Maeve's Vitals
Name: Maeve McIntyre
Race: WereLeopard(Panther)
Shortdesc: Short curvy woman with auburn hair, streaked through with purple and pink. Intense green eyes.
Position: Forensics Investigator I, CPD; Nimir-Ra of the Pard.
Fame: Involved in the SouthSide Slasher Case. Murder victim.
Temperament: Spitfire, BitchKitty
Themesong: Severine - Ego Likeness
Brigid Walsh as Maeve McIntyre


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Maeve was born in Glasgow, Scotland and lived there until the college years hit. Obsessed with solving crimes and, perhaps, the gritty side of life, she went into Forensic Sciences. After a few years serving with the Boston PD, she transferred to Chicago where she worked closely with the RPIT team more often than not. Her name was tied to the South Side Slasher case, and she was also a familiar face in the Basement when off duty.

She was eventually made victim to Eric Jameson, one of the many the rogue shifter took out. Her body was never found, but she has a headstone in Graceland.

Originally from Scotland, but most recently from Boston, Maeve's a blast from Chewie's past, almost alike a sister. She disappeared for a year after being greatly entangled in the South Side Slasher case. The girl was known to be fairly laid-back, but had a temper that would pop up on occasion. Not one for taking shit from anyone, and as stubborn as they come.
She proclaimed herself Nimir-Ra of the Pard in the absence of any other feline stepping up to take charge, and went generally uncontested. It was far from an easy leadership, however, but Maeve remained strong and led the Pard through some interesting times. Eventually, she was killed by the once- Rat King Eric when she refused to hand over three memebers of the Pard to his 'justice'. One of those leopards was in fact her betrayer. Gunned down, her body was taken by Eric and never recovered, her spirit lost.

Originally a transfer from the Boston PD, a former beat cop that's been working as a Forensics Investigator for nearly 4 years. Certain areas of her file are blacked out to most, like those regarding why, exactly, she transfered and why she made the switch from field mouse to lab rat. Previous to college, Maeve had been a citizen of Glasgow, Scotland. Sister, Rachel, was murdered.
Maeve was heavily involved in the South Side Slasher Case, and was ordered to take a Leave of Absence once the case closed. She returned late in 2007, after spending time in Scotland.
She's also known to have a collection of Cthulhu plushes.

Maeve was the Pomme de Sang of Tobias, along with an associate to Koray.


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Seventh House Cafe
The Basement
Something Wicked


Tobias - Bloodsucking boyfriend, spoils.
Chewie - Friend since youth, former Nimir-Ra, former lover.
Gage - Longtime friend, pardmate. Second.
Mischa - Pard, longtime friend from Boston.
Tristan - Old friend, feral kitty.
Thomas - Occasional shadow.
Grace and DeeDee - Pard
Solomon - Hippie/masseuse. Beacon of sanity.
John - One time partner and friend, left town.
Eric - Volatile Friend, murderer.

Quotes and Lyrics

You are the violent thief within
Taking all that I hold dear.
You are the gorgeous parasite
Feeding on my fear.

So bring it on heavy, Severine.
You're coming through loud and clear.
Show me no mercy Severine,
You'll still have sanctuary here.
—Severine : Ego Likeness

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