Log:20090916 - Lunch at the Bistro


MacKeough's Bistro and Bar: Main Bar and Restaurant - Clarke Street: South
Moody without the onslaught of an atrociously misbehaving decorator, this room boasts of darker, personal and private ambience, something to tease the more sensual sides of visiting patrons. Subdued track lighting that dangles overhead - a duo of vermillion bulbs for each private table and a stunning quartet for larger booths - combined with tactically placed chandeliers continue the insinuation of sleek design and mood manipulation.

An exquisite, antique mahogany bar lines the entire back wall, several leather-clad stools dotting along to offer seat for those who are waiting for tables or those who are just here for a drink. An ebon mini grand piano greets patrons just to the left and beginning of this establishment, effectively drowning out any noise from the streets during the hours the restaurant is open with the soft, fluid tones of jazz, blues, and classical music.



So it's noon. The bistro is a bit busy with the lunch crowd coming and going, though it's not really overly so. The bar seems to be the most busiest, and every so often a lone patron will sit at the piano and tap out a random tune. Sitting alone at a table, Sidney sits by herself with a cup of sweetened coffee infront of her, as well as a newspaper, which she seems to be working on, the daily puzzle it seems.

Nicolas pulls open the door to the bistro, apparently on his lunch break, and moves into the room. He scans over the place for a moment before he moves towards the counter to place his drink order. He checks his watch for a moment as he approaches the line.

Sidney lifts her head when Nicolas enters, but it's not so much the man that gathers her attention, but the array of artwork on his arms. So, while he stands in line, she props an elbow to the table, holding her chin as she takes her time, starring at him, but oh well. A man should not have so much ink.

Nicolas finally manages to make it to the front of the line, giving the person behind the counter his drink order before he steps aside to let the next person order as he waits for his drink. A moment later, it arrives and Nicolas takes the newly acquired drink and finds an empty table to sit at.

"Would you like to sit with me?" She asks him as she makes eye contact with the man now, instead of looking at his tattoo's. "I'd like a closer look at your ink, it's interesting."

Nicolas stops in mid stride as the woman speaks to him. He looks around for a moment before he looks back to the woman, shrugging. "Uhh..sure. Why not?" He says as he moves towards her table, taking an empty seat. He sets his drink down on the table. "Thanks for the offer."

Sidney gives a faint smile to Nicolas and his words, as well as a light shrug. "Sure, some company will be nice." Her newspaper and coffee cup are pulled towards her form a bit more, making plenty of space for him. "So I was always curious, why tattoo all over yourself?"

Nicolas smirks as he chuckles softly at her question. "Well, personal expression for one. Some of it means a lot to me and others I want to remember. Everyone has a lot of different reasons for getting a tattoo." He says before he takes a sip from his coffee.

Sidney cants her head a bit to his words about the tattoo's, a shrug of her shoulders, "I don't know. I would be scared to get something that meant a lot to me, only to have it not mean so much to me afterwards." Fingers tap her pencil on her newspaper for a bit, then, "Oh, yeah, I'm Sidney."

Nicolas nods his head. "Well, I have some to remember my family that has passed away. That will always mean as much to me as the day as I got it." He says before she introduces herself. He offers a smile and a slight nod of his head. "I'm Nicolas. Nice to meet ya."

Sidney gives a flash of a smile as she finishes her coffee, folding her paper closed as she seems to be getting ready to depart. "So if someone wanted to get a piercing in this city, where would I go?"

Nicolas' smile starts to form into a small grin. "Well, that would be Slinging Ink Tattoos. Home of the $20 hole." He says with a chuckle. "Any piercing there is just $20."

"You're like a.. person… pitching an add." A grin from her at this, as well as a soft laugh as she makes to stand from the table. "I must go, I was on my lunch break. I believe I will stop by there soon. Mayhap I'll run into you?"

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah. Well, I do what I can for the place." He says with a slight raise of his drink. "Take care." He says as she stands from the table. "I'm sure I'll run into you again sometime."

Sidney gives a slight nod to his words, a soft laugh, "Indeed." Dull amusement in her eyes as her hands move to push her chair in, as well as the paper being tucked under her arm. "You have a nice night, Nicolas." With that, she turns to leave, making her way out of the bistro.

Nicolas offers a wave as she leaves. "You too." He says before he returns to his drink and his newly acquired table.

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