Mackeough's Bistro And Bar
MacKeough's Bistro and Bar's Information
Type: Restaurant
Rating: 4 Star
Location: Clarke Street: South
Fame: n/a
Atmosphere: Upscale
Owner(s): Logan Felhaven
Manager(s): Una Walker
Employee(s): n/a


Main Bar and Restaurant:
Moody without the onslaught of an atrociously misbehaving decorator, this room boasts of darker, personal and private ambience, something to tease the more sensual sides of visiting patrons. Subdued track lighting that dangles overhead - a duo of vermillion bulbs for each private table and a stunning quartet for larger booths - combined with tactically placed chandeliers continue the insinuation of sleek design and mood manipulation.

An exquisite, antique mahogany bar lines the entire back wall, several leather-clad stools dotting along to offer seat for those who are waiting for tables or those who are just here for a drink. An ebon mini grand piano greets patrons just to the left and beginning of this establishment, effectively drowning out any noise from the streets during the hours the restaurant is open with the soft, fluid tones of jazz, blues, and classical music.

Cigar and Wine Rooms:
Fraternal twins are these refined duo of rooms, separated by a single wall with twin, two-way mahogany doors that lead into the adjoining section. Its main purpose is to boast of a rather grand, glass-encased fireplace.

To the left: the warm invitation of dark-stained cherry wood that lines the entirety of the cigar room. Similarly stained and molded, paneled walls, floor to ceiling windows, and a hand-carved, 16th century bar which provides stiff drinks and a rich assortment of cigars insinuate the influence of an old-fashioned man's study. Old World leather, hammered brass accents, and chosen decor complete the sleek, lordlings' room.

To the right: elegance personified, sensuality humbly encouraged. The solid, African Padauk hardwood flooring continues, and much like the cigar room, an monstrosity of a bar flows over the entire right wall, providing a wealth of different wines from around the entire world. Velvet, floor-to-ceiling windows, and attentive waitstaff lend much to this posh setting.

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