Nicola Gallo's Vitals
Name: Nicola Gallo
Race: Wereswan
Shortdesc: A small Italian woman.
Position: Radio DJ
Fame: Nicola Gallo is a DJ noted for being very outspoken about the rights of werecreatures.
Temperament: n/a
Themesong: n/a
Marisa Tomei as Nicola Gallo


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.

DJ for a classic rock station and very outspoken about shifters rights. She is also very open about the fact that she is a were-swan. She was quite popular in San Francisco but came to Chicago to take advantage of an opportunity to take her show national. Unlike many shifters, she was born rather than cursed. While she tries to remain diplomatic with all supernatural groups, she tries to remain tied to none of them - preferring to keep her independence. Among other things, her show maintains a hotline of sorts for new shifters and those who believe they may be infected. Her goal is to match these people with the appropriate groups who can protect and mentor them.

Some of Nikki's Shows

[Radio] Nicola chuckles softly over the airwaves even as the song 'Black Velvet' comes to a close. "I know I say this about a few songs, people, but that is one sexy song. I have to admit that Alannah Myles imagery has me going every time. If anything could ever make me want to visit Memphis, it's that song. And seriously, I hope nobody ever tries to make a cover out of that. How could it ever be the same?

[Radio] Nicola continues. "But let me stop babbling on about songs and get to something interesting. Ghouls! Now, of course I did my time in preternatural studies classes - being preternatural myself. And we're all given explanations of where these things come from. But apparently now they are walking through the streets of Chicago. I won't get into 'How the hell is this happening'.

[Radio] Nicola continues "But, listeners? I need every one of you so keep your nose keen and be a little more cautious when out by yourselves tonight." She pauses. "Anyway, let's have some Yes." Music replaces her voice. The song 'Owner of A Lonely Heart' plays.

OOC Note

I'll admit it. I like hard scenes: whether it be sex, violence, tension, avarice. I'll play anything but I especially like these kinds of scenes. Even moreso if they progress a storyline. Keep in mind that, while I enjoy a good, healthy dose of all of these things, I prefer it tie in with the story. I'm not much of a page, +meetme and SEX type of girl.

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