Monsters & Beasts & Animals


The following monsters can be used by PCs in scenes either at all times or when staff are running certan plots.

Any Time Monsters!

Hunkered down in a loping gait, heading towards the shadows, the undead humanoid figure might first pass for a half-dressed bum. But as it moves, the limbs work in a disjointed broken-bone slope like a poorly performed marionette. Sometimes walking half-erect, sometimes trotting on the balls of its feet, and sometimes scuttling on all fours, the toes and fingers seem to be a little too short and stubby, terminating in long off-white claws. In fact, they are normal human feet and hands, with the tips of the finger and toe bones jutting out from the ragged flesh. The parts of the skin visible through the tattered clothing and clumps of dirt and grime have a pearl-like quality to them, an oily sheen in the highlight and looking almost silver in the lowlight. The eyes match the skin, dead-fish white and seemingly blind as the ghoul scampers and scuttles about in out-of-the-way shadows, bright teeth and black gums visible through torn cheeks and slung jaw..
Ghouls are not like zombies in one important area. They raise on their own, they tend to travel in small packs. But they are cowards and usually will not attack unless they think the person is already injured or if they are cornered. Very often they will flee from fights. But they are dangerous if pushed or if they think they can get a snack out of you.
Physical Mental Perception
Muscle:14 Logic:4 Senses:10
Fitness:12 Creativity:4 Observation:10
Reflexes:15 Willpower:4 Memory:6
Power:0 Size:9 Health:31/31
Intimidation:10 Stealth:10 Unarmed Combat:15
No preternatural abilities, although the coded ghouls heal 1d(X/2) damage per successful attack of theirs (X = damage done) to account for healing through flesh consumption.

Plot Monsters!

The following monsters can only be used if the plot they are listed under is still being run by staff.

Here Comes The Flood Monsters & Beast

The following monsters where in town when the Here Comes The Flood plot was being run by staff. Once this plot has ended they cannot be used by PCs again without express permission from staff.

Water Dogs
These creatures are a strange cross between a gargoyle and a dog or maybe a lizard. The head is extremely canine in nature, a bit like a bulldog. Flat, with a broad snout and low to the skull ears. Their eyes however are like thoses of a reptile. Yellow and slit. The largest of these creatures stands at about three feet on all four legs, and five on their hind legs. They seem to be covered in scales or some sort of natural armor. Their tail is long and ends in three sharp spikes.
Water Dogs, Water Gargoyles, Water Demons, Bog Dogs.. These quasi-reptilian canines are rare in this era. In fact they are almost unheard of. Though it is said that they have a couple of packs of them in the parts of Canada around the great lakes on nature preserves. They are consumate hunters but are also extremely playful. They will hunt humans but rarely actually harm them. They are incredibly friendly, but when hungry or pushed they will attack things bigger than them- large dogs, horses, cows, humans if pushed.
Physical Mental Perception
Muscle:15 Logic:5 Senses:30
Fitness:30 Creativity:5 Observation:15
Reflexes:20 Willpower:20 Memory:15
Power:15 Health:50
Unarmed Combat:15 Tracking:20 Survival:20
Swim:30 Stealth:20
Sensitive:10 Magical Ability:15 Masking:15
Magical Ability
These creatures add 1dMagic Ability to any stealth roll. (+roll 1d15 at the beginning of a scene, and then for the rest of the scene at that number to any stealth roll the creatures make.)

A sphinx-like being, if the lower half were serpentine instead of feline. The body extends out 10-20 feet, terminating in a thin whip-like tail. From the back spring a pair of butterfly, bat, or bird wings, while the humanoid torso seems fairly standard, until one gets to the curled ram horns emerging from the forehead.
Blengins (the nickname for Blengigomeneans) are fairy beings rarely seen in Chicago, first cited by Henry Darger in the late 1910s or early 1920s. As a rule, they distrust adults and are more likely to interact with children. Roughly, presume that they'll only approach pre-teens, will shy away from anyone 20 or older, and have a chance of distrusting teens equal to their age, minus ten, times ten (EG: 13 yrs = 30% distrust. 18 yrs = 80% distrust). They are willing to attack if pressed to interact with someone they distrust, or if they see a child "mistreated" (they'll judge on the side of the child every time, so even yelling at a child to stay away from something dangerous will count as 'mistreating'). Blengins can transform into a nearly human form (still with horns, a snake-like tail, and occasionally vestigial wings), lowering their stats to Muscle:6, Fitness:10, Reflexes:15, Size:6, Health:19
Physical Mental Perception
Muscle:35-45 Logic:5 Senses:10
Fitness:25 Creativity:15 Observation:10
Reflexes:25 Willpower:10 Memory:5
Power:15 Size:10-20 Health:65-80
Unarmed Combat:10 Stealth:10
Air Magic:10 Luck Magic:15 Sensitive:10

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