Mackenzie's Vitals
Name: Mackenzie Taylor
Race: White, Werewolf
Shortdesc: Pretty, pint-sized, pierced and punky blonde girl.
Position: New pup/ Musician.
Fame: N/A
Temperament: Perky
Themesong: N/A
Hillary Duff as Mackenzie Taylor


**NOTE: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it.

General: Mackenzie arrived in the city early in June of 2008, having come all the way from Texas, the tiny thing looking to make her way as a musician, playing guitars and drums where ever she's allowed.

Shapeshifter: Mackenzie has been a werewolf since sometime in mid-to-late 2007, having just barely managed to take control of her abilities to be allowed to leave her previous pack in order to find a new place in Chicago.

Performing Arts: Mackenzie is a capable musician, able to play guitars and drums, with a Rock and Metal leaning. The girl able to back her instrumental abilities on stage with some dance training adding some grace to a punky appearance.



  • Any place loud, with a ground, and music.
  • The Blues Bayou, she works there as a Hostess.


Crowning the top of this four feet and eight inch tall girl's head is a mane of goldem blonde hair, grown down the middle of her back and slightly curled past her shoulders. Her heart shaped face could be described as that point where cute becomes stunningly hot. Her eyebrows thin and blonde proving natural color with a couple steel captive bead rings through the left. Bright amber eyes that almost glow beneath them. small ears with a stud in the dangly part of each lobe and two more rings in the more solid part of the cartilage Her nose small and round, slightly upturned with a ring through the septum, her lips full not quite large and a very healthy pink nearing red against her fair skin and a jaw line that helps to accentuate them with a ring through the middle of the lower lip and a stud through the long tongue hidden behind them. A light dusting of freckles also coat her fair cheek cheeks. Her voice a syrupy Texan drawl when she speaks.

Over the athletically petite but curved top half, those shapely toned shoulders and arms down to her wrists and down just covering barely half of her well toned stomach is a very close fitting old black zip-up hoodie, the hem at the bottom forced up by a D-cupped chest to expose her midriff with the zipper itself unable to close further than halfway between said chest with a very beat up white tank top beneath it. Printed in a bright pink color is the Adidas logo cut in half by the zipper. Her wrists are tiny and slender, tapering down from her upper arms and elbow. Her hands small but dexterous, her slim fingers ending with pointed nails painted a reflective pink. The diminutive female's stomach is flat and noticeably muscular. Her small indented navel bares a ring, linked via a chain there's an amethyst adorning the piercing like an exclamation mark. Her waist small and waif-like giving her a slim hourglass figure.

From the tops of her curved hips and further on down her lower half is caressed by a pair of thick skin tight black denim Levi's jeans redundantly held up by a wide belt made from wire hinged plates of brass, the plates one of the girl's hand spans wide and ending in a large the oval shaped cowboy buckle made of brass with a starburst shape etched and embossed into the metal. The heavy denim tight enough to ride up in back and bind her toned legs into a stride that belongs on a catwalk, the hems at the cuffs coming to a stop just above her ankles. On her feet and covering her shins are a pair of black leather combat boots, with thick treaded soles making the boots looking almost clunky on her tiny feet yet not enough to prevent a hip swaying strut. The pink laces are arranged to look always untied but let the boots stay tight on her feet but able to be slipped off with a decent enough tug.

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