Molly "Spider" Malone
Molly's Vitals
Name: Molly "Spider" Malone
Race: Human
Shortdesc: 5'7", blonde hair, blue grey eyes, 30-ish.
Position: Drifter
Fame: Secretly: The Spider
Temperament: Twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag.
Themesong: "Mad Season" - Matchbox 20
Beth Riesgraf as Molly "Spider" Malone


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Having arrived in early June of 2010, Molly is slightly odd, way too blunt, and a bit socially inept. She seems to have missed the day God handed out manners and social niceties. She doesn't seem to have a day job of any note.

Known in criminal circles as "Spider", Molly, as she's calling herself for the time being, is a renowned thief who has a penchant for scaling buildings, or diving off of them. She was trained by a master thief known as Lonnie in Los Angeles, but he died mysteriously when his house blew up about 7 years ago.


She doesn't seem to have much social training. She's blunt, painfully inappropriate at times, and maybe a little bit nuts.


The Diary of a Spider

Molly Malone is definitely not my real name. Come on, people, it's the crazy Irish lady who sold cockles and mussels in some old Irish song. Do I look Irish to you? But it'll do for now. I've been a lot of people and a lot of names but, to Chicago, Molly Malone is the name on the mailbox, and my driver's license, and my social security card.

Most people in my line of work know me just as Spider, thanks to my penchant for climbing the sides of buildings with suction devices and diving off rooftops with my custom harness and zip lines. What's my line of work, you ask? Some call it acquisitions, others call it security circumvention. I prefer thief.

I've been picking locks since I was breaking out of Foster care as a kid. The doctors my ever-changing roster of parental figures sent me to said I might has Aspergers, or some other form of social disorder. Mostly I just generally hated them all and I think people as a whole kind of suck. Money is my only friend. I love it, I cherish it, I roll around in it when I have enough of it, and if you want to be pals with me, you'd better be offering it.

I didn't spend much time paying attention in school, except for shop class. That was fun. I credit my shop teachers with inspiring me to design better implements of theft. Way to go there! I'm sure you'd be proud if you could get past the whole 'thief' thing!

Someone noticed though. My mentor, Lonnie, plucked me off the street when I was busy skipping school at age 14, and he trained me to do his dirty work for him. He was a mastermind, but there was no way his fat ass was ever going to be able to crawl through ventilation systems to break into places. I was designed for it.

When I turned 18 I left the foster care system and went to work for Lonnie full time. I stole anything he pointed me at: art, weapons, secrets. You name it, if he paid me enough, I'd try for it. He told me I had the potential to be a world class name in criminal society some day. I thanked him by ditching his sorry ass when I was 24 and going solo. He cheated me out of some money, so I had one of our contacts blow up his house while he was sleeping. Way to go there, Lonnie, cheating the unstable criminal. Dumbass.

So, for the next 7 years I worked on my own, making a quiet name for myself, just like Lonnie said I would. Word had it some fellow in Chicago was really putting together a strong team and looking for my kind of talent. So I'm heading there to find this Wes guy, and see what he has to offer me. At least there should be plenty of things to steal even if it doesn't work out.


  • Wes Ozmund - Business associate and the person she came to Chicago to find.

Recent Unfoldings

06/04/52010 - Met Wes.


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