Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital's Information
Type: Health Care Facility
Rating: 0 Stars (Public Access)
Location: 135 Lake Shore Drive
Fame: N/A
Atmosphere: Clean
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): MaryJane Faulkaiesen



Chicago's 'Northwestern Memorial Hospital' hosts the very latest in medical technology. In addition to its customary resources, it hosts a wing devoted to granting medical care for lycanthropes and rooms that suitable for vampiric use. As might be expected, the morgue hosts a state of the art 'Vault' for those individuals who might decide to 'Rise again'.

Stepping into the lobby, one is greeted almost immediately by an information desk. The Emergency room can be found to the left, signs directing visitors to the elevators, patient administration and the various clinics resting on either side of the elevators. The gift shop stands next to the information desk, the entrance to the cafeteria at the far end of the hall.


Hustle and bustle is the key to this place, several triage rooms for the immediate handling of emergency cases spread along the one wall, the nurses station and check-in area dominating the center of the space, a small waiting area on one side of the station, while the wide double doors that serve as an Ambulance Entrance are on the other side. On the wall opposite the triage rooms are a series of curtained off bed spaces for holding of quick access cases and waiting rooms while triaged patients are assigned rooms upstairs.


Glass walls allow a stunning view of Lake Michigan beyond. Plants abound, washing all with a green spray of warmth and peacefulness. Seats are spread about in collections of two and three, with a series of cushioned benches facing the lake view. Paths of smooth, solid ceramic wind through the palm plantings, allowing one to stroll beneath the plantings, even if they need to pull along an IV holder.


» NOTE «

Generally, the Northwestern Memorial Hospital staff will insist patients remain in their care while in Deadly, Critical, and Major stages of injury. If their injuries aren't difficult (like broken legs or suchlike are), they could easily allow one to check-out at Minor injuries with a cast or splint and a prescription. Passing doesn't call for a remaining stay unless the patient wishes to remain (and wants to pay for it).

Please note that one can be assisted by magical healing from outside sources, but the Northwestern Memorial Hospital frowns upon such practices. To have someone sneak in to do some magical healing would be recieved on a par with someone sneaking cigarettes or liquor in to the patient. There are security cameras in the hallways and public areas, and guests are required to sign in.

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