Mia Love
Mia (My-uh) Love's Vitals
Name: Illyanna "Mia Love" Kuscheva
Race: Vampire playing Human
Shortdesc: 20's, 5'5", 110lbs. Sandy blonde hair.
Position: A Rotten kind of Cute
Fame: Only fame is being a solid regular at Something Wicked.
Temperament: Playful, wild, pouty, bratty!
Themesong: And now we dance - The Vandals
Gigi Edgley as Illyanna "Mia Love" Kuscheva


After the Russian's mouth and bad timing got her into trouble at LPR she was dragged out and thrown into a car owned by her Pome. That was the last anyone has seen of her. There are whispers that she is dead and some that she is still alive.

General: Although initially arriving in Chicago in the summer of 2004, Mia hadn't been seen around in a handful of years. She was all about town, hitting the nightclubs, and then one day the girl just up and vanished, mid-summer of 2007. Then poof, back the following spring. The girl spends most of her nights dancing and having fun at Something Wicked.

WARNING: The following information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC means to access it!!!

Vampire: The Childe of a rogue Master that was killed in the early 1900's by the Master Vampire of Moscow. Known to be along Padma's line. She's also known to follow Old Russia Circus performers — Not the clowns and balloons that is common now, but the original Circus. Before she was brought over, Mia was known as Illyana Kuscheva and was part of Moscow's Old Circus. Her family was known for their acrobatic and gymnastic talents. Initially associated with Pyotr Zagadka (of the Iron Will Forge), shortly after her arrival into town in July 2004, but that association ended when the MotC Satine declared Mr. Zagadka an enemy of the state two months later (coupled with her maiming and confinement of Ms. Love). Upon Satine's retirement as MotC (and return to her previous singing career, commuting between Chicago and Los Angeles) a year later, Mia was released from her confinement by then-MotC Koray. Shortly before her vanishing in 2007 and her following return in 2008, she has been known to frequent the dance floor of Something Wicked.

Although a Vampire, Mia dosn't come across as one, she seems to be doing a very very good job at 'playing' human. *See the Warning message above* This act even held up around other Vampires. She hasn't been seen in court since the first days of the current MotC, limited members of the Kiss may know she at one time had some type of 'agreement' with one of the past MotCs.



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