Midnight Repose
Midnight Repose's Information
Type: Ballroom and Bar
Rating: 5 Sttars
Location: 6634 Cermak Road
Fame: Crimson District
Atmosphere: Elegant
Owner(s): Shea Dovedale
Manager(s): Lane Brooks
Employee(s): N/A



The Midnight Repose Ballroom was built in 1926 as the grand ballroom of a long forgotten elegant hotel. It showcases a majestic high gold leaf ceiling, a five hundred square foot stage with curtains and spotlights, and a a seven hundred square foot dance floor, perhaps one of the largest in the city.

Although the building no longer operates as a hotel, the impressive Ballroom is still going strong. It was renovated very recently to its original historic elegance. This landmark space is one of the few locations in the district that can seat three hundred for an occasion.

Large iron-wrought chandeliers hang from the soaring ceiling. Burgundy draperies and carpet, gold detailing above the doors and mirrors with the shining wooden dance floor, along with the walls redone in dark mahogany paneling complete the festive decor. The Ballroom's impressive stage can be used for weddings or to feature musical performances, a DJ or even a keynote speaker. This is truly one of Chicago's most elegant and unique locations for special events.

The Ballroom does not host its own kitchen but will gladly accommodate a caterer of choice in whatever capacity may be required. A bar, situated off of the opposite end of the ballroom from the door, can accommodate nearly anyone.


The bar is nearly a match for the Ballroom, but not for sheer size. The bar itself is impressive, clean and dark, deeply shined. The same style of gold leaf ceiling and crystalline chandeliers grace the bar. Tables are scattered about, each set with a tall tapering white candle and a white, thick tablecloth. The bar stools are comfortable, the staff is polite, and the room is rather dimly lit…on the majority of nights.

The sheer number of bottles stacked in rows and columns behind the bar is impressive, and speak something of what may be available here, in short, whatever one may require. Drinks are slightly expensive, but the Ballroom is not a 'cheap dive'.



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