Marta Vandenberg's Vitals
Name: Marta Vandenberg
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: 5'8", Blonde hair, Grey-blue eyes.
Position: Boat Mechanic
Fame: None
Temperament: Easy going at times.
Themesong: Everybody's Broken - Bon Jovi
Sienna Miler as Marta Vandenberg

Info General

Transplant from somewhere up in Minnesota. She works for Crowley's Yacht Yard since coming into town as a mechanic.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


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Everybody's Broken
Hungry Like the Wolf
Return to Innocence
Only Time

Minnesota Beginnings

It was the pain that hit first. An almost blinding pain that took my breath away. I couldn't think, I couldn't judge the room. All I could think to do was roll out of the way, which caused even more problems as the sheet below me slipped and I landed on the floor. My shoulder felt like a firey brand was shoved inside the torn muscles and twisted. Someone screamed and it must have been me. The thick, coppery scent in the room told me there was blood. Too much blood. A figure hovered, large, covered in fur and the claws were reaching out.

All I could think was: I'm dead.


Shogun is Marta's Newfoundland. He guards the boat and the woman if needed. Sensitive to odd scents, he will let anyone know he is nearby.


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Marta's houseboat which is docked near the pier.

bed.jpg hb.jpg lroom.jpg
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