Mourning's Vitals
Name: Alyssa Mourning
Race: White, Vampire
Shortdesc: 5'5", curvy, blonde, happy.
Position: Animator (?)
Fame: Oops, did I raise another?
Temperament: Optimistic, Vibrant, full of joy and laughter.
Themesong: Voodoo Lady - Live
Kelli Garner as Alyssa Mourning


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

General: Alyssa Mourning is an animator from Florida, she arrived in town early in June of 2008. Occasionally she can been seen trying to take care of roadkill that has decided to get up and follow her around. She's going to the University of Chicago, having transferred in June of 2008 from University of Miami, for a Masters in Preternatural Sciences.

Animator/Necromancer: Alyssa Mourning is an animator from Florida, she arrived in town early in June of 2008. She's a particularly strong animator. She doesn't appear to always been in control of her abilities, and is sometimes seen trying to lay to rest the road kill that has followed her somewhere.

Vampire: Amun's Fledgling. Cold. Distant. Terrifying. Alyssa Mourning was a necromancer before being turned, and there is no real understanding of what abilities she kept when she was turned.

Preternatural Sciences: Alyssa Mourning has her Bachelor's in Preternatural Sciences, and is working on her Master's at U of C for the same subject.

Faith: Not only is Mourning an animator but she also seems to practice Vodoun more than just for her.. craft, she is an actual believer of the Vodoun religion. She served for three or four years as the apprentice to Madame Claire LeVrua, a Mamba down in Miami.


Hot. Cold. It depends on who you ask. Sometimes she's a vicious monster, other times she's the sweetest woman in the world. Different face for different people. Everyone sees a different face. Mourning is a consummate romancer, predatory, and lady's woman.


  • Born in 1981 to a Cop and his wife, mother was loving and supportive, father was distant and strict.
  • Childhood was mostly normal until around the time she turned thirteen, then road kill started following her home from school. Her parents didn't like this, at all.
  • At first they tried sending her to a Christian School, but the Christians just treated her as if she were the devil itself, and didn't teach her how to control her ability /at all/.
  • So eventually they found a Vodoun mamba that could help her. And from the age of fifteen to the age of twenty she was an apprentice to Madame Claire LeVrua in Miami, Florida.

RP Hooks


  • Graceland Cemetery, Mourning can often be found working at the cemetery.
  • University of Chicago, Mourning can be found wandering from one class to another at the University.



"It was never really explained to me. But he did something to tie me to him. He called it some sort of servant, don't remember. And then he just.. disappeared. Leaving me in the city and I could feel the gape there. And I hated him, but his absence made me go a bit insane. I couldn't continue living without him. So I went to.. the rest of.. them for help. I was told my options were lycanthropy, vampirism, or going crazy until I finally killed myself with grief"
Mourning to Eleanor, Walk a Mile in My Bowling Shoes

Mourning turns and glowers at the nurse she snaps, "If I could control it I would! You think I like having dead all up in my wounds? I don't want to die of sepsis." Then tears start to fall. Black mascara starting to run. "I'd be a normal hospital right now if that stupid whore hadn't rubbed her blood all over me."
Mourning to a Nurse, Infected!

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Recent Unfoldings



  • Vampires:
    • Secretly: "Humans are right to fear us. There is so much power in me now, it's intoxicating. I don't think I'll fight this darkness."
    • Publicly: "I haven't changed who I am. Why won't you look in my eyes, anymore?"
  • Shapeshifters:
    • Secretly: "Such high maintenance, the younger ones. I can relate. Do they feel this intoxicating power, too?"
    • Publicly: "I didn't understand until I was turned, now I do. You're not that different than us."
  • Fae:
    • Secretly: "Terrifying. Completely. Utterly. What would their blood do to me?"
    • Publicy: "They are such an enigma to me…"
  • Humans:
    • Secretly: "Even when they fear you, they are so easy to manipulate."
    • Publicly: "I'm not that different than you are. I just have more handicaps."

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