Nick Landon's Vitals
Name: Nicholas Bradley Landon
Race: Werewolf
Shortdesc: 5'10" brown eyes, brown hair
Position: Associate Lawyer
Fame: Environmental Activist
Emit: {$Emit}
Leo Vlasic-Klasan as Nicholas Bradley Landon


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All four of Nick's grandparents were at Woodstock. Of course they didn't know each other, but unlike many who were there, they all held true to the dream of the 60's. The fact that they were hippies molded their children into who they were. Of course, as the world grew up around them, so did they, learning to use the new world to their own advantages, while still following the nature-loving, organic, save the enviroment mentality. So it was no surprise that Nick's parents met at a protest rally against a corporation bulldozing over a stretch of woodland. They raised their three children to their own ideals. Janis, Nick's mother, runs a large community co-op, purely organic farm. She also runs a small, restaurant called 'Pure Food'. Paul, Nick's father, teaches philosophy and Latin at the University of Colorado. Stephen, Nick's older brother, rebelled against his parents and got a job working for Microsoft. Despite the fact that he is part of the soul-less corporate beast, Stephen and his family stays pretty close to Nick and the rest of the family. Maia, Nick's younger sister, is currently in college, in a pre-med undergratuate program.

Nick followed in his parents footsteps and grew up being very environmentally minded. He decided that he would go into law to help defend the environment. Not all fights are one by winning over the people's heart, sometimes you have to win a judge's opinion. Everythning was going to plan. He pretty much stayed on the dean's list. During the summers, he worked for various interest groups. During one of those summers, Nick was taking a break from law school to fight the destruction of a stretch of woods that was supposedly sacred to a small offshoot tribe of the Sioux. He was camping in the forst on the fullmoon. He never really saw what attacked him. In truth, the shifter that attacked him had no desire to kill him. Nathan thought shifters were innately superior to mere humans, so the young man that seemed to have such lofty ideals deserved to be gifted with his bite. When the next moon rolled around, Nick changed and was found by the local pack. They taught him what he needed to survive over the rest of the summer. When the fall semester started up again, he went back to college, though now his focus had changed. It had given him a new goal, to be a guardian for shifter's rights. When he told his parents, they were more than accepting and very encouraging of his new lifestyle and goal.

Now that he has graduated from Law School, Nick started looking around for where he start his new life. Faced with the options of a more rustic enviroment where he could relish in his nature or a more urban one where he might be able to do more good. His mother suggested that he vision quested for where he should. It was this that lead him to Chicago. He spent some time in Colorado preparing for his new life in Chicago. He took and passed the Illinois bar exam and moved to the Windy City. After two years of being a shifter, Nick has accepted his dual nature.

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