Milly Thompson's Vitals
Name: Milly Cassandra Thompson
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Lovely little busty asian woman. Brunette, thin, beautiful. Brown hair, eyes, and glossy pink lips & nails.
Position: Celebrity Chef / Bikini Model
Fame: Celebrity: Model & Chef, dubbed as the 'Bikini Chef'.
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Aki Hoshino as Milly Cassandra Thompson


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Milly is a celebrity and fairly easily recognizable. Both as a model, for various ads, commercials, and magazines, and for being a chef and TV personality. Her fame as a chef is higher in the US than overseas, however she has done work in both modeling and TV overseas in Europe, though most the work has been actually done in the US.

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