News Of Zack

April 27, 2011


cafe://Polychrome v2.0 - Navy Pier - Grand and Lake Shore
The Polychrome 2.0 is a serious upgrade in both style and function. Gone is the soft-industrial warehouse look, the walls repainted from their worn brick color to a more warm rich red adobe. The walls are adorned with old Sci-Fi posters and paintings by independent local artists.
The entire cafe is situated around a circular bar-like counter in the very center of the room which, in turn, surrounds the chrome and copper homemade monstrosity Frankenchino machine the only surviving relic of the previous Polychrome. Frankenchino billows steam and froth from it's masses of pipes and valves, the temperature and levels of fluids measured by gleaming old fashioned pressure gages and controlled by a plethora of levers and turn-gaskets. Comfortable high backed chromed stools with leather upholstery orbit the counter, which through it's thick Plexiglas surface into it's refrigerated interior can be seen sandwiches and pastries and other snacks in refrigerated. Above the counter is an outfacing circle of LCD TVs showing various feeds off the Internet.
Circular segmented couches surround low black coffee tables around the cafe, each one having a computer monitor on a swivel in the center and a cordless keyboard and mouse and allowing the patrons full and free net access. In one corner there are more dedicated semi-private computer terminals at high-mounted and a kiosk where one can rent a laptop. Another corner sports an Internet jukebox which has been built into the body of a full sized Robby the Robot replica. Another corner has a small stage from which patrons can enjoy independent bands or poets on certain nights. The last corner is set up with merchandise such as books, magazines, shirts, mugs and gadgets.




(scene joined already in progress)

"M…my angle?" Chazz lets his eyes flip to Lenore for a second, his smile still present. "I… I got a contract, to shoot the city some. Bring it to life for an exhibit." He notices Cale approaching Lenore, and his grey eyes flicker to the other man for a second. He continues though, his voice just a llittle shakey. "I'm… pretty good with the camera. Did a piece in Phoenix last year… they really loved it."

Cale dips his head slightly towards Lenore as he nears her and Chazz. His eyes flick towards the young man and give him a measuring, but non-agressive few moments of study. There is a light note of interest, though he seems to leave it quiet for now. He then nods his head once and looks towards Lenore. "Wouldn't mind having a word with you when you've got a moment," he says. A request, the tone one of common politeness. "'Private' matters." A bit formal.. focused. He's just come in, still a bit moist from the rain outside, but not so very much, standing near Chazz and Lenore as they wait for their drinks. Crystal is discreetly boothed and for now he doesn't seem to notice she's there.

Crystal sighs and just stays where she is in a corner trying to stay out of the way of anyone

"So more cityscapes? Do you do anything else? people or animals or nature?" Lenore grins and seems to want a conversation with Chazz, though as Cale walks up she nods to him and places a gentle hand on Chazz's shoulder for a mere second as she speaks. "Excuss me." Then she takes her drink and goes to follow Cale to where ever.

Ahikam slips into the cafe, he looks a bit skittish, chewing on his lower lip, phone in hand, not far ahead of Johnothan likely, blinking around the cafe a moment, until he spots Crystal, a smile sliding a bit onto his lips as he heads over to join her.

Johnothan comes in almost on Ahi's heels, at least not far enough that the door closes the entire way before he's pushing in, looking around the room, an unhappy nervousness about him as he looks to the clock then around again as if looking for someone he doesnt see, His eyes stop on Lenore at the sound of her voice before he moves off following Ahi to the corner where crystal is

Chazz was about to respond when Cale spoke. His lips move for just a moment, and then he nods his head, eyes watching her hand as she touches him then walks away. There is a shy smile as he takes his cocoa from Anya, and then he moves himself towards one of the tables to open up the camera bag and make sure everything inside remained dry.

Cale nods his head towards Chazz and says, "I won't keep her too long, friend." A casual grin offered as he turns. And notes the arrival of Ahikam and Johnothan, his eyes lingering towards them briefly before he continues on, moving over towards an out of the way sort of booth. Good for a quasi-private conversation. He'll hold talking until he's gotten there, settling himself down on one side.

Crystal was seated in a corner trying to be inconspicuous as she already had a mocha latte and looked rather uneasy but then with things as they had been why wouldn't she? Looking up as john and ahi entred and it brought a small smile to her face to see them

Lenore slips into a booth and looks at Cale. "You seem calmer than the last time we were together, how are you doing hun?" She is in a sweet mood and sips her tea. Looking over to Johnothan and Ahikam as they join Crystal, smiling sweet as her energy goes out to pass over them. Soon her energy returns and she looks back to Cale. "So, what can I do for you my dear?"

Ahikam nods his head to Cale a moment, and Lenore, but moves to sit down next to Crystal, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing her cheek, "Forest is on his way, he'll be here soon…" he murmured softly to her, nuzzling into her hair, breathing her scent deeply, and calming himself as he wrapped his energy around her.

Settled in at a couch, Chazz pulls out the digital SLR camera from the bag. A quick visiual inspection, and he nods once he's sure it's dry. He lowers it to the cushion next to him, then moves to pick up his cocoa.

Johnothan smiles down gently at the worried beauty as Ahi comforts her, nodding in response to ahi's statement even as he reached out to cradle the side of crystals face with his han tenderly. "It is alright crystal. We'll talk with Forest and tell him whats going on, I'm just worse hasn't happened. We'll get things straightened out." he says, his words pitched softly for the little albino as he moves around to sit on the other side of her, watching the door with an edge of worried anticipation to his energy, which he tries to keep contained with rising and failling success

"I'm here to talk about the three," Cale murmurs to Lenore, his voice softening to not carry very far, even for those of keen senses. "Obviously things can't remain as tense as they are for some. So I'm here to work on setting up a meeting for them with Forest." He seems inclined to skip pleasantries as he speaks, but his tone remains polite. "Can't make any promises or estimations, of course. Not my place. But I am doing this at Forest's behest and will be reporting back to him directly."

"So you wanted to talk to me why? Because they are under my safe and loving wings?" Lenore sips her tea and smiles. "They want to go home Cale, they want a family. Ahi is like a brother to me and the other two? Well I think they all need a little help." Nothing harsh about her tone as she keeps it low and steady, she smiles again and nods. "How is Forest doing? I've been a little worried about him to be honest." She is being sincere as she speaks, nothing hostile in her at all.

Crystal nods as she curled into ahi breathing his scent as she tried to stay calm and wrapped her arms around the boy. Nodding her head to Cale and Lenore she let her energy slip out to brush against them lightly before pulling it back in "Alright Stuffy. Least it wasn't th same who took me. I hope he'll beleive us and that Zack is alright" nuzzling her cheek against John hand before relaxing slightly as she got bookended by the two and sighed as she rubbed her cheek against John's shoulder. "I hope he'll let us help…but guess it isn't our call, it's his"

The raised voices catch Chazz's attention, and he purses his lips lightly. Eyes remain focused on his cocoa, and slow breaths fill his chest as he tries to not fully listen.

The door to the polychrome opens and Forest's presence can be felt before he even enters. He comes inside and looks around the cafe at all those present, his energy pulling tightly within himself when he sees those within. Eyes move to Cale and he moves over towards him, a brief nod of greeting to Lenore, but his mind seems very occupied as he asks Cale softly, "You heard anything?" worry flashing in his eyes.

Ahikam nuzzles his cheek into Crystal's head, voice soft, "hes my brother, i'll do whatever i can, if my help is welcomed or not… i wouldn't abandon my search for you, i won't for him…" he sighed softly, worried, but lifted his head as he felt Forest's pressense, falling silent, turning to look towards the door, watching Forest enter, and waiting, quiet now, his energy tentitively moving out to greet Forest, timid, but worried.

Johnothan was on alert, his tongue coming out to lick at his lips slowly at the feel of that familiar energy, watching as forest entered the 'chrome, his eyes following the man as he walked over to Cale and Lenore's table and spoke with the man, reaching out a hand to give Ahi's hand a squeeze, feeling the tension and worry in the man even from here. "lets wait a bit Ahi, we dont know what all has been going on with the family, We asked for this meeting ofr a number of reasons, but lets wait till we're acknowledged before drawing his attention..Just as a precaution" he says gently even as his heart goes out towards Forest.

Cale shakes his head as she speaks of wants. "His choice, not mine." Simply and quietly said. "Forest is concerned. But I'll leave why for after this bit of business. I did come down here looking for you in particular because it's assumed they're with you. Not a hard assumption to make. All I need is.." He pauses, head lifted slightly when Forest's presence becomes tangible. Turning to glance towards Forest as he comes in. He's a bit surprised, but he rolls with it as the man approaches. His head dips a bit deeper than your average nod, head canting slightly. DIscreet deference that comes and goes quickly. He shakes his head slightly in answer to the question and murmurs in his discreet tone, "I was going to ask Lenore after talking about the meeting." His eyes flick towards where John and Ahi went, noting Crystal as well. "It seems they're all here. Good timing." He then looks towards Lenore and asks her, "Have you seen anything of Zack recently?"

Lenore looks up and smiles as she see's Forest, energy calm and respectful as she greets the man. Though at the sound of worry her smile fades and she looks up. "Forest… whats?" Then she looks at Ahikam and bites her lip. "Oh please no…" The last thing the man needs is another missing. Looking at Cale she shakes her head and there is pain in her own eyes. "Not for days now, he avoids me like the plague." Looking at Forest she stands and nods lightly. "I offer my help in locating him if you allow, your my friend Forest even if you dont consider me one of yours." No lie in her words .

With Forest's entrance, Chazz does his own shrinking act. He raises the cocoa to his lips, and lets his eyes flicker to the others for just a moment. Seems maybe tonight was a bad night for a loner to come into the poly.

That worry seems to only grow at Cale's words, his hand moving out to rest on Cale's shoulder briefly, an acceptance. Forest’s eyes move over to the three sitting nearby briefly before looking back to Lenore. Forest is worried about something, it's clear in his energy, "I'm sure he's just somewhere performing, or maybe he found a better piano somewhere to practice on and he's lost track of time…" He tries to put a positive light to it but it's obvious he's forcing it. A deep breath is given, a glance at Chazz, polite nod, before he says to Lenore, "Hello…" an almost absent greeting before he moves over to the place where Ahikam, Crystal, and Johnothan sit.

Crystal nods and nuzzles her head against Ahi nodding to him in full agreement. She was just about to send her energy out to greet forest when John spoke and she nodded. Looking worried and scared she spoke softly "He is our brother no matter what, we'll do what we can to find him. Do or die right?" Soon as Forest comes over, her energy slips out tentatively, worried and afraid as it slips over to lightly brush against him and she bows her head deeply to the big man "Have a seat?" she says softly edged in nervous worry and fear. "Thank you for agreeing to meet with us sir"

Ahikam lifts his head to watch Forest, his expression difficult to read, but it was not a happy one, taking a deep breath, "Forest… its good to see you, and i wish it was under better circumstances… i wish thats what Zack was doing… we… saw someone grab him off the streets, we couldn't catch them… you were my first call, i reached you as soon as i could…" he did his best to hold his composure, an arm tight around Crystal, looking to her and back to Forest, nodding.

Johnothan waits quietly for forests approach, remaining silent as crystal and ahi offer their words and such, only then does the young man send out his own beast to greet Forest gently and carefully, showing his respect for an obviously more powerful person. Head nodding at Ahi's words. "We did everything we could…But ahi is correct, they just had too large a headstart, and it happened too fast. What can we do to help to get him back where he belongs? Safe with his family?" He doesnt bring up recent events, or grudges, speaking only of the now, the truly important things, everything else can be shelved in the face of such a threat.

Cale lifts a hand to touch and lightly squeeze the hand on his shoulder before Forest goes over towards the three. "I'll be here if you need me," he murmurs lightly before his attention turns to Lenore. "I suppose that leaves us little in the way of business to talk, then." He makes a point of paying minimal attention to the talk going on across the way as he asks Lenore, "Don't take my formal nature wrong, but right now I'd prefer to keep things steady. And I figure what is most needed right ow is someone who is impartial. Too many emotions invested in this right now."

A deep gulp, and more of the hot cocoa disappears from his mug. The young man, Chazz, holds it close in his hand, and his eyes flicker towards the door occasionally as if either hoping for company or for the weather to break.

Sighing Lenore watches Forest move off, then her gaze goes back to Cale. "Duty calls, I'll keep an eye out though ok? and let those I know and trust to watch for him as well ok?" Thats the best she can do considering. Unless she's stopped she will take her tea and go to sit next to Chazz.

At the words of the three he speaks to, Forest sits down heavily, almost missing the chair he was aiming for, "What do you mean he was taken…" his voice is low and guarded, as if he doesn't believe it at first. His energy grows more worried and he leans forward, focused on the three, "Tell me what happened, who took him…"

Crystal pouted as her heart ached, she couldn't even bring herself to think what it would be like to hear that Ahi had been taken, she could only imagine the pain and worry the big man must be feeling "There was a van…black…500miles overdue for an oil change…He was shot and he just dropped in the street…they took him and threw him roughly into the back…then peeled out…I'm so sorry Forest we tried to catch them, we really did. If it means anything, they weren't the same that took me…We want to help, he's still our brother" no hint of lie just overwhelming worry, fear, and concern in her voice.

Ahikam frowns, but nods to what Crystal said, pulling out his cellphone, "it was humans… from what we could smell, we didn't get much, they weren't there long to leave a good scent… but i got the liscenceplate of the vehicle," pulling up the number on his cellphone, "illinois plate SMP083… we don't know why… but we know it wasn't willing."

Johnothan listens to crystal and ahi, taking in whatthey relate to forest, the young man's eyes closed as he goes over the scene in hsi mind again, speaking soft and low as they had yesterday. "they shot him, but not with a firearm. there was no hint of gunpowder, or any bloodspoor trail. if I had to guess, I'd say they used a tazer or a tranqulizer. more likely a tranq since thre was no smell of ozone and no crackle of it either." Whe he finish speaking, his eyes open slowly and he looks directly at Forest, reaching out a hand to the man to squeeze his arm or hand if he can manage, offering his support. "We want him back…Perhaps almost as much as you do Forest. We'll find him. Even if we have to tear up the city to do it." he says, meaning every word he says.

Chazz looks up as Lenore approaches, and swallows as he lowers the mug quickly to the table. The cocoa is nearly empty as his grey eyes flicker to it and make sure it doesn't spill befor ehe picks the camera back up lovingly, giving her room to sit on the couch beside him if that was what she really wanted. There is a nervous smile, and he nods his head to her in greeting.

Cale nods his head once to Lenore, allowing her to go without complaint. Not near enough to hear clearly what's going on across the way, Cale frowns faintly as he does look and note Forest's heavy sit. His brow furrows and he rises from his own booth, starting to move across. Though he picks a somewhat circuitous route. One meant to let Forest see him coming before he gets there and object should he wish.

Sable sweeps into the Chrome with the usual aplomb of someone who is far too close to be considered anything less than a regular. "Evening," she calls brightly to Anyanka. "Were you able to get the order I called in?" Her gze belatedly travels over the room, offering a wave to Forest.

Taking the seat previously occupied with the camera Lenore looks at Chazz and smiles. "So… Cityscapes than? I have no artistic talent unless you can call being a flirt artistic." She chuckles and smiles. "Well, I did some acting but nothing like photography or painting." She tries to push her energy out slowly in a reassuring fashion, poor shy thing.

Forest is sitting at a table with Ahikam, Crystal, and Johnothan. His face grows pale at first, then red with his emotions that start to flow through him, his energy let go to push out against those in him, fear, anger, all powerful emotions. His hand moves to grab the table, squeezing hard enough that the wood cracks, "How could humans take him… " A growl an be heard rising in his throat, though it's not directed at anyone in particular, he's just very upset at the news he's received. He reaches a hand out to take the phone Ahikam was holding, looking at the number on the face, "Cale…" He then shoves the phone at Cale, "Call Robert, give this number to him."

"M… mostly. I do people on occasion but…" Grey eyes look at Lenore, and he swallows. Fingers caress the camera lightly as he tries to push his nervousness away from his words. Chazz chuckles nervously and nods his head. "I'm better behind the camera… looking through the lenses. Keeps everything safe, a clean… lets me remember them." He shrugs his shoulders, and shhakes hsi ehad a little. "But, I do mostly cities, it's why I'm here."

Ahikam lowers his head a bit beneath the feel of Forest's emotions and power, but he held his ground, letting Forest take the phone without a complaint, "i don't know why… i don't know how… as John said, i'd think used a tranquilizer to get knock him out… maybe they were looking for him… but they were prepared… i'm… afraid for him Forest… anything i can do… i'll do it."

Crystal shrinks in her seat at the feel of forest's emotions and energy her own right on the surface as always as she nodded in agreement with what she felt "There was no gunpowder or blood…just a soft noise. He dropped…they jumped out the back before it even fully stopped. then threw him in with more force then you would a sack…You're his mate, it's your fsamily, we wanted you to know first…but he's still family to us from our view, even if we're not family anymore…We'll help however we can Forest…he's our brother"

"Would you be interested in doing Wedding photo's I mean if your still in town that is. My Mate asked me to marry him so, working on all that stuff." She actually blushes as she plays with the ring on her finger. "Have you been here long? Oh… I'm Lenore by the way." She offers a hand and a sweet smile, though she is listening to the conversation at the table, worry playing in her eyes.

Cale approaches more directly when his name is spoken, taking the phone sent his way. He glances down at the screen, taking in the note that was read off before. He wasn't close enough to hear everything, but he gets enough to gather what's going on. But first thing he looks up to Forest and murmurs, "Perhaps this might be better done somewhere more.. discreet. I'd offer my apartment as one place." But after that suggestion, he lowers his eyes to the phone, studying the numbers and letters a moment before he takes out his own and copies it over into a note on his own phone before a touch to speed dial brings up a certain number. He waits quietly after while it rings.

Sable quirks an eyebrow at Forest's reaction. She passes a few bills across to Anyanka. "I'm going to be staying a bit longer. Just keep the ready for later, alright? I can send Dez over or something." At suggestion of her blue-haired counterpart, she heads off towards Forest and the others. She is careful to make enough noise of her approach and leans down to Forest's shoulder to brush her cheek to his. Her voice dropping to a curious whisper. "What did I miss this time?" The woman sounds apologetic and finally nods in recognition of those with Forest, though she grimaces at hearing part of Crystal's words. "My place isn't too far, if you guys are interested. Just have to deal with the music."

Johnothan works on remaining calm, though his emotions and beast are running high like everyone else at the table he shares with Forest, Ahi and Crys, a smile coming to him at the reactions this is getting by Forest, nodding and seeming to relax some, hearing Cale's suggestion, then turning to regard the bue-haired woman, offering a faint smile. "Actually, my van would even do. It's right outside, It's not as secure as the 'Chrome, but then I think only fort Knox is more secure. At the very least, it's technically bulletproof, and sound dampened.. And mobile if we have to leave in a hurry.." he says, flashing a grin.

Crystal pulls out a thin sketchbook and passes it over to forest "That's everything we saw" there were several pages that made up a frame by frame story of the event "How about John's van, safest place I know and Yes Forest, with all due respect, it's safer even then you-know-where" holding tight to Ahi's hand in her lap

Forest seems to be barely listening to those that are around him, his mind ablaze with worry. At the feel of a cheek pressed against his and an old yet familiar scent, he looks up to Sable. A nod is given and he forces himself to rise to his feet and into action, "Thanks for letting me know this, I need all the information you have to find him." He looks to Cale, watching the man for a few moments before saying, "There's not much we can do until we know who that van belongs to and where it is." He looks back to the three at the table, "Unless there's anything else you have that could be helpful." He picks up the sketchbook and starts to flip through it, hoping for a glimpse at the faces of those who took Zack. "The van would be a bit crowded, but thanks."

"A… wedding?" Chazz's cheeks flush slightly, and he looks to Lenore with a nod. "Honestly… I've never done a wedding. I could probably shoot you.. and him." He bites his lip and lets his grey eyes fall to the ring that she wears. "I don't know how good I would be in that kind of crowd." He swallows and looks away for just a moment. "I've… actually only been in town for a little bit. I had to wait for Mr. Moye to say it was ok. Can't have to many unemployed photographers running around you know." He chuckles nervously, and grins. "I'm… Chandler, but… everyone calls me Chazz."

Ahikam nods to Forest, "if you want, i'll start searching the city… i didn't have much luck last time… but maybe i'll have better luck…" he waits for Cale to finish with his cellphone, biting his lip a bit, "everything else can wait until we find Zack.. and we'll find him Forest…"

Cale waits for a few moments before a soft frown comes and he says into the phone, "This is Cale. Please call me back when you get this, I've some matters to discuss with you." He disconnects then and looks to Forest. "He must be busy, but I'll get to him as soon as I can," he promises. He then nods. "Quite crowded. And I don't think we have to worry too much about security. But this isn't really the best place for these discussions." His eyes move to Sable, who he considers for a moment before nodding slightly. Polite, but his focus is decidedly.. well, focused. And his voice discreet and quietly respectful. "Public display has already been a problem here before." His eyes move to Forest again, Ahikam's cell held out to him at the same time.

"Forest are you heading out?" Sable asks in an aside to the man, straightening after the greeting to cross her arms. "The offer still stands. It isn't as thought I can't lock the doors and tells other to piss off." She flashes a feral grin for a moment. "Anything I can help with?" She adds, the later aimed towards Forest again.

"I dont want a pushy professional to tell me what to do at any rate. If your around I'd love to get your number and maybe give you a call. I have a friend who might have work for you too if your interested. She gardens and its kind of… important to her." Lenore looks down at the camera and smiles. "Sounds like we might be getting kicked out?" Looking back toward Sable.

Crystal clears her throat selfconsciously "We want to help Forest and we'll do everything we can but…there /might/ be one more concern we'd like to discuss in hopes of clearing it up? None of us have /any/ intention of retaliating or blowing anything up! Please?! We don't want to be killed first for something we aren't even thinking about nor were we!" no hint of a lie not even a tint, just genuine worry

Forest looks to Sable, "Thanks, I need to find him Sable…." He looks over the trio.. frowning at Crystal's words, "Thanks for your help, call me if you hear anything else…" He's likely just very preoccupied at the moment, his energy full of the worry he feels. He heads to the door and slips out quickly.

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