Lupanar 2010 09 26


Starved Rock State Park: Hennepin Canyon - Illinois
The walls of Hennepin canyon rise around one, topped by a frosting of overhanging pine trees and obscuring most of the
valley below from anything overhead. Under the shroud of green, the central river flashes in sparkles here and there,
otherwise a winding band of dark water fed by small waterfalls and springs along the way. The canyon widens out in places,
etched out by the water over the centuries, affording many fern-filled nooks, crannies, and caverns along the way.
A number of the larger niches have the remains of rough fire-pits in their centers, bones of both large and small game
animals about. Unlike many hidden camping areas though, they are amazingly clear of garbage. No beer cans, no hot-dog bags,
no candy bar wrappers. Merely ashes, rocks, bones, and the occasional bark-stripped tree.
The main clearing holds a single white rock in its edge, an ancient piece worn smooth, flat on the top. The blood of
animal sacrifices stains its side, a smear that fades and reappears with the passing of the moon. The ground around it is
flattened by the passing of animals, and people, tracks left across the clearing, and the trees surround it protectively,
leaving only a tunnel of light to fall from the sun or moon, illuminating the area.

A cold wind blows from the north, driving charcoal clouds before it and blotting out the stars in isolated patches
overhead. The air is clear and elsewhere the stars shine brightly. There is about twenty-six and three-quarter inches of snow
on the ground.



Logan stands in front of the large boulder in the center of the clearing, dressed as is his usual for a Lupanar, in a simple
pair of faded and well worn camouflage pants. Despite the weather and the cold he's shirtless and barefoot and looks quite
comfortable as he stands with all the apparent patience of the rock behind him. Each wolf is greeted as they arrive, singly or
in groups, some already in their furred forms and some not as they pass by him on their way into the clearing.

Alessandra is standing behind and to the side of him, her ancient jeans and vest top comfortable looking, her feet bare against
the ground here. Her hair is tied back into a plait, left to hang down her back as she watches the pack arrive, her face
serious. She nods in reply to greetings, inclining her head slightly, a flicker of warmth in her eyes for those she has come
to know.

Una moves through the gathering of wolves, brushing a shoulder here, giving a smile there. She moves towards the rock, and shows
her throat to the Ulfric and Lupa in greeting before she moves to the front and side, a fitting spot for the Freki of the pack.

MaryJane seems to come in with a group of other werewolves. She nods to the higher ups and shows respect. She moves off to the
side where others are gathered to say hello to a few others she hasn't seen in a while. Dressed in scrubs and bare feet, she
seems to take the time to mingle in the group and chats a bit with each.

Jethro enters alone, the man paying each and due deferential respect to those above him in station. Which currently as the new
member of the pack is a lot. His body language is somewhat guarded, apprehension obvious about his form. New place. New
people. He moves so that he is out of the way of most, but a decent view of the proceedings.

«OOC» And Karmen is there, but not really as the player has to idle. But she is there in IC land. A nod to Logan, as well as
Alessandra before she takes a spot in the rear, easier perhaps to keep an eye out for Raymond for when/if he shows. And better
idling capabilities.

Another dark shape in the woods emerges, Joe coming to join the pack with the help of a guide.

Silver grey eyes touch each member of the pack as they arrive and settle in, his expression serious and calm. As he studies
them, power of a sort that belongs to the Lupanar moves amongst them, linking them all as he turns his head, taking his time
to silently study each. Finally, at the last one, the power of the Lupanar closes the circle, a physical snap of power, and
Logan's voice rumbles from deep within his chest in tones loud enough to carry to the furthest member.. "We meet tonight to
greet the full moon, to bring family together in these times, to remind ourselves of the strength of the Spirit Rock Pack."
Taking a moment to let his gaze wander once more over the gathered pack Logan continues, "I welcome you all to the Lupanar as
your Ulfric. " He pauses, letting his gaze sweep across them once more, leaving a moment of silence to allow for the
traditional heartbeat of time that a challenger might use to issue a claim to the Ulfric's role.

Alessandra's eyes close for a moment as his power brushes her, a slight shiver showing before she opens them, giving Logan a
look with a slight smile on her lips. Then she turns her gaze to the pack, watching their reactions to his words, her eyes
narrowing slightly. She remains silent though, waiting peacefully.

Una's chin lifts and she closes her eyes as the feel of power moves over her. There's a slight smile to her lips, and a glance
sky-wards, before she returns to looking over the pack. She is silent, though there is a sense of eagerness to her.

MaryJane smiles as she seems happy talking to some a bit in the back. As the ulfric's power seems to snap people's attention, MJ
smiles to those she was conversing with and lets the conversation die. She moves to lean back against a tree and listens
quietly. Sliding her hands behind her as she holds onto the tree and relaxes a bit more.

Jethro closes his eyes at the touch of the Ulfric's power, taking a long while to open them once again. Arms lift and then drop
again, the newcomer looking and feeling nervous amongst these unknown peers. An unusual feeling for him, perhaps.

The power has Joe grinning and relaxing. The man exhales happily, and starts fiddling with the boiler suit's zip at his neck. He
glances around at the rest of the pack, and his smile only broadens.

Joshua's head sinks down as the Ulfrick's power flows over him, a contented sigh escapes his lips and a smile crosses his face.
He spends a few moments savoring the moment before he lifts his head again, focusing his attention back on the Ulfrick.

"Nearly a month ago I agreed to place Karmen as the Skoll on a pro-tem basis as her claim was after the last Lupanar and none
could issue challenge to her claim." Logan's voice carries across the clearing on the cool air of the winter night, softened
by the snow that blankets the ground. "Tonight is the time to issue a challenge for that or any other position within the
pack." <OOC NOTE: Karmen is idle, challenges for Skoll must be later, if you wish to challenge for any other position that the
character is not here to handle please +mail me and the challengee, it will be handled off camera if appropriate>

Alessandra is a silent shadow behind Logan, her face thoughtful, her gaze watchful as she studies the others. Joshua's reaction
draws a small smile from her, a warmth in her eyes before they move on.

Una's gaze moves over the newer, unfamiliar faces that have joined the pack this night. She flashes smiles at them, a welcoming
thing, before looking over to Karmen briefly.

MaryJane listens but offers nothing to say. She seems content at the moment, a smile comes on her face as she slowly moves to
sit down sitting Indian style on the ground. She pulls out a set of threngwa and starts to move the beads gently and silently
between her fingers. Her focus is on the ulfric, Karmen and then around to the others in the group to see if someone will
speak up.

Jethro dips his head in a polite nod to Una as he's observed, but his attention is soon back on the proceedings, waiting to see
if any of the people will spak up. That pensive air still cloaks him and he absently shifts his weight from foot to foot,
causing a slight sway back and forth.

Joe listens quietly, a new face in the group. He apparently has nothing to add; he simply waits, patient, for whatever comes.

Joshua returns any nods he's given although his attention is for the most part focused on the proceedings. He doesn't seem to
have anything to add, this being his first Lupanar.

After an appropriate pause as Logan waits for any challenges he raises his voice once more, "The time for talking is over now,
now is the time for the hunt..for the Pack to run and be made closer and stronger in it's running. Run well, my wolves, /hunt/
well!" Logan's voice rises to a near growling bellow at the end, and then he's slipping free of his pants and his body shifts
and contorts with a growling roar as he emerges from the goo of shifter transformation as the great grey wolf that is his
inner self. Logan bounds off into the night with a shake of his shoulders and a long howl - calling the wolves to the hunt!

His Lupa follows like, slipping from her form to her other one, the clothes vanishing into the pool of goo before the lighter
shaded wolf chases the Ulfric, her howl joining his in that call, that invitation to hunt. She runs at his shoulder, matching
her pace to his, her eyes on him.

Una, with a grin, begins that quick process of undressing. She lets her beast take her, the wolf splitting her skin and
reforming her. She shakes herself off, and steps away from the goo of shifting. The howl is joined, and then she's darting
into place at the heels of the Ulfric and his Lupa.

MaryJane smiles as she slowly stands as the others around her undress shift and hunt. MJ does shift and change. Hunt, sure ooo
look there is a dear over there! Dinner!

Jethro sheds his clothes as the others begin too, letting the dark grey wolf that dwells within loose shortly after. He sprints
hell for leather into the hunt, letting it all hang out for once.

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