Megan Leslie
Megan's Vitals
Name: Megan Tunney Leslie
Race: Faerie
Shortdesc: A ginger with more attitude than is likely fair to have, in ratty jeans and battered T-shirt.
Position: Bodyguard, New Moon Studio and Design
Fame: None, really.
Temperament: … chaos, insanity, and alcohol. But in a fun way!
Themesong: "Devil's Dance Floor", Flogging Molly:
{$Actor} as Megan Tunney Leslie

General: Meg's a bodyguard for New Moon Prodctions, tasked with keeping the company's exectuives and clients safe from everything from Paparazzi to crazed fans. While somewhat erratic, she seems good at that work.. and fond of it, at the very least. Beyond that, she's a wanderer, seen just about anywhere in the city, and at nearly any time of day or night.

WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


Meg is… old.

Oh, she's not that old to look at her - a woman in her mid-to-late 30's isn't going to turn any heads on any street anywhere in these United States. That appearance, however, hides more than one secret.

In truth, Megan was born in the Scottish highlands in 1719, daughter of a bean-sidhe, one of the Meig Moloch, a lineage that she, too, carries. She came to the United States before that country existed, crossing into the New World in 1750 and, yes, participating in the country's revolution, though not out of any sort of direct patriotism. Nominally a member of the Unseelie Court (though she studiously avoids being any real part of the Fae bureaucracy), she was among the first group that took US citizenship when it was offered.

She's seen dozens of countries, had adventures on just about every continent, and speaks a half-dozen languages fluidly. The stories of her origins shift in the telling, and among those who know of her (which are few!) they occasionally reach the mythic levels of Johnny Appleseed or Paul Bunyan. In typically infuriating fashion, she never really confirms or denies any of the rumors - seeming to enjoy the stories that crop up and grow and change with each telling. She hasn't always been 'Meg', of course, though that is a common name - she derives no end of amusement from answering to other, less-well-known aliases she's used over the years.

Oddly, she is most often seen in service to some mortal human, though that arrangement - while always eventful for the human in question - is not always to their benefit.


Meg does her best, but she carries with her prejudices reinforced by age. Vampires bear the brunt of her irritation; the undead seem to hold a special place in her contempt. Spaniards often fare little better - and she's blunt in many cases about race, though that seems an oddly secondary concern.

She tends to … test, others, holding them up to her own standard, which is not always easy or kind. Those who fail to live up to it tend to be left in her wake; those who manage to pass whatever odd test amuses her tend to earn her friendship, if not protection .. as far as it can be extended.

Hooks and Links:

As old as Meg is, she's very easy for older characters to hook to - especially (oddly enough) vampires and the older members of the Shifter community. Familial legacies are possible as well - she's a story in more than one grandfather's war story, after all. (If you'd like to work something out - give me a nudge! on the game!)

Friends and Enemies:

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