Nalio's Vitals
Name: Nalio Ashlee Genswift
Race: Fae
Shortdesc: Gothic/punk black girl
Position: Wanderer. Vagabond, nomad… how ever you wish to state it.
Fame: Having the recipe for a drug that gets, and keeps, lycans high.
Temperament: Cold, distant. Had a /lot/ of things happen to her, just waiting for someone to come along and knock down those walls.
Themesong: We're in this together now… or the doom song (invader Zim) depending on my mood.
Professdom as Nalio Ashlee Genswift


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

A punkish looking teen, she is almost always seen alone and rarely looks off guard.

She is a Fox Fae and isn't aware of it having been adopted.

Sleight of hand:
Raised in Detroit this girl had to learn to get by /any/ way she could, taking only what she needed and not from any one person. Can't continue to do it if you draw attention to yourself after all.

Urban survival: She will /never/ go hungry or go without a place to stay. She is excellent at taking care of herself and making her way around a city, /Any/ city you give her a few days to get acquainted with her surroundings.

Nalio's background known:
Cold and wet, the wind howling in the tree's A baby is placed in a box screaming and fighting against her binds. A woman in black weeps as she knocks on the strange door, hoping she's doing the right thing. She tucks the necklace in the box, than kissing the child she flees. Just when she turns the corner the door opens and out comes a Small white woman, older the grey hair and wrinkles put her well over 50. After a moment she looks down, hearing the cries over the rain, and thunder. Bending down she lifts the child from the box, screaming for help she takes the baby inside, The door closing with a loud thud, and a thwack, thwack of the sign, 'St. Mercy's orphanage'
Nalio was adopted days after she was found, her dark skin and bright eye's making her irresistible. Mr. And Mrs. Genswift were not rich, they lived on the wrong side of the tracks and they didn't a lot of room. But they proved to be a loving and sincere couple. Allisha Genswift desperately wanted to have children of her own but was unable. She was a stay at home wife and got bored and lonely as Andre fought to keep the piece on the Detroit PD, not an easy job especially with the way things run down there.

On Nalio's first Birthday Nalio was spoiled by her family, like any child her age would be. The real gift came 3 month's later, Allisha had good news, Nalio was going to be a big sister. So the day after her second Birthday, Alonzo Angel was born into the Genswift family. He was a big boy, and due to the complication's that occurred Allisha almost passed away giving birth, but the problem was in her uterus, and with it's removal went the threat, as well as any chance for a third. That suited the family just fine, they had their two perfect children and they were together. Alonzo and Nalio fought like brother's and sisters will, but if anyone gave Alonzo grief Nalio put them in their place. She was the only one who could bully him after all.
Both of the Genswift children were excellent in school and had promising athletic ability, But Alonzo was a follower through, and through. When some of his older friends talked him into robbing a local electronic's store he felt included and went. The store owner wasn't forgiving though and Alonzo was D.O.A, two of the other boy's were rushed to the hospital in critical, and didn't make it, the last boy ran out the back, fleeing and /never/ looking back.
The family was devastated, Allisha in particular, Andre took a month off to help her cope, and make funeral arrangements. Alonzo was buried in the spring, benieth a weeping willow in the local cemetery. A small white marble angel watching over his grave. Alonzo was loved bu just about /everyone/ in the community. The church, school, teachers, neighbors and even the store owner gave money to have the boy properly buried with the angel to watch him. The store owner apologize , explaining he hadn't recognized the boy, and having been robbed just the week before he wasn't taking chances. Andre had been one of the officers on that case, so he knew it was nothing more than an accident, a case of wrong place, wrong time

Nalio grew distant, strange things were happening to her and she was scared, but who could she turn to? Not her parent's not now with all this strain on them now. Nalio decided to concentrate on the boy who got away. Her heart became cold, she spent less time at home and more time 'out', her grades fell from A's to C's, D's and F's, save for weights and her activity on the track team. She finally located the boy who left her brother and the others to die, getting some good tips from his old crew as well as family members. Having fallen in with a new crowd herself she now had recources to deal with people. The boy was found floating in Lake Michigan, by a couple visiting from New York. Given the boy's history and no leads the case was dropped in a few month's.
Every action has an opposite or equal reaction. Andre was killed in action, taking a hostage to safty during a bank robbery, he was shot in the back and rushed to the hospital where he lasted nearly a week. He finally passed away due to complications. At least Nalio got to say goodbye. Andre was buried next to his son with just as many frills and a whole precession of officers following, a hero's burial. Allisha fell into a deep state of depression, by the time Nalio was 17 she was running with a local gang, not official initiated, they respected her because of her cleverness and ability to plan through to execution. Her natural leadership ability was noticed by a local drug lord and soon she was recruited as a pusher. Just before her eighteenth Birthday Allisha committed suicide and was buried with her family, Nalio was alone… The 'Boss' took advantage of her vulnerability, teaching her the tricks of /his/ trade. Showing her how to produce a special drug and introducing her to the world of therians.

She was an apprentice for a year or two than becoming his leading lady and the one Lycans came to for their high. Unfortunately for her when a shifter deal goes bad, it can mean /death/… She's been doing this for years, now twenty four she's been running for therians a better part of six years, she thought she knew everything. She was meeting one of her regulars in their special spot, only diffence was, this time he was short and had brought a friend, buzzing bad and desperate. When Nalio refused the deal he gave her, she was jumped. He only meant to scare her but in a blind rage he was a bit too rough. When all was said and done the creature bounded off, drugs in mouth and the bushy red tail was all she saw disappearing around the corner, the white tip a blink before she passed out.
Waking in her hide out surrounded by her crew a sigh could be heard. She was naked and bandaged. They explained most of her wounds were scratches and bite's mostly surface wounds. They thought it was /way/ worse judging by all the blood she was lying in. When they finally got her home and cleaned up she was barely worse for wear. A few days later out of fear and a fast approaching full moon Nalio flees, not sure where she's going but sure of what she has to find.

Nalio Background unknown:
Here's where things get tricky:
Nalio's birth mother is a fox Fae, she had fallen in love with a black military man stationed close to her home. When she became pregnant she felt she had to be honest with the child's father, so she told him /everything/ He called her a freak and left. Her family would not accept her back with the child, so in order to return to her kin she left the baby at the orphanage. In the box she left a family charm with her name in it. A fox necklace with the name 'Nalio' in the tail.
Nalio was /always/ able to shift, she just didn't know it. If she had shifted she didn't know it, though she woke up feeling odd at times, or in places she hadn't fallen asleep at. She blamed it on sleep walking. She heals above human average, and her senses are highly attuned, she alway's thought that was normal. Some of her other abilities she found odd. When she's reqruted by the Drug lord it's because of her Fae ability, her 'natural' magic. She becomes his queen in a game of chess, disguised as a pawn. Magic mostly but some silver is in this Lycan Drug. When she's attacked she know's the type of shifter and is familiar with the fact that they shift on the full moon. Not wanting two bosses in the same town she flees, rather have to deal with a new boss, than deal with the Lycan she's been selling to, who know's what he'd want of her. She doesn't know what she is (fae) but she know's what she has to find before the full moon. Convincing herself of the fact that she /will/ shift at the full moon, sort of a mind over matter thing, Hence her desperation.

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