Niccoli DeCarmillo's Vitals
Name: Niccoli DeCarmillo
Race: Vampire
Shortdesc: Dark hair, dark eyes, dark 6'
Position: Owner of Blues Bayou and Lucky Star from from Jan `04 to Nov `07
Fame: See Position
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: (I Did It) My Way
Al Pacino as Niccoli DeCarmillo


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

The Blues Bayou (a Cajun restaurant and bar, 884 Division Avenue: East) was opened by Ms. Penelope Charmichael in Dec 2000. After she left town, it was owned by Mr. Niccolo DeCarmillo from Jan `04 to Nov `07. Using the funds from the Blues Bayou, Mr. DeCarmillo opened the Lucky Star (a casino and bar upon a yacht that sails out into Lake Michigan for any practices that local gambling laws might find inconvenient). After he left town, it was owned by Ms. Gabrielle Watson-DeCarmillo from Nov `07 to present.

Earthmover Vampire. Born 1958, brought over 1997.


The tuxedo that the man is wearing looks to be tailored specifically to his
frame. The lines are cool and clear and the white shirt under the jacket is
white, starched to perfection. The cuff-links, studs, and even an earring
which adorns his left ear are all white gold and are just the right accessory
it would seem to go with the rest of his outfit. He does indeed carry a
walking stick, but it too is burnished to a sheen, the handle of some sort of
animal is what is under his hand as he uses said stick more as another
accessory instead of a help with a handicap. His full coal black hair has
been swept back, coiffed accordingly. Black eyes, something of a tan, all add
to the look that this 6', when does he have time to go to the gym, man of
Italian descent has striven for this night, and he might have just pulled it

Known Associates

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