Maks's Vitals
Name: Maksimilian De Vallo
Race: Vampire/Belle
Shortdesc: 6'6", brown hair, blue eyes
Position: None
Fame: Knowing nothing of Technology
Temperament: Curious and Relaxed.
Themesong: The Blood of Cu Chulainn*
Matt Bomer as Maksimilian De Vallo


General: A man who seems out of time. His demeanor and his accent are plucked right out of history. He is a gentleman in all ways. He also doesn't seem to understand many of the worlds technologies or people and their dress.
Vampire: He is a 1370 something year old Belle Vampire from Europe. Its known he's woken up a short time ago and is still getting used to the world in general. Technology is hard for this Knight to understand, let alone what is proper now. So he tends to stick to the side of gentleman.
Shapeshifter:This vampire is very kind to shifters and seems to have a history with many of them. He is kind and looking for a Pomme.
Fae: Maks is known to be very curious about Fae and enjoys spending time and speaking with them about all they know.

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It didn't take long. We were out manned. The locals really didn't want us there. After months of traveling to do something we all thought would be a good thing…this is how it would end? I wasn't ready for that. No I could not accept that.

Let's start at the beginning of the story. I was born into a noble family. We were happy at least. I grew up learning how to hunt. I frequently used my bow to get my prey. I hung around those of my station and we trained to be the knights of old together.

We became unstoppable. Perfectly equipped to handle anything thrown at us or so we thought. With God backing us who would have thought we would have lost? Lying on that field around my dying brethren I realized we were not unstoppable. What a way to have a revelation.

Death was taking me. It was so close I could touch his very outer garments. Before he came to me, she showed up. The very breath of unlife, asking fallen comrades if they chose to die. Her foot steps made it to me and her voice, like bells.

"Do you want to die?" Such a simple question but so very hard to answer. All the pain I was feeling made me what to say yes but what did she mean…could she stop this from happening. I didn't know how to answer her. How do you answer that?

Silence is what I offered her. She bent forward and whispered into my ear a phrase I will never forgive her for. "I'll save you." The pleasure of her drinking the last of what was left of me was enough for me to believe her. I felt myself die and closed my eyes, wanting to die.

When I woke, I was bandaged and hungry. Her hands on me calming me as they presented a meal to me. A peasant. I drank. For the nights that followed, I learned many things about the world I had refused to see while human.

Time pasted like the sand through an hour glass and I got tired. I created my own tomb and went to sleep. 400 years and it just got boring after a while.

I awoke. My slumber having been interrupted. I woke to find a feast around me of people to drink from. The world had gone mad. I slowly gained back myself after many nights of feeding. So much had changed. Planes and bombs having taken the place of chariots and catapults. So much different.

Through time I moved still looking for reasons to not destroy all that human's said they cherished. So much destruction. I awake to a world changing. A world that accepts vampires.

That was a revelation that I found very intriguing. Witches and heretics in the past…now citizens. So very odd.

Many years later I make my way to Windy City. Something new. Something interesting that just might hold my attention. We will see.


The Blood of Cu Chulainn - If you've never heard it…there it is.


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Before you is a man standing 6'6" high. On his head is straight dark brown hair. The hairs appears soft. His eyes are bright blue and slanted towards his medium sized nose. His cheekbones are high and eyebrows sharp. His lips full and slightly darker then his skin. His jaw is well defined. His skin is smooth and pal

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