Maria's Vitals
Name: Marietta "Maria" Thorne
Race: Werehyena
Shortdesc: Average height, brown hair, pale skin, amber eyes.
Position: Left of center.
Fame: None
Temperament: Fierce!
Themesong: Stockholm Syndrome - MUSE
Ashley Greene as Marietta "Maria" Thorne


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Some kind of Kentucky girl that just moved to Chicago. Heard she throws a mean left hook, likes bourbon, and used to be military.

Military Sciences: 09L that was stationed in Morocco when she was attacked by some fricken' huge hyena. Still on Uncle Sam's payroll, from the looks of things. They call her Jinn, now, for one reason or another.

Shapeshifter: A recent arrival within Chicago. She seems to be part of the hyena clan, and keeps her nose clean. So far, at least.

Vampires: Those in the know would be aware that there was a recent conflict between the Kiss of Louisville and the local Hyena Clan. The Clan, as small as it was, was completely wiped out— save for Maria, that is. The MotC of Louisville doesn't seem to want Maria dead, however. As long as she stays out of his territory.

Forge - Knight in Shining Armor, or something along those lines. At least the couch is comfortable.
Etana - Oba of the Clan. Certainly …interesting.
Spence - One of the same, but not part of the Clan. Too bad, seems fun.
Grayson - For such a big, scary monster, you're certainly pleasant to talk with.

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