Danika "Mischa" Mallory's Vitals
Name: Danika Ekatarina Mischenko Mallory
Race: Wereleopard
Shortdesc: Dark-eyed, honey-haired dancer
Position: Owner of Ballet Lunaire
Fame: Mischa was a ballerina with a nationally acclaimed ballet company.
Temperament: Mischa is sweet and easygoing in nature. She's submissive and a bit of a peacekeeper, but if you push her too far, she *will* push back (or claw, or bite…). She is bright, curious, a little stubborn and a little naive — all of which seems to get her into trouble.
Themesong: Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Michaela Drenckova as Danika Ekatarina Mischenko Mallory


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Moved to Chicago in late January 2008 with Gage.
Before Chicago

Danika Mischenko is the only child of world-renown ballet dancers, Danika and Ilya Mischenko, who, because of their fame, were able to defect from their home of the then-USSR when the child was four years old. The family settled into an unhappy life; despite coming to the United States of America to get away from the rigid regime of the communist government, Mischa's parents still held her to the unflinching standards they themselves were accustomed to. In order for her to learn English, once she began school in Los Angeles, they refused to speak Russian to her so that she would learn her new language - though they themselves only knew a few words of English. Being an only child, Mischa was lonely and unhappy whenever at home, and shy and timid due to her language barriers at the school. Her ballet classes were the only place she could express herself without difficulty, through the universal medium of dance and motion.

As Mischa grew, her talent for dance became clear, though this was expected due to her parentage. Though her language improved to the point that she had almost no discernible accent (and had, in fact, forgotten most of her mother tongue), she was still rather quiet, preferring her own world of dance or books to the more social world outside. Her parents took her out of public school so that she could concentrate on a promising future in dance, and she had home tutors. At 16, she joined a ballet company, becoming one of its soloists by 17. She became a little less shy, as she had to travel with men and women who were often a few years older than her and much more worldly, and was finally no longer in the sad and lonely home of her parents, who divorced once she had begun her career.

One night while touring in Boston, she was out with friends at a restaurant, and decided to leave early - only to be stalked and preyed upon by a half-man, half-cat creature. Claimed and bitten, she was infected. She woke up the next day with a man that was Gage, who claimed to have been the beast that attacked her. She was frightened and distraught, fleeing but returning to him after it became clear that her body was undergoing some change; she felt stronger, warmer, hungrier. He saw her through her first shift, and though she had some difficulty accepting her cat at first, soon came to see it as more of a gift than a curse. Mischa forgave Gage and even in time King, his beastly incarnation, and began a life as a shifter with him, leaving behind her dance company, her parents, her friends.

The two of them lived apart from both the shifters and the normal humans in their world for two years, until they were found by the local pard, but soon Gage's more beastly King persona could no longer handle bowing down to the Raj he felt superior to. After six years, the time came to move on in a new city and home. The choice was Chicago, with the hope of finding a new pard.

Missing In Action

Mischa had not been in Chicago more than a few months before Gage had to go out of town to help with pard business — something too dangerous for Mischa to help with. She kept mostly to herself for the few days she was without him before she received a call: Her parents were killed in a car accident in Los Angeles. As their only child, she had to go alone to take care of their funeral and estate. Their wills demanded their remains be brought back "home" in Moscow — bringing Mischa once more to Mother Russia and her homeland in early summer, 2008. She left a scrawled message for the pard and for Gage, still away on pard business. But it had been months and there was no sign of her, no letters, no calls, no anything. She returned in October, 2008 to the pard's apartment, only to take some of her belongings. Her fresh scent has alerted her pardmates she is in town, or was, at least briefly, but she left no note or message for them. She apparently was not ready to be found. As of early November 2008, she has begun reuniting — if by accident — with former friends, as well as meeting new pard members and making new friends. She finally told these friends her reasons for being gone so long:

While in Russia, she was in a car accident. Head trauma knocked her unconscious, so she was unable to shift in order to heal. While Mischa was comatose at the hospital, her doctors noted that the lycanthrope was an ex-patriot traveling alone. They took the opportunity to "treat" her with an experimental drug designed to keep her from shifting by changing her body chemistry. The drug also made her ill, depressed and forgetful. Even after her release from the hospital, she continued to take the pills to keep from shifting, as the drugs made her more inclined to believe that this was "for her own good." After several weeks, she finally stopped taking the drugs, but they remained in her system. In fact, she is in some ways like a new shifter, forgetting just what has occurred during a full moon.

The story seems to have had a happy ending thus far. Reunited with Gage, she set about opening Ballet Lunaire, a new "preter-friendly" ballet studio and hopefully dance troupe. Gage and she found a house to call their own home, and the pair were married on New Year's Day, 2009.

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