Melyssa's Vitals
Name: Melyssa Anne Clarke
Race: Psychic Human
Shortdesc: Blond, blue&green eyes, 5'5"
Position: Owner of Secret Garden
Fame: Retired Personal Assistant of Senator John G. Williams
Temperament: Gentle, soft-spoken, intelligent, yet with a keen eye for reading people.
Themesong: n/a
Cate Blanchett as Melyssa Anne Clarke


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Melyssa has returned to her hometown after almost 15 years away. Some might recognize her as the Personal Assistant to the now retired Senator, John G. Williams.

Law: For 15 years, Melyssa worked for a Senator after graduating from college with degrees in business management and law. She walked the walk and talked the talk in DC, and was a strong supporter of Senator Williams. There was oddly, never any talk of anything inappropriate between she and the older man.

Vampire: Rumors might mention that at one point, Melissa had a relationship with a vampire here in Chicago who has since returned to Europe. She is sympathic to vampires.

Psychic: Projecting Empath and Mind Reader who comes from a strong line of witches.

Occult: Owns the occult shop, The Secret Garden. Is known to be from a rather strong line of witches.


Sunlight comes to life in the hair that graces this one's head - bright yellow, rich gold, and a pale, almost white streaked together, each color blending into the next where it hangs down her back when not twisted up atop her head, baby-fine curls escaping to frame a face plain in all ways but one. Lightly tanned skin shows off her unusual mismatched eyes; the right a clear blue while the left is a leafy green. A petite nose and a rosebud mouth finishes the look. She's of average height for most women, falling about 5'5", her build softly padded in all the right places. She is no raving beauty, but most often, her gentle and soft-spoken ways endure her to most all who meet her.

Her coloring and blond hair are set off stunningly by the rich aqua of her cotton shift. Its wide square neckline flows lightly across her collarbone, edged with white embroidery in squared abstract patterns. The sleeves end high, barely past her shoulders, to reveal the smooth muscles of her arms. The bodice falls loosely down her torso, while the skirt swirls down to her ankles, the material light and airy about her legs, feet encased in a matching pair of sandals.

Tattoo: (if seen)
Starting from just below the nape of Melyssa's neck and extending downwards till just above the curve of her rear, this tattoo marks her skin; the vine seems to curl and intertwine down along her spine. Lastly, there is the artist's name inked into her skin, down along the right curve of the vine - Daemon. Picture is below in the gallery.

Psychic Information

Empath Projection - Melyssa has the ability to project her emotions to those around her as needed. The ability is stronger if she's able to touch a person. It's come in handy a few times, calming down people, or even a shifter once.

Mind Reading - Able to pick up the thoughts of people around her, Melyssa has used her ability a few times purposely while in the service to the Senator. She doesn't normally go seeking to find out what people are thinking, but if a person isn't blocking their thoughts, she may well pick them up.

Other Information

  • To come
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