Lupanar 2010 09 02


Starved Rock State Park: Hennepin Canyon - Illinois
The walls of Hennepin canyon rise around one, topped by a frosting of overhanging pine trees and obscuring most of the
valley below from anything overhead. Under the shroud of green, the central river flashes in sparkles here and there,
otherwise a winding band of dark water fed by small waterfalls and springs along the way. The canyon widens out in places,
etched out by the water over the centuries, affording many fern-filled nooks, crannies, and caverns along the way.
A number of the larger niches have the remains of rough fire-pits in their centers, bones of both large and small game
animals about. Unlike many hidden camping areas though, they are amazingly clear of garbage. No beer cans, no hot-dog bags,
no candy bar wrappers. Merely ashes, rocks, bones, and the occasional bark-stripped tree.
The main clearing holds a single white rock in its edge, an ancient piece worn smooth, flat on the top. The blood of
animal sacrifices stains its side, a smear that fades and reappears with the passing of the moon. The ground around it is
flattened by the passing of animals, and people, tracks left across the clearing, and the trees surround it protectively,
leaving only a tunnel of light to fall from the sun or moon, illuminating the area.

Fair weather clouds drift through the blue sky from the southwest, along with the wind. The sunlight on the snow is
dazzling, and it gleams on the ice. There is about one inch of snow on the ground.



Logan stands in front of the large boulder in the center of the clearing, dressed as is his usual for a Lupanar, in a simple
pair of faded and well worn camouflage pants. Despite the weather and the cold he's shirtless and barefoot and looks quite
comfortable as he stands with all the apparent patience of the rock behind him. Each wolf is greeted as they arrive, singly
or in groups, some already in their furred forms and some not as they pass by him on their way into the clearing.

Una is dressed in her Lupinar usual, the threadbare tanktop and shorts far from any fashion statement. She moves forward on
bare feet, and comes within a few feet of the boulder. Her chin is lifted, head turned to the side, as she offers her throat
to the pack's new Ulfric. Her smile is small, but it is there.

Logan meets Unas gaze with his own and he offers her a vague hint at smile in return, the corners of his mouth just turning up
as he he nods his acceptance of her greeting. "Hello Una, a fair night for a Hunt…and the moon thrumms with power already.
" Logan's voice is quiet, not to avoid being over heard here in a place where any might hear the soft fall of a foot on pine
needles, but instead simply pitched to avoid drawing any attention other than whom it's directed to.

Una's hands settle on her hips comfortably, and the smile grows faintly. "The winds are right for it," she says, and glances
to the sky. "And the moon shines well. We'll have full bellies, when all is said and done." Her voice, too, is low. Lukoi
have good ears, after all.

Nodding in quiet agreement Logan tilts his head into the wind for a moment, "With the moonlight and the cold, there will be
plenty of game moving slowly, perhaps we can chase out a buck tonight - however I've little doubt that you're right, Una,
we'll all sleep well fed." There's a pause, and as he watches others arrive he asks, "It has been a long few days, you're
well I trust?"

"I am well enough," Una offers, after a few moments. "Those that leave us, are never truly gone. It does me well to remember
that, and how very true it is for our kind." She smiles, both sad and warm. Her left leg is stretched out, loosening her
muscles for the chase already.

Logan turns back to face Una when she speaks and nods quietly, his power reaching out to touch and brush against Una in a
supportive brush of his beasts' shoulder against her. "Here in this place one really can't deny it, even if out amongst the
rest of the world it might be far too easy to do so."

Una moves slightly closer, and reaches out to touch the boulder with her fingertips. Her own beast moves out further, energy
sparking along her skin like static. "Most definitely not," she says with something close to a grin. Her beast presses
against his, and then flares outwards, further, touching upon some of those near.

Logan smiles then as he both watches as she touches and feels the brush of her power as it flares out, near visible to those
that can sense it and certainly felt. "You'll do well, you know. Make your claim when it's time and help me show the Pack
and the city that the Lukoi are a strong presence in this City and not to be trifled with."

Una inclines her head, dark brown eyes still on Logan as she does so. "I will make the claim tonight. I look forward to facing
the challenges it presents, and further lending my strength to your pack, Ulfric." She rolls the last word off of her
tongue, more louder than the rest of the sentence. So there is no doubt, in the pack, that Una both accepts and acknowledges
the start of Logan's rule.

Logan nods with another of those faint smiles and then turns to greet several other members of the pack as they arrive. "Thank
you Una, for being here and being strong."

Cherish arrives, much as she does each and every full moon. Barefoot, worn t-shirt and jeans, she approaches without her usual
companion of Santiago. He's possibly somewhere behind her, perhaps parking the car out of sight and hiking in. At any rate,
she moves through the wolves, on two and on four legs, giving a smile, a greeting and finally, she makes her way to Logan.
Touching his arm, she leans to lightly brush her tongue over his lower lip. Her voice lowered, she speaks but with all the
shifters, who isn't going to hear? "Your Lupa isn't going to give me the eye again, is she?" A soft joke, clearly meant in
humor as Cherish straightens.

Logan accepts Cherish's greeting with a by now familiar faint smile and a brush of his beast against her's, one hand moving to
rest lightly on her hip for just a moment before she pulls back and he chuckles, "I think you'll be safe this time around,
she's spent quite some time with the books I picked up for her from the University. " His volume equals hers, the shifter
equivalent of a request for privacy by not paying attention, than any real attempt to whisper below audibility. "It's a good
night, as I was saying a moment ago to Una, for a hunt - I'm glad you and Santiago both are here."

Lifting her gaze towards the sky, for a moment she simply allows the moonlight to touch her skin. A gentle exhale and she
nods, "It is a good night for a hunt." She agrees, taking a step back, just outside the Ulfric's personal space and glancing
over her shoulder, scanning the trees for Santiago. "I hope all goes smoothly." She says, moving to lean against one of the
large boulders that decorate this place. While the words seem earnest, there is no nervousness in her energy.

"As do I, Cherish, but now it will be what it will, the moon is full and now is the time for putting the Pack back on it's
feet once more and setting it to run long and without fetters." Logan says in tones that are wound through with steel, he
stands near the boulder in the center of the clearing, Una's off to one side and Cherish has just moved on past him as well.

It doesn't take much longer for Santiago's form to clear the tree line, his normal utilitarian attire dark, to match
the hues of the night, it seems. His own energy is held close - at least, as close as it can be, with the moon blazing in
it's full glory overhead.

Cherish spots the man as he arrives, moving toward him through the moonlight. Stepping into his path, she embraces him with
both arms, nuzzling to his body, inhaling his scent and pressing her wolf against his. Keeping one arm around Sant, she
stays near the Ulfric as the wolves continue to gather.

Logan's gaze follows Cherish as she moves away to greet Santiago, his silvery-grey eyes that hint at how close the surface is
own wolf is looking at the man with an expectant gaze that is not a challenge - but waits for an acknowledgement. Tonight
his power is held around him visible and bright with the moon yet not showing the signs of flaring one might see in a wolf
trying to masquerade with more power than he has.

Cherish approaches, and Santiago's arms curl about the small of the woman's back - as his nose seeks that spot just behind
her ear, to inhale a full breath of her scent. "Love." He rumbles, leaning in to nip at the woman's lower lip if she allows.
Though, once she's moved next to him? Santiago continues forward, to meet Logan, offering the man a nod of his head.. before
he moves closer and, if allowed? Offer's the man a quick lick of his lower lip. A greeting. "Sir." He rumbles, eyes swirling
with the amber of his wolf. "It's a good night to kill.." Santiago notes, offering a toothy grin, before taking a few steps
back towards Cherish again - an arm to curl about her waist if she allows.

She does indeed allow his arm, curled about her waist. Once the Ulfric has his greeting, Cherish leans against
Santiago with a possessive lay of her body. Pressing hand beneath his shirt to find skin on skin contact, she looks towards
Logan, perhaps to see his expression or perhaps to see if he is ready to begin the announcements that are to come. Her wolf
does, much as her body does, laying warm and ready against her partner's own energy. And if one looks close enough, there is
almost a proud glint in her eye.

Logan does indeed allow the greeting, "Santiago, be welcome and thank you for coming. I think that tonight will be a good long
Hunt..we're all in need of some time to stretch our legs and then full bellies at the end of the chase." With a nod as
Cherish and Santiago step away he takes a slight step forward and brings himself up to his full height, flashing his gaze
around the clearing.

Silver grey eyes touch each member of the pack as they arrive and settle in, his expression serious and calm. As he studies
them, power of a sort that belongs to the Lupanar moves amongst them, linking them all as he turns his head, taking his time
to silently study each. Finally, at the last one, the power of the Lupanar closes the circle, a physical snap of power, and
Logan's voice rumbles from deep within his chest in tones loud enough to carry to the furthest member.. "We meet tonight to
greet the full moon, to bring family together in these times, to remind ourselves of the strength of the pack and to accept
the loss of our Ulfric while reminding ourselves that we are wolves of the Spirit Rock Pack and we are strong as long as we
are together." Taking a moment to let his gaze wander once more over the gathered pack Logan continues, "I welcome you all
to the Lupanar as your Ulfric. I claim this position of my own right and also at the request of Robert. Any who object to my
leadership or will not accept it are free to challenge me here and now." He pauses, letting his gaze sweep across them once
more, leaving a moment of silence to allow anyone to speak who wishes to challenge him.

Between the alpha and his beta, Cherish and Santiago, there comes no challenge for Ulfric. It appears that Cherish and her
partner don't even stir, beyond the flickering of their eyes across the gathering of wolves in curiosity.

Without any raised objection or challenge given Logan speaks after several moments of pregnant silence, "I am your Ulfric, my
word is law and it will be obeyed. As with any change in leadership of the Pack there are positions to be filled and every
one of you will strive to find your correct place amongst us. There is one of those places that is not one for challenge,
and that is the one for Lupa. Some of you have met Alessandra and know already that she is mine and will be my Lupa, others
do not and so I introduce her to you and you to her. Heed her words and respect her, know that she has my full faith and
trust. " A slow smile touches the corners of his mouth as he glances over at Alessandra and holds out one hand in her
direction to introduce her. Turning his attention back to the gathered wolves he continues. "I know her well, and she will
ensure all on her own that she's shown the respect she's due, but be well aware that I will tolerate no disrespect. " His
expression grows still again, a somber cast to his features. "For a long time I've watched the pack from the point of view
of a near outsider, and I have found something that troubles me. There is a perception amongst the Pack that Betas are
somehow inferior, that they lack power and ability, that only an Alpha can do what needs be done. While it is true that
Alphas have certain abilities that are unavailable to Betas, it is /not/ true that such a thing makes Betas weak or in any
way the lesser. In our own pack's history there has been at least one Ulfric that was a Beta and I'm sure that there will be
in the make no mistake, my Pack, /everyone/ is important for it is only through being a whole and cohesive Pack
that we will protect and defend what is ours." Not moving save for a slow turn of his head so that he can let his gaze touch
all the wolves in sight along with the flow of his power as he uses it to enforce the sincerity and utter truth of his
words, Logan pauses for a moment before continuing once more. "Now is the time that those positions in the pack that must be
defined by rank and power are claimed and held, whom among you will step forward to do so? Claim and defend your ground,
those of you who wish the responsibility of aiding me directly in the guidance and protection of the Pack."

Cherish draws in a deep breath and it's only now that she begins to untangle herself from her mate. A flicker of her tongue
over her lips, there is just the smallest bit of hesitation that shows in her features. A tilt of her head up to Santiago,
as if she needs his reassurance, and then, likewise to Logan. Subtly, she grips Santiago's hand for a moment, then releases
it and steps forward. "I claim the spot of Geri." Despite the hesitation, her voice is strong, without quiver.

Logan's attention is drawn to Cherish as she steps forward and he shifts in his stance to draw everyone else's attention to
her as well. Then his gaze flicks out over the gathered wolves, the wolf in them visible and his power reaching out..
touching and testing each it crosses for the reaction to Cherish's declaration. When no one stands forward to counter
Cherish's claim he nods, "Accepted. Cherish, Geri, thank you for shouldering a burden that I know all too well carries it's
own unique difficulties. "

"There is a new position that I am going to name, one that I have created specifically to recognize the gifts and abilities
that they bring to the pack as well as a position I've long thought lacking in specific recognition. " Logan says after
welcoming Cherish, "Our traditions fall heavily from the Norse and they recognize a goddess of healing by the name of Eir.
Today I would like to let it be know that there is a new Eir among us and her position is beyond challenge, held as long as
I wish for her to serve or I am no longer Ulfric. MaryJane is your new Eir, and I know that all of you will recognize that
what she has done for us in the past is now being correctly recognized."

Cherish nods to Logan, a little flush, a little relieved it seems. Tucking herself back against her mate, she leans
against him, closes her eyes and turns her gaze back to Logan as he once again begins to speak. Her eyes turns, perhaps
scouting the group for MaryJane, before a subtle nod, wordlessly agreeing with the new position and who it was given to.

Since the end of her conversation with Logan, Una has been silent, standing to the side of the boulder. Watchful, and
thoughtful. Her eyes move to Cherish as she makes her claim, and then seek out MaryJane as the position of Eir is named.
There is a brief moment of pause, before Una herself steps forward, and lifts her voice. "I claim the position of Freki,"
she states, loud and clear. It may be the most sternly any of the wolves have heard her speak.

Cherish raises a single brow, but stays tucked at her mate's side. Again, comes that glance around the gathering.
Untangling herself from Santiago's arms, she does begin to tug her shirt off, pulling it off over he head. Hair falling over
her shoulders, now topless she waits to see what further challenges or claims come forth.

Logan's attention moves then to Una as she steps forward, having received no comment on MaryJane's new position and much as
with Cherish he nods once and then looks out once more to the crowd and his power brushes out amongst the wolves to see who
might raise a challenge to Una's claim. With one arriving he turns his gaze back to Una, a smile of welcome on his face.
"Thank you Una, with your help, along with Cherish and Alessandra I can guide this pack safely forward into the moonlit
night. "

"Santiago and I have spoken, he will be Bolverk for me as he served Robert well. " Logan says with a note of finality, "The
other positions I shall leave unfilled for now until such a time as there's a wolf that shows his or herself capable to fill
such a spot." With that said, Logan motions to another wolf and moves behind the boulder, he and the other carrying out a
low wooden platform made of what appears to be well cared for and polished pine. Setting the makeshift but appropriate to
the location bier down in front of the boulder Logan dismisses the wolf that helped him and turns to the Pack. Upon the bier
lays Roberts body, treated as well and respectfully as possible given the nature of his death. "Tonight, this Lupanar, we
give the full moon one last view of Robert's body before we do as we have always done and ensure that his tremendous
strength of character, will, and body are added to the strength of the pack as a whole. Look then, my wolves, and remember
him well…but above all, know that I will see us all safe and his killer ruined beyond redemption in this life or any

It's one of those rare moments when Cherish actually shies away. Seeing Robert's body, what remains of his body, is
enough to make her swallow but not quite quell a low, growling sound in her throat. A whine, a sound of sorrow and of
mourning that almost begins to bring itself to a howl. Turning her head into Santiago's side, she smothers whatever reaction
there and when she straightens, her face is stolid but not emotionless, not cold.

As no challengers for Freki come through, Una smiles, and then inclines her head to Logan. "I look forward to the chance to
serve the pack, and our Ulfric," she murmurs, and then takes a small step back. She watches, vigilant, as Robert's body is
brought forth. There is a gleam of sadness in her eyes, but there is strength and certainty as well.

Alessandra has Logan's back as she stands near him, watching the pack with a trace of faint amusement in her quirk of her
lips. But her gaze is cool, thoughtful and she responds to greetings as she should. Robert's body gets a respectful glance
but she remains silent, her gaze resting on her Ulfric, a softening in her expression when it rests there.

Cherish remains next to Santiago, as the funeral of the Lukoi continues. Santiago remains stolid as always, that flash
of wolf in his eyes, that little bit of something that says.. he might not be quite right. Her hand rests on her button on
her jeans, thumb hooked in the material. Gaze turning to Logan, she's uanble to look at Robert's body for the time.

"The time for talking is over now, now is the time for the hunt..for the Pack to run and be made closer and stronger in it's
running. Run well, my wolves, /hunt/ well!" Logan's voice rises to a near growling bellow at the end, and then he's slipping
free of his pants and his body shifts and contorts with a growling roar as he emerges from the goo of shifter transformation
as the great grey wolf that is his inner self. With a pause by Robert's bier, taking that first bit of the dead Ulfric for
himself, Logan bounds off into the night with a shake of his shoulders and a long howl - calling the wolves to the hunt!

Alessandra shifts, turning into a tawny wolf, her honey gold eyes staring as LoganWolf takes that first bite. She moves after
him, taking a bite, before she chases him. The ease of her movements with him speak of long familiarity, and she turns her
head, a look as if she is laughing at him on her wolf face.

That's all the urging she needs. Unbuttoning the pants, she shucks them off, steps out of them, kicking them aside
before she transforms. No use getting goo on clothes she will need later, hurm? The brown wolf, once transformed, gives a
good shake, down to her tail and does her part to send the Ulfric to the spirits. A playful yelp to her companion, she waits
for Santiago to transform before she moves too far into the hunt.

Loping back into the clearing after the buck was brought down and the meal shared out and all are sated, Logan moves back
towards the rock and gives it a slow circle. Pausing at the wooden bier he glances over the empty place that his predessesor
lay and sits back on his haunches to lift his muzzle to the moon and give one long low final mournful howl.

Alessandra follows him, and she brushes her flank against him as he howls. A gesture of comfort offered silently as she turns
her head to nudge against his neck, the honey brown wolf eyes watching him closely. She is silent though, watching him
closely, watching the other wolves too.

Logan turns, getting back up to brush against his mate and giving her a wolfish smile that combined with the feel of his power
at this time shows that all's well, one last sendoff for an old friend. Flicking silver grey eyes at her he brushes his
shoulder once more against her with a long smooth pressure before he moves off, circling through the pack and greeting those
he didn't give more time to earlier .. generally winding back towards the Boulder as he goes.

She leans into that touch, and she follows him, greeting them, and then she lopes towards the Boulder, putting a spurt of
speed into it, deliberately challenging Logan to race her there. The look she slants him is laughing, her tongue sticking
out, her ears up questioningly.

Lets out an amused growl, tail flicking and then he's off in a bound after her, toenails flinging up the floor of the clearing
as he moves to catch her…his gunmetal grey fur hard to see in the dark moonlit night air.

She is fast, and she is trying to beat him, her tail stretching out behind her. The sound she replies with is a bark, her paws
kicking up the floor, skidding as she nears the Boulder.

The chase is close, her headstart and speed making it a tough game to catch her in a straight line, but at the last moment
Logan leaps forward and up to just clear her as she starts to turn and skid towards the boulder..his aim obviously to land
before her..between her skidding form and the boulder itself even though he'll be carried quite firmly into the stone itself
by his own momentum.

Her paws skitter as she tries to stop, to avoid hitting him, but she adds momentum to the movement, pushing him into the rock,
ending pressed against him in a pile. She rolls, lying on her side, panting and laughing at him, one ear bent oddly. The
pieces of bark cling to her coat, and she barks at him.

Logan's jaw hangs open and his tongue lols out as he looks at her, a wolfish laugh if there was one, though that's only given
after he lets out a low woof at being momentarily mashed between her and the boulder. He's up on his feet then in a flash,
moving only the short distance to reach in towards her throat with his open jaws…though his teeth remain unbared.

Alessandra rolls, giving him her throat easily obviously, but he gets a bat from her paws, her own laugh up at him obvious.
But she leaves her throat bare for him, and one ear turns inside out, flopping backwards. She whines, softly.

Logan only just holds her throat for a just a moment and accepts the bat of her paws in exchange to giving her a gentle shake
of her throat and then lets go, flicking her ear back down as he moves to lay on the ground next to Alessandra in the
slightly clear space in front of the boulder.

Alessandra rolls, leaning into him, slipping her nose against his paws, sliding it against his chin. She closes her eyes,
snuggling before she whines softly at him, her tail moving slightly. The soft sound is to Logan only.

Victor hasn't been a terribly huge presence at the Lupanar but it doesn't mean that he hasn't been here. The only scuffles
he's initiated have been with those that weren't sure enough of themselves to not let him walk right over them but otherwise
hasn't made a nuisance of himself and kept to the outskirts. Now he's still off a bit by himself, laying sprawled out and

Logan looks up, glances around at the wolves as they're settled and then levers himself back to his feet. Giving himself a
shake he flickers through the change of bone and goo as he walks towards where he left his pants, a subtle permission for
any others that may wish to change. Stepping into his pants he leans back against the boulder and looks around once
air of pleased contentment surrounding him.

Alessandra slides behind the rock, shaking herself as she rises, and she too finds her clothes. Her choice of clothing is more
casual than normal, one of Logan's shirts stolen and it hangs on her petite frame, easily covering her down to her thighs.
Jeans hug her waist, faded and paired with boots. She is untangling her hair with a comb, a tiny expression of irritation at
the knots showing as she joins Logan, glancing up at him.

Though others start shifting back to their two-legged forms, Victor doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to follow suit
just yet. He does lay up more properly to watch in a way that probably mimics the way he often looks when he's the man.
Except, of course, for the lacking of fedora and stuff.

Logan chuckles softly at Alex's irritated look, arching an eyebrow as he runs fingers through his own hair. "You must be about
done with the wolf thing by now, hmm? Dinner?" His tone is teasing, clearly he's pleased with the way things have turned
out, reaching a hand for her side to pull her in close to him as he talks.

"Dinner would be good. I think you owe me steak." The look she slants him is obviously one that shows her feelings for him,
and there is an odd moment where their auras, their energies meld. She shivers, leaning into his side, brushing her cheek
against him before twisting her hair and pinning it with her chopsticks. She glances around the wolves, her gaze lingering
with amusement on Victor.

Turning his gaze on Alessandra, Victor lowers his head and rolls ever so slightly to the side, tail wagging and leg lifting
just enough to bare his stomach to the Lupa. He waits until attention is gone before slipping away to change, though, fedora
back on before he bothers with any other clothes.

Logan blinks a moment as that moment of merging auras flickers around he and Alex, but then he nods. "Let's go to the
Signature Room then, I'm sure they'll make room for me…us." He leans down and takes a quick kiss from his Lupa's lips and
then grins at Victor's roll for Alex, nods to him and then lifts his voice so that the rest can hear. "Good night wolves…
be well and good..strong and safe. Enjoy the in her power." With that he starts towards the edge of the clearing.

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