Mercy's Vitals
Name: V. Mercy (né Merewyn Selby)
Race: Vampire (Queen of Nightmares Line)
Shortdesc: Pale, 20s, brown hair, blue eyes, archaic dress.
Position: Petitioner to the Court of the MotC.
Fame: Driving Anne Boleyn Nutters.
Temperament: Saucy and manipulative.
Themesong: Enter Sandman - Metallica
Natalie Dormer as V. Mercy (né Merewyn Selby)


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.


A strange woman who dresses like she belongs at the Renaissance Festival. Mercy arrived in Chicago in July of 2010 from Europe.

One of the Queen of Nightmares line, Mercy was turned by the French vampiress, Jehanne, in the 14th century, along with her elder brother, "Law". There was some kerfluffle over it, as one of Belle Morte's line, Hughes, had plans for the pair but Jehanne beat him to them. She was used as an instrument of change in the human courts of Europe until late May of 1536, when she and her sibling slipped underground into the vampire courts and stayed out of humanity's site until recently. She came to Chicago in July of 2010 asking permission to reside in the city which was granted, and she oathed to Amun. Her brother is allegedly in New York City.

Old Folks:
Those beings who were alive in the 15th and 16th centuries may remember Merewyn Selby as a background figure steeped in intrigue from the Spanish, French, or English courts. Vampires in Europe from the mid 16th century to the present might know of, or even know, Mercy from the vampire courts; most particularly in France and England.



On the surface, Mercy is saucy and witty. She has a wry sense of humor, a love of games and gambling, and is quick with a quip or anecdote. She seems to thrive on being around other vampires and has a great love of parties and grand events.

She has very little of what her name proclaims. She is not a compassionate creature, and any such emotion coming from her is most certainly feigned. She is, however, skilled at playing pretend.

She is gracious and accomodating to those above her in power and stature, quick with a compliment or supportive word. She does not ingratiate herself to the point of obsequiousness, and walks the fine line between syncophant and valuable supporter with the practice of many centuries.

She is highly school in social graces and etiquette, although her notions of propriety date back to the Tudor era and earlier and may seem archaic in the light of the modern age.

Politics are her bread and butter, and trading in gossip and secrets is the spice of her unlife. If there is a rumor to be heard, you can be sure the manipulative woman is listening for it or helping pass it along.


Merewyn Selby was born in 1324 to an innkeeper and his wife in England. She was the middle child, born between brothers, and well doted on. She was a lovely thing, but her chastity was well-guarded by brothers and father alike. She worked in the inn, along with her whole family, and it was a quiet, happy existence.

That was until /she/ came. The pale French woman with the porcelain skin and ebon hair arrived late one night with an entourage. One look from her dark eyes captured everyone in the inn and left them in a state of wonderment and awe.

Jehanne was a master vampire from the Queen of Nightmares' bloodline, and she was there for a reason. She'd heard of the children of the Selby's from a Belle Morte, Hughes, who had spent a night at the inn some months earlier. He'd spoken of how the children had the potential to be taken into Belle's line within a few years. As Jehanne was, at the time, a rival of Hughes, she had decided to whisk the two eldest children of the innkeeper away for her own future purposes in the human courts of Europe.

13 year old Merewyn and 15 year old Laurent were purchased from the innkeeper and his wife for a ridiculous sum, which would soon be recovered by Jehanne after she inflicted the couple with terrifying nightmares about a plague coming to them if the money was kept and not given to the next French traveler who passed through. That was, of course, one of her own men, who collected her payment for return to the vampire.


  • V. Law(Brother - Vampire) Laurent Selby was Merewyn's elder sibling by 2 years. Taken along with his sister by the vampire Jehanne, the two worked through the courts of Europe to affect the agenda of their Mistress who turned them for much of the 15th and part of the 16th century before going underground to the vampire courts. He came with Mercy to the US recently, but is currently in New York City, possibly to join her at a later date in Chicago.
  • V. Jehanne(Mistress - Vampire) A Master vampire of the Queen of Nightmares bloodline, even Mercy and Law do not know her age for certain. She swept them from their mundane existence and turned them into instruments of political and social change in the courts of Europe. She is allegedly currently in France.
  • The Rest(Birth Family) Mother, Father, and Younger Brother were all alive and well in England when Law and Mercy were taken by Jehanne. If something else befell them to extend their lives, they have not sought the pair out in the present day. There was no contact with them after the two children entered into the vampire's care.

Recent Unfoldings

  • July 5, 2010 - Arrived in Chicago and sent a missive to the Master of the City, requesting an introduction audience.


  • Coming Soon


RP Hooks

  • Interested in playing Laurent/Law? Let me know via @mail and we can discuss it.
  • Interested in playing mother/father/younger brother? Lots of wiggle room on those so contact me.


  • None Yet.
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