Lvste's Vitals
Name: Lvste
Race: Vampire (Dragon)
Shortdesc: 5'5" Native American woman in dark clothes.
Position: The Knife Thrower and Enforcer
Fame: If you knew, you'd be dead
Temperament: Calm Water, Furious Storm
Themesong: Indestructible by Disturbed
Julia Jones as Lvste

General K knowledge(Anyone could find this out)

Lvste is the personal guard and first enforcer for Maximillian, the recently arrived Master of the City. She has been seen across the city and in most any place imaginable across the nights she’s spent within it. Sometimes she appears only to observe the people present, but it isn’t uncommon for her to engage them. The woman is quiet and reserved, her mood often difficult to pick out from her relaxed silence. Even when tensions rise, she remains a cool point of focus.

Background Hooks(Few people would know any of this outside of Max’s coterie)

Lvste’s past is one that she has moved well beyond. Born not long before the Second Seminole War, she showed a connection with the spirits amongst her people. A valuable gift that, when the war broke out, led her to being made a part of the war, which led to her meeting Max after a long string of successes ended in dire failure for her band. It isn’t impossible that another of her brethren were turned as a result of that night.

Lvste has since been traveling the US with Max and his circus. The woman rarely takes an intimate relationship with anyone and so hooks of that sort are uncommon. But she does take pains to make more casual links with those who she comes across and seem useful to her, given her personal criteria. A past acquaintance, positive or negative, are always possible.

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Role Play Hooks

Lvste is capable of being just about anywhere. Though the places where meeting her is more likely and more conducive to active engagement include Lake Shore beach(where she often goes to recreate), Wavecrest Island(her second choice) and the various clubs and eateries, though she tends to prefer social clubs for her lingering. She’s also often at the Pomme, watching over or checking in with the security there.

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