Nick's Steakhouse
Nick's Steakhouse's Information
Type: Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Rating: 2 Stars
Location: 2491 LaSalle Avenue
Fame: Pond on the Patio
Atmosphere: Rustic
Owner(s): N/A
Manager(s): N/A
Employee(s): N/A



This rectangular room gives those who enter a moment to remove their coat and a chance to look around. At the end of the room farthest from the entrance is the archway leading into the main dining room. To one side is the small cloak room for any wishing to leave cloaks or hats hung out of the way. Opposite it on the other side is the wrought iron doorway leading into the patio.

The room has a rustic, woodsy feel. A hunter green carpet covers the floor and wood panelling lines the walls. Across the whitewashed ceiling are thick black wooden beams. The noises from the dining room are muffled but the smell of grilling meat can be faintly smelled.

Main Room

This immense room features light wood paneling on the walls as well as thick wooden beams across the ceiling, giving it a woodsy, slightly rustic feel that doesn't detract from the restaurant's quality. Heavy wrought iron chandeliers hang from the beams to keep the room well lit. The floor is carpeted in a hunter green color that contrasts well with the pine tables and chairs. A large mahogany bar is curved to take up one corner of the room to allow guests their choice of drinks. There is also a salad bar for the diet conscious. One wall is made up of windows to allow those seated in the main dining area to view the patio outdoors. The room has a comfortable, relaxed feel of a steakhouse, though a look at the menu will show the quality of the food.

Pictures, paintings and nicknacks line the walls to add to the forest feel: A painting of a fawn at play here, a framed photo of a wolf looks out at the room there. From a shelf near the roof, ferns and vines grow in pots, some of the vine tendrils decorating the walls here or there.


The brick patio is sturdy and large, opening out into a large fenced in area. There within the fence, trees grow in forest-like profusion. The wooded area is thick, and curves around the patio except for a small pond in the midst of the wood. The pond looks natural and is surrounded by stones. Its surface sporting lilly pads.

On the patio, pine tables are set up to allow those who wish to enjoy their meal outdoors a chance to do so. A small waitress station is manned at all times the patio is opened so that those seated here do not have to wait for service. The air is thick with pine and other forest scents, and the atmosphere relaxing.


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