Beth's Vitals
Name: Elizabeth "Beth" Watson
Race: Black; Werewolf
Shortdesc: Beautiful black woman
Position: Beta
Fame: N/A
Emit: Pack Only
Gabrielle Union as Elizabeth "Beth" Watson


WARNING: The follwing information should be considered OOC Knowledge unless you have the IC Means to access it.

General: Beth Watson seems to run with Gabe as some sort of Lieutenant for the gangs in the south side, but no positive links are given.
Police: A low level lieutenant for the gangs down on southside, but she has never been convicted of a crime.
Shapeshifter: Wolf, a beta.
Lukoi: Beth is one of the most soothing members of Gabe's group, rumors are she was infected by Gabe herself at some point. Beth is usually the person Gabe assigns to someone when they are in need of help keeping their cool and not shifting. Beth has both very strong control of her beast, and the ability to focus other people's strengths.

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