Odeur De Promesse

Odeur De Promesse in Chicago is the American flagship for the French perfumer. High end product and customer service, along with the mystique of a company that has fragrances that supposedly were worn by women such as Émilie du Châtelet and La Pomepedor. Following WWII the scents of the the company were distributed in the Americas by G.I.'s who brought them home for wives and girlfriends. This only made the company more infamous since they were often pictured British wartime films as housing resistance fighters during the Vicy government. This proved after the war to be a truth, though somehow the puppet government under the Nazis never closed the company. Long famous for its "personal" service, customers who could afford it would have their own scents mixed, at a cost. It is whispered that Colette would breath in her own personal scent when feeling depressed over her writing.

The External Appearance:

A contemporary-looking store that with the elegant etched glass 0P highlighted above the door. Two window displays each with a single gleaming crystal bottle set on red velvet covered pedestals. The shape of those bottles familiar to any woman from 10 to 60 who has dreamed of having an man give her the exotic treat. Featured in movies since at least the WWII, they intrigue and tease the memories. These memories and the exclusivity maintained by price invite the discriminating shopper and the simply curious to take a moment and step inside.

Inside the Store:

Gleaming grey and white marble floors and black marble walls seem almost like a cathedral to scent. Discrete glass and marble counters line the walls, with comfortable seats for two before each. Behind these counters, individual sales ladies wait. Each woman wearing the "uniform" of Odeur de Promesse: black stiletto heels, full skirt with crinoline, crisply tailored white blouse with 3/4 sleeves, hair neatly and attractively arranged styled to bare the neck so scent may be lightly sniffed. There is no manic saleswoman urging you to try a spritz. No, these women wait with an air of reserve neatly going about filling orders from around the world. A severely tailored older woman, walks from counter to counter talking to customers. Her smile genuine, her air welcoming. As a manager she has served her time at the Paris store and lives to maintain its elegance and warmth here in America. This is Odeur de Promesse and you are welcome to visit…to look…and even, if you wish, purchase.

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