Noelle Vega's Vitals
Name: Noelle Vega
Race: Human
Shortdesc: A petite, curvy teenager of Spanish descent, with dark, curly hair to her waist, and large dark eyes.
Position: High School Student
Fame: Javier's Niece
Temperament: Fiery
Themesong: Jordan Pruitt - No Ordinary Girl
Vanessa Hudgens as Noelle Vega


WARNING: This information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless one has the IC means to access it.



A petite, curvy teenager, standing around five foot, this girl is clearly around sixteen, and of Spanish descent. She has dark curls down to the middle of her back, unrestrained, and framing a pretty face, dominated by large brown eyes. The use of makeup makes them appear darker and wider, a skilled hand having drawn around them in black, lengthening lashes, to draw attention to them and the mischief in their depths. Her nose is perfectly straight, except for a tiny tip at the end, and her mouth is a deep red, generous one, made for laughter.

She is dressed casually in worn, tight jeans that flare at her ankles, flattering her petite frame, and a t-shirt covered by a black leather jacket.


Born in New York, on August 4th, 1994, to her Spanish born parents, Noelle swiftly became a troublesome child, the type with curly hair, big eyes and mischief in her grin. As she grew up, she was in and out of trouble so fast that it was hard to keep up with, and her parents tried everything to keep her out of it, including grounding, threatening with all manner of dire results until finally, one night, the police bought her home. She had been caught breaking into an apartment with some of her friends, and this was the final straw. Her father decided a complete break from the city was required, and she was sent to stay with her uncle, Javier, in Chicago.

IC Information

  • Javier - Uncle - Her father's brother. Overprotective.
  • Jose - Father - Protective but he listens and discusses things with Noelle. Taught Noelle to shoot. Currently separated from Noelle's mother.
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