Mary Jane Faulkaiesen's Vitals
Name: MaryJane Faulkaiesen
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: A hard working doctor
Position: ER Doctor and one of the head Doctors in the Preternatural Unit at Memorial Hospital
Fame: One of the main head Doctors that runs the Preternatural Unit at Memorial Hospital.
Temperament: Happens to be a very giving doctor that helps those that are injured.
Themesong: "Of Wolf and Man" - Metallica
Amy Lee as MaryJane Faulkaiesen


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Theme song Lyrics

Bright is the moon, high in starlight
Chill in the air, cold as steel tonight
We shift
Call of the wild
Fear in your eyes
It's later than you realized

Of Wolf and Man - Metallica

What I have to say and thank you for listening

Who are we? Are we the sum of what we have done in our lives? Do we define who we are by our family or who has raised us? Is it what we thing we can do or who we can ‘beat’ in challenges? Is it just the need to that drives us to exist just to exist?

My name is Mary Jane, I am the daughter of a werewolf. Yes, my mother had already given birth to me when she was changed. I was six, and since then I thought I should devote myself to finding a cure. I never thought that at the age of sixteen I’d be turned as well.

You have to love rogues. They are wild, ravenous even if they are methodical as well. As a large pack circles you with a human hostage in your arms, what do you do? I know what he did, I still have -those- scars to show. Ever since then, well I now devoted to helping and aiding shifters and preternatural alike to making sure they get the health care they deserve.

I have been around many parts of the world with the organization called Doctors without boarders. I don’t need to prove I’m the best doctor , I know I am. As for my association with the werewolves? Well you’re just going to have to find out yourself. I’m an Alpha, I don’t think that’s too hard to find out where I stand with my own dear family. My actions with them and my relationships with them, well I’m sure you’ll find the tales here and there about me. Are they true or are they false? Well then, there are three sides to every story, theirs, mine and the truth. Don’t believe everything people write about me, it could just be a lie to boost their own ego. I've been under seven ulfrics as well as myself as one, the pack will ebb and flow. I shall always remain.


Post Ulfric Life

When Robert returned, MJ faded into the background and became an engima. She had taken time for herself and allowed herself to heal from various stressful issues that surrounded her. At thatfirst Lunapar since Robert's return she has declared the position of Freki. Change is at times a bitter mistress; and MJ has had to listen and obey. She is as always at the hospital, Jack's Garage (which she owns), at the clinics or at her home and easily accessable. After Robert's death and Logan taken over, she was given the position of Eir. Mj is a free spirit now doing things and is places where most people have never seen her before. Who knows where she'll show up next.

As of now, Mj works and enjoys herself having fun and tending to those that need medical treatment. She can be found around the city as well as by cell phone. Old demons forgotten and old grudges buried, as seeing the old wolves fade to make way to new. Mj holds her position though with a new outlook on life.

*Thoughts and opinions are of MJ the PC not of the player.

Businesses and Volunteer work

*Owner - Jack's Garage
*Personal Job - Memorial Hospital
*Volunteer at - St. Rumon Health Center Serenity Medical Clinic and Claw

Fave lines from Media/Movies/TV

Season Finale True Blood 9/12/10

*Russell laughed. ''Yeah, every full moon he turns into a wolf and kills and eats his prey.''

*''Rabbits and squirrels, not people,'' Alcide shouted back.

*''Details,'' crispy, chained Russell said.

(Who said Vamp/Were exchange wasn't funny?!)

Spirit Rock Pack

Logan, Cherish, Santiago, Erin, Raymond, Karmen, Rex, Una

Former Pack mates

Peter (Ulfric), John (Ulfric), Gabe (Ulfric), Yiska (Ulfric), Mason (Ulfric),Andrew, Avarice, Emma, Jinx (Peter’s Geri), Dalton, Jake (Ulfric). Joliea, Kevin, Monty, Paul, Liam, Robi, Riley, Casey , Rai, Truman, Ashley, Madison, Oleander, Chazz, Robert (Ulfric), Russell, Ricci, Ivy, Xian, Victor, Alessandra

Non-Pack Wolves


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