Mattie Lundquist's Vitals
Name: Matilde Lundquist
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: Green-eyed and rainbow-haired 20-something
Position: Newcomer
Fame: None Yet
Temperament: Sarcastic and cynical with a touch of altruism
Themesong: I'll get back to you
Susan Coffey as Matilde Lundquist


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

In late November, 2013, Mattie Lundquist arrived in Chicago by train, carrying all of her belongings in a couple of duffel bags. She left New York City and her pack of eight years behind her, searching for a new place in a new city. She has little money, no home, no pack, no connections, but she has her pride and determination.

Hopefully it will be enough.


An Auspicious Start

Life began ordinarily and auspiciously enough for Matilde Lundquist. Born in Syracuse, New York to two professors at the university there, she was a bright, creative little girl who was encouraged to do whatever she set her mind to by her unorthodox parents. An only child, she was a little spoiled at times and given free rein the older she grew. They trusted her to make her own decisions and such things as curfews and rules were for less "enlightened" families.

At 15, she was regularly taking the train into the big city for trips to plays or the museums there. It was on one such outing that her life was changed forever. Heading back to the train station in the dark and rainy night, she was pulled into an alley. It was nothing as fantastical as a vampire or were-creature, but instead a mugger and would-be rapist who had her pinned against the brick wall, ripping at her clothes, beating her face, looking for her money. Suddenly, a dark shape came out of nowhere — too large to be a dog, it was a wolf that flung itself at her assailant. The three went down in a pile, but moments later Mattie was alone — she could hear the fight, if it could be called that, continuing, far at the end of the alley. Soon there were only two hearts still beating — Mattie's and her savior's.

She passed out from the injuries to her head, and when she woke, she was in a warehouse surrounded by the local pack; her rescuer had carried her there to help her recuperate. It was just a group of street kids, the Ulfric just 19. It was he who explained to her what had happened, and that she might find herself one of them, whether she liked it or not. She returned home the next day, lies for her parents as to why she was late, but a few weeks later, she returned to the New York City warehouse for her first change.

Among Wolves

After a few weeks of being "missing," she contacted her parents to keep them from worrying, but refused to come home, feeling she and her parents were safer with her far away in New York. For the next three years of her life, Mattie lived the life of a "street rat" — or wolf, as the case may be. Being the smallest and youngest of the pack, she was the Artful Dodger of the group, becoming a pickpocket, burglar, and quick-witted liar when she was close to getting caught. While she lacked any sort of defensive ability coming into the group, the Ulfric and her savior — who turned out to be the pack's Bolverk — took it upon themselves to train her in combat. Eventually she became Aaron's Suttung — perhaps it was the attack on her back in the alley, but Mattie was surprisingly able to take on unpleasant tasks with ease — and sometimes even a touch of pleasure.

As the pack "aged," they began to get jobs and real apartments; at 18, Mattie got a job at a coffee house and went to night school, finishing her diploma and starting art school.

Life was perhaps not easy, but good enough for a few years. But the pack grew with time, and a new lukoi emerged as Fenrir. Mattie hated him on sight; he was rude and cruel and disrespectful, but he was stronger than their Ulfric and killed him in their challenge, taking the spot of pack leader. Mattie was devastated by the loss of her friend, and rather than take orders from — or worse, mate with — the new Ulfric, she left town… Chicago her destination.



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