Player-Run NPCs

Folks created in normal CharGen are actually not John and Jane Q. Public. They are more the folks who have the potential to rise above the rest of the chorus, depending on their actions. These are the characters used to enact change in the game world — the potential diamonds in the rough.

In the very first room of CharGen, one has the option to go with a faster path in creating a player-run NPC. NPCs have far lower stats than a 'normal' human character, but have a much easier Character Generation process. One will be given normal stats and common skills, and the chance to raise some by lowering others. If an NPC is to 'enact any change' involving another player (generally combat), the use of the +warn system is *mandatory* (SEE: +Warn) and the NPC must always back down if the PC attempts to heed the warning. But, any PC wishing to do the same towards the NPC is _not_ required to use the +warn system.

This is why 'NPC CharGen' is affectionately called 'Victim CharGen'. Never the less, it is a handy way to speed through and test the RP waters ASAP. Any human character made through the NPC CharGen can eventually apply to have their character raised to 'PC Status' (made possible by +NPC)

Please check the +views in the first room of CharGen for details and access.

Some folks are wary about making NPC folks due to the theoretical likelihood of that character being killed the minute they get on-grid. If staff could find an easy way to transfer the funds to/from you, they would bet $20 that it is not a risk one should worry about. The NPC CharGen was opened mid-March of 2005 and as of the first draft of this news file (mid-January 2007) there has not been a single PcK (Player-Character Killing) of a player-run NPC who didn't go out of their way to get killed (IE: Who would've stood an equal chance of being killed if they were to do what they did in real life).

To rephrase it in very blunt terms: If the only thing preventing one from using the NPC CharGen is the chance of near-immediate IC death, you are doing it due to finding a nearly zero percent chance of IC death to be "too high". In the first two years of the NPC CharGen being around, it was more likely for a normal PC to die instead of one made through the NPC CharGen. The fear of an NPC-made character dying right away for no good reason is, for lack of better terms, "wrong" and "paranoid".

If one has made a player-run NPC character and wishes to "upgrade" to a standard PC, all it takes is writing up a background, submitting it to staff, and (if approved) getting a slew of XP in payment for the background. When one leaves the NPC CharGen, one is auto-sent a @mail that describes how much XP one will get paid for an acceptable background. There is also an +npc command other folks can use to rate your character, should staff want to know what your peers think of your performance (many folks think you can't +vote for NPCs, but you can. It's just that after the +vote is registered, the voter is reminded about the +npc command).

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