Miriam's Vitals
Name: Miriam Chase
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A tall young woman. Brunette, with dark eyes.
Position: Grad Student
Fame: Gates Hall RA
Temperament: Miriam is quiet and introverted, something of a loner, but that's probably due to being a grad student RA in an undergrad dorm.
Themesong: None
Charisma Carpenter as Miriam Chase


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

Miriam is a student at the University of Chicago, and lives in the dorms.



Miriam Chase was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her parents weren't really considered -wealthy-, at least not by the 'old money' standards of the area, but they lived (and still live) in a nice house with a beach-front view. Her father is a manager at one of the Newport News shipyards, and her mother is something of a socialite. Being an only child, Miriam grew up with all the proper 'young lady' rites of passage: Church Confirmation, Cotillian, Dance lessons, Gourmet cooking classes, etc. She took to sports in middle school and high school, becoming a decent tennis player and making the varsity team. While she was certainly 'good' enough to make the cheerleading squad, Miriam always felt that she had a few too many brain cells for that.

Dark Secret

While excelling in sports and the social arts, Miriam's real passion was knowledge and learning, especially science. And she had a dark secret. At night, in her room and usually without her parents' knowledge, Miriam would close her door and very quietly watch old science fiction shows. She would never have -dared- attend a Star Trek convention while she was in high school and living with her parents, but she secretly immersed herself in the show's trivia and minutiae. For her 18th birthday, a close friend bought her an official insignia badge, which she occasionally wears under a sweater on a necklace. Miriam, is a geek.

When it came time to choose colleges, Miriam shocked her parents by declining the list of Ivy League schools they suggested. Instead, she was accepted into Northwestern University's Physics program. While at Northwestern, Miriam continued playing tennis, but also dabbled into lacrosse, field hockey, and even took some martial arts classes. Her undergrad years were fairly unremarkable. She never rushed any Sororities, got stellar grades, and even worked as an intern at Argonne Labs during the summer before her senior year. Having received her BS in Physics, Miriam is now in graduate study at the University of Chicago. Her major area is Physics, where she is exploring topics in nuclear particles for her thesis. While she could certainly afford her own apartment, Miriam applied for a position as a Resident Advisor in one of the dormitory halls. Rationalizing that she is new to campus, she figures the position would provide social opportunities as well as look good on a resume.


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