Nila Harrington's Vitals
Name: Nila Harrington
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A muscular woman, not impressive in most ways, with a badge.
Position: Federal Executioner
Fame: Known for clearing a vampire of mass murder charges in Virginia.
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Nila stands about five foot eight, with a face that's a bit too square and heavy to be classically beautiful, but with a attractive tilt to her emerald green eyes making her exotic enough to be interesting. Her short, pixie-cut hair is made up of strands of the blackest jet, and those deep green eyes sparkle like emeralds. Her nose is slightly crooked, as if she's been in one too many fights. Her skin is deeply tanned, and a bit wind burnt, as if she spends much of her time out-of-doors.


A Marshall-Executioner for the Chicagoland Area, new as of spring 2009.

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