March Pardanar


March Full Moon 2011

Survivalist Compound: - Wauconda, Illinois

The road curves inward from the gate in the tall stone wall and through the trees, allowing privacy before opening into this quaint clearing. Here, a small, stone cottage rests on the far side of a large, graveled circle, only six feet of grass stretching from the gravel to the cottage's front wall. The little building faces north with a wide, diamond-paned window a few feet to the left of the sturdy, iron-banded front door. Another, smaller window lies beyond the first along the long, front wall. The shutters are more than decorative - painted green, they are also functional and can be closed as evidenced by the metal latches upon them. A climbing rosebush grows rather wildly up a white lattice arch in front of the door. Ivy climbs the eastern end of the building and has almost completely obscured the dark roofing from view all along the rooftop. Another curving road moves off to the west from the gravel circle, leading back into the trees. A few little sheds are lined up to one side of the road, doors closed and padlocked.
Night has come, and heavy snow falls. It's difficult to walk through the accumulating drifts, and difficult to see. It's hard to keep a sense of direction in the darkness and the blinding, swirling snow. There is about 34.75" of snow on the ground.




(Scene is joined already started)

Keith looks over at Anna, wearing just boxers and looks fairly typical for just rolling out of bed. He grins before saying, "Well Anna, if you need a level head…" He points two thumbs to himself, "I am the man to know." He laughs before crossing the room to properly acknowledge Anna and then Cale. Might this be a sign of his internal ranking of the two? It's not clear. He then stands in the middle of the cottage sniffing the air.

Johnothan drains his glass of tea, turning his head and looking to Keith as he comes zombieing in. "Kitty get enough sleep?" he asks with a chuckle as he reaches out to softly stroke Aura's cheek "We all getthat way, even now at times. I think it keeps us grounded in a way, to reember the unsure and rowdy times." he says, himself in a pair of old, thinning shorts and socks.

Auranna chuckles a little and shakes her head, "All pick on the Aura day." she giggles just a little and then shakes her head a bit. She folds her hands in her lap.

Forest comes into the cottage, his arm around Zack's shoulders. He's smiling and seems to be in a pretty good mood. "So then she says, 'Only the furry kind will do for me.' Can you imagine that?" He laughs at the conversation he's been having with Zack then looks over those in the room.

Cale glances around at the others, then shakes his head slightly as he looks to Auranna. "Just some advice. Don't sweat it too much." He rises up then, also following the shorts trend, though with a light tshirt to go with it. He glances towards the door as Forest and Zack enter, nodding slightly towards then before he moves off a bit to the side, an edge of the restless lingering for him.

Zack shakes his head, mildly amused at whatever Forest was talking about. He looks up with bright eyes that shows how very near the surface his beast is stirring. He has a bookbag slung over the shoulder opposite of Forest.

Keith looks over at John with a grin as he seems to agree with his statements. "Yes, we do remember the rowdy days. Though that might be why we try to modify our ways." He looks around his energy clearly anxious about something. Though it's clear by Keith's expression he's attempting to control his beast for now. Shakes his head as he reaches out to attempt to brush Anna's cheek. "Oh, not trying to pick, just trying to help you grow." He then turns to meet Forest walking through the door. All actions stop at the smell and sight of the Raj. He walks clearly over to Forest for a cheek rub and bares his neck. Being extremely more proper tonight than usual. He then looks at Forest with seriousness in his eyes, "Forest, I've come to a decision and would like to submit a request formally, as you being the Nimir-Raj." He awaits to see if the Nimir is willing to hear his request.

Auranna shivers a bit and smiles as she lets Keith brush her cheek, and then she looks up, feeling Forest and Zack almost before seeing them. She shivers, the rush, knowing their beasts are near the surface too. She unlike some of the others is in her green, "Do you want to pet my kitty?" tshirt and jeans. She smiles and gives proper greeting to Forest.

Jeremy slowly finds his way to the meeting. A yawn escapes him when he enters the cottage and he gives a bit of a grin to the rest of the pard present.

Johnothan waits patiently before walking over to forest and Zack tto greet them both with a cheek-rub and a soft press of his rising energy. "Sucessful hunting to you, Raj and Ra." he says with a growing trickle of a growl edging his tone.

Forest returns the cheek rub to Keith and nods to Auranna, then rubs his cheek against Johnothan's as well, the growl met with a soft chuckle. He puts his hand on Johnothan's shoulder and grins, "Soon my friend, soon we will hunt." His eyes move to Cale, seeming to consider the man for a few moments before he turns to look over everyone, his beast pushing out against everyone's in an eager manner.

Cale paces towards the nearest wall, casually reaching out to brush it with his fingertips before turning, his back thumping it as he leans back against it, his arms lifting to cross his chest. His expression tensing just slightly as he watches the others and listens quietly. He meets Forest's look towards him without much shift in his expression.

Keith looks between Forest and Zack, seeming shocked at John's statement. He then looks upon Zack with interest, "Ra? Really?!" He sniffs at Zack before playfully pushing with his energy. "That's an interesting development. He's kind of young, though maybe Forest can show him the ropes." He looks around at the others, obviously he's speaking his internal thought process for now. He seems quite interested in the concept, seeming to mull it over himself. He then feels Forest's energy his eyes beginning to glow a brighter green than normal. He starts to breath deeply, feeling the urge coming. "I'm ready when you are Forest."

Zack rubs his cheek across Johnothan's. He shakes his head at the man, "I'm not the Nimir-Ra. I'm just Zack." He looks over at Cale and offers the man a bit of a smile and nod. The attention directed at him makes him almost want to shrink away.

Auranna folds her hands in her lap after having bared her neck to Forest. Only after feeling his beast push against hers. She looks at each in turn for a moment but sits subdued like she feels shamed and she does a bit.

Jeremy looks at Zack, curious when he hears the nimir ra part. But Zack's words make him turn back to the rest of the pard. A slight grin on his face though he keeps his thoughts to himself.

Forest grins a bit to Zack and reaches a hand out to rub his back, "Actually Zack, you are the Nimir-Ra." He smiles at the young man before leaning in to rub his cheek against Zack's again, then he looks to Cale and moves across the room to stand before him, his beast surging with energy. "Cale, how are you doing?" His words are polite though there seems to be something more behind them as Forest looks at the man with his glowing eyes.

Cale nods his head a little to wards Zack, his lips quirking slightly. But his expression remains a bit tense. Not so eager, but what comes naturally is there if a bit restrained. The tension rises when Forest approaches him, the young man's lips pursing. His eyes lower slightly and he's a moment before saying, "I'm fine." A moment later his eyes light slowly. "Waiting." His fingers start to drum silently against his arm, a small means to bleed off a bit of energy.

Keith looks over at Zack with a grin extending his hand toward Zack. "Well, I wouldn't just say you're someone normal Zack. You have weight, even if you don't see it yet." His energy withdraws from the surrounding and back close to Keith. He turns as this happens, clearly sensing Anna behind himself. "What's the matter Anna?" He's struggling, on the brink of his control by the look in his eyes. Though he still has a mild human capacity still. When he hears Forest's acknowlegement for Zack he claps excitedly, "See, I knew you were important…"

Jeremy frowns a little and moves to Cale's side. He flops down and accidently? ends up using Cale as a pillow, leaning against him and purring softly to himself.

Zack just kind of looks at Forest, with a 'say what?' look. The expression fades as Forest rubs his cheek against him, still a little confused, but he doesn't question it. He looks at Keith, "No more than anyone else, here… " He looks at Cale and Jeremy and closes his eyes as he wills his beast out to nudge at the two of them.

Auranna cocks her head to the side and looks up at Keith and shakes her head, "Nothing is wrong." she says softly. She is just subdued a bit. She does keep glancing towards the door.

Ahikam yawns and wakes up from where he was sleeping in the corner, blinking around a little as he stretches, pardanar! and he almost slept through it! not even bothering to rise, he scampers over to half pounceglomph Auranna, and then settle down to the floor besides her, wherever it was she might be, blinking around, and no, he wasn't wearing anything.

Johnothan moves back to let others in to greet Forest and Zack easier, chuckling at the sight of Ahi moving to get the Aura, his gaze then moving towards the pallet to eye crystal "Lazy kitties" he chuckles, shaking his head.

Forest tilts his head a bit as he considers Cale, his expression difficult to read though his beast continues to push at Cale's. "What is your intent here with the Pard Cale?" He doesn't say much but it's obvious he's wanting something from the man.

Cale is distracted a moment when Jeremy leans against his leg, his eyes flitting down towards him with a bit of bemusement. His eyes then lift towards Zack, his brow furrowing. But Forest's words bring his attention back to the other man and he seems a bit bemused for a moment. Uncertain the intent. The expression eases slightly after a moment and he murmurs, "I don't know." Though the words are accompanied by a cock of his head, lowered and to the side, his neck bared, eyes half closed.

Keith looks over Zack walking physically over, all the while struggling wildly to keep his beast under check. Any more pushing from an alpha might just set him over the edge, though his control clearly has been improving over the previous months. He shakes his head seeming to disagree, "I have to say, being named Ra doesn't make you a member to sneeze at. Being titled by the Nimir-Raj as Nimir-Ra is absolute and fairly final. Unless someone wants to challenge the idea. Which honestly, I doubt anyone would be willing to do." He then looks back over to Forest, clearly eagar to hear if his request might be heard. "Forest, might you be taking formal requests this Pardanar?" He seems insistant, not backing down this time. He didn't get pushed totally out of the way last time. This time he's showing just how much dedication he can display. When he notices Forest pressing at Cale, he quiets down looking curious. He slowly walks near, but to the side of the couple.

Auranna shivers and smiles at Ahi, but just sits there calmly looking at each person. She smiles at Zack and everyone else, but is subdued stilll. She does hug Ahi before he sits next to where she is on the couch.

Crystal peeks out from under the blankets after finding her cuddles were gone and blinks. Looking around she scampers over and jumps on John's back as a kid would to get a piggy back ride.

Ahikam grins at Aura, hugging her and kissing her cheek, but peeking to Forest and Zack curiously, "ra? Ra!" fairly full of energy tonight, beast in a playful mood, his more kittenish self showing through he scampers off to give Zack a big hug, and a kiss on the cheek, before peeking after Crystal as she scampers from beneath the blankets, having been just about to pounce her in the blankets, he scampers over and pounces John, and Crystal instead! it was almost time to take his skin off!

Jeremy looks at Cale and then at Forest, not sure how this is going. He sighs softly and tries to keep things calm. He mrrrs softly.

Zack's attention moves from person to person, coming to focus on Cale, as Forest talks to him. So he is a bit blindsided as Ahikam runs over and hugs him. He blinks then smiles and hugs Ahi back, before watching him charge John and Crystal.

Johnothan Acks! as he suddenly has a lovely, pale skinned kitty climbing to him, trying playfully to shake her off, only to have an Ahikam attacking as well. Giving a low rumbling growl followed by a quick little snap of his teeth even though he's chuckling, his own energy roiling and spiking out through the room warmly. "Evil evil children!" he declares, holding crystal in her piggieback spot and mock snarling "Come here so I can lick you into submission little kitty!"

A slow smile crosses over Forest's face as he seems to get what he wants from Cale. He squeezes Cale's shoulder gently before turning to Keith, chuckling softly, "Alright Keith, what is it you've got itching you so much tonight?" He steers clear of the Johnothan pile as he walks back over to Zack, putting an arm around the blonde's shoulders as he gives Keith his attention.

Cale looks up once FOrest has turned away, still seeming a bit uncertain himself. Perhaps a bit disappointed. But he draws in a breath and releases it, his expression smoothing some despite the nervous energy that roils beneath his surface. He glances down towards Jeremy and asks him, "You alright?"

Keith smiles as it seems Cale is not in trouble and when turned toward he straighens up in an official and proper stance. "Forest, I would like to submit a formal request to challenge for the position of Second. I know you said you'd think about it, though I really think I could assist you in articulating the needs and wants of our fellow members. Not only that, but we need a strong and well versed Second in the art of Pard behavior. Who better to assist in keeping our lose docorines of the Pard then a quite well versed manners teacher?" He looks around the room, seeming confident for the first time in a long time. His energy shows only the slightest of worry, though it's clear he will take any formal punishment dealt if deemed poking out of his position on the Pard.

Ahikam squeaks and whines at John's growling and jaw snapping, slipping down to the ground, "heeey! no growling!" his beast was riding just beneath his skin, just waiting for the chance to burst out to play, but he wiggles up, snuggling into John, and wrapping his arms around him and Crystal, nuzzling into Crystal, looking forwards to going out to hunt with his mate.

Auranna giggles just a little and still keeps glancing towards the door but then does watch Ahi, Crystal and John a bit. She is keeping herself subdued almost like she is trying hard to do just that.

Johnothan squirms at the attack of wet crystal-tongue to his ear, reaching down to stroke and hug on Ahi as he snuggles up, flashing Aura a wink before trying toturn his head and lick or nip at crystal. "Oh hush or I'll run away with this tightly clinging package I seem to have aquired" he teases, shrugging the crystal on his back and then lightly poking Ahi with his foot.

Zack looks over at John, Ahi, and Crys with almost a 'behave children' look, and his beast follows the stare as well. He looks between Forest and Keith, as he wraps his arm around the Nimir-Raj's waist.

Jeremy shrugs, "Okay I guess. Just been tryin to figure what ta do with myself. ya know?" He looks at Cale. "Not sure what to do really. Life keeps shaking things up."

An even look is given to Keith at the request, his jaw working firmly. "No." That's all that's said before he turns to the door, "Alright everyone, outside, I'm growing eager to get out of my skin." He grins as he turns to lead the way out, his arm around Zack.

Ahikam sinks back to the ground as he felt Zack's look, glancing to him a moment with a little pout, but at the orders to get outside he let go of John and scampered for the door, letting the Nimir-Raj and Nimir-Ra lead the way out first, before he would follow them out, and bound out into the snow, losing his skin even as he moved, bones and flesh popping and melting, fur rising over his form as he let out that feral leopard scream as his skin all melted away into a gooey pile in the snow.

Keith looks upon Forest, almost seeming to want to disagree. It's plan in his energy at the word is spoken that he find his not going to let up on his request. He will get an answer of why, at the very least. What makes him less eligable than any other member?! The only heard response is an irritated growl from Keith as he shakes his head and begins to walk out of the cottage for the hunt. Yep, clearly Keith is not happy.
Though Forest will be given his due respect along with now Zack. It wouldn't help his case if he flew off the handle and he knows it!

Auranna rises from her spot and glances at Forest at that word to Keith and then raises a brow. She sighs softly and then slips her tshirt off and wriggles out of her pants and panties, moving to follow after the others, and make sure she is going to almost follow last as she walks out naked.

Jin slinks into view moving carefully through the darkness and into sight, he seems pretty mellow despite the moon shining down on everyone.

Zack kicks off his shoes and socks, as well as his jeans and shirt. Boxers stay on and are way cheaper to replace than the jeans. He waits for Forest to lead the way before he joins him out the door.

Cale nods his head slightly towards Jeremy, offering a simple, "Me too, so I know how you feel. And I sometimes wonder whose decision it is, too." The words somewhat bland. And as Forest starts to lead everyone out, he straightens. "C'mon," he urges Jeremy lightly as he starts after the rest, though at a slower pace, peeling off the tshirt before he reaches the door.

Crystal slides down from John's back with a pout at Zack like a chastised child then follows Ahi out as she strips on the way hr beast srpinging from the steps to pounce and tackle the blackpanther…her collar still in place as it had merely stretched to fit her wider neck

Johnothan turns his head, looking towards Zack at the brush of energy, returning the look with one that holds no sheepishness to it as he heads out with the others, carrying crystal on his back until they at least get outside, or she slips off on her own, then bending to let her slide to the porch so he can shift..Off in the snow so the preternatural lubricant of clear goo has a more appropriate place to go when his bones begin to pop and shift; Accompanied by the snarls and growls of his animal as it tears free of it's humanoid confines to prowl and hunt once again.

Auranna immeadiately moves to cling to Jin and stand next to him, The calmness about her fleeing and she looks excited for the first time. She looks to Forest and Zack to follow their lead.

Ahikam lets out a little yelp as he was pounced, rolling over though and nipping at Crystal's chin, and neck, playful mood not abating, though he did try to behave, as much as he wanted to go romping around with Crystal, just trying to playfully wrestle her down instead.

Forest quickly peels off his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the front porch. He grins in excitement as he looks over everyone but seems to have one more thing he wants to do before shifting. He hugs Zack, whispering, "I'll join you in a minute." Then walks over to Auranna and holds his arms open for her, "I spoke with Memory and Emerald today. You and I will talk tomorrow about it." His voice is soft and kind.

Jin squeezes Auranna when she clings to him and he gives her a very affectionate nuzzle then leans back when Forest opens his arms to the girl. He starts to peel his clothes off now. "I'd like to hear the results too if thats ok with you both."

Keith quickly throws his boxers before leaving the cottage after the Raj and Ra of course. Once nearing the ground he lets himself give into his urging beast, roaring as bones and various parts crack. Goo soon falls from his fur exposing a Persian quite similar to his fellow member Zack when shifted. He then circles around, prowling almost seeming teaming to take out frustration on their hunt. His eyes now bright forest green with flecks of red forming. Wow, he is one emotional kitten!

Once outside, Zack closes his eyes as he cranes his head back. He lets the beast that is yearning to be free take over and falls to the snow. Cracking and popping as his body shifts into a small Persian leopard. Immediately, the cat starts sniffing and breathing in the tastes of his pard.

Auranna nods and smiles at Jin and then moves into Forest's arms still looking ashamed or abashed. She nods, "Yes, Forest." she says and then moves to step back to Jin and get ready to shift. She is now not holding herself back and is so close to shifting.

Cale slips off his shorts just outside the door, tossing them back in before he steps away from the cottage. His lip twitches as he drops to a low crouch and lets the change come. The simple shift and snap of bone, skin stretching and budding with fur. Leaving him a fairly average leopard at the end. In proportions, considering the shift in scale. A low rumble emerges towards the end of his change as he moves off a bit to the side, standing quietly, but with ears perked and alert.

Forest rubs Auranna's back gently when she hugs him, smiling. "We will talk soon" trying to reassure her, then to Jin he looks and nods, "Yes, I think that would be a good thing." Then he steps back to allow them both to shift, watching over the pard before he moves out to the snow and begins his own shift, body cracking and popping loudly as bones shift and he grows in size, fur flowing out and that lovely goo all over the ground beneath him. He lets out a loud, eager growl then leaps over to Zack, rubbing his side against the Persian Leopard's.

Keith looks about seeming to find himself in an awkward position. He's standing fairly close to the middle of his fellow Pard member, and his beast clearly is showing signs of being irritated. It's clear at how he paces that he's trying to keep his composure and not lash out until food is in clear sight. He walks toward Anna attempting to lick her in greeting, before formally face-rubbing Jin. Only proper respect, right?

Crystal playfully wrestles the blackpanther and bats and paws at him before perking at the sight of Jin. The ghost kitty bounding off to jump up and put her paws on Jin's shoulders to lick his face.

Jin stretches and shakes out his form, then laughs. He was about to shift it looked like when the Crystal leaps up to lick his face "hey now…I totally need to shift goof."

Auranna looks at Crystal and for a moment almost growls at her, but then the other black panthress shakes her head, her tail swishing and puts her paw over her nose.

Crystal chuffs and nuzzles Jin before hopping down and bumping against John insteads

Ahikam murrgrrs with his wrestling with Crystal for a minute till she scampers off, rolling to his feet, half covered in snow, but shaking himself off, scampering after Crystal, and to Keith, purring low and rubbing himself along his pardmate's form, nipping gently at his shoulder, trying to get Keith to relax a little, or atleast draw a little of his attention, he knew Keith was upset about being so flatly denied.

Jin wipes cat slobber off, which is moot since he is about to get goey… he walks over now and then saway from the group a touch he shifts and drops down onto all fours as a sleek black leopard.

Johnothan stretches and arches, sniffing the air of this new place. His dark chocolate and tawny-gold head lifting skyward to let out a long, loud yowl-growl of joy at being free! Claws coming out to bite into the frozen ground, his tail swishing in the night only to be bumped up against by the smaller snow leopard and giving her a low chuff.

Keith notices Ahi's attempt and instantly seems to lose his fury as he playfully nips back. He's enjoying the mutual energy from his pardmates. He attempts to playfully bat at Ahi, before prancing away in a 'come get me' fashion. His tails begins to slowly start swishing as he then looks around for the leads. He raises his head in attempts to also pick up any scent around. Mind as well start finding prey right? He seems to pick up a mild scent from the air, emitting a telling yowl to the rest.

Zack rubs against Forest before he moves to weave his way around the other leopards before circling back to his mate.

Forest lifts his muzzle to the air and sniffs a bit, picking up the same trail that Keith does. He gives an eager sound and leaps out to take the lead for the hunt, pouncing over anything in his way, paws digging into the snow for leverage as he starts the hunt.

Cale simply prowls in a restless manner. Keeping to the fringes of the active center, but not ignoring it, per se. Simply set apart for the moment. Until Forest leads off into the woods. Then he'll respond, turning to follow after at a pacing lope. Largely silent, save for the heavier, rumble edged breath that comes from the increased pace.

The large chocolate and dusky gold hued Leopard rubs against the little snowleopard, scenting the air as the others slip their skins, maw opening wide to let out a wide yawn before catching the scent, Johnothan's feline form moving along Crystal as he sets out to follow the others off into the woods on his first hunt with his new pard.

Keith nods in response to Forest's motions and when prompted by the eager sounds, doesn't wait one moment before bounding after the Raj. His paws only seem to emit small noises most animals might take as rustles of the snow. He's careful to fall into line with Forest, leaving room at his flanks for Zack. Seeming to allow himself the free liberty to race at what pack-theory specialists might call a 'third mans position'. Why not right? He might have been denied his Second position. Doesn't mean he has anyone but Raj and Ra to submit to yet.

Crystal prances over to ahi and licks the panther's ear, looking around nervously as everyone moves out. Keeping near the black panther, jin and blackleopard.

Ahikam nips lightly after Keith's tail, taking a little hop after him, but then Crystal was there and all of her attention was back on her, nosing and pushing his head into her half roughly, pressing his whole body against hers, three black panthers with the snow white leopard… he gently nipped Crystal's ear, and nibbled at her neck, before motioning with his head after the others, starting out with her hopefully to follow the others.

Auranna purrs a bit and then does go over to nuzzle Crystal and then moves off after the others. She is fast, but she makes sure not to try to out run anyone really, overall stay towards the back.

Jin follows after everyone, he seems to be moving at a leisurely pace now not really worried about rushing and more trying to keep an eye on the whole pard and the environment.

Forest leads the pack through the forest and out to the edge of a clearing where he comes to a stop, picking up the scent and following it much more stealthily, his movements slow and precise until the herd comes into view. He crouches down low, tail wagging eagerly, waiting for the others to get close and circle around the herd.

Keith playfully roars as he continues on his path with Forest leading. Clearly he felt the nip from Ahi. He then slows behind Forest as they reach the clearing. He smells and see the herd before them as he begins to circle around, stopping on the far side of where Forest is positioned. He's getting ready to assist Forest in any way he instructs the Pard.

Cale trails along without intent to be in any one place, though once there is a slow he follows suit, scenting prey ahead. The slower pace answered as he fans out to the right, slinking low to a suitable place to hold and wait to strike. The moment giving some life to him as his awareness narrows to focus on this narrow point.

Crystal nuzzles against Ahi's neck and licks his ear as she stays in the middle of the leap/pard

Ahikam follows, moving quick to catch up with the others, but staying silent, that he was good at… he scented the air, taking in the herd they were stalking, and then gently nuzzled Crystal's neck, he was going to go get them some food, atleast that was his intent, slipping off swiftly and silently to circle around to the left, picking out which prey he wanted to take down, or try to.

Auranna purrs as they get closer, she is anxious do show how she is practiced and can take down prey better. Make someone proud of something she has done.

Zack crouches down beside Forest, putting his belly to the snow, as his butt is raised up just slightly, pivotting from hindleg to hindleg as the nervous energy builds up the muscle tension as he prepares for an assault.

Johnothan gives a low growl as they came to the clearing, the scent of food growing stronger as they drew nearer; Watching the others divide and circle, shaking his head to rid it of the excess water, hating the falling rain and yet liking it for it's keeping their scent muted from the tasty meal they were stalking…A low purr sliding from his chest as he shifted nervously, stalking low to the ground towards his selected position for the launch before growing still and silent.

Forest wiggles his bottom in the air a little as he spies the deer he's going after, a larger buck towards the rear of the herd. Suddenly he springs into action, paws sending snow flying up into the air as he chases after the buck, signaling for everyone to fall in at the same time.

Keith senses Forest's intent and charges in at first sign of being okay. He chooses to take down a larger doe of the herd. Leaping up toward the doe's neck, attempting to grab her for a blowing move. He seems successful by the action of digging half his paws into the does neck, subsequently knocking her over. The doe kicks rapidly, attempting to defend itself.

Cale picks another target as he leaps out. The one that starts to dart in his direction. The need for the average buck to correct itself gives Cale a wide opening, which he takes by slamming into it with a deep growl, tooth and nail. His first bite catching the shoulder, but a quick correction after the two crash down puts his jaws about it's neck, squeezing down hard.

Ahikam waits a few moments after Forest's charge, eyeing the doe he wanted, not one of the largers, but one that would make a good meal for two, seeing where she was going, then he was off, leaping out of ambush as the herd scattered, right in the face of the doe he had been wanting, his weight dragging her down as he locked his jaws on her throat, but he didn't try strangling her, he ripped her throat out to a spray of arterial blood, dragging her down as he brought his back claws up to kick and rip into her chest, blood spraying everywhere over him, the doe dropping like a rock with his weight, and the catastrophic injuries he caused so quick, a few kicks as the life drained from its eyes.

Auranna sees Forest go and takes the initiative. There are many dear and she is fast. She takes off to go after one of the others, a smaller buck, after all she is smaller. She pounces and leaps through the air, sinking her teeth into the neck as her paws claw at the same time looking to take it down with her weight and the sharpness of claws and teeth. She might not be the strongest but she does have some good speed and takes it down, though she is riding on the bucks back for a moment first.

Zack takes off at a full run. The deer sees him coming and takes off running. Unfortunately for the young buck, there is no way for him to outrun the young leopard who is on it before it can even get much of a chance to react. The small Persian leopard digs its teeth into the back of the buck's neck - canines sliding between the vertebraes and piercing its spinal cord. Panic stricken eyes stare in horror as its legs give out from underneath it. It bugles in desperate terror as the leopard starts locking its jaws over its throat.

Johnothan lets out a low growl, as he watches the herd of deer scatter as he bounds out from his position, nipping at a decent sized doe's legs; Occassionally swatting out to hamstring it in an attempt to take it down.

Jin watches and then well he has no issue with padding over to Aura's buck as it thrashes in her grip… and smacking a clawed paw down on it's head… just so… to put the rest of the fight out of it.

Forest leaps into the air as he attacks his prey, the large buck tripping to the ground with the large leopard on top of it, his jaws clenching around the buck's neck, the sound of bones cracking and the buck giving it's last gurgling sounds as it dies. When he's sure the buck is dead he stands up and looks out over the pard, ensuring that all are safe before he lays down with his kill and starts to dig into the flesh.

As the doe struggles, Keith slips a claw deep into the neck and slicing the spinal cord with knowing accuracy. The doe suddenly stops moving leaving Keith to leap over his fallen food and begin dragging it to a safe location on the side of the clearing. He's not looking to share most of his corpse. His nickname clearly shines totally true in this hunt, Hoover the Persian Leopard. He slowly begins opening the underbelly, not worrying about his fellow mates. He's never had to supply assistance to any of them for at least two months now.

Jeremy is currently hunting his own prey. Having taken down 5 so far, he's on his sixth when he hears the bugle off in the distance. Turning slightly, he focuses his ears for the old field edge where 6 have met their deaths. He turns and starts to focus, looking for the game trails that haven't gotten bloodied by Jeremy's streak. At this point, he's figured 1 or 2 more and he might actually be full. Its then that he hears his prey chewing on the grain tops of the dead grasses. Carefully he inches forward focusing on the sound until he catches the greyish coat's movement. It stops eating as if it senses its impending doom. Then it bolts! Jeremy runs after it as it dashes through the field, attempting to escape the predator that has layed waste to its fellows. And that's just the snow leopard's appetite that he's satisfying. Luckily Jeremy hunts only for himself and not all the pard. ALmost home free, the mouse makes a mistake and that's when the snow leopard eats his 7th for the night.

Ahikam rises, fully soaked in blood it seemed, which ran in little rivlets out of his fur, a little tremble in his form, the scent and feel of blood had him aroused, as so much blood often did, shaking himself off with a little cloud of blood rising around hi, before he grabbed the throat of the dead deer he had brought down, and dragged it back with him to his pale white mate, dropping the kill and letting her have first dibs on it, before he settled down as well, and dug in.

Zack starts ripping into the buck's flesh. He slowly starts eating out the deer's belly, getting at the tender internal organs.

Auranna looks up and releases the neck as Jin finishes the buck. She leans over to lick at his muzzle and gestures to the buck with her nose as if offering him first go at the meat.

Cale keeps a tight grip on his squirming buck, letting his weight keep it from doing more than writhing. HIs head twists and jerks deliberately. The crushing squeeze of his jaws. The third prompts a wet pop that ends the buck's struggles immediately. His jaws relax and he rises up, His head turns, sweeping his eyes and ears for a moment before he dips his head to rip into the soft underbelly, eyes lifted to watch the others within his field of view.

Johnothan is having a little fun, chasing his selected prey, nipping at it and swatting…Like a cat with a mousie for a little longer before coiling and springing at the deer's back to swipe and bite at it's spine in order to end the play; Making sure with two solid bites to it's neck before clawing at it to tear it open and enjoy the rewards of a fresh kill.

Forest digs into the stomach of his catch, burying his face in the warm innards and eating hungrily, making eager sounds as he works on his meal.

Jin licks her nose in return and looks at the others making sure Forest has the one he was going after now. Then he pads around and rips into the best bits of this dear.. looking up to Aura then down to the deer nodding to her. Then back to eating.

Auranna nods and takes pieces from the deer after Jin has and the moves to lay next to him as she starts to chew and tear at the pieces she tore off. She looks around for a moment and then goes back to it.

Zack lays down as he eats on the young buck. His creamy colored fur his covered in blood as his entire head is covered in gore. The Persian's tail lashes back and forth as he rips at the soft tissue of the animal.

Keith buries his head into the doe he's caught, clearly enjoying the tender bit to himself. He seems content with his catch, not willing to socialize with anyone until his meal is fully consumed.

Cale eats well over the course of the time, but ends up with remains, his appetite falling short of a more thorough devouring. Though he does eat much of what the buck as to offer. When he is sated, he eases back from his kill a few paces before settling down, licking at the blood that stains his muzzle as he observes the others in silence.

Jeremy eats hungrily of his mice. Though once he is done, it still won't be enough to fill the stomach of the snow leopard. That's when he stalks the rest of the pard and eyes the kills. Though he won't push himself into kill, Jeremy lays on the ground and waits for the others to get their fill.

Jin pulls his head back up now from the deer and licks his muzzle clean, then his paws. Working quietly.

Johnothan tears into his kill hungrilly, his large head burying itself in the soft squishy undercarriage of the beast as he chomps and tears and rips chunks and pieces off to chew and enjoy with a low rumbling growl of contentment; Occassionally looking up and around, scenting the air for something other than the scent of prey and fresh kills, working on keeping a watch out, just in case

Auranna smiles and nuzzles her head into Jin's side adn then moves back to the kill and burries her head into the corpse obviously still hungry as she starts to gorge herself, giving in fully and reveling in the kill and the fresh meat.

Keith looks up as he chews on a large hunk of meat and sees Jeremy settling. Seeming to have calmed fairly quickly from the amount he has already eaten, he reaches into his doe and ripes the heart clear out. Standing promptly, though blood is going everywhere, trots over to Jeremy plopping down the heart in front of Jeremy to munch. It's clear because after dropping it, he nuzzles it toward the other pardmate. Seems Keith wants to show a preference toward becoming closer to the other male?

Cale t urns his attention to Jeremy, noting his approach. He levels his eyes on the other male, his mood passive and relaxed. A simple welcome presented in his body language, for what is left of his own. He's left it open to those who still hunger. But once he has, he turns his attention elsewhere, keeping a general eye on the clearing.

Jeremy moves to start eating the heart. He is still pretty hungry. Eating it eagerly, the cat mrrrs softly and moves headbutt Keith appreciatively.

Keith headbutts Jeremy back purring deeply as he seeming content his pard brother took his offering of the heart positvely. He then flicks his tail excitedly as he returns to his large corpse dragging it over near Jeremy to continue feasting on the remains still.

Forest eats rather quickly, his maw covered in blood and gore when he finally pulls his head out and looks around himself, ensuring the safety of his pard, eyes falling upon each of them before he starts to lick himself clean.

Zack locks his jaws around the remnants of his deer and drags it up into a nearby tree, letting it's limp form hang off of the limp, before he hops down and lays down by the base of the tree.

Cale slowly rises once he's cleaned his muzzle and, with one final look about he turns. Starting to move away from the rest. He does so at a modest pace, striking out in a random direction at a trotting walk. The remains of his kill are left behind without a second glance.

Jin gives Aura a nuzzle in return then circles slowly as he watches Aura eat an tries to keep an eye on the others as they work on their own food.

Auranna finally does get her fill and settles down to lick at her paws and muzzle as she starts to clean herself of the blood. She purrs a bit, her tail swishing back and forth.

Crystal purrs at Ahi and eats her fil before attacking him with licks…icky blood baths! Attempting to wash him clean,even if she was gonna make him take a shower once they shifted back.

Keith finishes his fill of the doe he took down. Leaving around a fourth of the beast uneaten. He stands looks about before walking in the direction of Zack. He's clearly the next target of Keith's peace offering. Keith tries to clean his own muzzle before arriving at Zack's side. He looks over toward Forest before approaching the new Ra with digression. Leaning over offering to assist cleaning and grooming his fellow Persian.

Forest yawns and stretches his long form out then rises to his feet and starts to move around the perimeter of where we are all spread out, sniffing the air here and there for any sents that don't belong, and continuing in a large circle.

Cale continues past the perimeter and breaks into a smooth lope as he passes out of the clearing. The rustle and snap of his stealth ignorant passing audible enough as he heads out on his own.

Jin leans over and licks a bit of blood off of Aura and then looks at Crystl and Ahi and chufs with amusement.

Zack looks up as he sees Cale walking off. He starts to get up as Keith comes over. He headbutts the other Persian and rubs across his cheek and onto his shoulder as he leans very much into the rub. He lets Keith groom him for a few minutes, as he returns the same treatment to his big brother. But as Cale starts to disappear, he nudges Keith slightly, then starts walking at a hard trot after Cale.

Auranna smiles and purrs and leans up to nuzzle Jin a bit and glances around. She watches Cale, Keith and Zack for a moment and then follows the gaze over to Ahi and Crystal and smiles a bit.

Keith leans back as he's rubbed into. Seems content letting out a purr as he assists Zack. He is then nudges as Zack begins to trot off toward Cale and follows. He might have previously gone off alone after group hunts, though he's found that grossly in effective behavior if he wants to prove to the Raj he's capable of more duty than ever asked to display.

Forest finishes his circle and moves to lay down at a good vantage point, his eyes following those that leave yet he lays there where he is, keeping an eye on those who remain.

Crystal after cleaning ahi off she nudges him and goes over to join aura and jin, rubbing against them both, as she noted those leaving and splayed her ears.

Johnothan works on eating his fill of his kill, looking up and around, giving an offering Mrowl to anyone still hungry and not wanting to take down another whole deer while he digs, rolls and rubs his face in the snow to try and get rid of as much blood as possible, even going so far as to chew a mouthful or two of snow, continuing to occassionally sniff the air and look around in order to both accustom himself to the area and search for unwelcome scents.

Cale pauses when he hears the sound of pursuit. Turning his head back a moment before he turns himself halfway, his side towards Zack.. and Keith. He waits quietly for them to approach, Waiting to see what it is they might want. His posture is very neutral.

Zack's posturing is very not aggressive. He moves up to the Cale-cat and rubs up against him, leaning in with more force trying to turn him back towards the clearing. He face rubs Cale then gives him a couple of tentative licks.

Keith emits a soft 'mew' tilting his head before looking over at Zack in a gesture that hints at, 'I'm following him'. It's fairly clear he wants to get to know his still living little brother. Not having found the time before his other lil bro passed onto a better place. His energy is subdued, though clearly seeking council and support from his other members. It seems he find it difficult to be polite and via for, what he finds to be, proper positioning. He then approaches Cale on the other side, follow Zack's prompting and inviting the Cale-cat to stay.

Jeremy inches toward the food now that he's finished the heart. A mrrr escapes him and he inches in closer before eating on what the others have left.

Jin leans in now and rubs against Crystal giving her a few grooming licks when she comes over to visit Aura and himself.

Auranna smiles and does nuzzle Crystal back, her tail is swishing back and forth and she is purring a bit, a deep rumble of contentment.

Forest rests his head on his outstretched paws, his eyes open, tail swishing lazily behind him but he seems to be growing sleepy.

There is a faint agitation to Cale as the two direct him to return towards the rest. Though he's unable to articulate past that general sense. But he allows himself to be turned back towards the clearing. Though for the moment he has no precise direction or intent in his return. Simply allowing himself to be invited back. The faint agitation lingers, but deepens no further.

Jeremy raises at the sense of agitation coming from Cale. He backs away from the food and looks at the others, not sure if he should continue or not.

Zack rubs softly against Cale, purring softly. He knows what it's like to hurt and he knows that the only way that he has been able to get through it was with those around him. When Cale shows agitation at him, the small leopard lays down beside him, letting him know that he's there, but not pushing any further.

Keith looks over at Jeremy shaking his head, seeming to indicate he should finish his meal. He then looks over at Cale, attempting to motion in front of himself and then toward the direction Cale was going. He then sees Zack's approach and lays near too. Not willing to allow another member to sulk away unless they -really- want to.

Johnothan looks out from under the snow he's using to clean himself off with..chartruce eyes peering out as he watches, his darkish fur dusted with snow before he gives a sneeze! spasming and shaking the snow-covering off, looking around almost sheepishly before grooming himself absently as if nothing had happened

Forest watches Zack and the way he works with Cale, his eyes half-closed in that look cats get when fighting off sleep. He yawns big and wide then once again rests his head on his paws. Observing all about him.

Auranna smiles a little and looks over at Forest, watching him for a moment and then just stays where she is nuzzling against Jin and now Crystal too.

Some of Cale's agitation quiets as Zack rubs against him, but some lingers on lower, subdued. A thought process seems to be rolling in his head, though only the results therein can be guessed at. He dips his head, slightly brushing his head. A gentle touch before he eases back again. Until he can easily turn and start off again. Less agitation now, but still he seems determined to have some private time.

Keith looks upon Forest seeming to see him falling asleep. He almost grins, if leopards were ever able to grin. He then begins licking his paws cleaning himself with content. It's clear he's waiting for something, what is odd is it's not exactly clear what yet.

Crystal nuzzles and licks Aura's face and then Jin's, shrinking back against the two at the sense of agitation, but relaxes slightly as worry and unease sets in the place of fear

Zack watches Cale go. He doesn't move until the leopard is gone from his sight. He lets out a soft huff, then gets up, stretching long. He walks over to where Forest rests and starts grooming his mate.

Jin licks Aura's ear with amusement in his eyes and then looks over to Crystal… leaning into her and watching her pretty protectively as well now, tail lashing.

Auranna doesn't try to act protective at all, she nuzzles against Jin treating him like a mate might and moves to lick Crystal too before closing her eyes and laying her head against Jin.

Keith stands promptly as Zack leaves to go groom his mate. His unrest crops up as he watches this. Was he looking to talk to Zack privately, that is remained to be seen. He walks, almost sulks, over toward Jin, Anna, Crystal, and Ahi. Tilting his head as he looks upon them with interest. His beast seems fairly protective, though his presence attempts at being friendly.

Jeremy inches toward the carcasses and tries to find a spot to settle and eat again. Though any movement or sounds makes him stop and move away from the kill.

Crystal huddled between Jin and Ahi her tail draping over Ahi's beast, her ears splayed but she looked at Keith-kitty curiously.

Johnothan growls softly at the cold rain pelting down on him, burrowing into a snowbank a distance from the downwd doe he'd offered up to others still hungry, curling into the little cave he's made to get out of the annoying cold rainstorm.

Keith moves over and licks Crystal with affection. Before doing the same, if allowed, to Anna. It's clear he holds fondness for both of the girls. They his little sisters whom he apparently has neglected in getting to know throughly. Though all that might change with his new attempts at orienting himself with all the Pard members.

Auranna doesn't mind and licks Keith back and then looks over. She gets up and drags her kill over towards where John left his and looks at Jeremy and nudges at it with her muzzle before going back over to lay down next to Jin and lick at her paws and muzzle again.

Jin watches Keith move, his ears pivoting some and he leans against Crystal now with Aura dragging the kill over to the other kills.

Jeremy grabs the remains of one of the kills that has a little meet left. He drags it to the edge of the clearing and heads under some brush where he can eat.

Keith nods at Jin before laying in front of the other male pardmate. He seems only slightly timid attempting to keep proper with interacting with everyone. Though it seems tonight, Keith hasn't done his normal in offering his neck out to anyone less than the Raj or Ra. Might he be getting full of himself?

Crystal rubs her face against Keith and gives a tentative lick in return before merowling at John-kitty to come join

Johnothan watches Jeremy drag off the deer, then looking around the clearing at those he can see…the snowbank not really doing it for him for a warmspot, though it does keep the rain off; Slinking slowly out of the bank to prowl slowly over in a semi-round about way towards the merowling Crystal, and group. Sniffing occassionally

Auranna grins and as she comes back decides to move and then moves over and just nudges at Keith playfully, and then licks at Jin.

Forest lets out a huff as Zack starts to groom him, lifting his head to rub his cheek against Zack's form. Then he leans up to start licking off his mate's muzzle in return, seeming content to be there with the pard.

Jin licks Crystal one more time before Aura gets back then sets in to actively grooming her again since she dragged a bloody deer around.

Keith looks up as Anna nudges him. He seems excited as he finally stands his tail whipping up before looking challengingly at his little sister. The move clearly is offering Anna the ability to spar with him. Training in kitty form might be just another exersise Anna might need to get used to doing. He lowers his front and heightens his rear.

Zack purrs deeply as Forest starts licking at his muzzle. The little leopard lets Forest bath him as he watches the rest of the pard with a great deal of attention.

Forest reaches his paw out to rest on Zack's back, working on cleaning his mate's fur for awhile before he yawns again and stretches his form out, nuzzling up against Zack.

Crystal lick-grooms Jin's face before nuzzling against John as well…ahh surrounded by pard! Her ears finally perking up as she watches Keith invite Aura to spar, curious if her sister will take up the invitation.

Auranna smiles as she gets cleaned by Jin a bit and then makes a playful growl. She nudges Jin and then licks his face and then looks at keith and moves over towards him and puts both paws in front of her and lowers her front a bit, her tail moving as she watches him, nothing about her body saying other than playful, but yes accepting.

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