Marcello Vittore Moretti's Vitals
Name: Marcello Vittore Moretti
Race: Italian
Shortdesc: Tall, messy blonde hair, blue-green eyes.
Position: Language Professor at the University of Chicago.
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Temperament: Generally mellow and friendly, very polite, yet he has a temper.
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Ed Speleers as Marcello Vittore Moretti


General: Marcello arrived in Chicago in June 2010 from Venice Italy. He works as a professor of linguistics at the University of Chicago and also teaches Latin, Italian, French, and is proficient in Sign Language.

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Wavy blonde hair is worn in a mess of curls though painstakingly styled, long on top, short in back. A pair of blue-green eyes are surrounded by thick, long lashes a darker blonde than that on his head. His frame is lithe and tone, but not quite what one would call muscular, and stands to five feet ten inches tall. His hands are slender with long fingers, the hands of what one might consider those of a pianist or artist. He carries himself in a manner that exudes confidence, and moves with a natural grace.


Generally mellow and friendly, very polite, yet has a temper at times.


Born and raised in Venice Italy, Marcello is the only son of Filippo and Gianna Moretti. He has a sister, three years younger, Luciana, whom he very much adores. Luciana suffered a tragic illness when she was very young and lost most of her hearing, communicating now through sign language, Marcello and his mother learned the language with her, but their father was too busy to be bothered and used Marcello as an interpreter whenever he had need. The Moretti’s have been a family of importance in Venice for centuries, a family of old wealth and rumored to be related to the famed artisan Michelangelo, though this rumor hasn’t been proven but the family is often proud to boast of it. Marcello and his sister never lacked for anything they wanted or needed, money was something they never seemed to lack. He had the finest of education offered in Italy, and graduated with a degree in Language Arts, and has come to Chicago to work at the University teaching Latin, Italian and Sign Language. Marcello is also trying his hand at writing, nothing he’s been willing to show anyone but he enjoys spending his time with paper and pen.

Marcello was your typical run of the mill teenager, got into trouble with the rest of the kids, but never anything too bad, that is until he hit puberty. It was right around the winter of his fourteenth year that odd things began to happen. He tended to be a spoiled boy and was used to getting his way, often arguing with his peers until he got what he wanted. One day, he was arguing with a close friend over some trivial issue, and a small, smoldering flame started nearby. No one could figure out what started it, and it was quickly contained and extinguished, but it was the first of many such flames to start. Most of the time it was just little ones, nothing that caused any real damage, but sometimes they were much larger. One time, when he was especially angry, one of the school bully’s had been pushing him around and the kids hair caught on fire. It was soon after that Marcello started to realize these random fires were happening only when he was around, and when he lost his temper.

As he grew older, Marcello trained himself to control his temper and his strange ability. He can now start fires at will, though he still is working on gaining more control, and the size is often variable. If he does loose his temper, fires may start without his willing them to and his control of them ranges.


Alexavier Friend and lover, the man is a talented artist.
Ayden French, loves rare classical music.
Emerald Police woman he met on the beach, she's a sharp shooter, he's not.
Fenyang Interesting man from southern Africa, loves his accent.
Rachel Peculiar young woman.
Ryu Blind artist in search of models.
Spence Strangely amusing man, into free form running.

Hang Outs

RP Hooks

  • Want to learn to speak a new language? Marcello is your man for French, Italian, and Latin.


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