Marina Brighton Early Katchit Lossa Nutter Green Bay's Vitals
Name: Marina Brighton Early Katchit Lossa Nutter Green Bay
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: A quirky young thing,— silver eyes, purple hair, wearing only a gentleman's button-up shirt to cover her scaled skin.
Position: n/a
Fame: n/a
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Unknown as Marina Brighton Early Katchit Lossa Nutter Green Bay


Full of guileless, childish wonder, young Marina's face is composed of soft, round angles, with high cheekbones cuddled against her exaggeratedly large eyes of iridescent silver. Not grey, not steel, but silver,— shining, bright, reflective,— the colorful orbs offset the near-translucent amethyst hair that falls in tumbled, sticky waves, looking to have been styled by little more than salty sea and wind. Her skin is pale with an almost opalescent undertone, like the underside of a fish's belly, but touched with a healthy flush at either of her round, vernal cheeks. Her nose is comically miniature,— a mere bud,— with a heart-shaped mouth that often takes on a pursed quality.


General: A quirky looking teenager new to the city in the summer of 2004, she seems a little clueless with most things and people that come her way. From the looks of her, she could be a were-fish? Either way, someone needs to teach her how to dress … or at least get some clothes on her! She also doesn't seem to like loud noises all that much.

Fae: Currently washed up to shore, this fae appears to be a member of the merfolk. Marina has a sense of cluelessness about her, hinting to the fact this may be her first time on shore. As for her purpose for being here? That is something that would need to be found out in person.

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