20110703 - The Boar Hunt

The Boar Hunt


Fox Lake, Illinois

The Village of Fox Lake is located about 46 miles northwest of Chicago. It is centrally located in the "Heart of the Chain O' Lakes". Incorporated in 1907, the Village has a long history as a resort and recreation community, nestled in the middle of one of the most popular waterways in the Midwest. Through the years, it has been one of the Chicago area's favorite destinations for fishing, hunting, boating and vacationing. In recent years, the summer cottages and small resorts have been replaced by year-round residences, with people taking advantage of the miles of shoreline and recognizing that it is a good place to live and raise a family.
Fair weather clouds drift through the blue sky from the northeast, along with the wind. The sunlight on the snow is dazzling, and it gleams on the ice. The winter Hawk wind is concentrated in the Loop. There is about 40.25" of snow on the ground.

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ST and Errant Summoner



It's a lovely, brisk March night. The bats are squeaking, the trees are fluttering in the cold wind. The bright moon reflects off the trees.

The location of the ritual was out across the lake itself - on an island in the middle of the lake - longer north to south. Wes had ferried anyone who couldn't fly on over on two rubber boats now pulled up onto the shore. The island itself is small, perhaps half a mile across, and a mile long. The north, and south end of the island has dense clumps of thick vegetation - evergreen trees and smaller brush. The rest of the island is hard rock, and thinner greenery. It looks flat, for the most part, with a bit of an elevation at the north end, and a slight concavity in the south. Rather than taper off gently into the lake, it looks like the majority of the island, excepting the initial landing beach, drops off into deeper waters fairly quickly.

Eden will hold a light air of bemusement for the ferrying and the time after. The mix of people he knows and those he does not only adding to matters. Once arrived, he finds a place to hunker down nearby, with a plump green bag added beside his normal bag. Lacking a deep understanding of just what's happening, an obvious thing by his expression, he observes the doings intently.

Temina rises up and walks onto the lake sure. She seems to be comfortable here, and looks around, seemingly searching for something she can use as a club or bat. Nothing extensive, but servicable. An oar would be perfect.

Rachel exits her boat just after Eden and finds a place not far from him to stand and watch the others. She brushes her hair back then looks down at Eden. "you doing ok?"

Etana steps off as she arrives. Looking around. This is a hunt, and so the hyena prepares for it. The powerful alpha taking her time as she concentrates. Shifting arms and her head. Arms halfway between human and hyena, clawed. Head shifted to give her the powerful bite of her species. The shift taking place slowly as she grunts in pain as bones crack and shift. Muscles groan and tendons stretch. Just enough to let her properly hunt without risking a full change. Or shredding her clothing, thank goodness for sleeveless tops.

Magical energy flows abot Ibn and Stormy, as quite literally the wnd seems to blow at thir backs casing them both to move with an etheral grace.. Both also holding a earth smell to their clothing as they move together in unison. The egyptian man dressed in hisunfirom-style appareal , lightly having one hand wrapped about the Vampiress' waist as he waits for the ritual hunt to begin. Bow and quiver upon his back.

The rubber boats have large, rubber oars in case one should run out of diesel - they're the motorized sort of rubber boat. Alternately, there are a few, hardened drift wood pieces that can serve as good, solid clubs. "All right, everyone, so we'll start at the north end of the island. Lay lines gathered better there," Wes says as he walks in the direction. The walk to the point Wes is talking about is short, less than five minutes. Wes finds a pinnacle of rock there, and removes items from the inside of his coat - an arrow, a bottle of wine, an apple, some yellowed chalk. He starts to draw on the rock, esoteric symbols that he writes without any reverence. "Only'll take a moment."

Stormy arrives with Ibn, encased in his magic, and at ease. There's a hint of excitement for the hunt ahead, the petite vampire to have a hunting rifle slung over her back by a strap for the moment. Once they arrive, she listens to Wes as he prepares things, leaning against Ibn as she looks to the others that have joined the hunt.

Temina chuckles, and picks up one of the appropriate pieces of natural drift and debris. She smacks it several times, tesitng it's heft and sturdiness, and seems content with it when she strikes several times hard against the compacted shingle. She looks around, knowing most of the group here. "Hello. I am Temina, it's nice to meet those who I've not met before. If necessary, I can handle small magics and healing. Mostly I'm here for support.

Rachel is carrying her small back pack and while Wes is doing his thing, she's on one knee, digging into the pack and when she stands she is holding a hunting slingshot in her left hand and a pouch hanging from her right hip. The pack is worn, haning as it should between her shoulder blades and the slingshot is worn. After that she dips fingers into the pouch and pulls out three dull looking metal balls.

Eden looks up a bit at Rachel as she asks after him. A light, warm smile offered. "Oh, I'm ok. Just a little anxious. He glances towards the others as they prepare and his concern grows. "Though I suppose I shouldn't be. All I'm here to do is help who might get hurt." The magic he observes with a mix of the curious and the cautious.

Etana follows after. The partial-beast woman turning her head. Those bestial eyes looking at the others as she stalks along after Wes. Nose twitching as she sniffs at the air. As Temina introduces herself she nods her head. Shes kept human vocal chords, even if her voice is a little growly. "I am Etana Obayomi." She offers as a introduction.

With one hand lazily wrapped about Stormy's form, Ibn looks towards those present, and then turns towards the sea. His hand casting outward to send a wave of flamecrashing into the biting cold water and becoming stam.. Turning about with Stormy in toe he and his paramour make their way to follow behind Wes, "I am Ibn al-Aakav, Represensative of Per Ankh, the House of Life." Someone who pays attention would notice his fingers and lips are almost constantly moving as he walks with Stormy. Either drawing arcane symboles upon her arm, or making them with his free hand while they walk.

Up on the slight elevation of the north end of the island, it's possible to see an abandoned fishing boat moored to a broken dock about a hundred feet away,with a large hole in the hull, nets cast over the side. Wes continues to draw on the pinnacle of rock, and the symbols start to have a power to it, as he draws. It doesn't seem to come from Wes, but from the markings he makes on the stone. "There aren't any sort of rules as to how it has to die, but it does have to go down," he says, looking at the nearly completed symbols. "Is everyone ready?" he asks, with a cigarette now between his lips.

Stormy moves just a step to the side from Ibn, allowing him to continue his murmurings. As Wes looks around, she unslings the rifle, taking a moment to load it quick enough, "Ready." She's careful with the weapon, glanceing to the others as she nods to Eden at his words about helping those who get hurt.

Temina keeps an eye on the casting, and heads over to the fishing vessel, if she has a chance, to try and gather some of the nets. Nets would be useful here. If she can, she then returns, and shoulders her club. "I'm feeling good. I'm pretty sure. If each person describes what they are good with. I am mostly good at weapon combat. Guns are rather..messy. Bad Memories. I see Egyptman over there has a bow. Any other ideas, so we don't get in each other's way?"

Rachel smiles at Eden's response then waves at Temian when she intros herself earler then after she edges closer to Eden, sensing that he might be a healer but he also might need protecting. She shrugs at Temian's question, "I just do what's needed with it's time."

"I'm Eden," the young man offers lightly. His position is a place back a bit from the action. Even so, the fire tossed out over the water startles him just slightly, his eyes flitting out to watch it for a moment before he looks down, checking his first aid package. When Wes asks of he's ready, he looks up and nods his head slightly. "Uhh.. yes, ready," he murmurs.

Etana looks between all the others. Given her change she thinks that what she will do is obvious enough. "Yes, I am ready for the hunt." She tells Wes.

Speaking in a calm tone as he continues to make the odd symbols and channel his energies he says to those present, "Take up ranks and harry te beast to the water if it cannot be brought down ebfore it reaches the water's edge… If you can't abide fire it's best to be on the other side of m.." Nodding towards the dock, "We have a person who doesn't need to breath and a living creature.. Even if its magical in orgin its still living, still needs air.."

There is enough time to go and gather the nets, as Wes completes the symbols. There's a lot of net there - long feet of it, and a shorter one for fishing out specific species from the larger nets. In an adroit step, Wes climbs on top of the pinnacle, and takes a seat, sitting on it like a particularly scruffy, meditating monk. "Aye, any plan's a good one, innit." He lights the cigarette with a match. Arrayed around the elevated stone are the items. The apple, the arrow, the bottle of wine. He starts to chant - the words are English. They've been translated from the original language, but the ritual remains the same. "We have here those that have come - for gold and for the good of others, for a favour, for the company, for the joy of the hunt, for reasons unsaid." He says it without the sort of intonation that it ought to have, no sort of grandeur. "I've brought the symbols of the hunt, an arrow, and wine to celebrate. Send us your boar, the sort from Calydonia."

Wes continues to chant, leaving a little bit more time to plan.

"It would work, yes." Stormy offers to Ibn's plan before helping any others who might wish to go for the nets. If nothing else, the things will keep the creature busy and allow them to handle it… if they can get it netted.

Temina returns, with the large capture net and the smaller fish net. She smiles at the others, and nods, listning to Wes and watching. "I feel those of us who feel comfortable in front stay there. I have some skill at hand fighting, who will join me to protect my flank?" She seems to have accepted Ibn/s ideas, and is forming the front rank, it appears.

Rachel seems to have second thoughts on the weapon she is using and is again on one knee digging into her black bag, She looks up at the others who are talking stradigy. "I'm keeping close to Eden, here, he's the medic and I feel he needs someone to protect him." after she shifts things out and has her pack at her back, there is a gun at her belt in the front and tilted for an easy draw and in her left hand is a long knife that gliters to reflect back the light from the flames.

Eden furrows his brow slightly as the ritual is cast, the words themselves concerning him softly. With the talk of planning, he offers, "I'll just drag back anyone that gets to o hurt. But hopefully no one will. It's not good when people get hurt," he says softly. With his bag prepared, initial needs close to hand, he remains hunkered down a bit with some distance between him and the action. He looks over to Rachel and smiles a little. "Don't worry about me, I won't make much noise. And with everyone.. doing things, it won't notice me."

Etana looks between them still. "I will tear the life from its hide. This is where I will be." the partially shifted woman says. "Lure it as you might. It will fall where it will. A beast like this may not be coralled easily."

Stormy moves to the side, out of Ibn's way, the petite vampire readied and quiet. To Ibn, she winks briefly before turning to wait for the creature's appearance. The position of the others is noted, their means of combat taken in by her.

There's a cracking sound, like a bone breaking, but many hundred times louder. On the south side of the island, opposite the hunters, about a mile away, the earth splits down the center of vegetation. There's the sound of water, rushing in from the broken shores, down the rent in the island. And then, a mile away, the boar is visible, climbing out easily of the tear in the island. Shaggy brown fur covers its body, the small, black eyes peering out over a snout and its yellowed, deceptively sharp tusks. It's visible, and clear, in the sort of way an animal shouldn't be at nearly a mile's distance. Massively muscular, with a crest of black hair that runs along its back, it's a boar the size of a building. At thirty feet tall, weighing well over two elephants, it's the Calydonian Boar. Fortunately, it's not looking at them.

Temina readies her club to take the boar's charge when it occurs. She knows of these beasts, it will go for the gore if it possibly can. She glance saround, hoping the others respect the powers of such a beast.

Continuing his gestures with his hands as Stormy slips away, he offers her a smile as he moves almost like in a dance-like state.. chaneelingand focusing himself and his abilities , prepring to rlease something truely unique. Laughing softly at wha he sees, "Uhm, ya.. this isn't going to be a matter of dragging it into the ocean.. aim for weak spots, target the same areas. Take out the tendons, take out the eyes.. Don't get hit.."

Rachel sucks in a quick breath, sheaths her knife and pulls out her gun. "Temina, I don't think the nets will help, it'll just make the boar laugh itself to death."

Eden twists his head around when the cracking starts. The emergence of the boar has him wide eyed and a bit stunned for a few moments before he comes to his senses. Obviously having not expected it to appear far away, he rises up slowly with his bag, looking towards the others briefly with the uncertain air of one not sure of the next step.

Body contort, twists, and reforms with painful sounds and grunts from its owner. As it reforms itself in a puddle of good the shape of a hyena humanoid remains..

Stormy stares at the creature when it is spit from the earth, a brow lifted upwards by the sheer size of it. Shaking her head, she glances to Wes, "I wondered why you brought so many for the hunt, but now I understand." That said, she turns back to the boar on the other end of the island, and grins a little more. "This will be fun."

Etana stands amidst the shredded clothes. The beast is much larger then she expected and she lets the shift overtake her, stopping at the half-form. Something better to deal with the massive boar.

The Calydonian boar scents the air - the sound of its breath is audible even from the distance, like a great bellows. Wes returns Stormy's grin with one of his own, continuing to chant, his fingers making intricate symbols in the air. His cigarette glows in the dark, tracing the outline of his moments. The boar looks in the direction of the summoner, and starts to pace down the length of the island, head lowered. Each footstep causes a faint thrill of vibration all the way down the rock to the hunters.

Temina looks at Rachel, with a devil-may-care grin. "Oh, Laughing itself to death is…a good thing to achieve" she says, gripping the club with both her hands, waving it in a small circle. "Batter up!" she says, not moving from the momentum of the charge.

Rachel checks the load in her gun then grins at Temina. "Yea, that would be good, the only thing we'd have to worry about would be it's landing on us when it fell over." she looks at Eden again, checking on him to make sure he's ok then she looks at the aproaching Boar. "right now, it's a matter of us stopping it, don't think the Mayor would like it roaming the streets of Chicago."

Fully charging his abilities he says towards Wes, "This will require renegotiation.. Four pounds is not going to be enough.." Thus said and in complete unabashed fashion, Ibn lets the fire fly from his hands, hooting outward toward his opponent as he glowers at the beast… Summoning every serpent in the forest to heed his call and strike at the massive monster..

Eden fades back as the thing starts to make towards them. He's not stealth trained, but he tries to be careful in slipping himself back and away from the potential nexus of conflict. But not too far, for he must be near enough to watch after everyone who has gathered here. Even if uncertainty lingers for him.

Etana snarls and the hyena-beast lopes in a slow circle so that she can approach from the side of the massive boar as it starts to approach. Teeth bared as the mane on her soulders and upper back bristles up. Watching as fire shoots forth at the massive boar.

Stormy bids her time until the boar is within range of her rifle, staying back as fire is flung, and others begin forwads. AT least she won't have to worry about accidentally shooting another as might be the problem with a normal sized boar.

Temina prepares to strike as the boar closes. She is planning on sweeping it's legs with the club, that's her plan. She lets the ranged fellows make their efforts.

The fire explodes across the face of the boar, and sets its shaggy fur on fire. It squeals - a painfully loud sound, lowers its tusked head, and then charges. Its toes cut into the rock as it picks up speed. It has the momentum, and nigh strenght, of a locomotive. It tries to plow through Temina, on its way to the person that set it on fire. It's now well within range of of guns and rifles.

Rachel backs quckly grabs for Eden's arm and will try to get him to the side and out of the path of the charging Boar. She screams at him "THIS WAY THIS WAY!" her gaze quickly returns to the oncomng several ton' sausage on galoping towared the group and Temina in patcular.

Temina sweeps at the boar, but it's agility defeats her, and the boar sweeps by. "WARE the REAR!"

Eden blinks at Rachel's jerking of him, moving with enhanced grace to match her choice in direction easuly. "Shh.. don't yell," he hisses at the woman, though he himself is still quite wide eyed. Once he's clear of the trouble, Eden pauses and dips down in a low crouch, though not a solid one. His posture is responsive and light, ready to spring at a moment's notice, should the creature turn his way. And he certainly seems to hope not, his brows furrowed softly as he watches the fracas.

Etana launches forward and lopes at the charging beast. She is tryign to launch at its front shoulder. To claw and bite at its shoulder and neck if the hyena-beast can get ahold of that massive boar and get in a good blow. Snarling as the hyena launches forward.

As the boar barrels towards him, relying upon the flows of power he has channeled into the groun nd his very being, Aakaav brings both hands up then together before hoving his palms outward, open handedly towards the earth. A jagged spike of earth riseing up in a massive barrie before the beast akin to a shield wall as Ibn speaks in Coptic. Giving the barreling charger a choice. Impale itself or retreat.

As the boar is charging towards Aakav, Stormy manages to jump on top of it and bite into the beast's neck. It tosses its head, tusks thrashing wildly as it reaches the spike of earth, but can't quite reach Stormy at the nape of its neck. It stops charging, with intelligence a little bit greater than the average boar, and side steps around it, daintily. Like a giant, house sized dancer.

Temina moves towards the boar, swinging the bat again to try to kneecap the boar. Now that ti's not chargin, she has the advantage of momentum, and uses it viciously!

Stormy clings to the boar's back, mouth and fangs used to tear into the creature's back. Letting go of one hand, she will do her best to dig into the muscle, seeking the spine to try and rip it out or break it. She isn't able to keep an eye on everyone, doing her best to hinder the boar's attacks as best she can.

Rachel quickly shifts her position after Eden is crouching again to keep herself between him and the boar and now she has her gun up, holding it with both hands, not firing yet. Just keeping an aim on it incase it moves toward her and Eden again.

Slinging bow from his shouldr and knocking an arrow, Ibn lines p his shot,aiming for the eyes of the beast as he infuses his arrow with his fire. Letting his energy burn brightly as he continues to channel and funnel his magicks. Speaking in Coptic the entire time.

"You should watch yourself," Eden offers Rachel quietly. "I'm faster than you.. tougher. I'll be ok." He smiles at her and eases a bit to the side, giving some room between him and her to keep from having both be a target for the thing. Just in case, cause you never really know.

Etana stays near the beast. Snapping and clawing at it. Trying to get ahold to cause some damage s the hyena snarls. Hackles raised up as the things hide has just proved a bit much up till, hopefully, now. Of course as the boar starts to side step this leaves the hyena-beast trying to herd it to keep it from getting around the stonewall as she snaps at its giant throat.

The boar sidesteps Temina's bat. The action makes it difficult for Stormy to get a purchase on it. The arrow gets the boar in the eye. It screams. Having stepped around the spear of earth earlier, however, puts the boar pretty much right beside Aakav. It ducks its head, and tries to gore the man.

Stormy is set to rocking up on the boar's back, missing her chance to bite it. So, she tries again once it lowers it's head, going to try again, given reason when she notices Aakav in the boar's path. Not happy is the vampire.

Temina moves to coordinate with Stormy, and aims at the other eye. A blinded boar is a less effective boar! She maneuvers so she's in front of Aakav, not wanting a second gouge to match the first.

Rachel nods at Eden without looking at him and with a "keep yourself safe." she darts to the tail end of the Boar. Racing around it while it's dealing with those at it's front. Skidding to a stop she lifts the gun and does a rapid fire into it's ass.

Eden sees Aakav in trouble and reacts immediately, starting to slink quickly around the combat. Angling to scoot his way discreetly around to the man's side. His lips pursed, ready to react to the results of the beast's aggressions as soon as he is able.

Etana goes for the boars throat as its head lowers down to try and goar Aakav. Snapping and clawing as the hyena creature snarls at the large beast. Trying to tear through that thick hide that, thus far, has thrwarted her.

Aakav is sent flying back as he is gored through the chest, panting heavily as his superhuman healing abilities begin to kick in he lays there.. bleeding out slightly from his chest as his hands move to cover the entry wound..Spilling forthe fire in to hole he stares up at the sky.. unable to do much else than try to heal, "Everytime I wear this uniform something bad happens.."

The boar looks hurt, bleeding from its neck, where Stormy is tearing at the muscles of its neck, with a burnt and blistered face. It can only see out of one eye - the other eye has an arrow shaft out of it. Etana's claws tear through its flesh, and it squeals again. The boar is slowing down, the sound of its breath audible on the cold, march night, like a shuddering bellows. It's injured, its blinded, and someone is shooting it in the motherfucking ass. It looks around, through its one good eye, for one last charge…

Continuing to try and get to the boar's spine, Stormy bites and rips with a hand, using her strength to tear into the tough muscle. The thing is slowing, and this is a good thing.

Temina immediately dives straight at the boar, sliding around under it, and snapping her thick treelimb in between the legs of the charging boar! She may not be able to hit, but she can trip with the best of them! The boar goes tumbling, well, with the 7-foot woman, both rolling along the ground!

Ah ha!! The Boar is tripped, head down and it's ass up and this brings to light it's heavy hanging balls. A split second decision and Rache is shooting at the balls, going for a paralizing affect.

Eden notices Aakav tending himself and, as he gets close, he calls out, "Are you ok? Do you need anything?" The young man settling now, one eye on Aakav, one eye on the boar. Careful of it's mad dance with the others. Mad things are unpredictable and he's openly nervous and a bit twitchy over it.

Rising up as the gore wound heals shut, Aakav is once more back at it, this time furling fire in un abashed fashion, channeling his energies into a constant burning stream at the beast's underside, "This was my favorite shirt!" His hands becoming a flame thrower.

Etana snarls and keeps going at the boars throat. Tearing at its flesh as the beast-woman is going for the kill just like the others.

The boar had decided on Eden as the subject of its last and final stand. Its head lowering, it charges. The boar is skillfully tripped by Temina, its ass going up in the air, as Rachel shoots at its balls. Stormy tears through the beast's neck, baring the greyish bone. Etana and Temina end up in an awkward position, as two metric tonnes of pure muscle come crashing down. The fire, shot by Aakav, singes the beast. Unfortuntely, it also singes Etana - Temina being already partially under the creature's immense bulk.

Stormy will make one final try to break the thing's neck, though as it goes tumbling and the sound of a fireball is heard, she looks to jump off the thing and away from the current attack. Being on it's back now, might not be a good thing!

The beast slows to a halt, and dies, the light in its eyes going out as Stormy breaks the creature's neck. The sound of its breath leaves the island quiet.

Temina is tumbled along, her leg pinned painfully under the beast as it crashe sto the ground. A pocket of deep snow cushions the blow, though, and she actually only recieves a painful twist!

Releasing his power, as his boy hals the last remnants of the gored wound through his chst. Ibn draws the residual flames into himself as he slumps to his knees. Panting softly in an exhausted fashion he turns look around for Wes, "We need to renegotiate.. four pounds is not enough.."

Etana whirls around as that fire singes. Obviously the beast within wants to attack the one who shot it with fire. However she is strong, she has control. She turns back and starts tearing at the boars throat. Feasting on its flesh. Trying to seperate the head from its body. That is one hell of a trophy and the hyena is trying to claim it.

Jumping free of the boar's back, Stormy moves towards Ibn, her hand and face a little bloody. Wiping one hand across her chin, she reaches out for the mage, looking over him with some concern as he moves to his knees, panting. "You are well?" She questions, checking him over before glancing to others.

Eden starts as the thing turns his way, the young man moving with agility to skitter out of the way. Though unneeded as the boar is tripped. Even so, he's well out of the way before he turns around to check, his brows lifted, eyes wide. "That could have been bad," he breathes to himself. Though he's jogging forward once he sees the creature is down. Nothing half missing persons, he observes, "We need to move it off them." Obviously he's aiming to help.

Rachel lowers her gun and reloads, carfully putting the shells into her pocket after the Boar bits the dirt for the last time. As she slides the gun back into the holster she glances around to check on the others then trots around to the front of it where most of the people are.

Temina moves over and reaches out to the tusks of the boar. She seems to be trying to snap one off, from where she rests battered, but fairly intact next to it.

"Four pounds 's four pounds," Wes says, having finished up his ritual. The cigarette has been long extinguished into a pile of snow. "Can't renegociate after the fact," he says to Aakav. He walks over to the massively dead boar. "Looks like you did a number on it, innit," he says, as the head separates from the body. Wes goes over to it, and starts to draw on the massive hide. More symbols. He trims a bit of hide from it, smaller than a nickel.

Etana growls torwards Temina but .. then helps snap off a tusk. Only one. Gives it character. The beast-woman turning to Wes. "I wish the head as a trophy." she says in that growly, animal voice as the shifted therian looks to him and the others. Continuing to slowly heal from the burns from Aakav.

Shaking his head from side to side, Ibn looks between hiss hirt and Stormy, "I apologize Mistress,, I ruined another one of my shirts… I suppose I need to start wearing less when we go on these excursions.. I'm always being stabbed or shot.." Indeed he's perfectly fie save the blood smeared where the wound used to be.

Temina sighs, and takes the tusk she was given. She shakes her head at Etana's reactions. "I don't know if we've got the carrying capacity to get a half-tonne head out back into the city. Got a taxidermist all lined up, Etana?"

Stormy reaches down to touch Ibn's shoulder, a light caress before she murmurs, "It is fine. Shirts can be replaced, Ibn." She offers to him before she glances around quietly. Chuckling at Wes' reply, she watches him curiously now. No trophy is taken for herself, leaving the creature to the others.

"You're welcome to it, 's far as I'm concerned," Wes says, "Deserve it, I think. N' no one else called it." He wraps the bloody piece of flesh in a handkerchief. That's all Wes wanted, a small piece of skin. It's dissappearence is a bare pock mark in the surface of the beast. "We could have one hell o' a roast," he says, looking at it.

Eden pauses and eases back as everyone seems alright. Which does seem to relax him at least somewhat. Though a conflicted expression comes to him as he listens to the banter. He looks at the boar with a little hint of uncertain sadness lingering in his expression, then turns and moves off from the others a bit, finding a place where he can sit and wait for the trip back. Tolerating the snow if he must.

Etana is actually starting to eat some of the flesh from the boars head. Tearing at the bits that dangle from where it had connected to the neck. The hyena able to move the head once its removed. Afterall, damn shifters can throw small cars around.

Temina looks rather disgusted by the entire eating of boar's head, and uses her wooden staff as a crutch to move towards the boat. "I hope this is all we need do, here?" she asks, favoring that badly twisted ankle.

Rachel watches the other for a bit, then reaches down to pull a short dagger from her boot sheath. "well," and she steps up to the dead boar touches the side of it then begins to cut a large square of the hide, about 3' by 3'. Pulling it back she scraps what fat she can from it then rolls it up for easer carrying.

Looking towards Wes, Ibn relaxes against Stormy, putting much of his weight into her embrace as the drain of magick use takes its toll upon him. A light sigh escaping his throught, "My tithing please.."

"Aye, that's it," Wes says, not at all disturbed by eating a giant boar. Wes walks over to the set of things, though, picking up after himself. The symbols drawn on the rock are left there. He bends down, to pick up the apple, and takes a large bite out of it. "Celebratory hunt wine, anyone?" he says, and uncorks the bottle.

Wes adds to Ibn, "I don't have it with me, but I'll get it to you. Not carrying four bloody pounds around on a hunting trip."

Etana continues to eat, but notices some are preparing to leave. She doesn't want to miss her ride! Hopefully one of those rafts can take her. She starts hauling the head torwards them. Going to be interesting, her getting home in this form with a giant ass boars head on her back.

Eden tries not to look at the boar, but does note Temina heading for the boats. He gets up and heads that way himself. "I wanna go home," he murmurs as he gives the carcass a wide berth along his way.

Stormy is quiet, waiting and watching as those that might take things from the boar does so. With one arm wrapped around Ibn's waist, she easily keeps him up as his exhaustion shows. Murmuring quietly to the man, she notes, "He will pay, do not worry." She seems to trust Wes in that. "Shall we?" Though, as Etana comes with the boar's head, she blinks, then glances to the two boats that brought them over, likely trying to figure out how the rubber boats is going to manage this.

Temina continues to limp her way back to the boat, the boar's tusk tucked away in her bag. She looks to Eden. "Anything you can do with a sprained ankle? It's not bad enough for me to try my own skills on it"

Rachel tucks her roll of hide under her arm and approaches Wes. "I'll take a drink," she smiles at him. "Nice hunt you had there."

Ibn is just about to say something towards Wes in regards to it before pausing.. Turning to look toards Stormy he bow his head and nods. Gestureing back towards the docks, he lets her lead the way since he is mostly leanign uon her. Using her to support his weight.

"Only way I can see us actually making it back across is if we tie the rubber boats together, n' then sit on top of the head," Wes says to Etana, "Not that that wouldn't make a particularly interesting photograph," Wes says, and then goes towards the shore. At that time of night, there was no one else around the lake. He passes Rachel the bottle of wine. "It was pretty brilliant," Wes says to Rachel. "Though I had to wince when I saw the poor pig get his bollocks shot up."

Etana loosk to Wes and huffs. "This sounds reasonable." She tells him. Hauling it down to the shore as she huffs. Lapping blood from the fur of her muzzle.

Rachel turns to walk along with Wes, rasing the bottle to take a long swallow then lowering the bottle to grin at him. "A males weakest point, Wes. Shoot them in the ass,,, er, balls."

Eden turns his head towards Temina as she asks after his talents. He glances down at her ankle, then considers. "Well.. uhh, I think I can do something," he admits. "Though.. I've never tried it before. I only just learned I could do it. Sharing blood, its called. If you don't mind letting me try it on you. Though.." He considers her. "You feel human.. I'm not sure if it's dangerous or not. You know.. infection."

Temina chuckles. "If it's blood based, don't worry about it then. I can manage on it for now" She shakesher head. She's not sure how it would really work on her body, she's not eager to find out.

"I could make a splint for you, until you can get to a hospital. Stabilize it," Eden notes as he continues along towards the boats. "BUt we can do that on the boat, it shouldn't be so hard." He smiles softly. "I'm just glad no one was seriously hurt.. well, except for the boar." He frowns softly at that, his gaze dipping.

Temina says, "Well, Aakav seemed to be pretty badly hurt, but I don't think it's so bad any more. I can splint it myself, I think it'll go fine. Give an excuse for my girlfriend to fuss over me. Not something to be taken lightly."

Wes winces in response to Rachel. "I think mine are hiding about now," He says, and then nods to Etana. "All right, lend me a claw, n' we'll ride the gory glory back to Fox Lake," he says, likely intending to actually try tying the boats together. Wes' idea of a good idea.

Rachel adjusts the roll of hide under her arm and takes another swallow from the bottle then she lifts it up. "anyone else want a drink?"

Eden nods to Temina. "He could heal himself. Which is good," he murmurs. "I wouldn't want to have to deal with anything too horrible. At least, not until I've gotten another year or two in medical courses done. At best I'm a decent paramedic." He grins a little, though his warmth is a bit subdued.

Looking towards Wes and the others he says, "Just make a sail.. I can make a hot air current.." Slipping into one of the little dingies along with Stormy, he curls up in her embrace, resting his head upon her shoulder.

Temina says, "That's about where I am too. Paramedic on the replacemnt and wekend shifts."

Etana nods as she moves to help. Not shifting back since, well, she would rather not go comatose just yet. The beast-woman assisting in maneuvering the boats and head into position together. Letting wes tie the knots.

Stormy relaxes in the boat, arms curled around Ibn. She nuzzles her cheek to the top of his head, murmuring quietly to the man at times.

"Short of stripping naked n' stitching my clothes together, we might be a bit short of sails," Wes says to Aakav. Wes takes the bottle from Rachel, "I'll have a bit," he says, and takes a swig, as the boats are tied together, and the head is hefted into position. It stares, very, very very dead, in the sort of way that only a giant, dead, pig head can stare.

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