In Chicago, the head of the Mafia (for want of a better term) is John DiFronzo (AKA: No Nose, Johnny Bananas) from the 1990s on. Born in 1928, Mr.DiFronzo is quite aged, but simply cannot die. Although it is not public knowledge, he has been shot, stabbed, poisoned, electrocuted, and been mistreated in generally fatal ways every so often through the years, but simply will not (for reasons preternatural and unknown) die. When requested by the Chicago P.D. to assist in investigations, he has been found to be 100% human, quite alive, and to not register on any Sensitive scans for preternatural power. Rumor has it he may have been calling the shots for many decades earlier, but only stepped into the limelight when he realized he was certainly immortal (darker rumors speak of that realization involving a wood-chipper, a blast-furnace, and a challenge by an up and coming member of local organized crime (who has since mysteriously vanished)).

Below Mr.DiFronzo are several important families, including the Lombardo, Cappello, and Cardinelli families, and to a lesser extent, the DiMaggi, Buccieri, Calabrese, Veronese, and Bioff families. Niccolo DeCarmello and his wife have also taken a rarefied but integral placement as a liaison for the intersection between the sets of preternatural and mob communities.

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