Mason's Vitals
Name: Mason Warrick West
Race: Werewolf, Aussie
Shortdesc: Sunbleached hair, gold-green eyes.
Position: Slacker, Ulfric of the Spirit Rock Pack
Fame: Temper
Temperament: Dominating, possessive.
Themesong: TBD
Heath Ledger as Mason Warrick West

Mason was born and raised in Australia. He came to the United States in his early twenties to pursue a degree in Biochemistry but he only attained his master's before being infected with lycanthropy in a lab accident that hit the media pretty hard. Since then he's been making money somehow and there are rumors of him having mob connections in Vegas, where he lived before moving to Chicago.

In recent history, Mason's foothold in Chicago hasn't been very solid. He's often out of town and has only very recently admitted to even living in the Windy City again.


This information should be considered strictly OOC unless you're privy to it through IC means.

General - Mason is a face that pops in and out of Chicago. He doesn't seem to have a job and the piece of crap truck he drives doesn't say much for his capabilities of being employed.

Lukoi - Mason is a dominant alpha. He tends to be easy going in general, but it doesn't take much to push his buttons and his temper can be scary. In contrast, he'll do anything in his power to protect his own whether they think of it that way or not. After being mostly non-violently usurped as Ulfric after a short term, Mason is once again Ulfric of the Spirit Rock Pack.

Criminal - Mason has the knowledge and even sometimes the means to make a drug that affects lycanthropes similarly to the way heroin and ecstasy affects humans. He maintains moderate ties with mob contacts to push the drug nicknamed Wolfbane on the black market.


  • Gabe Watson - Mason's girlfriend. Ex? Haven't they killed each other yet?
  • Rowan Phinn - Mason used to rent a room from him. They seem really close.
  • Elijah Banks - He lives with Mason, a friend (with benefits?) from his past.
  • Lupe Connolly - She lives with Mason. His maid?


Werewolves Faction

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