Metella's Vitals
Name: Metella
Race: Vampire (Earthmover)
Shortdesc: Large-eyed 20-something
Position: MotC from 1849 to 1871
Fame: First MotC of Chicago
Emit: n/a
Tracey Childs as Metella

Came to America from parts unknown at time unknown, but originally was from Ancient Rome (brought over in 79 AD. Her husband, Caecilius, was initially a banker, but after she was brought over, she began to influence him towards the profession of dealing in marble and assorted architecture production). Initially started to set up shop as the potential Master of the City for either Cleveland or Cincinnati (history is unsure which) in the early 1830s, but then changed her focus to Chicago in 1849. Once there, she set herself up as the first MotC of Chicago and began to influence the engineering project of 1856 that would allow Chicago to become a major player in the Midwest, while laying claim to the vampires that resided in the budding town.

It is said that V. Metalla was able to use obscure variations on her vampiric ability to control earth: she could look into a reflective polished metal surface and scry anything caught in the reflection of any other particular metal surface; she could detect anomalies (tunnels, cracks, et cetera) within the earth for hundreds of yards around her; she could hasten the crystallization of minerals, thus able to produce countless diamonds from raw coal. Although none of these variations were documented, nor have they appeared in any other vampire (as far as anyone can prove), Metella was certainly able to hold office with far more of an iron grip (pun incidental) than anyone would expect.

She was killed in 1871, generally rumored to be at the hands of the next MotC, Raymond Dire, but some speculate V. Dire wouldn't have been able to defeat Metella in honorable combat. The nicer of the speculations say that Metella died in the fire and Dire assumed the empty office. The less-nice of the speculations say that Dire took advantage of the confusion to defeat Metella with a pre-constructed trap and/or weapons and/or assailants.

OOC ORIGIN: The name 'Metella' came from the Cambridge Latin Course, which talked about a hypothetical Roman family for examples. An episode of Doctor Who used some of the members of that hypothetical family, and Caecilius' jobs are a mix of what's covered about him in the Latin course, as well as what was in the episode. The name 'metella' led to the somewhat obvious choice of her being an Earthmover, in terms of a fairly bad pun. Tracey Childs played Metella in the episode of Doctor Who, although the character picture is her from about 30 years before that.

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