Riko's Vitals
Name: Noriko Dabrowski
Race: Human
Shortdesc: Short multicolored hair asian girl with wild clothes
Position: Circus performer, street artist and the like
Fame: Well known in the circus circles as a very talented young performer. Even worked a bit with Cirque du Soleil
Temperament: Bubbly, happy, creative, a free spirit
Themesong: Carnival Music
Devon Aoki as Noriko Dabrowski


Noriko was born into the circus on a cool day somewhere in the back country of Hungary. She didn't get an 'official' birth certificate until she was almost 10 from the Hungarian government, just as circus was leaving the country. She grew up around elephants, fire eaters, musicians, and acrobats. Her life was one full of wonder and without the banality of modern living. The stars were gems tossed into the sky by a fox that had made a bet with a snake. Lighting is an angry god trapped in the heavens that is frightened by the sound of his enemy Thunder. Learning to tumble before walking, and to sing before talking. Nothing was spared to keep the cute little girl from anything that might expand the dreams of the young girl.

Being the daughter of a European man and an Asian woman she was blessed with the delicate facial features of her mother, but the strength and statuesque frame of her father. She was privately taught by her family in the circus. Always traveling and her home was where she slept. Well loved by the others for her cheerful smile she always has and contagious laugh. Her family even served for a bit in one of the traveling Cirque Du Soleil shows. Now as she is a young woman, her family is in Chicago to audition new talent, and see about the possibility of setting up a permanent show here in the city. One to wow and amaze the masses. Personally she likes traveling and the streets, but her parents are starting to slow down and begin to take on a more mentor and business roll in the business of show



Now it is only by the grace of people like big sister that Noriko isn't living on the streets and going hunger. In the winter of 07 she almost died. Catching pneumonia and needing to be healed by blood magic from Tenshi. Since recent events within the vampire community Riko has fallen under the attention of the Kiss. She often wanders through town doing songs, and performances that blow peoples minds with her incredible talent. Yet seeing the world as she does often makes her appear touched. Not truly of this world and just happily going along her little dreams and stories. Often loosing home as she forgets where it is. Needing those helping take care of her to find her and pull her back. Nothing gets referred to by its normal name. Juice is fruit blood for example.

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