Log:2011106 - Attack of the Brain Rats

Attack of the Brain Rats


Burger Tzar #2 - South Side Outlet - Halsted Street: Bridgeport
Burger Tzar - Home of the 'Whammer.' An all beef patty, grilled to perfection, topped with crisp lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and served on a sesame seed bun. Would you like fries with that? No problem. How about Tzar sizing that meal… it's only a few cents more?
This establishment is the standard build of a fast-food place; a counter with highlighted menu for ordering, a few laminated tables and booths with attached metal chairs. Not exactly 'fine dining,' but hey… it's cheap, quick, and mostly clean. Equipped with a drive-thru, it's a handy place to swing by for a bite on the go. And remember… "It's your way, right now" at Burger Tzar.





It's an ordinary evening at the Burger Tzar - the chips are frying, the burgers sizzling, and the staff of the Tzar have the same, vacant sort of stare as on every other evening at the Tzar. At the Tzar, there's a routine inspection going on - Chicago's food safety police at their finest, checking for things like whether or not the taps had hot enough water to properly sanitize hands and whether or not food was being stored on the floor. And for any sort of pest problems.

Etana is entering into the Tzar. The South African having a glance to where a line may, or may not, be at any given time. Stopping b on her way somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Heading for the counter, and to wait in line if need be.

Rachel looks tired when the door to the fast food place closes behind her and the closing of the door sends her heading to the counter to get in line. Waiting for the person in front of her, she yawns and rubs at her face then pushes the metallic red hair back from her cheek. As she lowers her hand she blinks at the back of the person in front of her then asks. "Hey, is that you, Etana?"

Kesslan had spent another day at work, coupled with an hour or so checking out part of town, that this place wasn't /too/ far from where he lived kinda helped. Yet he was still quite new to the city, enough so that it would take him a good year or two to get really well aquainted with his new home. At the moment he can be found sitting at one of the booths enjoying a cheese burger with bacon, the typical fries, and a drink.

Ellen glides in behind Etana and Rachel, and smiles at the smell of burgers and fries. She glances over a the inspection state, and nods politely to Rachel. She stands in line, waiting her turn to order

Etana looks back, turning as she ahs and nods her head. "Hello, Rachel." she says with a smile. "I really do run into you everywhere. It is as if you are at every place in this city." She says to Rachel.

At the front, the Burger Tzar staff process orders with rote actions and rote smiles. The food inspector is audible, talking to the manager behind the front desk. "Well, it looks pretty good here. The temperature records are up to date. Only thing to watch for is the mice and rats. You've got a few nibbles here and there, and some mouse tracks. Taking care of the droppings though, didn't see any out back." The food inspector doesn't really seem to care who hears it, although the manager pulls the inspector back from the counter a bit.

Kesslan glances up from his meal as he hears that bit from the inspector, but in the end… well in the end he's not really surprised, and he's had worse. Comes with the time spent in the military. As such he merrily tries to continue enjoying his meal in blissful ignorance, albiet not without a slight shake of his head.

Rachel chuckles at Etana. "Oh, didn't I tell you. I got myself cloned and now I'm just everywhere." she winks to show she's joking. "no, really, it's that I just on the move most of the time. I guess that's why you seem to see me everywhere." She glances around at Kess and Ellen and starts to say something when she hears what the inspector is saying and she frowns as she looks at the two men talking.

Ellen looks around alertly at the mention of mice. The Burger Tzar has just elevated itself in her eyes. She stands behind Etana and Rachel as smiles at the pair. She steps up to order. "Burger and fries. With extra mouse!" Is that a joke or not?
Some female cop has arrived.

Etana smiles to Rachel, nodding her head. "Yes, you must always be on the move the way I bump into you." She says. She is sure to have overheard what is said but does not even seem to notice it, at least not in any truly negative way. "You are doing well I hope?" Glancing to Ellen as she steps past them to order. Giving a shake of her head at the womans, maybe, joke?
The Burger Tzar is the usual Burger Tzar, although this time there's a somewhat loud food inspector who appears to both love his job, and not be aware of the possible effects of it. The Burger Tzar front counter employee says to Ellen. "Uh. Let me ask my manager," he says, taking Ellen's question literally. This results in the line backing up a bit, as the Burger Tzar employee goes to ask the manager about the mouse, which only results in the manager looking more exasperated, before the employee returns with Ellen's order (sans mouse). The food inspector continues enthusastically, "There are a couple really big tracks out there. I wouldn't be surprised if one day one of your traps had a ten pounder in there."

Kesslan glances up again at the continuing mouse coments, ok this guy had to be pulling some one's leg or something.. and then he spots Rachel. Well, at least one familar face he hasn't seen in a little while. Though it's not like they were best friends or anything. None the less, the man offers her a friendly wave.

Rachel makes her order with an ear to what's being said and goes for fries and a cola to drink with them. Her order comes quickly and she nods at Etana and Ellen then looks at Kess to start walking toward him. "hey, Kess, can I sit with you?"

Ellen gets her order, and looks disapponted that there's no mouse in her order. She sits down near Rachel adn Etana, and addresses her food. She looks closely at the inspector, and tries to see out the back door.
Etana makes her order as well after Rachel. She watches as Rachel moves to sit with someone she appears to know. She herself waits a minute ot get her food then head to a table of her own.
Some female cop moves into the Zar an looks at the inspector and shakes her head, ordering a drink thanks to his little statement and walking to the back of the place just to enjoy it.
"I've laid one of my own traps," The food inspector says. With a receeding hairline, and tending towards rotund, the food safety inspector looks more like a cheerful uncle than the mental picture of a food inspector. "Left it out back. Have a good idea where the big one's going - can tell, you see. Ten years as a food inspector." The manager asks for the end results of the inspection, and if the inspector had anywhere else to inspect by the end of the day. In the end, a report is signed, and a carbon copy given to the manager.

"Dont see why not." Kesslan responds with a grin. "Long as you don't start making my hamburger talk or something." He teases. Well hey ok so the idea of Rachel's profession may make him feel a little uncomfortable, but it's not like he cant crack a joke about it at least.

Ellen raises an eyebrow, and a smiles as the humans seem to head out back to catch a large rat. Sad, so very sad. She looks over at Rachel where she's standing nearby, and takes another big bite. "Well, darn. No extra mouse" she says, sadly.

Rachel laughs at what Kess says then sits across from him with her fries and drink then looks around at the others in the room, mostly looking at the inspector and the manager. "hell, I'm not sure I like this." she mutters to herself. Finally she looks up at Kess and smiles at him. "So how are you settling in?"

Etana eats without much of a care for the thought that maybe there was mice or rats or something visiting the fast food joint. Sitting as she enjoys her meal.

"Not too bad actually." Kesslan responds with an upbeat tone. "Got all moved into an appartment of my own, and have long since learned that my life is bound to be filled with strange, unusual things that will take years for me to get used to, if I ever really do." there's a slight pause and a frown "Such as a fae named Rex who seems to enjoy giving people eggs and claiming he's the easter bunny." he shrugs "On the flip side I've managed to stay sane."

Ellen glances over at Kesslan, and raises an eyebrow. "I know Rex, and you doubt he's the Easter bunny?" she asks, curiously. "Those eggs seemed completely magical!"

The results of the inspection are brought to an area beside the kitchen, probably a side office. The inspector leaves, whistling as he goes, much to the management's relief. The line is continually being served - the Burger Tzar is busy at this time of the evening. And then, the door scarcely having swung closed behind the inspector, when there's a crack. It's not so much of a sound, but something just beyond the range of hearing. A tiny, psychic shrill accompanies it cut off mid shreak - a sensation like a fingernail drawn hard and quick across a blackboard. It's coming from somewhere behind the kitchens.

Rachel is nodding at Kess. "Oh yes, Rex Wintercoat. I've known him since coming here." she glances at Ellen when she speaks up but her gaze sweeps on beyond the other woman to the kitchen area and she frowns yet again.

Some female cop adjusts and frowns, shaking her ehad as that was one hell of a scene. A sigh as she looks around and hmms. The inspection done, the officer sits int the back and sips on her coke.

"Oh, I dont doubt their magi…" Kesslan is in the middle of responding ot Ellen when there's that.. sound? Feeling? He's not sure what the hell it was and he pauses mid sentence with a frown.
Etana pauses as well, frowning. Looking as that. . oddity occurs, that peculiar and not at all common kind of sensation.

Ellen shake sherself, not entirely sure what she just heard/felt. She looks over at Etana, and shrugs her shoulders, and shakes her head, eyes pinning had. She seems to be completely uncomfortable about this, and starts to her feet. "Something is wrong" she says, leaving behind her half-eaten burger.

"Holy fucking crap, what is that?" There's a voice from behind the kitchen. "Hey, Mr. Davis, you got to see this," he says. It happens to be the same person that had served Ellen, because he adds, "Does that woman still want mouse? That's one f - er, ugly mouse."

"That's a rat, Daniel. At least, I think it's a rat." That was the manager's voice. That seems to attract the attention of some of the other staff, and the person whose job it is to replenish the fry stock takes a look as well, deserting their positions to look.
Tripp has arrived.

Some female cop stands and frowns, oh she was not happy with how this was sounding so she moves to the counter and asks. "Every thing ok back there?" the officer has her drink in hand and hmms, waiting for her reply.

Rachel makes a soft noise of frustration then slowly stands. "oh hell. that sounds familiar." she turns to face the counter that seems to be deserted now with all the employee's going into the back. She shakes her head but doesn't say anything for Some female cop is already calling out to see if there is trouble.

Kesslan glances up at Rachel, getting up as several others seem to be doing so. "Familiar?" he inquires of Rachel. That just gives him chills right there. "The hell makes that kind of noise that would be familar?"
Etana does not get up or anything but does look torwards where all the staff is going to take a look at some rat. Peculiar 'feeling' or not there seems to be alot everywhere she goes. Not immediately seeing any need to try and involve herself.

Ellen immediately makes her way ot the counter, and lithely hops over it. She doesn't seem shy about wanting to figure out what exactly made that noise. She doesn't want to miss out on a mea…mouse that large! She glances to kesslan and Rachel as she passes them. "If you know it, out with it!" she quips, seeming nervous about it, too.
Tripp slips into the front door of the burger place with a gym bag on his shoulder. He's dressed in sweats, dark grey sweatpants and a zip up hooded light grey sweatshirt with a wife beater on underneath it. The Texan looks like he just got back from working out and what a great way to finish off a workout then by going to the burger joint? He comes in and looks around at all the people. When he spots some familiar faces a smile curls up on his lips.

The manager looks back through the door. "Hmm. If you could take a look at this, that might be helpful," he says to Some female cop, answering her question. Daniel, the Burger Tzar kid, is much less helpful, and says, "Shit, Mr. Davis, it's fucking everywhere. It's like its head exploded all over the…" This is cut off by a curt: "Daniel can you please go help the other customers out. And wash your hands first."

There's another sensation, like the shriek previously, a crawling one, like having eyes turn slowly to examine you.

For Some female cop: Behind the kitchen there's a storage area full of hamberger buns, and one extra large rat trap. It's the old fashioned kind of trap, and you get the feeling that the manager wouldn't have liked it there even before it was full of rat. Speaking of the rat, it seems to have an exceptional amount of grey brain matter - although it's hard to tell from the massive trauma that's shattered its spine.

Some female cop looks at the rat and frowns. "Eh…" she mutter faintly before adjusting and sighing. "Might.. want to clean that up the officer states and visibily shivers. "Um.. Is there eh a freezer open or something?

Etana stops eating completely. Frowning at the odd sensation that just sticks around. She seems a little agitated by it, giving al ook over to where everyone is hurrying to.
Rachel over at Tripp when he wanders in and shakes her head at him. "There's something wrong." then she heads for the counter too, but doesn't hop over it like Ellen, she stops to stand near Some female cop.

Curriosity killed the cat as they say, though fortunately for Kesslan he's not a feline. Unlike at least one certain individual who just entered. Giving Tripp a friendly wave before he follows Rachel over to see what's going on, he otherwise keeps to himself. He doesn't know wierd things well enough to really know what's safe and what's not, but he instinctually wants to be on hand in case something.. bad happens.

When Rachel tells Tripp that there is something wrong, the Texan arches a brow. He takes a deep breath and then looks towards Kesslan and moves over to his friend who is following Rachel, who is following Some female cop. Who knows why they are following eachother. He looks slightly confused and then moves to place a hand on Kesslan's back and he says, "Hey man. If there is trouble, you think you all should be here?"
Ellen skids to a halt behind teh counter, looking at the rather delicious rat there. "What a Waste" she says, sadly, no indication what she finds sad. "Is that the only one you've seen?" she asks, disappontedly. But a dead rat doesn't seem terribly dangerous. Just tastey.

Some female cop looks at Ellen, "Young lady, please back on this side. You don't work here and please." the woman states with a faing frown and adjusts before looking to the door. Not so entertaining any more.

"Not around here," The manager says to Some female cop. There's a sensation of something moving, of travelling to a point - and the point is the Burger Tzar. And then, to varying degrees, it's less of a telepathic sensation, and more of a real one. There's something moving below them, around them, over them. Ceiling panels tremble. In the walls, and in the ceiling. A legion of tiny feet, and synchronized, tiny breathes. The beating of almost fifty hearts in unison.

Some female cop looks up and her hand goes from soda, to gun.

Etana frowns more so, if possible. She stands up as the sensation becomes less paranormal and more actual. Wit the cieling panels trembling she stands up from her table. Looking up to said panels.

Rachel crouches and sheen she stands her hands are slightly behind her to only been seen by anyone that's can see her back where a highly polished knife is found in each hand.
Kesslan quickly finds himself wishing he /had/ a gun with him. Unfortunately due to the legality of such things he had to leave his at home. He also wasn't generally the sort to carry anything more lethal than a pocket knife on him. Which makes Tripp's question a little more meaningful right about now. "Bit late for that." he says flashing a grin and putting on a braver front than he's really feeling about now. Still, he's military trained, this kind of thing may freak him out a little but he still knows a little bit about defending himself without a gun. He does however take a quick glance around, trying to see if he cant spot something that will make a relatively solid makeshift weapon (like a knife, fire extinguisher, broom handle etc). Just incase he decides he's going to need it.

Ellen looks around wildy, ignoring the cop, she doesn't seem terribly impressed. She's trying to figure out exactly what's going on, looking at the trembling and trying not to panic. "Are there Earthquakes here? I didn't sign up for Earthquakes!"

With plastic knives and an industrial sized mop, the Burger Tzar didn't feature a large number of possibly dangerous items in front of the counter. Behind it, however, there was the hot oil and salad dicers and cooking surfaces. There are a lot of people leaving the Burger Tzar, although a few seem paralized.

There's a wave of some scent, the smell of sewer, of something rat-like. There's something /other/ to them, though - although maybe it was a wet, gelatinous sort of scent that came with them along with the stronger sewer one. And then one of the floor tiles collapse, over the main counter, and a wave of dun coloured rats spills out. They look like normal rats, except for a ridge of grey brain matter than runs from the back of their heads to their tails.

Rachel growls softly then steps back to give Some female cop room, in doing so she bumps into Kess who might fell the upside down dagger sheath under her shirt and it might feel to him that the handle of dagger/knife is just at her waist for a quick draw of it. She mutters "ok, were we go.

Ellen looks a bit nonplussed by all the action, and well, the rats. She kips up onto the table, and looks at the rats. She's fairly calm right now, it seems she doesn't see a wave of rats as….terribly threatening. Teh air shivers a bit around her, as somethign…eldrich comes and goes. Oddly enough she bends down and starts untying her shoes.

A low rolling growl escapes from Tripp's full lips. He takes a deep breath. No weapons on Tripp. He growls louder as the sound gets louder and then the tile breaks and out pours the rats. The Texan hisses and he senses the power behind them. "This is not good." He blinks at Rachel's blades but he says to them. "Something is up with them, let's not let them bite you, K Kess?" What does Tripp do? He picks up a garbage can and starts playing whack a rat.

Etana blinks some at this, watching the rats pour out onto the counter as she frowns. Even more so at the sensation their presence gives off. At the look of them. She isn't moving closer, just watching from where she stands at the table, food forgotten as she watches the others and those rats.

Kesslan is surprised at Rachel's move but isn't about to question just why the hell she seems so well equipped. Times like this, he won't even think to ask questions. Those, those he'll have time for later. He simply grabs the knife as Rachel bumps into him and takes a quick glance around. "Falling back to the kitchen may make sense. If we need to we can probably throw some oil at them, and they likley have a couple of fire extinguishers nearby." he suggest. "That or bolt for the door, but me, I'd rather make sure everyone makes it out safe." he wasn't about to abandon the various fear paralized patrons that still linger. Mentally he's still trying to catagorize potential improvised weaponry to use against the rats. He's not the quickest with such things, but he's had the value of such thought drilled into him.

Ellen leaps from teh desk she's on straigth for the fry vats. She hopes no one is in her way, and the humes are getting out of the way. She tries to grab on top of the shelving, and knock the oil over with her feet to try and scald the feet and slicken the floor against the Demon-rats. "They're demonic…or summoned" she quips, in thie middle of this feat…or teh attempt thereof.
Some female cop adjsuts and looks at the rat thing.. "Eh, If they are summoons… or demons.. tell me which already." the woman levels her gun at the rat. Oh she had all the intent to use that gun if need be, that would be clear sign to the staff get the hell away from those rats.

Tiny bodies tumble down, landing on each other for padding. They move as a unit, each behaving like a part of a whole, each eye recording information for the greater part. They breathe in unison, eerily coordinated - the sound is louder than it would have been had they been out of time. It looks like they're looking for something, or someone. They project telepathic images - the dead rat, the trap, and the last sensation that the rat experienced prior to dying. A portion of them swivel around, and then there's a cracking sound from the vats, before they tumble to the side, and the oil spills out. There's an audible sound of screaming, and then the rats run towards Ellen, en masse, the one who had made the first move.

There are fire extinguishers around - large versions for both electrical fires and the expected oil fires.

Rachel grits her teeth and tries to keep out of Some female cop's way, at least that much then feeling that Kess has the knife from her back sheath she moves to one side so that she's standing between him and Tripp. Her head turns from side to side and a soft "noooo." when the oil is over turned and the flow of rats head for Ellen.

The rats are crushed by Tripp's garbage can fairly easier, with the sound of tiny, broken bones and their shrill, psychic cries.

Etana is still remaining back. Especially as Ellen splits off from the rest, and then spills oil everywhere essentially cutting herself off from the others. She is still making no move forward, even as the rats make a move on Ellen. No, she is staying where she is, her right hand changing, taking on the shape almost of a spotted hyena's paw, though with opposable thumb and claws. Just incase. . waiting.

"Christ girl but you like em big." Kesslan says in response to the 10 inch bladed knife he gets from Rachel, but a knife isn't the best weapon for use against things like rats. It's a better weapon than nothing, but he quickly heads for one of the extinguishers, moving to grab one off it's mounting brackets and pulling the pin. Picking up the spray hose of the extinguisher with his right hand while still holding onto the knife at a backward angle with the blade pointed inward towards himself, so he didnt risk jabbing some one by accident (Except prehaps himself) he grabs the extinguishers lever with his left and moves in to start spraying at the group of rats to try and break them up. He doesn't expect the spray to kill them, but even just disorienting and breaking up the group should help momentarily if nothing else.

Rachel laughs at Kess's quip about her weapontry. "hell you should see me on a hunt." and she ducks behind Tripp and his trash can. She's little and he's big and she figures he'll be a good blocker against the rats.

Ellen sees if there's enough clearance to slamber /swing over to get over the rats on teh floor and back to a serving table or counter. She seems to be having fun more than feeling danger right at the moment, but a wave of rats is bad news. Dang pack hunters!

Tripp looks at Some female cop with the gun and he says, "Too small to waste using your gun on them. It's just going to be loud and not effective at all. You should start bludgeoning them to death. Way more effective way of taking them out." When the rats start going after Ellen, the texan does the gentlemanly thing to do. He growls at the rats and he flashes his power at them to try and draw there attention towards him. "Some sick person saw Ben way too many times." He continues whacking the rats and the shrill sound of broken bones and psychic screams only fuels his beast further and he starts to pick up speed in splattering the rats.

The manager, Mr. Davis, and the employee, Daniel, are still around. The latter says, "That's insane! She's like a living Dawnstar," he says, to which Mr. Davis says. "…who?" The two of them seem to be trapped behind the oil, and the counter.

As Ellen acrobatically swings out of the way, and Tripp gets in their way, the rats attack Tripp instead, swarming after him, tiny claws struggling for purchase on his clothes, teeth aiming for ankles, for openings in his clothing. Clumps of rat are broken up by blasts of Kesslan's fire extinguisher - although that doesn't seem to harm them, they do stagger around, covered in white powder.

Some female cop just became rather useless in this fight, she backs up and lets the 'men' handle the rats. Tripp was right, her gun wouldn't do shit.
Ellen lands on a table, and looks around for a good "pericing"weapon. Burger joints aren't known for how well they are supplied with weaponry, but she looks around for a broom or mop. Something to give a little bit of range to swatting.

Etana continues to remain back. The crowd gathered around the counter, the oil, and the swinging of large trash bins makes for very cramped quarters, especially with the rest of the space taken up by swarming, angry, mutant rats.

Rachel stays well behind Tripp now, watching him bashing the rats left and right, then yelling at him. "watch your feet, watch your feet." she looks around and by one of the doors is another fire thingie and putting her daggers away, she pulls it off the wall then turns to spray at the rats that are trying for Tripp's ankles, mostly to push them away with the power behind it.
Kesslan wasn't expecting the extinguisher to kill the rats, but at least it /did/ have the desired effect of helping to disorient and scatter them for brief periods of time. That would help keep them off Tripp at least. "Mam?" he asks of Ellen "Mind calling the cops or.. some specialist about this?" his tone is a little rushed, clipped and commanding, though he tries to keep it polite, but he doesn't exactly have time to worry about that too much at the moment in trying to help deal with the issue. Still, he knows this is well out of his area of expertise and likely some government official body would want to investigate what the hell this was all about sooner rather than later.
Johnothan has arrived.
Crystal has arrived.

With supernatural speed and strength, Tripp starts to kick away swarming rats as they go for his legs. "They want something. What was the thing that they projected at us before? The image of the dead rat?" He grunts and growls as his sweatpants are torn and he gets bites on his legs. "Give em the rat and maybe they will leave." He keeps on smashing the rats with the garbage can and kicking them off of himself as he goes.

There weren't a lot of long range swatting weapons on the customer side of the counter. There was a large, industrial sized mop, which would probably be of somewhat limited use for that purpose. Although the rats don't seem that concerned with him, the manager has his face in his hands. "Oh god. I'm going to die in a Burger Tzar. With Daniel." He is trying to climb up as high as he can, although Daniel seems more concerned with watching the spectacle. The manager continues. "I always invisioned my death somewhere quiet, with a wife, on a sea shore…"
The effects of the group battling the rats was now visible - the smashed bodies of rats have been splattered across the once industrially cleaned floors. Clumps of hair and brain matter cling to stools and chairs, and smears of rat blood cover the ground. There are a few scalded and fried rats by the counter. As Kesslan and Rachel blow most of the rats off Tripp, they circle around, going for the two of them instead - in weird, orchestrated movement.

Johnothan chats quietly with the delicate little albino "..You keep distracting me when I'm driving, I'm gonan crash! You evil thing!" he laughs softly, opening the door for crystal only to blinkd and do a doubletake as he looks around, hearing a vaguely familiar voice "What in the name of…" he says, doing a doubletake, just inside the doorway.

Ellen leaps for the industrial mop, and knowing these things, unscrews the mop handle, and has…a spear! Voila! Unfortunately, she's quite inept with these things, and tries to just ppke ones not near anyone's legs or body.

Etana growls some as she continues to watch from where she is. The left hand shifts like the right, as do her jaws. A woman with the head of a hyena and clawed, hyena'ish hands. She still hasn't moved forward, but given the rats are starting to circle those upfront at the counter she eyes the mutant, hive minded rats as the growling continues. Power flaring in warning to the rats.

Crystal giggles and walks just inside the door way as she stares at the rats, taking in the scene and the scents "By Mafdet…this…is not normal" and takes a step to the side as she tries to move behind John

"Oh shit." Kesslan exclaims lightly as the rats start to attack /him/ of course, that was only to be ultimately expected, and so he sprays at them and starts to bash at them with the heavy base of the fire extingisher. Like wise if he gets a chance to stab at any of the stragglers he'll simply flick his wrist on an angle so the 10 inch blade of the knife he's carring along the spray hose points downward before giving a quick stab in the direction of the mutant deamon rat thing. But even his mundane mind can tell these things are just.. not normal. "Where the hell is a flamethrower when you need one?"

Rachel backs up then runs forward to leap over rats to a chair and from the chair to the top of the table when the Rats decide that they don't like being sprayed by her and Kess. Hell hers is empty now anyway and she grabs it by the handle and whaps at the rats that are leaping up onto the chair then the table after her. "Crap," she mutters, "this is crap." And whap another rat goes flying across to hit one of the windows.

Ellen continues to stab with the iron screw at the end of her mop handle. She seems more interested in keep ing the devilrats away from her, rightnow. And the mop awyay from her compatriots. She scans the floor adn the area, trying to figure out and maybe even sense what's benind the eruption It's very unratlike behavior.

Tripp is only partially distracted by the presence of the two exiled leopards. He flicks them a quick glance and he grumbles. But when the rats stop attacking him and go for the 'weaker' at least physically weaker people. He growls and says, "Where is the body of that first rat?" At Kesslan's comment he says, "No flamethrower, playing with fire is bad." He picks up a table and turns it over. As it has a broader surface and he start try splattering more rats with this table. "We need to find what they want, Besides revenge. The body is a good place to start."
Johnothan takes note of the undulating swarm of rats, growling and drawing a 9MM and snarling as he begins firing at the swarm, even as he kicks and stomps, doing a (very) rough "mexican hat dance" on those starting to swarm towards he an d crystal, even as his energy lashes out at them like a massive cat's paw attempting to slap at food. "What in the world is going on? I didnt come here to CHASE my dinner damnit! What STARTED this?" he asks, firing, noting Some female cop but shrug shoot first, deal with possibilities later.

Rachel loses her grip on her -weapon- that she's bashing rats with and it flies in one direction as she falls back in the other direction with the over balanced table tipping over with her. Her arms wave and swings in an attempt to stay up right but it's the table that's her undoing and she lays flat of her back on the floor with the table falling across her legs. "oh hell." and she begins to try to push the table away to get out from under it.

Etana 's hair goes up on the back of her neck as Johnothan starts shooting at the rats gathered around the scattered groups feet. Teeth are bared and that hyena cackle of a bark is given as the partial-hyena woman clearly dissaproves of the pistol being shot so near the others, or at least so near the more mundane sorts. She still hasn't engaged any of the rats yet. The hyena not about to overcrowd when people are swinging around big, unwieldy things like tables. However, when Rachel falls she is moving to try and help the girl up while all the others are smashing rats. Look, she got useful. Snapping teeth and slashing claws at any rats who get to near while she does this.

At the flare of power the rats look at Etana, many eyes staring at her, black and indisputably intelligent. There's the same, recording look, as if they were keeping track of everything that they saw. As she's not actually attacking them though, their attention shifts back to the people that they were crawling over biting with sharp, yellowed teeth, drawing blood if they can - although one meets its death by way of a cracked skull from Kesslan's fire extinguisher, and another with a blade up the eye by Rachel. More are skewered by Ellen's mop handle in a rat shishkabob. There's something almost studious about their movements, increasing in complexity. Learning. Even as one or two of the rats are killed by random shots from John's pistol, as well as shrapnel from bullets splintering against some of the metal seating, the rats answer Tripp in the way of pictures - they have the rat dying, and then the image reverses, like a video played backwards, and the trap is there, and then there's the image of Daniel setting down the trap, and then Mr. Davis, the manager, and then Ellen, and then Tripp.

Crystal hisses and growls as she kicks at the rats softly chanting a prayer in a wierd ancient language then gets down on hands and knees, backhanding any rats that come near and grabbing others in her fanged teeth and shaking thm viciously

Kesslan is of course not privy to all these psychich and preternatural phenomenon, he sure as hell is to gunfire. "Jesus H Christ! Put that god damn thing away before you shoot some one!" he yells at Johnothan in an angry tone, though still quite distracted by the issue of rats trying to eat him alive. "Damn rounds are more liable to hit us than them!" yeah, he sounds pissed, hell he is on the principle of strict firearms training he got in the military. But right now? RIght now he's just too distracted to make it a bigger issue than that at the moment. Rats first, pissed off at random dude with gun later. Especialy since he's not wanting to have the guy turn around and possibly shoot /him/ in response. He doesn't necessarily think that's likely, but stranger things have happened.

Rachel is on an eye to eye level with the rats and her fear spikes off the charts and she redoubles her efforts to get the table off her body so she can stand again. She's muttering curses in another language, some of them sound pretty rank. And suddenly someone is near her that's not a rat and she looks up at Etana who seems to be in the middle of shifting.
"Real smart. Human's big. Rat's Tiny… Easier to hit a big target then a tiny one. Besides, you don't have enough bullets." Tripp gets a flash of what they want and he growls at them and shakes his head. "I'm not giving you the human. I'll just have to take out the rest of you if you want to play that game. You should just recoop your loses and leave now." He is actually trying to reason with them. Who would have thought the cat would be reasoning with the rodents.

Etana shoves the table easil yaway from Rachel. Hands, careful of claws, yank Rachel back and away from the others. Somewhere the woman can get on her feet. No more of her shifting yet as she continues to watch the others trying to deal with the mass of rats. Even as the rats claw and ite at legs. Waiting, watching, gauging now that Rachel's been 'rescued'.

Johnothan realizes after the first shot that this isnt going to do any good and likely wind up get somone hurt, growls and puts the gun away, pushing crystal back through the doorway to keep her safe, starting to simply stalk the rats down and slaughter them that way, picking up whatevers handy as a weapon..broken chair, dead rat body. "Oh shut up tripp, I didn't expect to walk into a rat infestation, it threw me, at least they were rubberized bullets." he says, snatching at a rat and pulling an Prince of %*@$^&# darkness.

Ellen doesn't seem to understand why getting stuck in a trap makes these rata angry. But she tries to broadcast that the traps are natural, and something they need to deal with.
The rats stare down Rachel, and there's familiarity in the way that they look at her. They know her. They seem to understand Tripp, though, from the understanding sort of look that they give him as well. They back away, injured and burnt. Some of them have broken legs, burned eyes, shattered teeth. They drip, and bleed, and consider. Even through Johnothan's Prince of Darkness act. They back off into a corner, and repeat the question with images: the trap, and different people setting it down. Even Rachel gets thrown in this time.
Rachel clings to Etana then stands when she is put behind her. Shivering the girl begins to curse again at the rats. "<..a few words in Dutch..>"

Kesslan comes to a stop as the rats back away. Ok this crap was getting waaaayyy wierd for him. Shifting people, rats acting as one, people firing guns in public (Albiet he can kind of understnad that one, he'd use a shotgun right about now if he had one). He does stop however as they do, though he remains wary and on edge.

Etana stands there, teeth stil bared. Watching the rats as they back off. Shaking her head as she huffs. Still remaining as she is, head and hands shifted but nothing more. Looking back to Rachel, making sure she is okay.

Johnothan quickly conceals his XDM Pistol.
When Johnothan tells him to shut up, Tripp turns his glance towads him and he hisses. Just what he needs this close to the full moon and in the middle of a crisis. A dominance challenge. "Don't you dare tell me what to do outcast. You have no right. Nor the fight to back it up. So, you shut it. You don't have to stay." He turns and moves towards the rats and he says, "I don't know what you want. I don't know who's responsible for the trap. Best advice I can offer is that you shouldn't have tangled with the humans. Yall need to go back to your sewers. Forget the events of today and move on with your fucked up lives. If your plague mate was smart enough, it wouldn't have been tricked by such a simple trap. You're lucky to have it culled from your numbers. Now leave. There have been enough casualties for today. Don't you think?"

Ellen sends a big red X over the image of rachel, and herself. She wiats and see if Jonothan's message is ehard.

Rachel finally comes out from behind Etana and squares her shoulders as she takes a stance next to the woman that had come to her rescue.

Johnothan blows Tripp a kiss off the tip of one finger. "You have to learn that not *everything* is about position Tripp, I told you to shut up because you stated the obvious, if I was challenging you I would have added an or and a consequence." He says, blood dribbling in a line down his chin after spitting out the rat head and tossing the body down.
The rats eye Tripp, and then their dead comrades - they've been burnt by Ellen's oil, stabbed by Rachel and Kesslan's knives, crushed by a whole number of different things, slashed and bitten by Etana and Crystal's claws and teeth. They look at Tripp, and, of all things, appear to /agree/. The rats start to leave, a segment of them watching the people, while the rest gather what of their dead they can carry.

Etana watches as the rats start dragging their dead away. Head shaking as she huffs. She can speak ,but between having a muzzle and a south african accent it might be more then a bit difficult to understand her. "I do not know what they are, those things."

"Ok So.. pissing contest asside? Does /anyone/ know what the /hell/ those things are?" Kesslan asks with some degree of alarm, now that things have settled down enough for him to actually start to register everything on a mental level, rather than a purely instinctual one. He'd been trained to fight, under the assumption of using those skills to protect people. Well.. he'd done that more or less, but no one had ever trained him on how to deal with shapeshifters, or magic, or.. super intelligent hive mind rats. Bad enough he remained pretty ignorant about shifters and vampires, now he was confronted with even more he didn't understand. Hell of a first month in a new city…
Javier takes a long look around as he walks in with Isabel.

Tripp flicks a glance over his shoulder to Johnothan and he says, "Silly me, in all the excitement I forgot kitty litter does not have the right to challenge anyway." He shrugs his shoulders. "You, your whore and the damaged one probably should set up a meeting with Frank and Gage. They want to talk to you." He turns his attention back to the rats. Johnothan is forgotten rather easily and brushed off. He bows his head to the rats. "I am sorry it came to this. You should know that when threatened. We defend our own." He looks down at the injuries that he has sustained and says, "Everyone else okay? I know one thing, never coming back to this place. The foods terrible."

Isabel smiles as she glances around as she follows javier into the place. "So how have you been doing lately?"

Etana stands there, head and hands shifted. Blood on her muzzle, on her claws as she stands beside Rachel.

The rats look at Tripp, his bow taken in without any reciprocation, except for the same, studious look. Then the rats are gone - they manage to get the rest of their dead - although bits of brain and fur and blood are still smeared on the floor, on the legs of chairs, on the sides of walls.

Rachel suddenly giggles, it's a nervous high pitched sound that seems to be caused by a release of stress. "I used to like the food here… don't think I want to eat here again, either." then she rubs a hand over her face, smearing the blood there.

In the distance, there's the sound of a police siren, a far off wail.

Note: Johnothan's bullets are rubber, so they shouldn't have shattered, and someone pulled out of the scene, hence the 'some female cop', and Crystal left with a rat in her mouth.

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