Log:20100227 - Lust of SeVen


SeVen: Main Bar and Dance Floor - Cermak Road: Crimson District

The music is almost overwhelming. Even those who don't have a heartbeat can feel the pulse of the bass within that dead tissue, as if bringing the organ back to life. The second thing that you notice are all the bodies and the lights, which swirl and dance and writhe and grind on the dance floor. Doesn't seem to matter who you are, or where you come from, you're all welcome to sin here - straight, gay, or bi … human, vampire, or shifter. And by the look of it, there's a /whole/ lot of sinnin' goin' on! Even those that aren't moving to the rhythm of the beat are moving to an older rhythm, making out in shadowed corners or against the walls. Once fully inside you can see the club completely. There are two bars, both against the same wall but directly above one another. Stairs lead up on either side of the massive room to a second level balcony that goes around the entire perimeter of the space. Occasional metal lattice projections reach out over the dance floor, offering a small open-railing enclosure for the beautiful people to dance on and be admired.

On the walls going all the way around are a series of large scale murals depicting the Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, and Greed - in a seductive Erte' style that manages to be both stylish and erotic, agelessly attractive. Each night the atmosphere shifts to honor a different sin, and drink specials are offered to those who 'dress' for the occasion. The music changes as well - seductive and passionate for Lust, heated and wantonly pounding for Wrath, slower and more psychdelic for Sloth, and so on. Almost everything else is black, because it's the people who are the star attraction here, and the lights make them gleam and sparkle. There are a few tables and chairs on the upper level, close to the wall, but for the most part people are constantly in motion - dancing, on the prowl, looking for prey, or looking for a predator. This is not a club where you sit back and relax; this is a club where you embrace all the best things in life from dusk till dawn, if you dare.



in game 2/27/10 real 6/3/09


The theme of the night was Lust, the steady, slow pound of the beat mimics a heart the size of a cathedral. Ruddy light flickers in deep red across the dance floor and the club, pale limbs and darker skins limmed in the bloody glow. It was late in the night, and Wes is sitting at the bar, drinking, and watching the dance floor.

Another night at seVen brings the usual crowd of freaks, both the living and dead varieties. A perfect hunting ground for many of the creatures of the night, particularly those who can feed off the strong emotions built within an establishment like this. Lust, passion, fear… all of them can be touched by members of the preternatural, and all of those feeders can be found out and about on these busy nights when no one wants to be out in the cold… alone.

A tall young man finds his way through the doorway, pulling off his heavy looking coat and handing it to the doorman. The ticket for the leather goes in his pocket, and he steps within, letting the lights and smells assault his senses. So strong, so vibrant, so full of life. He moves himself across the dance floor, the first of many goals tonight to find himself at the bar, where the auburn haired one leans to whisper a few words to the tender there.

Mourning is plastered up against a man on the dancer floor, her dance sinful and full of sex. Her back is pressed up against him, and she sways in time with him in the music. She's dressed in a tight leather corset, the color of ebony with blood red ribbing. Her skirt is indecently short, just barely covering her unmentionable areas. Mourning's hair is done up in pigtails, threaded with black and red ribbons. Her make is dark, giving her a start appearance. Gray eyeshdows, making her green eyes almost glow in the ruddy light. Blood red lipstick giving her smile a sinister bent.

She moves like sin with the man, she's dancing with. Until she seems to get bored, pulling away and twirling him off onto another dancer. She stalks away from the dance floor a moment later, looking for something.

Louis arrives in regal fashion through the pair of double doors, his held aloft with a prideful lift and an unmistakable confidence within his long strides that seems to demand that the riff-raff around him make way for his arrival; Cherish hangs from his arm this evening, his own hand drawn over his chest to clasp at her hooked forearm as they arrive. But something on his features looks an awful lot like disdain, although it seems not directed at his partner of the moment.

Cherish arrives with Louis, appearing not the least offended that she is not but eye candy and something fun to drink. Dressed in a lavender dress, it clings lightly as only certain expensive materials can and falls just to mid thigh. Hair drawn up from her neck, if one looks carefully there is a recent bite mark at the curve of throat and shoulder that is almost disguised by the cut of the dress. Warm, despite the cold weather outside, she wears no coat.

seVen is fairly well hopping tonight, lust being the theme of the evening. Aside from the usual rabble floating about, five individuals step out. A man in a top hat (Wes) sits in one of the corners, and a tall-auburn haired young man (Gunthor) is speaking to the keeper at the bar. A corset bound beauty (Mourning) has just stepped from the dance floor and regal acting couple has just entered (Louis and Cherish).

Hayden enters the establishment and glances around, one hand lifting to gently smooth the fall of her coat. She paces further in but pauses just beyond where the room opens up to briefly close her eyes and take a deep breath. She then glances around, eyeing some a little more intently then others but moving with a certain desttination for her step: the bar.

There's a slight sharpness in the way that Wes watches the crowd from the bar, in spite of his casual slouch as he sits with his back against the counter. He sips his drink, and looks over as Cherish and Louis enter, with a little bit of surprise.

Amber is dressed to have fun and this is the place she has picked and has followed Hayden by only a few seconds. She also pauses as her eyes scan the room then stops when her eyes fall on the man at the bar(Gunthor). A small smile tugs at her lips and steps out to make her way directly to him.

Gunthor turns from the bar, and lets his green flecked eyes take in the crowd, casually pushing himself away it as he lets the beat begin to take him. Steady footsteps move him away, and he lets the music start to carry his body. The actor finds his way into the crowd, brushing idly against the other's dance, looking, seeking someone… or something to past the night away as he keeps his covet glances taking in the newest arrivals.

Mourning saunters over to the bar, a sway in her hip that leads one to think only one thing- sin. Her green gaze are shot toward Wes, a flash of a smile in his direction. Charming and alluring. She eases up to the bar near him, getting the bar tender's attention. "Red wine." She orders, before turning her attention toward the crowd once more. Not a word is said to Wes, her presence is a silent chill next to him.

Louis guides his companion over toward the bar area with an inclination of his head. He manuevers through the crowd without much incident — truthfully paying the tangled mess of bodies little attention at the moment. "Something to drink," he says Cherish as if it were as much of a request of her than a question. A few moments later they ease up against a few of the stools.

Settling as they move to seat themselves at the bar, Cherish smiles and orders her usual, a martini with extra olives. While she keeps a gentle, hot hand on the man beside her, briefly her eyes turn to the people on the dance floor. Her gaze moves for a time to Hayden, then Mourning and the man she beckons. Finally, her gaze returns to her companion. "So many here." Voice quiet.

Wes looks over at both Mourning and Amber, although he returns Mourning's smile with a grin of his own, he waves to Amber, and gives her a more genuine smile.

Amber stops short of the bar when her quarry suddenly leaves and makes his way to the center of the dance floor. She narrows her eyes, loses the smile and continues on to the bar where she stands alone and orders her drink. "White Russian." then tosses a folded bill to the tender to pay.

Hayden steps up to the bar shortly after Louis and his companion. She slants glance his way then eyes his companion. Her energy flares slightly but is withdrawn as she turns her attention toward the Bar tender to order a bottle of something cold. Collecting it she turns away from the bar and lifts a hand to undo the buttons of her jacket. THe bottle is lifted to her lips and she begins to pace out toward the milling crowd of people.

Drink's aren't Gunthor's concern tonight, his thirst is for something other then the drink at the bar tonight. Despire the cold out side the dance floor is hot, and it doesn't take the young man long to begin finding his groove, losing himself in the music. Years on stage have left him flexible, and an impeccable sense of rhythm while he grinds his way through the crowd. Still though he seeks tonight, his eyes the only part of his body that doesn't seem to be moving with the music, watching, waiting for something.

Amber picks up her drink and turns slightly to look down the bar as she sips it. The glass is lowered quickly when she sees the waving hand of Wes, "oh babe." She waves back and starts easing her way toward him.

Mourning's green gaze shifts toward the dance floor, settling onto Gunthor. He is considered for several long moments, before her gaze shifts toward Hayden. Considering her slightly. A shake of her head is given, and she brings her glass of wine to her lips to sniff at it, though she doesn't drink.

"Oui," Louis replies softly to Cherish's comment. His own hands fold neatly together as he presses up against the edge of the bar. A quick glance about his shoulder seems to only encourage him to manuever just a little bit further from the rest of writhing mass of humanity. "It is … good to get out," he explains with a matter of fact tone. His eyes catch sight of Hayden before they quickly dart elsewhere.

Wes waits where he is. As Mourning sniffs her wine, Wes drinks his, with another grin, for whatever reason.

Holding that chill bottle close, Hayden begins to allow herself to drift with the beat of the music. A sip is taken as she begins to merge with the dancers but the bottle is held loosly in her grip. She closes her eys and lets teh music carry her away, not really dancing with skill so much as intuition.

Martini in hand, it becomes perhaps obvious that Cherish isn't much for dancing. Still, she enjoys the sway, writhe and movement of those on the floor as she sips her drink. "It is." She murmurs quietly in response to Louis. A slightly mischievous gaze moves over Louis, "Are you going to dance?" A hand resting briefly on his cuff, where hands set together, moving slowly away after what seems a proper amount of time.

Amber holds her drink high as she weaves in and out of the crowd that's gathered at the bar. Gracefully avoiding being bumped into or having her foot stepped on from time to time. Her eyes are locked on Wes and soon she is next to him. "hi, long time not seeing you. hows the magic business going?"

The dance pulls Gunthor across the floor, body moving with a trained feel, but trained to the point where the music guides each step without conscious effort. His senses guide him, feeling his way, reaching, touching, caressing those about him as the music breaks them like the relentless ocean tides. His dark eyes take in a woman there, auburn hair moving as she lets the music touch her. A business suit amongst the dancers of lust she stands out, his attention shifting in her direction, moving himself to dance closer to her.

"Long time not seeing you," Wes says, "'ve missed out," he comments about it with a smile. "Business is going well, the right sort of gigs and the like," he says about it. "How's the rosewood?"

Amber rests her back against the bar then crosses her long legs while she chats up Wes. The drink is held as if she would drink from it but it's just held while she smiles at the man next to her. "very well, it's more the rose petal beads now and I've cut off my regular orders untill june to give me some time to relax a bit. Now she sips and looks toward the dancers as she adds to Wes. "I'v gotten a few odd orders lately, and I'll be chargeing a goodly bit for the carving of them."

"Maybe so," Louis replies in his quiet tone. But he seems in no rush, and his feet do not touch the ground anytime soon. Instead, he swings gradually around on his stool, allowing his back to rest up against the edge of the bar as the focus of his attention drifts from the woman at his side out to the dance floor. In particular, over toward movement of a few dancers in particular… And others watching them. "Sometimes it is best just to watch," he asides to his companion, his accent thickly French, "Don't you agree?"

Mourning is drawn toward Hayden as well. Her black stilettos carrying her toward the woman. There is a flash of a smile toward her. she makes her way over, while tipping her finger into the red liquid in her glass. She rubs her fingertip along her lip. She slides in close to the other woman and murmurs softly, "Got a dance partner?" Just loud enough for Hayden to hear.

Cherish smiles warmly, nursing that martini slowly. "I do." She agrees softly. Without thought, she picks up a touch of his accent, perhaps one percent of his own thick words. "I cannot dance as they dance." The words soft, almost below human consumption. For the moment, when not drawn to Louis, her attention seems on Mourning and the dance partner she attempts to acquire.

The music pulls Hayden. Her body begins to writhe with the beat and she throws her head back, hands and bottle extending high. She brushes up against the people around her and her energy flares, a low heat that throbs with the increasing rate of her heartbeat. The voice whispered just for her brings the woman focus and she blinks her eys open, arms lowering in a graceful motion. She doesn't stop moving though. Eyeing Mourning she slowly shakes her head.

"Statues of various small gods?" Wes asks about the odd orders, "Replicas of fourth century Roman emperors?" he says about it. He grins at Amber over the top of his glass. "'m glad to hear that, though."

The dance continues as Gunthor and the corseted woman both near Hayden. His eyes carefully take in the other that approaches, and a warm smile crosses his face. "No need for a lady as yourself to be stuck with a single partner, not on a night as cold as it lies outside…" His words are silken as he slides beside them, adjusting his steps to address both of them with his dance.

Amber shakes her head and leans in toward Wes untill her lips are amost touching his ear, then she whispers one word. She pulls back with a look of amusement on her face and takes a long drink from her glass. "it's true, you can tell if I lie."

Mourning give Hayden a siren's smile, and drops her glass off into the hands of a passing dancer. She slides up so that her chill body is pressed almost against Hayden's side. Her hands moving toward the other woman's hips. She all but purrs out, "Let me be your par.." She trails off and glances toward Gunthor, considering him for a moment before turning back to Hayden, "One of your partners then." There's a flare of something cold around her, but it dies back down a moment later.

"Mmm. There is a time and place for everything," Louis explains to the woman at his side, although the going-ons around Hayden seem to have his full attention at the moment; something cold swirls about him as well - strong and palpable. Somewhere up above his head, a lightbulb flickers a couple of times… And then he stands. "Are you done with your drink my dear?" he questions of her, "Perhaps we should find someplace more … us?" His lips crease up in something vaguely resembling a smile.

Wes laughs, at whatever Amber says, and looks pleased or entertained. A lack of dissapproval is to be found, in any case. His grin is wicked, and he says, "Well that is interesting. For a moment I thought it was going to be polished wooden dildos."

Hayden glances between the woman and the man then tilts her head back and laughs lightly. She lifts her bottle to her lips, head turning to the side so that she can drink from it without hefting it in Mourning's face. Her body continues to move, never stopping as she slides with the beat. Her power though.. it flares out brightly, a velvet heat that extends to those all around her who can feel such things. The bottle drops and she responds to them both, "I don't mind some company."

That cold chill from her partner nearby makes Cherish shiver, her eyes flickering up as one of the light bulbs flickers. Setting empty glass on the bar, she nods, "I am." With a light swing of her legs and a small flash of thigh she slides from the bar stool. Letting her partner lead the way out, as people seem to part waters for him rather than her, she moves along in his shadow when they move towards the door.

Gunthor hold Mourning's gaze for just a moment, a predator's smile hidden within it as she studies him in return. The laughter of Hayden is a pleasant distraction, and he moves more fully behind the other woman. Carefully he merges his movements with theirs, and long thin fingers trace his partner's spine, moving to tease against her long hair. His eyes however remain alert, watching Mourning's movements carefully. "All things in love and war, no?" He breathes the words, just heavy enough to picked up by his partners over the dance floor.

Amber is in the middle of taking another swallow of her drink when Wes makes his comment about dildos. She tries to not laugh while swallowing but that is not a success. She bends foward and puts her hand over her lips, gasping for breath and begging for a napkin. A nearby tender places a bartowel in her hand and she begins press it to her lips, chin, neck and chest just above her dress. "You are so -bad- Wes." she finishes drying and tosses the towel back on the bar. "Though now that you've said it outloud, I'll not be supprised to get orders ro that next."

"Leaves a lovely rose scent," Wes says to Amber, and moves his stool, or whatever it was that SeVen had at bars, closer to Amber's. "The market'd be there, given this lot." He says about it, and grins again.

Amongst the throbbing crowd within seVen's lust themed night, a few people stand out. A trio are moving amongst the dance floor (Hayden, Mourning and Gunthor), a pair sit at a table drinking (Amber and Wes) and a fairly regal seeming couple appear to be about to leave (Cherish and Louis).

Mourning tosses her head slightly at Gunthor and smiles toward him mildly. Her green narrows narrows while Hayden's gaze is elsewhere. The look of one predator warning off another predator. She doesn't let her hands wander too far, she simply dances in time with Hayden. Letting her body follow the lead of the other woman's.

Louis makes no further comments within the place. His gaze follows the dacers for a few moments more before being torn away to find his partner once more. His grip about her arm tightens enough to momentarily whiten the skin it touches. His elbow thumps against the door, swinging it wide for their exit.

Entering the club, Inez pauses for only a moment when she's inside the door, her eyes gliding around the room as she takes in the location of the bar and dance floor. A small smile crosses her face as she starts to move towards the dance floor, a seemingly natural grace evident in her steps as she seems to glide. Moving into the throng of dancers she starts to sway her hips from side to side as she picks up the beat of the music.

Wes says, "Leaves a lovely rose scent," Wes says to Amber, and moves his stool, or whatever it was that SeVen had at bars, closer to Amber's. "The market'd be there, given this lot." He says about it, and grins again."

Hayden continues to dance, moving now with her partners on the floor. She closes her eyes again and sends her hans up toward the sky again, head tilting back. She shifts through body movements that flow into one another not with the skill of a dancer but with the grace of one in tune with her suroundings. For the sensitive sort, her power has billowed out around her, it touches all thouse around her, mose especially the two bookcasing her with their movements.

Amber grins at Wes. "hell, I could make a million before the year is out." she eyes her drink then puts it on the counter, not wanting to risk another accident with it. As she looks up she seems to notice Inez and her eyes follow the girl onto the dance floor. She gives Wes another quick smile. "so have you gotten traped in any more puzzles?"

The dance continues between the three, a trio of predators, each finding their steps on the ladder that life bears to them. Both Gunthor and Mourning's eyes touch on occasion, neither willing to back down of the sensual choosing of the one they both marked as… weaker. The moves continue bringing their bodies and touch, and slowly the male shifts his way around, and his lips near their prey's ear, lightly exhaling his cold breath.

"'m not sure," Wes says about it. "Possibly one with black straps, but I'm not entirely sure I'd mind it," he says about it, and finishes off his drink. He looks over as Amber looks over, and tips his hat to Inez.

Inez raises her arms in front of herself, elbows bent, and moves her upper body in small circles as she dances to the music, her hips swaying as she moves. She leans her head back, her waist length hair moving to brush over the backs of her thighs. Her heartbeat quickens as she moves, her lips parting a touch.

Amber gives Wes a long look, "do you think you could get me in touch with a few places that might take orders for something like that? " she is still proped on the bar with the edge of it pressing into her back while she leans a bit toward Wes.

Hayden brings her hands down and behind her head, turning her face to the side as both her partners lips move close to her ears. Then, within moments of Mourning's withdrawal a shiver travels through Hayden's frame and she sways in her motions. The bottle in her hand is suddely dropped and the woman stumbles again. She lifts intensly blue eyes bleeding to gold toward the door and takes a step in that direction, sliding away from the grasp of those around her. Her lips whisper a word as quiet abruptly, she moves to depart the cold embrace of her partners.

"You could try here," Wes says, "'m not particularly well liked with the management here, owing to a past partial destruction of the club," he says wryly. "But if you were able to find the owner, Malcolm, he might be interested. Either that or for his own personal use, innit."

Amber laughs softly while she chats with Wes, "that's a thought, I'll have to drop him a line and see if I can get an appointment with him." she is idly watching the dance floor and suddenly frowns when she notices what Hayden is doing. "say,,, is she ok?"

Eyes flash dangerously as the bottle drops from Hayden's hand, superhuman reflexes bringing it to Gunthor's own as he shifts by her. Noticing her reaction seemed prompted by the other's whispered words he took Mourning hard in his eyes, burning her image there to remember for the future. Without risking a public display he lets dance reclaim his movements and he turns away from the women, content to let his first choice in prey upon the floor away… this time.
You paged Hayden with 'Ouch… can't compete with that one. :P I am guessing no voice trick from you then?'

Inez moves her arms out to her sides and starts to twirl in circles, her hair flying out around herself, the scent of jasmine on the air about her as she moves across the floor closer to the group already there.

Mourning is moving away already when Hayden whispers. It's a wonder that she hears it. A tilt of her head is given and she turns to watch Hayden go. A slight frown upon her lips. A tilt of her head is given. She looks somewhat puzzled and misses Gunthor's look completely. A shrug of her shoulders is given.

"She should be able to handle herself," Wes says, and looks over in the direction that Amber was looking. He says something quietly to Amber, inaudible over the music even to those with very good hearing. "Innit." he says, at the end of that.

His head already searching for his next victim, it takes Gunthor a moment to notice that the rotting scent of the other predator doesn't retreat as Hayden does. The music claims him as he steps away from where the trio danced, and he notices another near. Not quite as lush and heady of a scent as his prior target, but fresh… clean… He smiles lightly lets the beat carry him towards the twirling girl, idly moving close enough for her long hair to brush him in the dance.

Amber pulls her attention back to Wes and nods at him. "and let me tell you about it." she moves in closer speaking softly. "I almost lost it into a shift here. There was some feeding going on and the smell of blood almost pulled me over." She names no names as she tells Wes of her narrow excape. "I was drinking with another who has, obviously, better controll and he helped pull me back."

Hayden continues moving through the crowd and toward the exit, pace picking up speed as she moves. She slides through the clubbers and out the door into the night, intent on some unkown destination.

Mourning drifts out of the club now, her footsteps calm and sure.

Inez feels her hair brush against something behind her and finishes her twirls where she faces the strange man. Her deep brown eyes look him over as her body flows to the music, she steps in close to him for a moment, sways, then steps back, a slow smile forming on her lips.

"I can help you with that, if you like," Wes says about it. "Can't really get rid of the feeling of it, entirely, but I can help." He slides his empty glass over to the bartender for a refill.

Auburn hair moves behind the man as he closes, stepping into the dance with the tiny woman before him. The predator's eyes have softened slightly, his senses having picked up that the others have left and are not waiting behind him in the shadows. His body moves smoothly, brushing and touching against her hands and hair when the dance merits it… carefully and calmly waiting, each touch of her warm flesh a torrent of sensations running through cool body.

Amber nods and leans in closer to Wes, her hand now resting against his arm, as if she needed to just touch someone. "yes, and I'm glad that you are."

Inez closes her eyes, smiling, her head leans back again as she shakes her head to move her hair over her shoulders, her neck long and smooth. The more she dances the quicker her blood flows through her veins, a soft sheen of sweat starting to glisten upon her skin. She moves her hand out to run her fingertips over the man's chest before she turns quickly, putting her back up against him.

Wes places his own hand over Amber's, and there's a subtle touch of power from the man, a thread of warmth. He looks over at Amber, thoughtfully, his blue eyes considering.

The smell of sweat, the beating of her heart… the vampire she dances with closes his eyes as he inhales deeply, feeling the hunger beginning to well within him. Long fingers move with the music, touching her thighs and sides, his hips shifting to keep himself pressed tightly against her as they rise and lower with the thump of the music. His eyes open, nearly black from the dilation, taking in each and every sight that moves within the room. The flecking of the skin at her neck is visible as he watches, each tick a sign of the blood that flows beneath it. His lips lower to her ear, and single word is whispered to her.

Amber again pulls her attention from the dancers and smiles at Wes when she feels that soft touch of power. "and where were you last night." she quips, but anyone could sense that she's only joking. She turns so her side is resting on the edge of the bar. "I'v been going to my cabin in the mountains, down in Tenn about once a month. If you ever wish to go along with me for those few days, let me know."

Leaning her head back against the man that whispers in her hair, Inez smiles as her breathing quickening as she raises her hands up over her arms, her fingers moving to tangle in his auburn hair, her backside brushing against him as she continues to move her body to the rhythm of the music.

Amongst the usual crowd flowing through seVen, a few familiar faces stand out. Near the bar Amber it's with the top hatted Wes, and in the middle of the dancers Gunthor is pressed close to Inez.

The feel of her passions rising inflames Gunthor, and his hunger filled eyes close for a second as he fights to keep the beast in check. The scent of the tiny woman's body ignites him, and a strong arm shifts to wrap around her waist, almost as if being pressed there to keep her from escaping. His steps begin to guide her away from the dance floor skillfully, each beat of the music a step further from the crowd, seeking an shadowed corner within which to taste he.

Amber nods as she traces up and down his arm with finger tips. "oh, yes, a few." she leans in to place her lips near his ear and whispers a few words then leans back to say normally. "the cabin is large, two bedrooms down stares with a bath and the attic has been converted into a master suit with bath. I'm hoping to have others there as well, from time to time."

Wes talks to Amber quietly some more, leaning in as he talks. The tracing up and down with fingertips has an effect on the usual lack of magical presence of the man - warm power meets the woman's touch.

Allowing herself to be moved across the dance floor, Inez moves one hand down to trail her fingertips along his cool skin, her lips parted as she breaths heavily. As they near the edge of the dance floor she pauses as uncertainty crosses her mind. Her blood pumping hard and fast through her veins, her body reacting to the nearness of the man she feels pressed against her back, enjoying the feel of him there, yet not wanting to stop the dancing.

The night life breeds a certain passion within the club as life emits a near palpable, bittersweet taste within. A faint hue of smoke fills the room as the scent of cigarettes, alcohol, food and body musk seem to nearly topple Danny over as she enters the club. The teen passes through the doorway of the threshold a her soft azure and golden flecked gaze passes on over those within. A few faces can be discerned as familiar there as the kid spots Wes and Amber at the bar. Though as she takes in the view of Gunthor there leading Inez to a dark corner in what seems to be a rather intimate dance, the girl watches on as a look of sorrow seems to fill her soft expression. She watches there from within the main portion of the club as her brow furrows on up in slight confusion. The man she'd been taken in with and seemed to show an affection towards her apparenty had a change of heart which only seemed to burn as a vivid inner pain for the youth. Casting her gaze downward a bit she frowns softy then moves to make her way on over towards the bar as she sets down in one of the stools and orders a simple shirley temple for the moment. A polite smile is offered to Amber and Wes though still there was that deeper pain within the cast of her midnight sapphire and golden flecked eyes. Waiting on the tender to take her order the teen casts her gaze towards the bar's counter top as she rests her slender forearms uon its surface in somewhat deeper thought.

Amber nods at something that Wes had whispered to her, her smile widening a bit as she allows, finally, her own power out to meet his, touching him tentively then more boldly as she whispers softly back to him.

The auburn haired man notices her change in tempo, the shifting within her body of the endorphins and sweat, feeling the slight resistance to his continued movements. He breaths into her ear again as he keeps her close, his body still moving with each step, the dancing not stopping as long as the music continues thumping. "A drink my belle, a second from the dance and we return…" His words are honeyed as he focuses on her attention, feeding her passion with both mind and touch, edging her towards the shadowed recesses.

Inez lets her smile widen at his words, his breath warm along her skin sending thrills through her body. She presses her body back against him and rubs in small slow circles before she laughs and turns to face him, her eyes bright with excitement as she slips her hand inside his. Pulling her lower lip into her mouth to suck on for a moment she pulls her ebony hair over one shoulder in a thick mass, exposing the warm flesh at her neck though she doesn't seem to understand the effect she might have on him.

Preoccupied with Amber, Wes doesn't return Danny's smile. He lifts a hand and runs his own fingers along Amber's arm, and listens and speaks to the woman with him alternately.

Amber had caught the flicker of Danny's smile and nods at her but it seems her whispered discussion is important enough that she doesn't call out to the other girl. She nods at Wes while her fingers are now resting against the side of his neck, warm flesh against warm flesh while she whispers.

With Inez facing him, the predator guides her back into a shadowed alcove gently. Cool lips lean forward, and he presses them against her own for a second, trailing the kiss along her chin. The warm of her flesh scorches his lips, the promise of fulfillment on so many levels. Hands idly wander her body, stroking her sides and dancing along her arms as his lips draw back, the point of his fangs tracing along the curve of her neck, nearing the delicate spot where her life's promise is held for him.

And so little Danny is left at the counter to more so to herself as she watches Wes and Amber to her right side, while her keeper dances the night away in a lustful reverie with another woman. The teen turns her eyes carefully as she watches the two on the dancefloor make their way on over to a dark alcove. The youth's senes were sharp, sharper then most others due to her inherent abilities. The cold flash of fangs slips into her view as she watches the predator take his prey into the deep shadows to feed of his current victim. Danny doesn't seem entirely willing to stop him though…not that she could even if she wanted to, and the reprecussions for doing so would've been far greater then even she would be willing to suffer. The two off to the side of the dancefloor are left to their own devices as the girl turns back to her drink there at the bar. Soft, full, silky lips press close to the straw as she takes a few sips of her drink. The rich, sweet taste of of the cherry flavor tinkgling within her mouth and at the back of her throat as the thick liquid fills her senses.

Pressing her breasts firmly against Gunthor, Inez tilts her head to the side, exposing more of her neck as she feels his lips there, her skin is unmarred by any other marks, it's possible this would be her first time sharing with a vampire, but his powers seem to easily control her…. persuading her to his desires. Her hands move up his arms, gripping him firmly as she moves her body slowly to the music, the scent of jasmine rising strong on the air around her as her body heats with the desire that has moved it's way into her.

Meanwhile, Wes leans in to run his teeth along Amber's ear. "Sounds brilliant," Wes says. The warmth of his power runs along his fingertips, and Amber's fingertips. "I think 'm losing track of the conversation though." he says about it with a smile

A hand slides behind her head, the fingers gently wrapping in Inez's long locks as Gunthor claims her. His sharp fangs pierce her neck easily, his strong arms easily keeping her tight against his body should she attempt to struggle. The passion continues to pour from his body, the cold power wrapping both of them as his lust for feeding claims him, the font of her body pulsing while he takes his fill.

Gunthor feeds on Inez

Amber chuckles softly and licks at his ear before she pulls back after her last whisper. "I am too, I think." despite the surge of power that rises with Gun's feeding from Inez, Amber seems to not bother with it. "I remember the times we went to the island, remember that."

"Those were good times," Wes says \"That and the park," Wes says with a smile, the tug of his lips tangible on Amber's neck. "Although that did end differently, innit." Wes says about it. "Would you like to dance, again?" he asks.

Amber slids her hand from his neck, down his arm to place it in his hand. She leans in close as she gives a simple "Yes. I would love to."

Inez gasps as she feels the sharp fangs plung into her neck, her eyes opening wide, whites showing around the brown as a moment of panic enters her, heartbeat quickening in reaction and her blood pumps hot and thick into his mouth with each beat. It takes only moments for her to relax into him, fingers of one hand moving up to tangle in his hair, pulling his head down hard against her, the other hand moving down to grasp his ass firmly. Soft moans can be heard escaping her lips as she presses herself tightly against him.

Wes' hand is warm as he stands up, and leads the way to the dance floor. His top hat casts an angular shadow in the glimmering red light of the club, along his skin. Wordlessly, he smiles at Amber, blue eyes more of a shade of gold in the light.

Amber follows Wes with a graceful walk, her long legs and tall heels lending an bit of an extra sway to her hip motion.

Gunthor drinks deeply of Inez, noticing the distinct lack of taint left from other feeders. Her pure blood raced through his body, warming him to his core as the fluid fills him. The taste is intoxicating, and it takes a good portion of the vampire's willpower to control his drinking, sippling from the waterfall that rages before him. Gentle hands continue to caress and support her slight frame, keeping her from sliding from his grasp.

Danny lets the straw slip from between the soft petals of her lips as she every now and then turns her head to look on to the mass of bodies within. Whatever sin theme there was for the night, the girl seemed more or less absent of care for the time being. Deep thoughts turmoil within her mind as that soft expression upon her youthful face seems to portray her current inner conflict. The girl stares at her drink long and hard and lost in the waves of her current emotions as that soft and tender frown settles there upon her plush, pouty lips. The liquid within her glass seems to coalesce agaisnt the red tide of the cheery fluid as the two mesh together in a symphonic reverie of abandonment…dancing in the streaming flow within her cup as the liquidy condenstion from the glass settles there in a perfect ring and pooling about the bottom of the cup. Every now and then the drink is lifted on up back to her small mouth as she drinks in careful sips from its contents. There was an aura of lonliness that seemed to surround the youth in that moment, a touch of pain dashed with her current sorrowful demeanor as she's left to watch those upon the dancefloor enjoy the night and the pleasant atmosphere.

A strange sense of warm euphoria seems flow over Inez as he drinks. Her eyes close and her breathing slows as her heart works harder to pump the blood through her veins to make up for what is being taken from her. Her arms slowly grow tired and slide off from around his body to relax at her sides, her body slowly relaxing as she fights to be able to continue standing though in truth she needs his help to support her. A silly smile can be seen on her lips and she makes soft mmmmm…. sounds as he continues to drink.

When Wes reaches the dance floor, he pulls Amber close, not the careful, polite dance of the previous time, but a more feral, base one. His warm power heats his skin, and he meets Amber's eyes directly. The theme of the night was Lust.

Amber widens her eyes in supprise, the kind that makes her own eyes go dark with list and her smile take on a wicked twist. She is easly pulled foward to press into his body her hips doing a shift, sway then push into his.

Slowly, almost regretfully Gunthor raises his lips from Inez's newly tapped bloodstream. His tongue laps at it lightly, applying what would almost seem a lover's gentle pressure to begin stanching the blood flow. He moans softly against her flesh, hearing each beat of her heart, knowing how easy it would be to continue drinking from her, draining each precious drop… to feel the fear and panic begin to set into her body. He holds her close while he waits for her to steady, feeling her grasp to know if she will still need his support.

Inez moves her head enough to the side to press her lips against his cheek, her eyes fluttering open just a touch as she feels his mouth move away from her skin. Her head feels rather light from the blood loss, though not enough to harm her it's her first time and she's unused to the feeling. She lets out a soft giggle and moves her arms up to weakly wrap around his neck, her breath hot and moist against the skin of his cheek and ear.

The theme of lust was a rather appropriate one for the club this night. Danny turns her head as she watches those on the dance floor and about the darker recesses of the club walk a different rhythm, one more of darker sensations, hungers and desires that seem to fill the air in a bittersweet taste of flesh, and flowing juices. The hard stench of alcohol could be scented upon the breath of those within as the thickness of cigarette smoke fills the air in tained toxicity. The room hels a certain haze to it, a drunken impassioned stupor as those within seemed to dance to thier own sacred rhythm, a older dance, more primal and nearly almost feral like. The girl was mostly out of sorts within the place, the only reason for her coming here really was the comfort of family that owned the place…the whole district being nearly overrun by the Kiss as their presence was strong within the area. As much as the club acticities may have been considered vile by others, it was a still a safe haven for the girl as well as many others that were in the Kiss's good wihses.

The strong vampire easily supports the tiny girl, bringing his lips to hear ear as the blood slows to a trickle. "Thank you, a finer vintage I don't believe I've tasted from one of yours before." He kisses her cheek lightly, a faint redness from her own blood touching her flesh. "Would you care for a drink to help you fortify yourself my belle?" His arm loops around the young woman's waist, and he begins to guide her from the corner, the coppery scent of her blood mixing with the jasmine that floats about her.

Inez nods to his question, seeming unable to speak at the moment, just smiles as she leans her body against his side and walks with him to the bar, her eyes half-closed in a sleepy/dreamy manner. She rests her head against his chest, her diminutive height quite apparent as she leans against him.

Amber widens her eyes in supprise at Wes, the kind that makes her own eyes go dark with list and her smile take on a wicked twist. She is easly pulled foward to press into his body her hips doing a shift, sway then push into his.

Wes leans in to Amber as he dances, pressing his hips back against the woman, his hands running up along her sides. He leans in to lightly nip the back of her neck, his breath warm against her skin.

It was a chemical romantic evening, the kind where inhibitions were lost to the wayside as one's darker nature could shine through into the late eventide of darkness and desires. The club's activity was hot tonight, like burning embers the atmosphere sizzles in a stained scent of passion mixed with pleasure and pain. The young teen at the counter didn't really look as if she belonged here though. Her dainty figure almost cast in a faint shillouette as shadows dance across her sunkissed flesh and ripen out her otherwise awkward presence like sore thumb amongst a pristine hand. Another drink had been passed along to to the waif as she'd finished her first. The cherry liquid strong wtihin her throat as the cool of the soda refreshes her once dry mouth. The smoke had helped in that department to clog the senses as well as add to that terrible bitter sensation within one's mouth as well as cause a certain dryness within. Her throat started to burn a bit from the thickened atmosphere as she takes her next drink to press upon the soft peatals of her full lips and sip lightly upon it. The straw was an onxy in color so was hard to tell if the youth was actually bothering to take her drink rahter then be lost in that tide of lonliness there by herself as the bar. She'd stopped watching the others for now within the club as the delicate mismatched of her colorful orbs drink in the visage of the mirror behind the bar. Her reflection could be seen there, and oddly was distrubing a bit watching her watch herself through the shimmering light within the room. Faces dance in a tide of passion as they pass by unknown to her and wrapped up in their own plentiful desires.

Gunthor supports the young woman as they make their way to the bar, his blood filled eyes slowly returning to normal. His prey is relying on him support, and to those that didn't know better, it would seem like nothing more then a gentleman helping a tipsy friend across the room. He eases her into one of the stools, and glances over to the tender, ordering a bit of liquid fortitude for the lady, and a glass of wine for himself. As he waits for them he licks the last residue of his kiss from his lips, taking the time to scan the bar again, noticing for the first time Danny's arrival. He stood close enough to her that she could catch his vision in the mirrors, and with a slight smile and nod he greets her through the fractal glass… still supporting Inez against his body.

Amber titls her head bad and her body slowly bends backward to follow with only Wes's hands to keep her from falling she is pulled upward with her hair flaring out over her shoulders. Her lips part as she looks him in the eyes and brings a hand to caress his cheek and jaw and rubbing a thumb over his ear lobe. Her knees part slightly as one is rasied to rub over Wes's hip and thigh.

Inez leans back from Gunthor and her eyes move up to his face, a sudden flush brushing hot through her skin. She raises one hand to her neck and her fingertips lightly brush over the bite mark there, inhaling sharply as she feels the sting. She runs her tongue out across her lips and she swallows, suddenly a touch uncertain yet still drawn to the
strange man beside her.
One of Wes' arms supports Amber as she leans back, the other hand moving over her chest, as lightly as his other arm was steady. His own expression of animal lust is intensified as the woman rubs him with her knee.

Though the music is not a Tango, Amber shifts her body slightly, her legs and feet moving with a swift grace as she makes several quick Tango moves to slide her body and hands over Wes then ending with her leg wrapping around him and sliding the side of her foot slowly up then down the back of his thigh before returning her foot to the floor.

Her patron's visage is caught in the mesh of fractal colors and light as the mirror shimmer in a cacophany of vibrant glory. The lasers flashing through the sheeted metal, glass and plastic combined to form his familiar visage there just beyond the other side of the looking glass. She wasn't happy to see him as her soft frown might give away. She stares hard back at him as that look of golden fire casted agaisnt a sea of cool cobalt stares back into his own eyes, though only briefly before she looks down and away. She was unhappy for some reason, though it might be apparent to others then just herself, but it was hard to tell what others deeper thoughts were from just a faint glance. She shakes her head lightly to herself as that frown darkens just a bit more. The soft contours of her full lips edge downwards to cast her own disdainful expression there upon the delicate featurs of her heart-shaped, youthful face. Whereas she may not have agreed entirely with her guardian's antics, she still seemed to know well enough her place as she keeps silent, though doesn't greet him back with any sort of smile or nod. The simply quiet left between them as opposed to the loud music and background chatter within the room. The girl sips her drink quietly as her small, soft hands rest lighlty upon the counter. There was a certain anger brewing deeper within her as the flash of golden and blue race across her vision in a wild streak.

The vampire is not so far removed from humanity to not notice the look of his young companion. The fact that a beautiful young woman rested beside him, currently recovering from his feeding was guilt in her eyes, a sign that perhaps he had strayed. But she did not understand Gunthor like she believed she did, very few did. His arm around Inez shifted, and he continued caressing the young woman, guiding her face to look at the bar as the tender places their drinks before them. "Here, a sip… it will help." He knows well the concoction that is in front of her, one designed to supplement those whom had recently been fed upon, returning some small bit of their strength. His eyes flicker back to Danny, and his lips move almost silently, the words touching only her ears as he does.

Inez takes the glass set before her and brings it to her lips, the moisture pouring into her mouth as she drinks thirstily. She closes her eyes and leans into the man, her warm body pressing into the contour of his arm, snuggling a little there. She wraps her fingers around the glass, feeling the moisture as it beads upon the outside, running her fingertips through it to create small trails. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, confusion mingling with a sense of comfort within her.

Wes dances with Amber with all the decency of a European indie film, running his hands over her the sides of her breasts, her ass. The sound that he makes, as Amber puts her foot down on the ground, is a low, throaty groan. In the flickering red light of the club, he /wants/ her.

seVen is hopping tonight, the lust themed crowd packing the building. Amber and the behatted Wes are dirty dancing on the floor, and at the bar Inez leans sleepily against Gunthor, a slight stain of red against her neck. A few feet away Danny sits at the bar too, surrendering to the loneliness as she explored her goblets.

Wes leans in to kiss Amber, roughly, as if they weren't standing in a dance floor, rhythm shed off as easily as a second skin. He continues to run his hands over Amber's body, a complete lack of care for anything else, just that one singleminded wnat.

With whispered sentiments toward the kid as her guardia's power touches upon her in a comforting satisfaction the youth casts her gaze downwards a bit as that soft frown lightly eases on up some. She seemed to understand his needs as well as wants and desires, and even though it pained her to see him with another woman, she too was still understanding enough as well as patient to allow him that space that he seemed to need. Far be it for her to actually grow jealous over him as he wasn't exactly something to own or even close to anything being near a posession. Gunthor was his own person with his own feelings as well as life, or unlife, to live. The girl seemed to know as well as realize his need to feed as well as his lasting humanity to comfort those that he did so from. He was humane, wich was odd for a one of the Kiss, but it was that humanity that Danny had fallen for really. As much as he was dominant and even a predator, the girl seemed to know that she had no right to tell him what to do, or how to live his life. She was merely someone to offer him comfort as well as protect him thoroughout the day as he slept. And wheras she might've liked to be more with him…that in turn may come in time, but for now she was satisfied with what she was allowed to have. He'd done quite a bit for her, taking her away from her previous abusive situation where she lived, housing and taking care of her, and for that she was greatful enough and didn't seem to expect any more from him then he was willing to show. The girl sits quiety at the bar with Gunthor and Inez beside her a little ways away, Gunthor seems to be holding Inez as the woman looks as if she has a drunken haze about her. The other two, Wes and Amber dance rather erotically upon the main floor.

Amber is caught up with the kiss and dancing is forgotten. Her arm slides over his shoulder to grasp Wes's back and pull herself closer.

Gunthor keeps his visible attention on the girl at his side, his senses feeling about the room. The lust from the dance floor continues to rise, and were it not for the recent feeding the headiness might have threatened to consume the passionate undeead. Danny's own scents began to calm, understanding the words he spoke, allowing him to focus his attention on the poor girl he was supporting. With her on the stool and him next to it, it kept her body against his, the top of Inez's head about even with the base of his strong chin. "You were fresh my belle, and I took you without even a name. I hope you can forgive me for the trespass… your blood… so sweet…" His words are whispered, barely touching her ear over the heavy thrum of the music.

Inez smiles at his words and she turns in her stool to face him, wrapping her arms around his waist, her legs parting to surround his own. Resting her chin upon his chest she looks up at him, the passion heavy on the air about her having its effect, mingling with the haze of the blood loss. Very softly she whispers in a strange accent, part Brazilian, part Creole, "Inez…"

Like a moth drawn to flame, Zachary steps through the double black doors. He glances around seeing if he recognizes any faces. The pale teen smiles slightly as he sees Danny. He moves through the crowd, weaving through the sea of bodies as he heads towards the bar. He eases up next to Danny and bumps her lightly with his elbow. "Hey." There is an exuberance to the youth that was not present before, as he grins over at the teenage girl.

Wes leans Amber over an arm as he kisses her, and then sweeps up the rest of her in a quick, deft movement. "Shall we head somewhere more private?" he asks, "Much as I enjoy testing just how liberal the staff and patrons of Seven are." he says about it.

Amber keeps her arm around Wes's shoulder as she scoops her up then caresses his cheek with her free hand. "any where you want to go." then she kisses him, her palm still pressed to his cheek.

Passion, bubbling within the young woman against him and flowing from the dance floor compete for the vampire's attention. When Inez wraps her legs about him he smiles, her fresh blood bubbling within his body, filling his near human body with a rare warmth. "You are beautiful my belle, my Inez." He leans his head down and kisses her forehead lightly, a hand reaching to brush her hair from the spot of blood on her neck. "I give you the chance to walk away my beauty, else before long your blood within me will grant… other missed opportunities." His other hand shifts lower, resting on her bottom through the thin cloth there, pulling her tight against him again.

Inez lets out a soft 'mmmmm' sound as he pulls her to him and she shakes her head. She slides one hand into his hair at the back of his head and turns her lips up towards him as she presses her body tightly against his, seeming to offer even more of herself to this strange man.

There was still a pained expression upon the teen's youthful face as Gunthor seeems to more intimate with his prey. As much as the child seemed to understand his situation, it was hard for her sit next to him and pretending to go unnoticing of the situation. Though the woman to his side seemed to need care and Danny was't selfish enough to simply desire attention when it was definitely needed elsewhere's for the moment. Sitting quietly at the bar by herself, the teen though still had that sense of loniliness within and surrounding her. As much as she understood the situation, she was still very human with human emotions and thoughts…she was far from perfect, though Inez does get a empathetic glance from the youth as she watches her carefully to make sure that nothing too terrible happens to her, thoug the woman was in her protector's arms, which meant that she'd be safe and Danny had very little to worry about because of such. Though as Zack makes his way into the room and up to the bar to lightly bump against Danny's elbow the youth turns surprised for the moment as that sudden lonliness about her demeanor suddenly changes with the presence of the other teen. "Hey there." That warm smile spreading lighlty upon her youthful features as she greets the young man in a soft, yet compassionate tone. "I wasn't expecting you to be here. You ran off so quickly last time. How's things going with you and Memory?"

Knowing the effect his touch had on the weaker willed, Gunthor had been almost certain of what her answer would be, but for his own occasionally misguided sense of humanity he had to offer her the choice. When she moves to pull him closer, his blood flushed lips meet her seeking ones, the taste of copper playing to her mouth. His fingers press through the thin material of her jeans, stroking at the tender flesh that they hide, the ones in her hair, tangling it delightfully. His eyes take on a look of warmth before he closes them, feeling his unliving body beginning to respond.

"I was a little confused last night." Zack hops up on an empty stool, next to where Danny is perched. He cocks his head slightly, thinking about the previous encounter. "Not about the feeding.. It just brought up a few things that I wasn't particularly ready to deal with." With a casual motion, he brushes a few wayward honeyed locks from his sterling colored eyes. "As for Memory, I haven't seen her since she ran out with your shirt."

Inez presses her lips firmly against Gunthor's, her tongue darting out to run along his, tasting the coppery tang there. She wraps her legs around him, her feet rubbing over his calves as she pulls herself tightly against him, moving her hips up and down as she can from where she continues to sit on the stool. Her fingers tangle in his hair, running through the length and giving just a gentle pull before moving back up to massage his scalp. One hand moves down over his chest, kneading in a hungry motion there.

Hungry kisses, passionate touches, each of Inez's movements bring more of the flames that her blood has already fanned within Gunthor's chest to a head. Oddly warm fingers pick up the sensations from her body, and his hand slides above her waistband, disappearing beneath the back of her shirt. He pulls her so that no space is between them, and carefully he takes a step back, drawing his lips back for just a moment from her own. "Not here… someplace… private…" His words come in gasps as the hunger near overwhelms him, and his unliving body aches from the desires that she has replaced him him for this moment.

That was…a bit too much for Danny to take…watching the man that she had strong feelings for palying tongue tag with another woman. The girl looks…hurt. Very, very hurt as if someone had suddenly stabbed her in the back, the sheer agony of it literally seeming to visably show there upon the child's soft face. Her eyes start to water a bit as that strife and agony expresses on over her entire being. It steadily eats away at her inside as she stares on over at the two for a moment longer. She shakes her head just a bit as there was a grave difference between the need to feed and displaying these kind of actions…though her decision had been made in that certain moment…Gunthor wouldn't find her back at his house when he was done here. ALl throughout her life she'd been hurt by others, others lying, backstabbing her, using her for their own wants and needs…and now this. It was really just too much for her. The girl seemed unable to actually talk for the few moments as she watches the two impassioned in their intimacy. She shakes her head once more as her lips move but no words come out. Quietly she lets her gaze cast downwards as the soft cobalt of her golden streaked gaze turns to look at her drink. Quietly she simply retorts to Zack, "I…I have to go. I'm…sorry. Just…can't do this." Whatever the hell she meant by that was hard to tell though the girl slips on out of her stool as she painfully makes her way to the door.

Inez runs her tongue along her lips as he pulls back from her, tasting him there. Slowly she nods her head, her fingers moving to rest against his chest, her own chest rising and falling with quickened breaths as her passion fills her. Softly she whispers, "Where?"

The vampire's hand takes Inez's without a word, and he begins to move across the dance floor. If he has a goal in mind he's not saying where it is… but the hunger within him is far from sated, the young woman's actions inflaming it with memories of touches from the past. He seems to flow through the other's present, his own emotion feeding the crowd, raising the levels of heat and passion within the room as he does.

Practically hopping off of the stool, Zack follows after Danny, as she retreats from the scene. The teen moves with the intent of catching up with her before she leaves. "Hey, Danny, wait up." His hasty path leads him bumping and pushing past those that stand in his way.

Inez follows the vampire with quick steps, eager to be away and alone with him, though she didn't seem to really realize just how publicly she would have been willing to display her passion at this moment. Her waist length hair trails behind her as she moves across the dance floor, the music beating a quick rhythm to her graceful steps.

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